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Video: Father and Son Steal Package off Crown Heights Porch

A father and son were caught on surveillance video stealing a package off the porch of a Jewish home in Crown Heights, shortly after it was left there by a UPS deliveryman.

The incident occurred on Friday, April 24, at around 1:30pm, at a home located on Carroll St. between Kingston and Brooklyn Aves.

A Shomrim volunteer told that this is not an isolated incident, as Shomrim receives numerous calls reporting such thefts. It is believed that some perpetrators trail behind UPS, Fedex and USPS trucks waiting for packages to be left in vulnerable locations, after which the thieves come over and snatch them.


  • 1. Disgusting! wrote:

    UPS has no business leaving packages like that. If no one is home the package should be left with a neighbor!

  • 2. OMG wrote:

    Well… Only pro I can think of is that there’s a witness who can possibly identify the men if she took two looks at them before going to the basement.

    CREEPY how siple it is.

  • 4. To #1 wrote:

    Relax, Ups has left countless packages at my door with no being home, it is a just a random chance that these stupid low lives are stealing something that doesnt beling to them. Hut the people who got stolen from must have a lot of money because they have a camera outside their house, so it doesnt hurt if the rich lose a little bit.

  • 10. great! wrote:

    SO mabye these are the idiots that are stealing on crown & troy as well!? guys stole my kids potty! haha yup, it came in UPS!

  • 12. to #1 wrote:

    I HATE when UPS leaves my package with a neighbor. They never leave a note and I have to call, wait on hold for hours before getting thru to somebody who can occasionally tell me where it might have been left. Then I have to go wandering into strangers houses looking for my stuff. No thank you.

  • 13. chassid wrote:

    number four that is disgusting just because someone has money doesnt mean it doesnt hurt them when something is stolen
    dont forget loi sachmoid

  • 15. my goodness! # 4 wrote:

    stop being jealous!! it is a terrible way to live!! It is up to Hashem and hard work who is rich and who isn’t!!

    • 16. Pedant wrote:

      It’s very much up to Hashem and very little up to hard work cause most of the poor jews I know work very very hard. You just have to work, nothing to do with your being rich. The Hispanic workers at Empire kosher work much harder than anyone I’ve met rich or poor and they don’t even pick strawberries which is backbreaking. The whole hard work ‘and’ Hashem is just a way to server idols and look down on people but also wear a kitel on yom kippur and feel holy.

    • 17. you are blind wrote:

      Are you blind look at all the people who are rich in crown heights, buying houses depriving poor young families from living and buying houses, it is fat cats who buy houses flip them for millions, and/or rent them out at crazy prices. Then they give” tzedakah” which is really change for this people and people think they are nice because they provide them with what the provider orginally deprived them of. I am so sick of this cycle and corruption in my community. This is why people are turning to stealing.

  • 20. David S wrote:

    Never send a package to your home. Send to crn hts shipping ctr. Do not have rachmanus on a fool. Talmud

  • 21. Stupidity wrote:

    It’s all the community fault. I blame the fat people all the way down to the skinny people. And the cops and all the organizations.

  • 22. Anonymous wrote:

    Having a camera dosnt mean your rich, this isn’t the 90’s, and besides if Someone has less money then you, can they steal from you?

  • 23. jewish dude wrote:

    Lets hire more security guards so we can prevent this.
    This has to stop.

  • 24. To #17 wrote:

    That happens when you have NO community leadership! The Rebbe tried to organize the community so things like flipping houses and other issues don’t happen. So what happened? As usual, MONEY and POWER took precedence over the Rebbe’s efforts and as a result there is NO leadership, just a bunch of so-called bigwigs fighting each other for money and power, and two Batei Dinim fighting with each other for control and power (with no intended disrespect for the Rabbonim, I feel they are being victimized by troublemakers). What do you want? With ACHDUS, you make progress. With MACHLOKES, you get what we have now!!

  • 25. to #4 wrote:

    lots of ppl have cameras withuot being rich.
    they just want to protect themselves from things like THIS happening
    plus, it isn’t nessaseraly a very expensive camera
    and who said they bought it?
    maybe a close friend or relative was worried about them and bought it for them
    and if they are rich, not everyone is, and can afford to buy more than one of anything, and judging by the looks of that box, it was probably expensive. think before you say something like that

  • 26. Wandering Jew wrote:

    Its obvious that there is some sort of misunderstanding.

    Here’s what Yahoo News would say :

    1) How do we know these two citizens weren’t just safeguarding the package until their fellow citizens returned home.

    2) They thought the box may be dangerous so they took it to their home to check for wires or smoke.

    3) These fine citizens were borrowing the item.

    4) There is have a right to appropriate the property which is owed to them for generations of oppression.

    5) In Post-DiBlasio NYC, private ownership of property is a thing of the past.

    6) Due to the pressure from Common Core Standardized Tests, the father had PTSD and cannot be held accountable for his actions.


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