Father and 5-Year-Old Son Injured in ‘Knockout’ Attack

About an hour ago, shortly after 10:00am, a Crown Heights father was walking his five-year-old son to his first day at school, when they were both brutally – and randomly – attacked and injured by an assailant. A vigilant bystander heroically chased the man down and delivered him to the hands justice.

The unprovoked attack bore all the hallmarks of the nefarious ‘knockout game’ that has been plaguing the community recently. It occurred in the light of day in the heart of Crown Heights – on President Street between Kingston and Albany Avenues.

A vigilant neighbor heard the shouts and ran outside just as the perpetrator began to flee. The young man gave chase to the assailant, despite the fact that he was only wearing ‘crocs’ on his feet.

He pursued the man down President Street toward Troy Avenue, and then up Troy to Union St., managing to flag down a police cruiser on the way.

At the corner of Troy and Union, the assailant tried to escape inside an apartment building. The young man and a few officers followed him inside and caught up with him in the lobby.

The cops tried to place the man under arrest, but he resisted violently; the officers were left with no choice but to spray him with mace.

Once the suspect was under control, he was handcuffed and brought outside, where he was treated by EMS for his light injuries.

Aided by Shomrim volunteers, the father and his son arrived at the scene of the arrest to identify the perpetrator and press charges.

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  • 1. G-d bless the vigilant bystander/neighbor! wrote:

    You are truly a hero!

    May Hashem bring you and your family every brachah, b’gashmius u’b’ruchnius, for your courageous and successful sacrifice in order to make sure that this perpetrator was not one of the way-too-many who get away without being caught or brought to justice.

    And thank you to the NYPD for taking this matter with the seriousness it deserves!

  • 3. Fed Up wrote:

    More politically correct garbage roaming the streets! Where is the National Action Network? Where is Al Sharpton to decry this incident? Answer, Sharpton and his phony National Action Network only defend politically garbage. I wonder if he will have a protest march to honor the thug, who assaulted the Jewish boy and his father.

  • 5. Levy wrote:

    Another sicko rel.eased on to our streets by a judge or a shrink that lives far away from our battlefield. Want to stop this? They should name the people responsible for his release and put their pictures in the papers

  • 6. Kol Hakavod wrote:

    To the man who chased him down, you are a ch hero, one man may have learnt his lesson..

    • 8. uhu!!!! wrote:

      well, sort of!!! thats what this nonsense is all about!!!!!!! this is not ok!!! we must get this stuff under control!!!!!!! way too many of these knockout games are taking place!!!!!!!!

  • 9. Liberal wrote:

    The poor guy looks like he is in so much pain from the mace, why were the cops so disproportionate with him. He is an upstanding citizen. Shame on NYPD for abusing the poor black kid #policebrutality

    • 10. S.W. wrote:

      You are what is wrong with this country. A man runs up and viciously attacks a man walking his 5 year old to school, your response is that the police should not mace him when he resists arrest. What do you suggest, that they give him a medal for randomly attacking innocent people? This is not a race issue, this is a violent, stupid and senseless crime issue!

    • 14. Yvonne McLean wrote:

      Amazing how this so called Liberal never made a comment when the white police Tazed a black man who did nothing wrong but was waiting for the right time and was minding his own business trying to pick up his kids from a Day Care Centre. but here a black guy sucker punches a Father who was taking his son to school and his son got hurt in the process so this guy deserved to be maced he was in the wrong the other gentleman did absolutely nothing wrong so where is there comment about this poor innocent man, you dumb twits, because N.Y.P.D. did the right thing…..

  • 17. Anonymous wrote:

    this man looks emaciated, he needs food. show your kindness and please feed him

    • 18. Jail food wrote:

      The coward perp will get a nice halal balogna sandwich with an orange and potato chips and will wash it down with a nice bottle of flavored sugar water. The perp deserves less.

    • 19. Realist wrote:

      Maybe he’s skinny because he spends his money on crack. Regardless, my sympathy is with the innocent victims.

    • 20. Don't you get it? wrote:

      He’s so thin because he’s (likely) a drug addict!

      That would also explain his violent resistance, which necessitated him being subdued (by the use of mace).

  • 21. press anyone? wrote:

    someone should organize a press release outside the 71st, bring attention to this!! hold a rally. but no, crownheighters are way too busy for that….

    • 22. CHLEAKS.COM wrote:

      Yes, because preaching to the Jews about how we need unity bla bla bla always helps.

      Education is the key.
      Education for the black community is the key, not a press conference to preach to the Jewish community.

      Besides, all the press conference does is make irrelevant, individuals, organization (like CHJCC) and politicians seem relevant.

  • 23. how long wrote:

    till this thug is back out on the streets again?
    6 hours? 12 hours?

    so fed up of this…………

  • 25. stop wrote:

    Thanking everyone involved from the young man who gave chase to the cops who responded quickly and efficiently to Shomrim for always getting it done quietly and professionally. May we all be safe!

  • 26. what gives him the right.... wrote:

    He may look skinny,but he is strong as a ox, he managed to run a good few blocks before getting caught. What gives him the right to start punching innocent people at random, including a child as well.
    Let this be a lesson to others, keep your hands to yourself or you will end up getting sprayed.

  • 27. punished... wrote:

    Even if he does get released shortly after he was arrested , he still got some form of punishment by being sprayed by the police which I am sure was not pleasant, he may think twice before punching anyone else in the future!!!!!!!!

  • 28. Sharpton once said... wrote:

    When he was asked about condemning a crime-committer, he said,” I’m not saying he’s an angl. If he did anything, arrest him and put him in jail.”


    this is a chronic problem that has been plaguing this community for a long times, its times we bring more attention to this,with demonstrations and speaking to the media and politicians.
    btw why is this not being investigated as a hate crime, the perps are only attacking Jews, no african americans are victims of these horrific attacks.

    • 31. Boruch Hashem! wrote:

      Hody LaHashem Ki Tov Ki Leolam Chasdo! Thanks for the update…besuros tovos

  • 32. reality wrote:

    he looks like someone who has been in need of PROPER social services for a very long time. The system failed once again. Someone should check into this. He is either indigent, homeless, psychiatric or something which needs to be addressed.

    • 33. awacs wrote:

      I think the best ‘social services’ for him would be a year or two in Green Haven.

    • 34. Realist wrote:

      Maybe, just maybe, his own bad choices are to blame. He might be a dangerous sociopath or a violent drug user. Maybe he is to blame for his actions.

  • 36. jewish dude wrote:

    We Jewish people in NY city need to by a NY city legal pepper spray. And next time he does this or anybody else spray him or her in legal self defense. We have a right and duty to come home save to our family and defend them.

  • 37. these are not hate crimes?? wrote:

    The hypocrisy in this country is astounding. Why on earth are these not being classified as hate crimes? What racism today is only against blacks? Unfortunately yrs that is the case. I wonder who in the media and Whitehouse has enabled that?

  • 40. Ya'acov wrote:

    We need a private decoy sting squad to wait for these type of trash and stomp them.

  • 41. Aish wrote:

    All law-abiding citizens in places like Crown Heights should take it upon themselves to study & practice Krav Maga.

  • 42. contemplating move to Singapore wrote:

    We should vote into office anyone who pledges to have NY laws regarding crime and punishment modified to mimic Singapore’s laws.

    If we can’t get that to happen we should seriously consider moving to Singapore for true rule of law and civil liberties.

    I just don’t know how I would handle the weather there, as the weather we had in Crown Heights in the last two days is apparently pretty common in Singapore

  • 43. Mom wrote:

    Why would anybody do this especially in front of an child. It is so scary i’m afraid to go to shul with my son because of these terrible knockout crimes.

  • 44. Brooklyn wrote:

    Garbage is an understatement of the type of crazy people walking to streets in NYC. So glad some finally saw and heard and helped the victims out. I hope they knock him out for good in Rikers for assaulting a child.

  • 45. Terrible wrote:

    Apparently the perpetrator is mentally ill. The fact that there are not procedures and facilities for this actually sick individual is a huge problem. Regular jail is not the place for this type of person, it makes no sense. He is a very sick person and a danger to society. But society is at fault for not recognizing the need for an appropriate environment.

    I’m not saying there is no anti-Semitic element, but the main issue is mental illness

  • 46. to 20 wrote:

    good to hear.

    To the editor:
    cops don’t use “mace” and haven’t for many years. decade

  • 50. Anonymous wrote:


  • 53. CeCe wrote:

    So why is that child still standing there and not in an ambulance on his way to be seen by a Doctor if this happened???

    “father was walking his five-year-old son to his first day at school, when they were both brutally – and randomly – attacked and injured by an assailant.”

  • 54. Lee wrote:

    This is a prime example of what a city looks like when the criminals don’t have to worry about being shot by armed law abiding citizens. Liberal New Yorkers are to blame for voting in politicians who take away constitutional rights.

  • 56. Outlaw wrote:

    Hate crime anyone? The perp is black, his victims appear to be Jewish. Coincidence, maybe, maybe not. But if it had been reversed then Al Sharpton and his gang of nitwits would have shown up. Amazing how only hate crimes get reported if the targets are black. Reverse racism is alive and well in the media and elsewhere.


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