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Two Teenaged Thugs Attempt Mugging at Gunpoint

Returning home late one night last week, a young Lubavitcher father was accosted by two teenage thugs, one of whom pulled a gun on him as he was walking into his president street apartment building.

The incident occurred last week late Monday night at around 1:00am, the would-be-victim had just parked his car on Carroll Street near Schenectady Avenue after returning home late from work. As he made his was around the corner to President Street where he lives he noticed two black teens hurry up and try to catch up with him.

At first the pair attempted to ask questions about city buses and schedules, but he immediately suspecting something was not right and hurried to his building, attempted to put distance between himself and the duo.

As he entered the foyer of his building one of the teenagers pulled out a handgun and began saying “listen boss…”, but before he could finish he shouted “no way” and quickly entered the second door of his building and pulled the door shut. They attempted to pull it open, but one last hard pull secured the door and they were not getting in.

Speaking with he said “once the door was closed they saw it was over and they walked away in no hurry.” Adding that “it seemed like they wanted to mug me but they were young and amateurs and didn’t know what they were doing.”

Surveillance video from a building on the corner of President Street and Schenectady shows the two would-be-muggers leaving the scene.

Police were called and a report was filed.


    • 4. 22 won't do wrote:

      I’d recommend at least a 9mm. Unfortunately NYC has outlawed self defense and the constitution.

  • 6. BH wrote:

    BH he’s okay- and didn’t show those hoodlums any fear. I’m in my 20’s and fear something like ths will happen to me when I’m alone

  • 9. Extremley Unwise wrote:

    If a a kid adult whoever has a gun. You give them everything, why even try to do something, your life is much more important?

  • 10. 2nd amendment wrote:

    This is what the 2nd amendment is for nd why liberal fool in ny are directly responsible for crime

    • 11. 22 won't do wrote:

      Exactly. When you take away someone’s right to protect themselves you become responsible for their safety.

      Logically, you would think that with our history, both ancient and current, our people would be the very first to support the 2nd amendment.

      Unfortunately many replace their learning and common sense with liberal insanity. They trust in the government and not in HaShem.

  • 12. police report wrote:

    It was a real gun!

    Why would they shoot through the glass, they were trying to mug him…..

  • 13. jewish dude wrote:

    We have to carry NY city legal pepper spray. So we can defend our self against this crime wave. Almost everyday there is a report about a Jewish person getting robbed or hurt or something else bad done to him or her.

    • 14. 22 won't do wrote:

      Like that knockout “game”, it seems like Jews were getting knocked out all the time around NY (from the vantage of being far from NY).

      When my family came from Europe 100 years ago my father’s bubbe was terrified of the idea of walking a few blocks to the store by herself.

      In the old country that was a sure way to get attacked. The family had to explain to her that in America a Jewish woman could walk down the street without worry.

      Pathetic that we are losing such basic civility.


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