Five Shomrim Volunteers Honored by the NYPD

The valiant crime-fighting actions taken recently by five Shomrim volunteers in apprehending two muggers was recognized by the 71st Precinct, and the volunteers received awards at Thursday’s ’71st Precinct Community Council Meeting.’

On a blustery January morning a young man had his cell phone suddenly snatched out of his hand while walking on Crown Street. An alert Shomrim volunteer witnessed the incident, called for backup and together with four additional volunteers they successfully apprehended both muggers.

Thursday evening the five volunteers were honored for their efforts at the monthly 71st Precinct Community Council Meeting.

Shomrim Volunteers Nosson Schusterman, Nossy Slater, Gadi Hershkop, Fishy Vail and Yanky Laine all received ‘Civilian of the Month’ awards from the commander of the 71st Precinct, Deputy Inspector George Fitzgibbon,ย and executive officer Captain Thomas Burke.

“This award recognizes one of many incidents in which Shomrim strives to help the residents of Crown Heights and make our neighborhood safer,” said a Shomrim coordinator. “We owe thanks to the instrumental support of the officers, including Richard Silverstein and Lt. Eric Worobey, for being there and making the arrest.”

Photos by Benjamin Lifshitz

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  • parent

    there is nosson the bus driver go nosson thank you for keeping our daughters safe and our community safe

  • YMSP

    Great news but one thing needs to be pointed out. The world at large recognizes their dedication to the community, yet Yakov Schwei tried to hurt them based on false tales and encouraged mesirah against them, against all of Torah and all of morality. Go figure.

    Even in the times of Bayis Rishon, meharsayich umacharivayich mimech yetse’u, the destroyers came from within. Today they’re those who call themselves a rov as they make up a new Torah to destroy people, steal and even hurt families. Hashem yishmor.

    At least there’s Rabbi Osdoba and Rabbi Segal who fight to uphold Torah against an onslaught of feel good soothsayers.