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Stolen Sack of Onions Leads to Recovery of Tefillin

CROWN HEIGHTS [CHI] — On Wednesday morning Shomrim received a call alerting them to a man who had stolen a sack of onions from Hadar Hatorah on Eastern Parkway. A confrontation on Kingston led to the discovery of a stolen pair of Tefillin and an assault earlier that morning. The man was hospitalized in a mental care unit.

Shomrim’s hotline rang at around 8:30am on Wednesday asking for assistance with the removal of a man from the premises of Hadar Hatorah, but as he was leaving he grabbed a sack of onions and left. A half dozen Shomrim volunteers followed him down Kingston, when a Bochur alerted them that he had stolen his Tefillin from 770 a half hour earlier.

The man stopped in front of Weinstein’s Hardware, sat down at a display table and refused to move.

It was clear to the responders that the man was not well, so police and EMS were called. While they waited another man came forward and told Shomrim that the man had assaulted him earlier.

After recovering the stolen property and returning them to their owners, police and EMS determined him to be emotionally disturbed and took him to the psychiatric ward at Kings County Hospital for his own safety.

Shomrim and Police thanked each other for their sensitivity and professionalism in handling the incident.


  • 1. Photos of a mentally-ill man necessary? wrote:

    Why would you guys post this man’s image on the website? He’s obviously mentally disadvantaged. Why embarrass him?

  • 3. Meshugge far yenem wrote:

    Chances are he will be released shortly due to the lefty laws that allow mentally ill people to roam the streets. We need to recognize him, because he can do real damage.

    A mad dog can’t help the way he behaves either. Would you want a mad dog walking down Kingston Avenue and sitting in front of a store?

    A thief is a thief and a nuisance is a nuisance. He would not dare sit down in front of a store on Lee Avenue.

  • 4. Looks like a guy I saw before wrote:

    I don’t see his face straight ahead in the images, but if it is the guy who I think it is, I have seen him in other places, such as Brooklyn Central Library, and elsewhere outside CH, at times carrying on.

  • 5. Business man? wrote:

    Was he trying to sell the stolen goods at the table?
    As for letting him out soon, that is not the case most of the time, as the hospital can bill by having him there. If it is involuntary they have 72 hrs they can hold him before having to go to judge.

  • 6. #2 is a usual nuisance wrote:

    To not treat people with derech eretz and chesed is a nuisance. GET A LIFE!


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