Police find Air Guns in a 749 Dorm Room

A 911 call regarding gunshots on Sterling Place led officers guided by an NYPD helicopter into the Kvutzeh dormitory on Eastern Parkway where a number of weapons were confiscated from dorm resident.

The incident began in the vicinity of Sterling Place where police received a call about gun shots, officers from the 77th precinct quickly began searching the area and enlisting the assistance of an NYPD aviation unit.

Officers in the helicopter spotted a man enter a building on Sterling Place with what appeared to be a rifle and then lost sight of the man. In continued searches they spotted a group of people on another roof that also appeared to be in possession of a rifle and hand gun.

Unsure of the exact address officers flooded the area and entered three buildings, 749, 755 and 763 Eastern Parkway and began searching for the guns spotted by the aviation unit.

Eventually they located the guns in the dorm room of 749 Eastern Parkway in possession of a Bochur who supposedly is a student in Kvutseh. The officers confiscated two bb guns, one rifle and one pistol and issued the Bochur a criminal summons.

A dorm resident who spoke with CrownHeights.info said that the room police found the guns in, room 201, belongs to a group of Mishechistim and that many different Bochurim sleep there on different nights.

In response to an inquiry form CrownHeights.info a police source explained that air or bb guns are not illegal, but only when they have an orange tip indicating that they are not firearms. Without it officers can confiscate the guns and issue criminal summonses for carrying an imitation firearm.

Photos by Benjamin Lifshitz

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  • 1. Yitzchok wrote:

    What a Chilul Hashem.
    These Bochurim think they’re above the law.

  • 3. why? wrote:

    Who cares if they are mishichist. Stop adding hate and division when we need unity!

    • 4. Shomrim Six wrote:

      Where were you Mr. Unity when seven meshichistim mossrim falsely testified against six innocent Jews?

      Did you Mr. Unity make a protest?
      Did you Mr. Unity go show support by going to court? (It was only a few blocks from CH).
      Did you Mr. Unity donate money in their defense?

      What is it exactly that you do for Jewish unity? Do you do feel good things like… watch a Rebbe video for an hour on Eastern Pkwy twice or three times a year? Sign an online duch?

    • 5. Dear Shomrim Six wrote:

      What happened to the “Shomrim Six” is beyond deplorable.

      AT THE SAME TIME, it is totally unfair to paint all Lubavitchers who may consider themselves meshichist (in outlook) with the same broad brush that includes the outrageous actions of many of the bochurim in the dorm in question in this article.

      YES there are problems with the so-called kvutzeh element in our midst. These problems are SERIOUS problems.

      BUT very few people in the meshichist “camp” identify with that bunch of troublemakers. In fact, it is this handful of nut cases that makes the rest of us embarrassed.

      You might say, “Then why can’t the meshichists control their own?” That is a ridiculous question! It’s not like the bunch at 749 Eastern Parkway are looking to the rest of us for guidance! They should not be here, and they should not have ever been allowed here.

      But the majority of meshichists did not cause the 749-ers’ behavior, cannot control their behavior, and cannot cure their behavior. Only the powers that allow them in to Lubavitch institutions, and the powers that allow them to stay here, can perhaps do something.

      If you think the average “meshichist” in Crown Heights has any power over those who allow these nut cases to come and stay here, then you are living in la la land! We’re just as disgusted by their behavior as any “anti” is (maybe more so)!

      But it doesn’t make all meshichisten culpable! It’s not like there’s some congress of meshichists in Crown Heights that makes decisions governing all meshichisten here (just like there’s no congress of so-called “anti” people, who governs over all of the “anti”s either).

      And it also doesn’t mean that it’s invalid to be a meshichist, just because there is an extremely foolish and extremely troublesome handful of rotten apples in the bunch. Like I said before, the rest of us, by and large, can’t stand them either!

    • 6. att: shomrim six wrote:

      This can happen to any jew. this doesnt mean mishichist has to be pinpointed. why if it was happening to anti-meshichist or anti-meshichist have their own stories too, so anyone who is meshichist will have the right to accuse the whole anti-meshichist? it has nothing what to do with meshichist.

  • 9. annonymus wrote:

    crown heights girls all girls from chutz leharatz do not marry these bochurim they need to stay in Israel were they came from

  • 10. Thank you everyone for the charidy! wrote:

    Thanks everyone for donating $300,000 to this noble cause!

  • 12. Special thanks to whoever financed this! wrote:

    A special thanks to everyone who financed this!

    Good thing they did they Charidy last week before this story broke!

  • 14. chillul Hashem wrote:

    I cannot imagine what the rooms looked like.
    that in itself is a chillul Hashem.

    There really is total hefkeirus all around.

  • 15. ch resident wrote:

    let them go back to where they came from and help to get rid of the terorists in eretz yiroel not help to become a terorist here in america

  • 16. mendel wrote:

    Big deal. It was a bb gun. What’s next cops arresting kids for Water guns?

    • 17. Moshe wrote:

      Illegal in NYC according to NYC Admin Code. Not allowed to have one even with a gun permit.

  • 18. Moshe wrote:

    Not true, bb guns are illegal in NYC even with orange tips as per NYC Admin Code.

  • 19. Yehuda wrote:

    וַיְהִי כִּרְאוֹת אַחְאָב, אֶת-אֵלִיָּהוּ; וַיֹּאמֶר אַחְאָב אֵלָיו, הַאַתָּה זֶה עֹכֵר יִשְׂרָאֵל.??

    • 20. Chabadnik wrote:

      I think that it wasnt a very smart idea for the bochur to even have them at all, and especially to fire them in public. Of course people will get nervous! But on the other hand, he’s an Israeli bochur who’s prob thinking that being in possession of a BB gun is completely legal,as it is in israel. This bochur does not need more discrimination against him. He’s gotten his fare share already! Why don’t we try to give the bochur some chizuk so he can manage through these rough times? This just shows us how careful you have to be about your actions, because even something seemingly small, can lead to a chilluk Hashem R”L! May this bochur get out of his detention fast and us out of our detention to the ultimate redemption for all of klal Yisroel with Moshiach Tzidkenu, the Rebbe Melech Hamoshiach SHLIT”A speedily in our days Amen!
      Yechi Adoneinu Moreinu Verabeinu Melech Hamoshiach Leolam Va’ed!

    • 21. To Chabadnik wrote:

      Do you live in Israel? No? Then stop making a fool of yourself. To get a LICENSE for a gun, you need to be a settler “over the Green line”; be a cop or in security; have some kind of job that takes you into dangerous territories.

      The only chizuk we should give this bochur is a kick in the pants, a slap in the face, & deportation.

      And cut out the Yechi nonsense, it’s old hat.

  • 24. Moshe wrote:

    NYC Admin Code 10-131
    Air pistols and air rifles; selling or possessing. 1. It shall be unlawful for any person to sell, offer to sell or have in such person’s possession any air pistol or air rifle or similar instrument in which the propelling force is a spring or air, except that the sale of such instruments if accompanied by delivery to a point without the city, and possession for such purpose, shall not be unlawful if such person shall have secured an annual license from the police commissioner of the city authorizing such sale and possession. The sale and delivery of such instruments within the city from one licensee to another licensee, and the use of such instruments in connection with an amusement licensed by the department of consumer affairs or at rifle or pistol ranges duly authorized by law shall not be considered a violation of this subdivision – See more at: http://codes.lp.findlaw.com/nycode/ADC/10/1/10-131#sthash.LQcx3fhQ.dpuf

    • 25. Yehuda wrote:

      A gun is a normally tubular weapon or other device designed to discharge projectiles or other material. The projectile may be solid, liquid, gas or energy and may be free, as with bullets and artillery shells, or captive as with Taser probes and whaling harpoons. The means of projection varies according to design but is usually effected by the action of gas pressure, either produced through the rapid combustion of a propellant or compressed and stored by mechanical means, operating on the projectile inside an open-ended tube in the fashion of a piston.

  • 30. Milhouse wrote:

    The supreme law of the land says that every person has the right to own even real firearms, kol shekein air rifles. When is NY state and city going to start obeying that law?

  • 32. JustSaying wrote:

    *interesting to note the differences*
    בהלת שווא בפנימייה: שוטרים הונחתו על גג 749

    כעת בקראון הייטס >>> מספר בחורים ששהו על גג בניין הישיבה מול בית חיינו 770, הפיגו את השעמום עם משחק ברובה צעצוע, אולם שכן בבניין הסמוך התקשר לדווח על מראות חשודים ● בניו יורק לא לוקחים סיכונים, ותוך דקות ספורות הוזעקו למקום כוחות משטרתיים רבים, כולל כוח משטרתי שהונחת על גג הפנימייה בבניין מספר 749 על שדרות איסטרען פארקוויי, בהלה נוצרה במקום, וחקירה מואצת הובילה את השוטרים לחדר מספר 201 שם נמצא מצבור ה”נשק” הלא חוקי ● הבחור שאחז ברובה הצעצוע וברשותו נמצאו כלים דומים תושאל במקום וקיבל זימון לבית משפט, משום שזו עבירה על החוק, אך הוא לא נעצר עד תום ההליכים

    • 33. Rappelling cops wrote:

      yes, they base their stories on movie fantasies of others on whatsapp. Rappelling cops of helicopters? Really?! LOL!

  • 34. Moshe wrote:

    If you’re 21 or over, you can get a gun permit as long as your record’s clean.
    $140/3yrs for Rifle/Shotgun.
    $340/3yrs for Pistol Premise. However, Pistol Premise doesn’t allow you to go shooting in NJ/LI, so that’s extra $300/yr for range membership.
    Even with gun permit, though, bb guns/airsofts are illegal.

  • 35. Milhouse wrote:

    The supreme law of the land says no weapons are illegal. Not air guns and not firearms. The NYC administrative code violates this law, so it’s invalid.

    • 36. Moshe wrote:

      Well, we live in the Socialist Republic of NYC, which is currently violating federal law, FOPA, and federal court rulings in DC. And unlike all those European who bad guns except for competitions, NYC has banned NYC residents from participating in gun competitions. And a senile federal judge appointed by Carter said it’s not at all a violation of people’s rights.

    • 38. Milhouse wrote:

      Indeed the law is the law, even if you are a state governor or a big city mayor. The 2nd and 14th amendments are the supreme law of the land, and override any federal, state, or city law that contradicts them.

    • 39. Moshe wrote:

      Problem is, state and city preemption unless SCOTUS, rules that it’s unconstitutional.

  • 40. anon wrote:

    so its ok in the hands of terrorists? its ok to have guns in the hands of shooters in brussels in the hands of half the blacks of nyc but a few bb’s for a few jewish kids n’ get ehm u basterd “mamzers” what about the store full that sell them? close them down to set examples! maybe make bb’s illegal to sell maybe lead the world towards “moshiach comes we will beat our swords into plowshares” get the ppl that make the guns get the ppl that make the cigarettes… not the ppl whose hands they may fall in!

  • 42. dovid l wrote:

    One m iou rning I didn’t pay for the mikvah .
    The guard called sharf and he came out of the laundry room and tazered Me.
    He didn’t know h pop w to use it. It didn’t have any affect on me besides I found out What these terrorist have in their possession.

  • 44. it happens wrote:

    i think that its not a “crazy” crime they did,after all all teens want some fun,and dont add hate where its unnecesary.(i dont think a helicoptor and a search was needed,it just blew up the whole story..

  • 46. Shimon Shak wrote:

    Ohh please!!! Everybody calm down… When I was a bochur in Israel we had soft pellet gun fights in the hallway and some bochurim had their friends who were in the IDF stay over for Shabbos who *gasp* had their machine guns with live rounds with them . SMH This is honestly NOT A BIG DEAL

  • 47. for the record wrote:

    I happen to know the owner of the gun personally he is a bochur who is actually verry against all tzfatim and more then once told the tzfatim that he needs it in case they start up with hom or any of his normal friends that sleep in 749.

  • 48. gun control means holding it with both hands wrote:

    I guess now there will be no more gun violence or armed robbery in NYC now that the city invested all this time and money in ridding the city of all its fire arms

  • 50. ukedai bizoyon,,,, wrote:

    Take a break for once.

    • 51. Milhouse wrote:

      So you think the supreme law of the USA is a strange idea?! What else do you think is strange? The freedom of religion? The laws of motion? If you don’t believe in the bill of rights then you shouldn’t take advantage of it and should keep your mouth shut.

  • 52. pistol-packin' momma wrote:

    You idiots are are forgetting – they confiscated a rifle and a pistol as well. You all conveniently forget that in your defense of these lowlifes. And BB guns DO cause damage, my car window was shot through by a BB gun.

    Does Mendel Hendel have so much clout & power that 770 is so terrified of refusing visas to these creeps? Isn’t it about time that Shloma Zarchi, Labkowski etc grew a backbone? DEPORT THESE THUGS NOW.

    • 53. Moshe wrote:

      Read again, sounds like the rifle and pistol were the 2 bbs confiscated.

  • 54. why do you mention meshichist wrote:

    completely inappropriate
    there are unfortunately people doing inappropriate things in all groups

    • 55. BECAUSE wrote:

      These lunatics, mosrim & total creeps ARE Moshichisten. Wake up.

    • 56. to because wrote:

      I see u are anti-mishichist. the Rebbe SPOKE AND DID BEYOND AHAVAS YISRAEL FOR A FELLOW JEW! so if u call yourself a chassid of our Rebbe pls start acting like one. just as Hashem knows and sees whats happening here, so too our Rebbe as he clearly states it concerning the Freierdiker Rebbe and the Alter Rebbe in Tanya as well -“he is here more then he was before.” so if u are disagreeing with our Rebbe’s words there is no need for me to speak further…. Yechi Adoneinu Moreinu Vrabbeinu Melech Hamoshiach Lolam Vaed!

  • 57. bla bla bla wrote:

    @moshe get a life, and busy yourself with more pressing news

  • 60. political stunt wrote:

    Avodah zornuks get out of the rebbes house now.
    st stop causing our rebbe tsar . As it is our community is infiltrated with lack of tsuit and disbelievers
    The rav of the community needs to start acting today

  • 61. please... wrote:

    I think that it wasn’t a very smart idea for the bochur to even have them at all, and especially to fire them in public. Of course people will get nervous! But on the other hand, he’s an Israeli bochur who prob thinks that being in possession of a BB gun is completely legal, as it is in Israel. This bochur does not need more discrimination against him. He’s gotten his fair share already! Why don’t we try to give the bochur some chizuk so he can manage through these rough times? This just shows us how careful you have to be about your actions, because even something seemingly small can lead to a chillul Hashem R”L! May this bochur get out of his detention fast and us out of our detention to the ultimate redemption for all of klal Yisrael with Moshiach Tzidkeinu!

  • 62. wondering wrote:

    very so intresting to note when the names of people and mosdos are mentioned and when they are kept quite’ it seems like each time some small issue comesup with the tzfatim all terms of basic humanity are forgotten, would u like your picture public?
    do u really believe that OT dorm is any better?
    just trying some what to understand…
    not every story must be made to be a minature holocaust….

    • 63. abe wrote:

      owing illegal guns
      ever heard that bochrim traveling with special STUDENT visa own a bb gun????

  • 64. Pops wrote:

    As long as they don’t have a smart phone, the hanhola is ok with it.

  • 65. mRs wrote:

    where is a proper Mashgiach? There are all kinds of people with agendas, and 1414 should not be vulnerable to this

  • 66. We have a problem ! wrote:

    Its not a matter of tzfati meshechist its very big problem that so called yeshiva bochrim are not sitting in yeshiva but getting involved in bad things and in trouble

  • 67. We have a problem ! wrote:

    Why r so called yeshiva bochrim not sitting learning?

  • 68. crown heights resident wrote:

    chabad should all unite and work together to fix the Shlemus Haaretz problem

    instead of fighting against each other

  • 69. boruch shepard roney wrote:

    what was the Rebbe’s position on guns?
    even toys for little children.
    these are so called lubavitchers and shouldn’t be wasting valuable space and resources.
    both them, their parents and ‘teachers’ should be thoroughly castigated.

  • 70. bitul zman wrote:

    if these bochrim were learning during seder they wouldn’t have time for getting into trouble

  • 71. ymg wrote:

    You can’t blame belief in the Rebbe as Moshiach. Stupidity isn’t monopolized.

  • 73. sad wrote:

    So sad to read the news but l think even more the comments!
    Hate! Israelis… Moshiach Rebbe…
    We are in golus and we are all in different levels,
    There are many american bochurim with no tsnius at all! Going out with girls and whatever… for me this is even worst! Just for you guys to know my son learns in Tzefat! A wonderful chassidishe yeshiva! B”H’!
    We thank H’ every day! The robbonim are the best!
    Don’t say what you don’t know!! And he wants to go spend tishrei by the Rebbe, he’s learning day and night for that! Now l am the one who’s scared! To send my chasdidishe pure bochur to a scary not tsnius Crown Heights! how many of you sit and learn the whole day?!
    You spend your time in internet… and who knows what?!!
    All l hope is that soon we won have those horrible fights and sinas chinam!!

  • 74. K wrote:

    The Russian police storm a Chabad School in Russia. The NY Police storm a Chabad Yeshiva dormitory in New York. Coincidence? I don’t think so. But what is the message? Chabad chinuch is under attack.

  • 76. Weapons?! wrote:

    Airsoft guns are not weapons, they are TOYS, people. Seriously. This is not even news.

  • 77. Toys wrote:

    The Rebbe told us not to let children play with toy guns al achas kamo vkamo yeshivah bochurim and this is because we are preparing for yemois HaMoshiach when there will be no more weapons and no more wars no more killing and no more hatred. Let’s start being more mekusher and live like in the days of Moshiach like the Rebbe asked us to.


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