Teen Commits Hate Crime, Bystanders Enable Escape

Yesterday afternoon, an African-American teenager from a local high school drew a swastika on the property of a Jewish home in Crown Heights. When Shomrim volunteers were close to apprehending him, a few locals rushed him into an apartment building and away from the hands of justice.

The incident occurred Tuesday, April 14, at around 3:30pm – around dismissal time of the area high schools.

Surveillance footage obtained by CrownHeights.info shows a few teenagers – who appear to be heading home from Wingate High School – stop in front of the driveway of a conspicuously Jewish home on Kingston Ave. between East New York and Maple St. One boy then pulls out a marker and draws a swastika on the ‘no parking’ sign at the entrance to the driveway.

When the homeowner came outside to see what the commotion was about, the teen dropped the marker and fled. The homeowner immediately called Shomrim and gave chase.

Several Shomrim volunteers converged on the scene and gave chase to the perpetrator. They were about to close in on him on the corner of Kingston and Empire Blvd., when the perpetrator suddenly vanished. In front of a nearby building, several African-Americans were loitering, with smiles of satisfaction on their faces as they jeered at the Shomrim volunteers. Surveillance footage obtained later by CrownHeights.info reveals that the residents ushered the boy into the building’s basement to hide.

At that point police arrived at the scene and began to investigate the incident as a hate crime.

CrownHeights.info held off on reporting this story until today at the behest of police to aid in the investigation.

This morning, Wednesday, New York City Public Advocate Letitia James, who previously represented Crown Heights as a councilwoman, released a statement condemning the hate crime:

“This is not simply vandalism, but a hate crime. On the eve of Yom HaShoah – Holocaust Remembrance Day – this senseless and offensive act is even more painful. As we prepare to remember and honor those who lost their lives during the Holocaust, and honor those who survived – we should not have to be distracted by bigotry and intolerance.

“Unfortunately, in this City and across the country, we have seen an alarming increase in hate crimes of all kinds. I am calling for increased vigilance by New Yorkers to report hate crimes against any and all communities,” she said.

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  • Retarded

    Who says that’s a swastika? The kid must be retarded if that’s how he draws a swastika.

  • Don't they get it

    Nazis hate blacks as much as Jews. No blue eyes or blonde hair!!!! Jews have always stood up for black civil rights. My mom protested for black civil rights in the 60s! Learn who your real friends are! Can’t we all just get along! And learn your history!!!

  • Racist Comments?

    Oh, if we say he is Black & the Blacks protect their own from justice, that’s racist?

    Then I’m a proud racist. Because generally they will do anything to evade the cops. They help each other. Anyone surprised? It’s OK, this little punk will get what’s coming to him.


    kids in that age don’t naturally hate, make you wonder what type of education they get at home!!

  • Educate

    Blacks were also murdered by the Nazis ym”s.
    Unfortunately these kids were not taught history!

  • surveillance?

    if there are videos, and we know what “school” they were coming from, how hard it it to identify the poor excuse for a human?
    And what about those aiding and abetting the crime? Why were they not arrested?

  • Lady D

    If he is committing a crime why assist him in escape? That’s not helping anyone because he’ll go and do it somewhere else!Crime is crime!Helping a criminal makes you a criminal!no matter the race!…and in my experience many Jewish people don’t respect or acknowledge african american people in general unless they have to.

  • Idea!

    Go to Wingate high school gather the perps & give them a lesson in how to draw a swastika! Im kidding……….Find this mamzer & infront of the whole school Show them what will happen if they do any acts of vandalism!!

  • Felicia Longerstern


    The Nazis were delusional. They believed that there was a superior race – the Aryans – and there was another group of shameful people, consisting of anyone who was Jewish, Black, Gypsy, or all of the above. They also took homosexuals and disabled people.

    Bigotry is bigotry. No matter how “oppressed” any group, it does not make a delusion any less delusional!!!!!! In other words, let us remember that we are all human beings. Whether or not these people are halachically Jewish, they committed an act of bigotry. The problem is not that they are African American. The problem is that they are bigoted and therefore delusional. Aesthetic skills (the poorly drawn swastika) notwithstanding.