Hooliganism: Dozens of Teenagers go on Vandalism Spree

A large group of teenagers went on a vandalism spree in Crown Heights, trespassing into parked school buses and vandalizing parked cars, as well as trashing a grocery store and assaulting one of the store employees.

The incident occurred on Saturday night, beginning at around 9:00pm. A Shomrim volunteer living near Troy and Lefferts Avenues heard a large commotion near his home. After stepping outside, he saw a very large group of approximately 75 teenagers heading up Troy Ave., acting rowdy and belligerent.

Sensing that trouble was ahead, the volunteer decided to keep an eye on the group while calling for additional backup. Being that the group was so large, they did not notice that a block ahead members of the group had already committed mischief, opening up two school buses and attempting to release their brakes.

Once the vandalized buses were discovered, police were immediately called, but by then the group had already entered Gourmet Butcher, a grocery store located on the corner of Carroll and Troy Aves., where they toppled some shelves and damaged several products.

Surveillance video later revealed the shocking audacity of the group, and how shocked the store workers and patrons were by the sudden and violent outburst. “I was in total shock, I did not even know how to react,”Yanki Klein, the owner of gourmet butcher told CrownHeights.info, “when I realized what happened, I right away called 911.”

Klein lamented that this is an ongoing issue and that he raised the matter a number of times with the local precinct, but he feels those complains have fallen on deaf ears. “[Very often] these kinds of kids come by my store and yell ‘heil hitler,’ or steal things that are on shelves near the door,” he said.

“I’ve asked the police to put an officer on my corner many times, but I feel like I am being ignored and these ‘minor’ problems keep happening. And now this, it is a miracle that they did not manage to get all the way into the store, otherwise I would have been dealing with much more damage or worse, heaven forbid,” Klein concluded as he began cleaning up the mess the hooligans left behind.

Police officers filed a criminal report on for the damage.

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  • Get Them!

    these “kids” need to be caught and punished like adults. I am in favor of causing severe bodily harm to them. Let their parents complain about the Jews all they want.

    You reap what you sow. You reaped a criminal child who will suffer an early demise.

  • Concerned resident

    Ok for a moment I was like, wow, what can possibly provoke our Jewish kids to do something like that but now I feel ashamed that I even assumed this was something our kids have done. These people have some serious problems.

  • Harry

    Yeah saw them running last night down are street screaming, all I could think is that’s not good.

  • Uncle Mendel

    There go your ARFrican American Brothers and Sisters having good, clean fun THEIR WAY !!!

  • spree?

    teenagers?? hooligans ???
    just like terrorist murderers are just disenfranchised youth.
    and if a store owner defends himself he will be perpetuating the cycle of violence.
    at the very least, they are violent, criminal gangs

  • Fed Up

    Looks like it was a flash mob! This man’s business was targeted because he was a Jew. What about the vandalized vehicles, were those owned by Jews as well? These “kids” or “youths” targeted the man’s business out of hatred and politically correct racism. Who is going to compensate the store owner and the people who own the vehicles for their losses and damages? Not these kids, that’s for sure! No doubt, some of these kids are probably welfare recipients, most if not all of them will get a free ride. As for the store owner, he should apply for a gun permit if can afford to do so. Any gun permit is hard to obtain, but it is worth a try! Also, the store owner has the right to defend himself, his employees, his customers, and his family members from any hooligans, who threaten his business. Where is the media outrage? It does not exist, since it was only Jews targeted by politically correct racist hooligans! The Jews should have a protest march against this incident. If a Jew had assaulted one of the hooligans in this flash mob, it is likely that certain individuals in the black community would be crying racism and calling for a protest march. Just read other crime stories on http://www.crownheights.info that involve blacks and Jews to get an idea about the latter statement.


    Get a Shotgun you have a right to protect yourself and property if the Mayor and Police are useless

  • Liberal

    No mention of skin color, I guess it want necessary. 101 out of 100 ppl would have guessed it right

  • concerned resident

    shame on crownheights.info for not calling it like it is.. this was a group of black youth…. the trust needs to be said…. this article is factually faults and misleading. there was only half a story told here…..

  • Biggest Kashe

    Explain: Crown Heights Rents Rise Fastest in Brooklyn (next/earlier story)?!?!?!?!?

  • rg

    Just imagine Jewish youth mobbing stores screaming white power. These kids are ignorant abs bed to go to school.

    • Ken

      That would be truly ironic given that the “White Power” folks are rabidly anti-semitic.

  • lsw

    something has to be done. If the police dont do anything, these lost misfits will be empowered and then the police will have a much harder job, so its no-win for everyone.

    • HESHY

      no 27, Ken many white people are jews and are not anti semitic. It is more likely the chassids are anti jewish, the way they segregate themselves from mainstream judeism. these marauding blacks were attacking WHITE people.

  • A Loyal Customer

    Yanki Klein runs a terrific business – B”H that he, his employees and his staff were protected by HaShem. But now that this has happened and the neighborhood knows about his store, please do yourself a favor & go in to see his amazing selection of unusual fleish. and other foods.

  • hey!

    where is Al sharpton when you need him? where is he to talk to the YOUth?

    where is the community council ? why arent they seeking some kind of solution to this? where are our representatives so to speak?


  • jewish dude

    Immediate sue them and their parents for all damages done. This needs to be corrected now. No mercy other wise this will happen again.

  • to 27

    you ask “where is Al sharpton when you need him?”
    WE DON’T need him. It’s because of him and his ilk that black youth get away with murder.
    We need Guiliani. 3 times and you’re in for life.
    DON’T vote for anyone who is endorsed by DeBlasio. We need tough people to bring back law and order.

  • Armed CH Resident

    This is exactly why I carry a weapon. Not necessarily would i use it on them had they confronted me but I always carry a weapon when in CH. It has really gone to the gutter.. Who has time to wait for the police when their response times are god knows how long plus Shomrim aren’t armed?

    Luckily for this store they didn’t pile in and completely obliterate the store and assault the employees with rocks or whatever they may have had.

  • rcsb

    that is one great store, run organized, clean, pleasant, Yanky is helpful and polite. That can’t be allowed to go undealt with. someone has to make a major complaint until the police deal with this aggressively. The police will have more trouble on their hands unless they deal with this asap, right on. shameful. WHERE ARE THEIR LEADERS??

  • make it known

    This incident must be reported to a reputable News Station along with the video footage ASAP.
    If we sit by quietly and not bring attention to this it will
    happen again soon. As one of the comments noted that if it were the opposite…Jews terrorizing Blacks (there, I said THAT word) all Heck would break loose.

  • How did this mob get organized?

    I think that we need to figure out where they came from. Were they at some sort of meeting, school activity or program where they all got together in this hateful mob? Did someone rile them up to set off such hatred and destruction?

    We know that, until now, one does not normally see such a mob of these kinds of kids….What set them off or up for such destruction???

    The police need to investigate how this came to happen and we must be wary of a repetition c”v, especially if they feel that they “got away with something.”

    • Ruth

      Usually flash mobs are organized online through various social networking outlets – Reddit, Craigslist, Facebook, whatever. Teenagers are too stupid to think ahead and communicate the “old fashioned way” – surely there is some sort of electronic message trail.

      What causes them to do this? Boredom, “injustice in Palestine” *SPITS*, the Jews are responsible for all their woes and sorrows, blah blah blah. AKA, the two brain cells that mob had collectively between their heads are so brain washed by useless media (not particularly mainstream) outlets they haven’t a clue of what reality is.

      I surely hope the police force in CH knows where their paycheck comes from.

  • CH mother

    What about installing a buzzer, like some stores on Kingston have? Customers would have to be buzzed in.


    All the jews who don’t live in Israel should be listening to Rabbi Nir Ben – Artzi. he was spoke about that’s months ago, that this kind of things will happen, he describe this exactly. he also said that in the near future even the police and government all over the world will change their attitude for jews, in a bad way!
    All the jews who live there should and must come to Israel!!

  • michelle

    there is enough footage to identify them and arrest them.

    Shomrim, Sperlins, Tamirs, Cohens
    don’t let one slip by. If not you will have blood on YOUR hands.

  • To #36 (how did mob get organized)

    I’m pretty sure they were coming from a game at Lefferts Park. I saw a very large group playing soccer There (At least 100 people).

    I don’t believe that ALL of the teens in the group were looking for trouble. Looks like a handful of them were goons and decided to vandalize property, feeling emboldened by the fact that they were in a large group.

  • jocc

    These kids are thrill seeking cowards. They are not political. Don’t give them that much credit.

    They’re called Hoodlums.

  • Obama's fetter from Kenya

    Ooga Booga.

    What do you expect with Sharpton making all the decisions for de Blasio instead of Police Chief Bratton?

    Similar things are happening on Coney Island Ave in FLatbush where Blacks & Hispanics loot stores during daylight. Responding cops will not even chase them.


    these sickening anti semitic incidents keep happening, yet we all just write some angry comment and forget about it.
    if anyone wants things to change action is needed,simple political steps can be taken to attract attention and send a message.
    1)VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! the only reason any politicians will ever want to help you is for YOUR vote,yet every election there is hardly any jewish c.h residents casting their ballot,yet (by most local elections) it literally takes less time to vote then to write your comment on this forum.
    2)when politicians come to our community they need to know that just giving us government subsidies is not going to buy our support,only candidates that actually show a willingness to grab the bull by its horns and combat this hatred in the african american community, is someone we can support.

  • Stacy

    They want to act like animals, then when they are treated as such they cry racism. I’m so sick and tired of this I could scream!

  • Winston Smith

    50 years of the Great Society has led to this.
    Law of the jungle – government sponsored Devolution.


    Culture swings like a pendulum…

    It is near full arc, and the swing back will be SEVERE.

  • Doris Torres

    This is a disgrace.
    Gang of predators, terrorizing a business owner.
    It’s shame.
    I feel so bad for the owner, Mr. Klein.
    He is providing a needed service to the community
    a nice store and he is attacked.
    I hope the NYPD catches the individuals involved
    in this mindless attack quickly.

  • sooo...

    I guess this happened and the group responsible were a bunch of immature silly young teenagers of color..( according to the comments on this website) every black person in America is a hooligan… thug.. etc.

    jewish people, please– I doubt these kids did this specifically because it was a jewish owned store. They were jus being bonehead teenagers.. mischievous.

    It always has to turn into a “oooooh noooo, anti-Semitic they don’t liiiikeee ussssss” pity party. When from what I read, you discriminate against others who ARE NOT Jewish just as much as you claim to be discriminated against.

    • TO #61

      maybe enlighten us, to what exactly you read?
      and am sure you see videos of Jewish kids ransacking black owned stores, and constantly runing in shouting racist slogans.

  • Jacob V

    They will force the business to shut like they have forced 50+ jewish-owned stores in Newark to shut 50 years ago.

    And we will do what we do best… pick up the pieces and move on.

  • Rodney Nelson

    Some of the 7-11 stores where I am from acutually let our city Police Officers use stores as an assigned police precinct. They are assigned to stores that are located where riff raff might happen. If anything happens there, they are right there. The city also has cameras on every other block in the beach area where most of the riff raff happens in the summer. The camera zooms in on faces and sends the information to the police station. It gives them information about the person it zooms in on right away.The police have lots of monitors at the police station so they can look at all angles of the beach. Maybe they can try to help the store owner and other store owners by doing this.

  • Rachel

    G-d bless you nice CH residents, I will keep you in my prayers for your safety and security.

    Rodney Nelson I really like that idea – I doubt it would be allowed in NYC (I can’t imagine DeBlasio allowing it!) but that’s a great idea especially in vacation spots/beach towns. :)

  • Why

    Why do Jewish people keep voting for democraps ???

    Now you have a socialist as a Mayor and he couldn’t care one bit about NYC Jews.

    Get a gun and protect your family, business and your life, you have a right to defend yourself. It all started with a few stores being looted in Germany in the 1930s don’t think it can’t happen again.

  • Black Mother

    On behalf of the hard-working, college educated, home owning, upwardly mobile Black families of the CH community, I want to APOLOGIZE for the horror and crime I see perpetrated in this video. My son is 15… and he has been raised to honor and respect all humans, neighbors and strangers, and I am appalled by the depth of the disdain and damage in his generation. Please know, Jewish neighbors, there is a whole community of Black people in CH who want nothing to do with this behavior, do not condone, and (like you) don’t understand it. I send light to the poor store owners, and will make a point to shop in his store, with my children, very soon.