Sophisticated Thief Makes Off with Hatzalah Member’s Car

An SUV belonging to a member of Crown Heights Hatzalah was stolen late Tuesday night. The vehicle contained the volunteer’s lifesaving equipment and emergency warning lights.

The theft occurred on the corner of East New York Avenue and Brooklyn Avenue. The car’s owner parked Tuesday evening and was shocked to discover that his car, a black 2013 Dodge Durango, was gone along with his medical equipment.

A Shomrim advisory went out over social media asking people to keep an eye out for the car, which did not have license plates, instead there were inserts with the ‘Leasing Direct’ logo. A dealer plate was on the windshield # 7115050.

Surveillance video from nearby Beis Rivkah revealed that a single person approached the car at 2:14am and using a remote control gained access to the SUV and after spending less than a minute inside the vehicle he drove off.

“I never lost a key to the car and from the surveillance video it is clear that the thief had some sort of key of his own” the owner told, “obviously we are dealing with a group  of sophisticated thieves.”

Please be on the lookout if you spot the vehicle. Report any possible sightings to Shomrim at 718-774-3333.


  • 2. MMMM! wrote:

    Does it become a bigger crime because it’s an Hatzlalah members car?? You should have just posted “a car has been stolen in CH…..” Doesnt really matter who it belongs to

  • 5. mmmmm!!! wrote:

    strange comment – Of course it makes a difference. That’s 1 less Hatzalah member available to respond to emergencies! That’s thousands of dollars of equipment that may not be covered by insurance.
    Have a heart.

  • 6. how DARE somebody wrote:

    do such an outright, chutzpa toward our sacred, emergency people.

  • 7. Shalom Ber wrote:

    I hope the equipment is already back in the hands of the Hatzalah member.
    Hatzalah is an excellent organization doing crucial work, they have help my family on numerous occasions.
    G-d Bless them always.


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