A nearby surveillance camera caught this image of the suspect moments before the crime.

Man Robbed at Gunpoint in Front of His Home

On Tuesday night, a Jewish man was robbed at gunpoint mere steps away from his home in Crown Heights.

The incident occurred at around 9:15pm. The victim was walking toward his home, located on East New York Ave. between Schenectady and Utica Aves., when an African-American man approached him, put a gun to his head and demanded his valuables.

The victim immediately gave over his iPhone, and the perpetrator fled toward Utica Ave.

The man called Shomrim and police, both of which arrived at the scene in under a minute. They searched up and down Utica Ave. for the perpetrator, but unfortunately he was nowhere to be found.

Attempts to locate the phone using the ‘Find My iPhone’ feature were unsuccessful as well, as the criminal had deactivated the device.

In their ensuing investigation, Shomrim volunteers discovered to their delight that a nearby Jewish home had a surveillance camera pointed right at the spot where the crime occurred. Their excitement quickly turned to dismay, however, when the homeowner informed them that the camera had not been activated.


  • Meanwhile...

    Meanwhile, according to the African American community, it’s dangerous to be a young black man in America…

  • to number 1

    yes its dangerous for them with regard to the fact that there always going to jail.

  • non-gender

    Oh the joys of living in Crown Heights! Crime, unjustified rents, overpriced goods and the list goes on

  • meir

    so much for the nonsense gun control laws that are unconstitutional.

    • Anonymous

      the constitution only applies to the federal government to the state or city laws

  • to #3

    apparently once you leave crown heights, you lose you’re gender as well.

  • non-gender

    #6 But at least I have my sanity and safety; and, having been all over the world for work; I can state with absolute confidence, Crown Heights (including the rest of New York city) is amongst the most one of the most undesirable places to live in and to raise a family

  • non-gender

    # 6 P. S. that includes Communist counties in Eastern Europe that I have been to; New York city is the pits

  • Ch resident

    There were multiple robberies in my building on eastern parkway. Twice the theif was caught. Once it was thanks to the quick response from Shomrim. My building still does not have camera surveillance. What do we need for landlords or owners to instal cameras. This is the real way to protect our community.

  • to non-gender

    Where you will go you will have problems. don’t blame CH for this. you are not in any position to voice an opinion.

  • cher

    there should be a law that requires every homeowner to have a surveillance camera & if a crime gets commited then the owner has to give the video to the victim(s).many places still do not have cameras & even the places that do have cameras the victim can not force the homeowner to give the video to him(the victim).if every homeowner would have to have a camera & a law forcing the homeowner to give the video to the victim(s)there would be a lot less crime because the perpetrator will think twice before commiting the crime knowing that he is on camera.
    this is the only way to solve the problems with all these crimes commited.

  • rmb

    where are their religious leaders??? Why aren’t they inspiring them to “get a life”? Why do they need to steal, because they don’t have any religious leaders…..

  • Wandering Jew

    Teenage black male arrested on Midwood St between Schenectady and Utica at approximately 5:40 pm Saturday, May 9, after attempted robbery of female, 30 something,

    The female appeared to be a Slavic looking non-Jewish white female, based upon her clothing of tight dungaree jeans.

    The perp appeared to be from the neighborhood as his mother was outside Harry Silver Co-op building on Midwood St crying when he got arrested.

    I they just caught the same perp as was involved with the Tuesday incident listed above in the article.

    We need more surveillance cameras.

  • Moved away

    Miss my friends and my job but not the stress of living in Crown Heights and being afraid to walk down the street. No alarmed house. No lock on car. Quality of life.