Kol Tuv Cashier Arrested for ‘Skimming’ Credit Cards

A recently-hired cashier at the Kol Tuv grocery store on Kingston Avenue was arrested after she was caught attempting to steal customer credit card data using a ‘skimming’ device.

The incident occurred on Tuesday. Another employee noticed that the recently-hired cashier was acting suspiciously – taking customers’ credit cards and fiddling with her purse.

“We have terminals for customers to swipe their own cards,” said Itzik Benabou, owner of Kol Tuv. “My workers immediately noticed what she was up to and we right away called the police,” he said.

A review of surveillance video revealed that the suspect had some sort of device in her purse and was attempting to swipe customers’ cards a second time.

Wasting no time, the store manager called 911. Police officers took the suspect into custody and found a ‘skimming’ device in her purse. She was charged with criminal possession of a forging instrument – a felony.

“She was only working in the store for a few days, and we caught her before she could steal any customers’ information,” Benabou said.


  • 1. Yehudis wrote:

    Wow and so close to shaveous especially in a time where the geulah is near yet the galut is so big.

    • 5. Oh? wrote:

      Really now? I dont see too many Yiddin lining up for those cashier jobs…

    • 7. Shocked wrote:

      That is a shocking and prejudiced comment. The sad thing is that many in our community agree with such sentiment. We really need to rethink our chinuch system

    • 8. Anonymous wrote:

      They hire goyim because the Jews are hired as manager, or jobs with more responsibility!

    • 9. well....... wrote:

      Maybe our stores should make a little less profit & pay Yidden a decent salary. AND treat them with respect. It will bring in more customers in the end.

      By the way – would it be so terrible to hire disabled people to stock shelves or work the registers? I can think of a few young men & women round here who could do those jobs. No shame in honest work & it’s a win-win situation. And profits WILL rise, people will be happier shopping local with all Jewish workers.

    • 10. moishe mendle wrote:

      worked in the hood for a short time…the store owner skimmed my hours and didn’t want to pay more than $5. an hour he preferred mexican’s…a great butcher………………….NOT

  • 11. Stores and Banks wrote:

    Stores, gas stations and Banks need to constantly look out for skimming devices, and suspicious employees.
    Kudos to Kol tuv for quick action!

  • 12. mostly jewish people the castomers wrote:

    why dont you have next to the cashier a jewish people we buy specaliy before the holidays spent lot of money by empire kosher i hope there is safe put please next to the cashier a jewish people thanks

  • 13. learn from williamsburg wrote:

    lets learn from williamsburg to hire eidhshe workers, giving a job your fellow yid is a mitzvah and you will not have theft or skimming

    • 14. i wish wrote:

      May Hashem help that it should be the way u said. The truth is yidden are not open but “underground” not honest. i get better service by paying my bills by a goy then jew. we really have to transform the darkness that yidden fell so much into- into light and go back to who we really are and Hashem being so proud of His pple!

  • 15. HELO WAKE UP wrote:

    Guys!!! All of these comments are insane! JUST BECAUSE A PERSON IS A JEW OR A NON JEW DOES NOT MEAN THEY ARE GOOD OR BAD. It’s the induvidual, not everyone! Saying that hiring a non jew is terrible and is automatically a thief or other type of criminal is so racist and so disgusting. And you can’t just hire someone because they’re Jewish. There are a heck of a lot of criminal masterminds who are Jewish. (Bernie madoff, cough cough.) Look at the individual, if they’re honest hire them! Whether they be Jewish, Asian, African, Haitian, Pacific Islander, it doesn’t matter! Get your insular heads out of the gutter.
    Same goes with criminals. If they’re a criminal, arrest them, get them put in prison. If they’re a Jew this applies also! A criminal is a criminal no matter the race, ethnicity, or religion.
    I hope this guy gets prison time though, what a Jerk.

  • 18. excuse me wrote:

    I am sorry but their are very fine and honest goyim, and am ashamed to say that some yidden can learn from them. Just because you get a bad apple doesn’t mean all are bad. and unfortunately there are plenty of yidden who are dishonest which is way worse in my opinion.

  • 19. YT Rapoport wrote:


    Der Aibishter should continue to watch over U for all the good U do.


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