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Wheel Theft of the Week: Albany Ave. and Carroll St.

A car parked on the corner of Albany Ave. and Carroll St. was the latest victim of the wheel thieves, who are operating with impunity and devastating vehicle owners all over Crown Heights.

These brazen thefts have been occurring on a regular basis and will continue until the thieves are caught. The targeted cars have been mostly new and in the upper range, though some older and cheaper vehicles have fallen victim as well.

In the meantime, be sure to protect your vehicle in as many ways as possible so you do not become a victim. Anti-theft lug nuts and car tilt alarms are two examples of relatively simple safety measures that can be added to a vehicle.

Remember, even if an added security measure isn’t 100% foolproof, it will still likely deter thieves from targeting your car and cause them to move on to an easier target.


  • 1. ora wrote:

    was this by any chance caught on a surveillance camera?
    maybe we need surveillance cameras on our cars too…no joke.

  • 2. 10 little cop cars, all in a row wrote:

    Last night they were lined up on Kingston & President, lights flashing. They drive in convoys all over the place. AND THEY STILL CAN’T CATCH THEM??????

    It seems like the crooks are much smarter than the cops. Crazy.

  • 4. someone who lives in ch wrote:

    there was also one on eastern parkway between troy and Schenectady….passed them both this morning

  • 5. Everyone should buy Anti Theft locks for their Tires wrote:

    When the Thieves see these anti theft locks, they’ll move on to another car that’s easier to rob.

  • 6. Something more then just our wheels. wrote:

    Are only Jewish owned cars loosing wheels? The fact that it is mostly concentrated in crown heights. The person or persons doing this are very local people. Run a database check on anyone living here, who has been associated with chop shops, auto theft, etc.

  • 7. The truth can be frightening wrote:

    the little Indians only line up on e.p or on president but in actuality don’t go beyond that 2 days this week they had plenty of time to do spot checks on E.p,. one between Kingston-Brooklyn Today between Rogers- Nostrand You will see a few on Kingston maybe walking up & down but almost no where else.guaranteed these thieves know all this have watched & strike when they know the cops aren’t around The one On E.p. & Albany in front of the yeshiva was really Brazen how is it no one pays attention says anything? sees anything?

  • 8. Emanuel wrote:

    you need a hidden camera. said and done. that’s the only way how crime will stop.


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