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Attack Being Considered as Possible Hate Crime

CROWN HEIGHTS [CHI] — The incident in which a Jewish man was savagely beaten on Sterling Street in Crown Heights is being considered by detectives as a possible hate crime, according to sources close to the investigation. Chilling surveillance footage reveals the moments leading up to the assault.

Surveillance footage obtained by shows the attacker creeping up behind the victim, then going off screen for approximately 30 seconds – during which he proceeds to push his victim to the ground and relentlessly beat him with punches and kicks to his head right in front of the horrified onlookers.

The victim, a Jewish man in his 30s, was on his way home from work when he was assaulted. Shomrim gave the victim initial medical care while waiting for Hatzalah, who took over when they arrived and later took him to Kings County Hospital to receive further treatment for injuries he sustained to his face and head.

A slew of police officers and detectives descended on the area in hopes of finding the assailant – efforts which have been proven futile as of publication.


  • 1. sda wrote:

    sick animals!!!!!!! animals in the zoo. If you want it, just beat up the person for it, sick sick sick uneducated, uncontrolled animals.

  • 2. rg wrote:

    do they have a description of the perpetrator?
    more surveillance cameras needed.

  • 3. surreal wrote:

    In broad daylight, right in front of onlookers-yikes! Seems unreal.

  • 5. Hate crime Not robbery wrote:

    He was kicked in the face for a few minutes ..the yid was smart and pretended to be knocked out ..Or dead (chas ve sholom ) the perp took his iPod music device – not his wallet , not his watch not his phone .. While kicking him over and over he called him f***ing Jew .. f***ing Jew …f***ing Jew ….f***ing Jew

    This is an anti semite who needs to be caught .. If he gets caught as being as a thief he will sit a few days bc all he stole was a music player … He needs to be caught and put away as a sick anti Semite – which he is …

  • 6. Sick and Tired wrote:

    Hate Crime all the way. The verbal words tell it all. I agree Dovid, find a similar creep and beat the crap out of him, in the public square of 770.

  • 7. jj wrote:

    its hard to see whats going on in this unclear video

    I cops the cops catch this animal and throw him into jail where he belongs.

  • 8. DEAFENING SILENCE! wrote:

    If a black person was assaulted in such a vicious way by a white man, completely unprovoked, while kicking in his face repeating file racial slurs, this would be front page news, national news, an uproar in the media, protests, Sharpton, Jackson and their ilk would come running, Obama would make an emotional statement etc. etc. In this case though the silence is deafening! Where is the media? Where are our elected officials? Where are the Black “activists” and civil rights leaders with their fiery condemnations of the attack BY ONE OF THEIR OWN? Where are OUR community leaders organizing and making a shturum? Shameful! An outrage on top of an outrage!

  • 9. vaad member wrote:

    where is chanina sperlin and his twin brother rev al sharpton now??

  • 10. Sam wrote:

    I think we should start a program called “1000 cameras”! Let’s get surveillance everywhere, every house. That will give the police no excuse not to follow up on the crimes.

  • 12. anon wrote:

    Why did the guy not run and help out the victim that second?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • 13. REVENGE wrote:


  • 14. Wowsers wrote:

    Here are a few appropriate responses to this tragedy- organize a community protest, put up more surveillance cameras, organize self defense classes for men and women, donate money to or volunteer for community watch organizations, do what you can to help the victim’s family through this tough time, say Tehillim for the victim. There are so many positive and productive ways in which we can act rather than sit with the horrible feelings stories like this bring out in most decent and empathetic people. A grossly inappropriate response? Beat up some random African American in retaliation. I’m horrified that anyone would suggest this in all seriousness. You have every right to feel angry and frustrated. You are not alone in feeling this way. But answering violence with violence, a hate crime with a hate crime, is beyond the pale. Come on, guys. You’re better than this- stronger, wiser, capable of thinking things through and imagining consequences. You’re capable of realizing that you could hurt a perfectly good man for being in the wrong place at the wrong time and for having the “wrong” skin color. Just as the poor victim in this video was the “wrong” ethnicity at the wrong place at the wrong time… You’re capable of understanding that “letting off steam” with this sort of language in a public forum could inspire a less stable person to act on your words. You must be capable of this because it is this capacity for reason, empathy, and self-control that keeps us from being “sick animals in the zoo.”

  • 16. why why why wrote:

    cameras for all , please unleash zimmerman on these low scumbags

  • 17. Revenge -- we need it! wrote:

    we need to take revenge. I hate these people so much!

  • 20. 1000 cameras! Great idea! wrote:

    I second Sam’s motion. Best investment for CH safety.

  • 21. I agree with 20 wrote:

    The perp should bite the sidewalk and someone stand on his head!

  • 22. Fed Up wrote:

    No, the incident is not a “possible hate crime”, it is a hate crime. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 is supposed to protect Jews from this nonsense.

  • 23. urgent wrote:

    The real problem is. Is that 2 years ago such a news article had over 200 comments, slowly, we are getting used to this abuse by hoodlums, and we are doing nothing about it.

    Every time an incident happens the vadd members call eaqch other, this time around, one vadd member was overheard saying lets not do anything and that no one should make any statements, “let it pass quietly”

    It is time people realize that we have a major issue with this vadd, and we need a new one.

    If not by election then by revolt.

    Just for the letter we received before pesach from a new vadd collecting money for the so called rabonim, shame on the vadd for bringing on a new rov that we have no need for, nor can we afford.

  • 24. Sheya Ebert wrote:

    If there was a stolen IPhone is there not a GPS locator on them? Here is what I found:

    Please pass this on to the victim and the police to maybe still catch the perp. This should’ve been done immediately!


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