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NYC Marks Full Week Without Reported Homicide

As of Sunday night, A full week has gone by without a single killing in New York City, a rare milestone.

From the NY Daily News:

As of Sunday night, police had not been notified of a homicide in the city for seven straight days, cops said.

The last homicide occurred at 11:16 p.m., Sunday, Feb. 1, when five people were shot by two gunmen near the intersection of W. 136th St. and Broadway in Harlem.

In February 2014, the city went an impressive 10 days without a life being taken, topping a seven-day break from killing in October 2013, which had been preceded by a nine-day stretch in January of that year.

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  • 1. non-gender wrote:

    Is this something to celebrate? Proves what a despictable place Brooklyn is without evening adding weather problems.

  • 3. Jewish dude wrote:

    All good and well but Jewish people in NY city are robbed, beaten and hurt every day. When will this stop?

    • 4. Locked and Loaded Lubavitcher wrote:

      Uhhhhh, when the frum Jews throughout the city collectively get the concealed carry laws changed so that every non-felon, responsible adult can legaly carry a firearm. Until then there isin’t a chance.

  • 5. non-gender wrote:

    #3) You are 100 per cent right; just add that top flight training should be a requirement as well from institutions such as Frontsight and ICS Rob Pincus)


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