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Another Daytime Burglary in Crown Heights

The incident took place this past Wednesday at around 3:30 in the afternoon, one of the residents of the house on Carroll St between Schenectady and Utica entered the house and encountered the thief who pulled a knife on him and fled out the back door through the kitchen.

He described the perp as a Male Black around the age of 15 or 16 with a medium build. He had already been through the house and had stuffed various items in his backpack. The items ranged from silver candlesticks that were on the dining room table, wallets and some jewelry. The perp knew what he was looking for avoiding the things that weren’t of significant value, such as a knockoff watch and some real looking jewelry.

Police were called and arrived on scene pretty quick and took a report and informed the victims of the burglary that member from the NYPD’s Crime Scene Unit will arrive at the house later in the day to ‘dust’ the place for finger prints.

This is another incident in the string of burglaries that have been taking place in our neighborhood. We implore homeowners to secure their houses, what can be a simple burglary can quickly turn heavens forbid a much more serious crime. And we turn to the police to ask for additional patrols to prevent these crimes from happening and to pursue these cases once they do happen.

If you see a suspicious person hanging around a certain house or car don’t hesitate to call 911 and Shomrim at (718) 774-3333 24/7.


  • 1. this is meshuge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wrote:

    y dont they put more skywatchers

  • 2. freeked out wrote:

    Crown Heights, Harlem
    What’s the difference nowadays? I’m freaked out to leave my house after dark these days…

  • 4. Anonymous wrote:

    <this is meshuge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wrote:

    y dont they put more skywatchers

  • 5. yossy hershkop wrote:

    sky watchers wont help we need drones at this point or better yet people who know how to fight and are not sceard of
    know one

  • 6. .......... wrote:

    To: Toast
    its a tower… that goes up high.. and someone sits in it and watches over the community

  • 8. lights!!camera!!action!!! wrote:

    Every single jew should have an un noticable camera in there house!!!!!!!!!

  • 9. BrookAve wrote:

    The solution is to check the security of ALL of your doors and windows. Get a locksmith and don’t skimp on the price. If you don’t get the best security, then may I suggest that you fill your china cabinet with silver plated items. Throw some phoney Rolex watches on the night tables in each bedroom. All jewelry should be 10K gold or scrap metal. All diamonds should be made of paste. And fill the fridge with imitation butter. That will Really upset the burgler.

  • 10. to ........ wrote:

    they they is not the watchtowers but rather whi is the they that should put them up?

  • 11. me too wrote:

    we thought our house was safe with secure locks and bolts, but to our surprise they mangaged to get in.

  • 12. me too wrote:

    we thought our house was safe with secure locks and bolts, but to our surprise they mangaged to get in.

  • 13. BrookAve wrote:

    To lights!!camera!!action!!:

    Every Yid Does have an invisible camera in their homes, it is called G-D. I guess you mean if there is a moment that G-D is tied up with something important outside of Crown Heights, all of us should have a system installed. Perhaps a monitor in a closed cabinet that will record a 24hr or even a month of activity with sound too! Then you may save on your hard drive and show your grandkids the images of your shiksa loading up the milchig dishes in your fleishig dishwasher. Or the time Maria made the chulent with butter. Or when Lupe put a pizza bagel in the parve toaster. Or when Alma snuck in a McDonalds burger and used the microwave to heat it up. Or when Esmerelda cut hard cheese with a fleishig knife on your wooden fleishig board. AHHH the memories a camera hard drive system will keep. You can cuddle up with a bowl of popcorn and cocoa and relive those great times. You sold me lights, camera… I hear Hollywood calling!!

  • 15. Cares about Crown Heights wrote:

    JJ Pshemish, we need your’e help.
    It’s time to get involved.
    Maybe this time the community will
    pay you for your valuable services.
    (Fat Chance)

  • 16. Safe Home wrote:

    Unfortunately the reality of the situation is that Crown Heights is located in New York City. NYC has a high crime rate. If you fear your safety in your own home or sidewalk, maybe it is time to consider moving to a smaller town.

    While that may not be a viable option to some or even something to be considered by many, it is a solution. Otherwise, lock your doors and window. Purchase a safe that is bolted to the floor and store your valuable belongings in it. Install a security system/ alarm system in your home that all members of the family know how to use.

    In short, what I am saying is, be proactive about protecting yourselves. Guns, police watch towers, and whining and complaining about this situation will not fix it. Don’t give the misguided souls who use theft as a career or a thrill the opportunity to harm you or your families.

  • 17. mezuzahs wrote:

    718 2212222, 718 613 1111 are two numbers of sofrim if you didnt check your mezuzahs yet this yr. do so now!

  • 18. DF wrote:

    Why is Rubashkin not doing anything about this, he should help us for a change.

  • 19. Boruch wrote:

    How many hundreds of times was this (these) criminals arrested and released?
    Perhaps the locksmiths, insurance industry, etc. are giving a little something to the (so-called) criminal justice system?
    Crime PAYS!

  • 20. me wrote:

    the safet place to keep your mony is in teduka all stolen thing eventaly end up back in the real owners hand

  • 23. Disillusioned wrote:

    To why rubashkin:

    Because people here are still under the illusion that Moshe Rubashkin cares about this neighborhood & they think that he will actually do something to make us safe.

    Poor, deluded fools.

    Haven’t they figured it out yet? Rubashkin etc only want kovod, photo ops with politicians, celebrity status etc. They are not interested in you, me, our kids, our welfare. They just want to be seen & praised.


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