Jewish Girl Assaulted as Part of Sick New ‘Game’

A sick new ‘game’ making its rounds on social media inspired a group of young teenagers to assault a 13-year-old Jewish girl in Crown Heights. The name of the game is ‘What the he** are they?’

The game’s objective is as follows: If someone is wearing nicer shoes than you, you must hit them on their feet or legs, shout “what the he** are they” and run away.

The incident occurred yesterday, Tuesday, October 28, at around 5:00pm.

The victim, a 13-year-old student of Beis Rivkah, was walking along Lefferts Ave. when three young teens – two girls and a boy – approached her. One of the girls shoved and kicked her, then shouted the game’s mantra.

The victim did not immediately understand what they said to her, but later on, when police explained the ‘game’ to her, she recalled that it was indeed what had been said.

A passerby witnessed the assault and immediately called Shomrim. Others joined in and chased the assailant, who fled down Brooklyn Avenue, then down East New York Avenue and into the Public Library on New York Avenue and Maple Street. There she remained in an attempt to hide from police.

Police arrived shortly thereafter, and after Shomrim brought the witness – another young Jewish girl – the assailant was identified and taken into custody. She was discovered to be ‘only’ 12-years-old, and her parents were called down to the precinct.

The young assailant admitted to police that she attacked the Jewish girl as part of the ‘game.’

After profuse apologies from both the assailant and her parents, and stern warnings to her from her parents and the police, the girl was released to her parents’ custody without charge.

Anti-Semetic Hate

The scene at the Public Library on New York Avenue, where the assailant was stopped by Shomrim as they waited for the police to arrive, quickly descended into one of the ugliest displays of hate and anti-Semitism this reporter has ever witnessed. Adults shouted anti-Semitic slurs and called for violence against the Jews, simply for being Jewish and standing up for their rights.

“This is why I hate all them Jews; I would kill them all; I hate them all from 2 years old to 80 years old,” shouted a black man who appeared to be in his 40s.

A black woman who appeared to be in her 60s yelled at the victim: “You don’t call the police; next time someone hits you, you beat them back up!”

Many non-Jewish children standing around witnessed this ugly display of anti-Semitism, which will in all likelihood serve as a lesson and template for their behavior when they grow up. Instead of teaching these young children that walking up to a random person and assaulting them is wrong, and that there are consequences for such behavior, the adults standing nearby chose to blame the Jews for standing up for their rights, and even called for further violence against them.

Excellent education no doubt.

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  • True

    It’s true, you can’t blame children for behaving this way, when their parents and other adults act this way. The only way they will learn is when they get in trouble.
    Oh well, that’s life!

    • mob

      Most of these children don’t have “Parents” plural, but rather just a mother. Usually they share a father with multiple other children from other mothers. In the ‘hood it’s called “Brother from a different mother”. That’s all you need to know about why these children act this way. That adult who was quoted in the article shouting racial epitaphs most likely has a number of children from different women and more than likely has multiple half siblings himself.

  • sw

    however, if the children are not getting any proper guidance, then the schools have alot of responsibility. There are social workers in the school, and the teachers there know that the kids often come from homes where there is little responsible guidance. The schools and the religious leaders should be told (and publicly) that there is big responsibility which must be worked on. This should be a very big campaign in their community.
    It is shocking that people would not be doing anything to help themselves, since this is just lowering the quality of their own lives and that of their children. There is something which can be done here but they have to take the “big R” (responsibility). In addition, alot of these kids join gangs which promote this, specifically because they want a “family” , so they join gangs. You can Google “Gang Mentality”. The city is not doing anything to work on this. They just keep those people poor and they make it like a disability. it is time to deal with it.


    You will witness this ugly behavior every-time there is an incident, big or small. Especially if there is a car accident between a Jew and black.

    The black community showed be taught that there was this evil anti-Semit, named Hitler ym”s, who killed 6 million Jews because they were different then he was or imagined the world to be. In Hitlers ym”s world, there wasn’t going to be any blacks either.

  • Where is the mass media ? TV?

    Why this guy with slogans : I kill wasn’t taken to the police custody ? Why it was no charges ? Why we let others to assault us ? Where is the volunteers, parents to escort our kids to school ?

    Why we don’t want to protect ourselves … I want to be free and go freely In my neighborhood

  • Saw it

    Tnx to shomrim she was caught at least she will see that this isn’t Free for all.

  • Date of incident?

    Also, until these offenders (juvenile or not) are made an example of — that is, CHARGED AND ARRESTED BY THE POLICE without fear, it ain’t gonna get any better.

    So until then, don’t walk anywhere alone, and walk in the street if you have to (against traffic, watching also for cars pulling out of parking places), to have a better chance of avoiding any more incidents like this — not perfect answers, but somewhat more protective.

    It’s unfortunate that we would need to take these kinds of precautions, but better that than the alternatives.

    One more thing: The Crown Heights police have an unwritten policy: When there’s any incident between an African-American and a Jew, either no one gets arrested, or both parties get arrested. It supposedly leads to fewer riots. In this case, it did not avoid the menacing, hatred-filled near-riot situation in the library while awaiting the police’s arrival. The Crown Heights police need a new policy!




  • Why wasn't the Black arrested

    He was screaming racial threats but that’s OK. If a Yid or any white person did that he/she would be arrested immediately.

    Do the police or the DA ever read these comments? Cos someone should compile them & send them off.

  • Oy

    I just told my granddaughter (BR Lefferts) she has great shoes for school. Maybe she shouldn’t wear them if she’s not with her parents. She walks home alone.

    How sick & crazy is that? A girl can’t wear nice shoes? What is wrong with this place?

  • Library among the culprits here

    During the afterschool hours this library is a hangout for neighborhood public school (and Catholic school) students: a sort-of indoor playground, and the front pavement outside is an outdoor playground.

    Given that some of the books in this library’s collection were paid for by a fund meant to promote good feelings between the various ethnic groups in Crown Heights (an outgrowth of efforts to heal the community after the pogrom of the 1990s), this library needs to also become a place where this kind of incident can be addressed and the community needs more healing.

    Neither the management of the library, nor the library police–yes, you heard me right–this library has a policeperson on duty there–controlled or addressed the horrific “education” being given by the hate-filled adults in its midst (when Shomrim was there). So there needs to be mandatory re-education for the staff and the patrons of this library. This can be accomplished through staff meetings, and through brief mandatory seminars for all patrons, on combating hate in our community.

    We taxpayers pay for this library. The library’s role–in providing sanctuary to the perpetrator and in being a place where such hatred could be freely vented (no doubt loudly–surely against the rules for patrons of the library) in this incident–needs to be addressed!

    • Well said!

      So who to turn to? Our heilige community council? The Gadol Hadoar Chanina Sperlin? Who will do something about it?

      Oh, wait, our local Councilwoman, she blamed Rich Jews for knockout. I suppose this is our fault as well, because we filthy rich kikes buy our children nice shoes. Guess we can forget her! (I already forgot her name, shows how good she is.)

    • the one who chased her

      actually, the librarians and staff were very polite and fair. They were nice to me and even stopped one young woman from saying anything nasty

  • To

    It’s very important that the world sees vividly and clearly the behavior of urban African Americans within the Crown Heights neighborhood.

    The media takes no issue writing about how some “ultra orthodox rabbis” commit fraud and sometimes molestation, and they should have no issue reporting about how these specific blacks behave and how they “educate” their children.

    Shomrim, please wear a GoPro, and make sure it is turned on whenever responding to an incident. If this incident would be caught on video, Drudge would publish it for the world to see.

    • great idea

      Who will pay for it? Is there a generous group of people who will sponsor this?

  • MaidofCH

    This is part of the reason why I support gentrification, even though I, on a modest income, am jeopardized by high rents. Hipsters make safer neighbors than gangs.

  • the victim

    the craziest thing is I was on a block full of people (Jewish) and they didn’t care they still hit me. they don’t fear any one! Shomrim was exceptional! thanks so much!

  • not a game

    Please do not let the animals hide behind a “game”!! there were racial slurs. It was a hate crime. Call it what is was – a racially inspired hate crime.

    • Martial

      This is worse than a hate crime. Someone who says things like “I would like all the Jews killed” is acting suspiciously. The police should be notified of these persons & followed. There is a good possibility they are committing acts of violence against their neighbors.

  • Crown Heights Resident

    The Rebbe Said: That if Israel gives away land that Hashem gave them in a Miraculous way during the June 1967 Six Day War. This will put the lives of Jews all over the World in Extreme Danger

  • ????????????????????

    i think we should be trained in fighting!!!!!!!! or some thing (i dont get it why do they say ant semitic stuff when they were treated like dirt the same as ous.)

  • i agree with # 19

    everyone should wear a gO-pRO AND GET EVRYTHING ON CAMERA! AL SHARPTON WHERE R U NOW !!!

  • Crownheightser

    Blacks believe calling the police is not the way to deal with an assault. Taking it into your own hands is their way. If you call the police you are the trouble maker. This way of thinking is common with blacks.

    • Citizen Berel

      And to spend time in Rikers is a status symbol among many of them and certainly no hindrance to shidducim and they have friends there what they can be in gangs with.

      Rikers is no place for a yid, so unless and until the government will sanction ‘taking things into our own hands’ we should stop pretending being tough is just a decision away.

  • Sukkos

    Some kids from a local public school here in CH passed by our house on Sukkos, threw something on the Sukka on purpose and then let out some choice 4 letter words to us as a means of making sure we understood that the wind didn’t just blow something at our sukkah…
    many of these kids are raised with lots of hate and a mentality that everyone needs to owe them!!!!
    very sad, very shameful and very dangerous and frightening

  • Mara Cohen

    Well, I’m not a city Jew, I did 25 years in the US Military, and have always had to pick up a weapon when it came to fighting, either because of my mixed American NDN and Jewish Heritage, or because I was a Woman. And frankly, having and knowing how to use your personal arsenal is an imperative as a minority person, and most certainly as a Jew these days. And it isn’t going to get better. Krav Maga is an excellent hand to hand combat style, and with readily available Instructors anywhere their are many Israelis, and my guess would be NYC would have plenty. There is nothing shameful in knowing how to defend yourself and your loved ones. There are always going to be those who seem to think they have the right to lay hands on others when they choose to, time to disabuse them, you might be surprised how broken wrists, and fingers will tend to disabuse some young idiot that they can make you their next “victim”…..

    • Thank you for your service to our nation

      As a veteran, you have a certain perspective that is valuable.I’m sure that martial arts is helpful.

      At the same time, “THREE young [African-American] teens” and ONE little Bais Rivkah girl is not a situation where even Krav Maga knowledge guarantees safety for the girl.

      Ditto for the library situation: A group of irate adults were itching for trouble and were screaming absolutely hate-filled stuff at a child! Thank G-d Shomrim was on the scene!

    • jason

      Thank you for your military service. Your comments are correct. Self defense needs to become a mindset, daily activity, with repetition. Unfortunately self defense and proper exercise is something simply glossed over by many when a child is attacked over a game which happens when children of different backgrounds mix. Its been happening for many years and generations and I wouldn’t be so quick to call it anti semitic, its just the nature of children being children in a society where lack of proper parenting and ethics in lower poverty society is common place .. Even in upper echelons of society, kids from different schools and towns do fight and bully when their paths cross. This is a tough world, its not going to change soon, and we must teach our children to live in it or lest they will continue to become victims.

    • To Jason

      Oh, OK. I see.

      If someone attacks another person and it fits someone’s definition of a “game” they get a free pass.

      Never mind that if a group of Jewish children played such a “game,” we’d have Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and their mobs here in a heartbeat.

    • Jason

      No, I never said to give anyone a free pass. I agree the police should be called only because the racial situation is tense in crownheights with the knockout assaults. I wouldn’t say the same if this was just another typical suburb in the US and believe me it happens. For this particular situation I’m not displeased about the outcome of Police and Parents working it out for the one 12 year old who was caught. If this 12 year old assailant repeats the attach, then yes juvenile conviction and detention should be sought after as this is obviously not a one time offense and this is a problem child. Should the US court system be tied up every time a 12 year hits another 13 year old in this country?

  • how much does it cost?

    How much does a Go-Pro cost and where do you buy them? How many members are there in Shomrim? Come on, people, ORGANIZE.

  • Seriously?

    And the reason that you all opt to live in an unsafe, overly priced, cramped, childhood robbing shechunah is … ?

  • morralkan

    I read through the article as well as all the comments in this posting. There were THREE children involved and the police caught ONE assailant from that group. Following profuse apologies from the assailant and her parents, the police let the girl go with apparently no arrest. There is no indication that the police got the assailant to give them the names of the other two POS involved in this supposed game. If this is indeed the case, why did the police not take the assailant to the precinct and hold her until she gave them the names of the two other kids involved and those two arrested? This was obviously their best chance of nabbing them all.

  • Sima Leah

    Learning self defense is a good idea. Its a no win situation. But guess what will happen if yo do fight back.

  • David

    If a child hits another child, does that warrant calling the police? Furthermore, had the assailant been Haredi or Hassidic, would the cops have been called?

    • David, you're a smart aleck

      If you’re a Jew, you know that if one Jew assails another Jew, we try to work it out without involving the authorities, for reasons having to do with our history, and, more simply, because the Torah commands this.

      So, if you’re a Yid, I think you’re just a troll for saying what you said.

      This was a case of not only THREE (including boys) against one (girl), but also a near-riot situation in the library.

      It appears that you checked your brain at the door before reading this article. Put on your big-boy pants and stop focusing on being so supposedly “clever.”

    • to david from witness

      This is not a child hitting another child. Lets call a spade, a spade. If a three year old hits another three year old, its understandable. A seven year old should know better. But these are preteens/teens (the attackers were tall, I thought they were about 14), and, no, it is not okay to punch another human and pull their leg just for fun. If you weren’t there and you didn’t see it, please don’t defend the criminals. And I dont know any Hareidi or Hassidic person who just has the desire to approach another human being on the street and hurt them for amusement. You will be HARD-PRESSED to find one that was raised to believe that is okay.
      Now, why don’t we all go out and find a random person on the street to punch?

  • zohar

    what the …. they need some entertainment ? Let Our Mighty G.D give them some feedback Who they are, where they come from and how the game will end up. I am confident that they have the power to switch mode to beauty, kindness and Love. Let see what happen…

  • Rebekkah

    Firstly, these were children, doing childish things. Were they wrong, of course- but turning it into larger questions about violence and social issues related to race and anit-semitism is uncalled for. Children fighting is not a cause for police, nor for weapons, nor krav maga. It’s cause for education and talking.

    Second, part of the problem is that both Black people and Jews in Crown Heights remain ignorant of each other. You can tell from the hateful and racist comments on this post that many people are perpetuating wrong stereotypes about Black people that are untrue and irrelevant to the matter at hand. Similarly in the Black community there is not a lot known about Jews- and this is why anti-semitism persists.

    Until we get to know our neighbors, and are willing to speak with them we can’t expect to be treated respectfully. Ignorance is why these incidents keep happening.

    And let me say that I would be happy to start that dialogue with my neighbors. Perhaps we can start with those 2 young girls.


      over the years in crown heights there have been dozens of attacks by African Americans on Jews some in the process of robing people, others just out of pure hate(like knockouts).

      yet many times when cops are called to responds to these attacks, a mob of black people congregating and yelling anti Semitic slurs on the Jews just for standing up for themselves.

      any fair minded person would realised there is a major anti semitic problem with in the black community,and should focus on that if his interested in helping innocent people walk the streets without fear,of being attacked just because their jewish.

      that does not mean all blacks are bad, or jews never say anything prejudice,but to somehow say its just connected to ignorance on both communities is to morally equate the attackers to the victims as both equally responsible,i wonder if would say such rubbish if whites were attacking blacks.

      and yes any citizen of this country has the right to walk outside without being attacked, regardless of knowing his neighbors or not.

    • To Rebekkah

      What you are attempting to do here, in typical liberal-minded fashion, is to equate bad behavior and violence in the black community, which is a huge problem all over the country and occurs multiple times on a daily basis, with bad behavior in the Jewish community, which might happen once every decade or less.

      The fact is that I can count on one hand how many times a Jew in CH committed an “unprovoked” attack on an innocent black man, whereas a basic search of alone will yield HUNDREDS of unprovoked, violent, vicious attacks on Jews in CH. Considering that this website is only about ten years old, and considering that in the last ten years crime has supposedly been down by 70%, that means that going back to the 1960’s you have thousands upon thousands of attacks perpetrated by black people against the Jews of Crown Heights, including the DEATHS of Rabbi Okunov, Yankel Rosenbaum and Avremi Goldman.

      The black community is the one that needs to get their act together, not the Jewish community. We are as a whole, civil, law abiding citizens, whereas the same cannot be said of the black community.

      No, we don’t have to learn and study their culture, and we don’t need to be taught “tolerance”. We are very tolerant of them, despite their horrendous behavior. They are the ones that need fixing, not us.

    • Also to Rebekkah

      RE: ” these were children, doing childish things.” and ” Children fighting is not a cause for police, nor for weapons, nor krav maga. It’s cause for education and talking.”

      Maybe “education and talking” is a PART of the solution,

      But I keep coming back to something that, so far, no non-Jew has answered yet: The fact that if groups of Jewish kids started pulling this kind of “children fighting” against individual (and usually smaller) African-Americans, Revs. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would be here with their goon squads in a heartbeat!

      I’m still waiting for an answer to that one, Rebekkah.

      As long as that’s true (and you know this is true, Rebekkah!), these “games” are a far more serious problem than your mere classification of it as “children doing childish things”.

      You are minimizing something that’s part of a far bigger problem in the US today.

      Take your blinders off and open your eyes to reality, Rebekkah.

  • Anti-Semitism comes from...

    At one of the pegisha’s, I think the one in the winter of 1978-79, Rabbi Posner,Z”L, – Shliach in Tenessee; wrote, “Think Jewish” – was speaking.

    One of the subjects that came up was Anti-Semitism. He said that most of it comes from the x-tian church. One of the participants objected, “But they’re not white christians.” R. Posener responded,”They are not WHITE christians, but they are definitely christians.”




    as was driving back from williamsburg,i got caught in traffic next to a school bus full of African American kids, one of the kids got up on his seat stuck his head out the Window and yelled F*** you, twice, then tried to throw on of his school supplies at me luckily it missed.
    just wondering what type of education he gets from his parents that prompts him to cursed at a Jew for no reason and then throw the first think he got his hands on.
    although it wasn’t anything serious i shudder to think what he will be up to when he gets older.


    Apologized and let go. This is why theyre is no end. If the girl was 12 or 8 of 4 and she asaulted a 13 year old girl, jewish or not should be put in a facility for theraputic recovery so they can grow up and msyure into normal people. Now thus girl thinks she can do whatever she wants, apologize and get away with it.

    Also what about the other 2 assailants? Are the police looking for them or did they get off Scott free as well?

    Time to make Aliyah !!!!!

  • Rebekkah

    If you’re not even willing to have a conversation about the problem- how can you expect antisemitism to end? I”m not blaming the victim at all. The little girl was clearly assaulted. I’m trying to find ways to make sure this kind of violence doesn’t continue to happen. No one deserves to live that way.

    There is a HUGE antisemitism problem in the Black community, that is precisely the point. This comes from growing up around Jewish people and never knowing any of them, and having all your information come from your parents and grandparents- who perpetuate antisemtetic thoughts and actions. If Black children actually came to know Jewish children as individuals, and vice versa, there would be less violence. If you have a relationship with your neighbors you don’t attack them.

    Also I don’t know what Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson have to do with anything. Are you saying the media only covers issues that they draw attention to? If you want Al Sharpton to be involved, someone should get in touch with his office.

    I bet he’d be very interested in learning about this situation, but I doubt he’ll make an effort if no Jewish people are willing to discuss the matter and make constructive suggestions about what they need to feel safe. We can punish the little girl, and the other boys who were part of this assault- but how do we stop future ones from happening?

    • Now I've heard everything!

      Let me get this straight:

      Even though the group of assailants were African-American, and the lone victim they attacked was Jewish, you’re telling me that you “bet [Al Sharpton would] be very interested in learning about the situation”

      I see. And that if Jewish people make “constructive suggestions about what [Jews] need to feel safe” then you’re saying that Al Sharpton would “make an effort”.

      Well if that’s the case, what stopped Sharpton during the Crown Heights riots, when I’m sure there were plenty of good people who tried to approach Sharpton with “constructive suggestions about what [Jews] need to feel safe.” Where was his effort then?????

      Why should the Jews of Crown Heights trust him and waste their time approaching Sharpton (“getting in touch with his office”) after that experience — especially since he hasn’t exactly done anything to validate the Jews’ experience with Sharpton’s thug-organizing against them since then!!!

      Sharpton’s not stupid. He can recognize an opportunity to try to build bridges with the Jews of Crown Heights — and this incident was potentially one of them. But he is of course pretending that this incident and phenomenon (the “game”) are insignificant and nonexistent.

      Oy, Rebekkah, either you are totally naive, at best, or you are choosing on purpose to gloss over what the Crown Heights Jews have learned rom their experiences with the likes of Al Sharpton.

      Until you wise up and understand this, you’re totally out of touch, as well meaning as you seem to be.

      I dare you to contact him and share this comment with him, all the while expressing your sympathy for what the Jews of Crown Heights have suffered at the hands of him, and of the youths who he could have educated toward peace in our community by now.

  • That's why he came to Boro Park

    In 1999, when Gidone Busch was mercilessly gunned down by police in Boro Park, a Jewish resident told me that he called Sharpton’s office, giving him an opportunity to show “fairness.”
    Guess what?! Whether the Boro Parkers’ liked it or not, within the hour, Sharpton and his entourage were in front of the 66th precinct, protesting against police brutality.

    • Yes Sireeee!

      When the theme is self-serving, like protesting police brutality, all of a sudden Sharpton’s “entourage” is there regardless of the race of the victim.

      But when the theme is not so self-serving for Sharpton–Black-on-Jew violence in Crown Heights in 2014–where’s Sharpton?

      He was a leader and instigator of the perpetrating force during the pogrom (“riots”) here in Crown Heights. And even now, decades later, he’s still not a part of the solution, even though every single day is an opportunity to make a difference.

      Sharpton’s silence on this matter is deafening.

  • Sheindel

    Oi Yidden! Don’t any of you understand that you have to all come home to EretzYisroel? What do you have there in the Galut? What are you waiting for? Even with the threats we have here, it is still our Land, our home. Just come home!

    • Yossel

      Sheindel, you need to understand that the Rebbe did NOT want us to abandon Crown Heights.

      I don’t like living here any more than the next person. It’s overcrowded, ugly, people are nasty and housing is overpriced and for the most part, dumpy. Nonetheless, the Rebbe saw HUGE potential. He left it to US to make this ‘hood a beautiful Jewish neighborhood. We failed miserably.

      The Rebbe would never sanction the idea of abandoning a shul to become a church, or leaving the poor and elderly here to fend for themselves (they’d be locked in their apartments until they died of old age, or whatever).

      We need to express our OUTRAGE LOUD and CLEAR to our government representatives, and to the cops. WE SHOULD NOT TOLERATE SUCH BIGOTRY, EVER!!! We should make a “Shturim” and not be silent until we get a satisfactory response from the Colored community leaders!

      This is AMERICA, not NAZI GERMANY. We have the right to live alongside our Colored neighbors without fear of anti-Semitism.

  • A-Non-E-Mouse

    And if you were to call them the “N” word, you’d be subject to arrest.

    One way street eh?

  • Black and Proud

    This story saddens me as I feel like it was a miss opportunity once again. I’ve read comments on this site that generalize black Americans. I had the privilege to be taught by Michelle Markus in her Conflict Resolution class as a teen now I’m 37. She explains her Jewish heritage and discussed my African American heritage. There were a lot of similar issues but the one thing I remember was she never mentioned that her people were the chosen ones. I think when people make it seem like they’re better than other it naturally builds resentment. God chose everyone that is why we are all here.
    Kids do stupid things when they are not supervised so the answer is more activities that include cultural education. I grew up with Jewish neighbors who did not speak to me but would ask me to turn off their stove on Friday nights. We all need each other. It bothers me to hear black people called animals. Blacks in Crown Heights do not have their on city funded policeThere are bad things that could be said about every ethnicity but there are also good things. I am forever grateful to my teacher Mrs. Michelle Markus for teaching me the right way. Teach love so that it multiplies can cancels the hate in the world. We don’t have to love each other but we should respect our differences and celebrate our similarities.