11-Year-Old Boy Assaulted in Lefferts Park

While most American kids are busy going door to door collecting candy tonight, some kids in our neighborhood seem to think that Halloween eve is ‘attack-a-Jew night.’ They roam the streets in gangs looking for a Jewish victim to pelt with eggs and/or assault.

Given the heightened threat, Shomrim volunteers make sure every year to be out in force, patrolling the streets and making sure that everyone stays safe.

One such ‘gang’ of about ten boys and girls ages 12-14 descended on Lefferts Park at about 7:00pm, where two Jewish children, ages 9 and 11, were playing.

The gang approached them and tried to pry away the older boy’s scooter, then assaulted him. During the assault, one of the teens flashed a fake gun at the victims.

The victims rushed to their parents, who promptly called Shomrim. Several Shomrim volunteers arrived at the scene and kept an eye on the perpetrators, while police were summoned.

When the gang saw an NYPD patrol car coming, they exited the park and tried to flee toward Kingston Ave. Luckily, other Shomrim volunteers were waiting for them at the corner, and escorted back to the scene of the crime.

The victim identified the teenage girl who assaulted him, and she was handcuffed and taken to the 71st precinct for booking.

Two knives were recovered at the scene, but the fake pistol was not found.

The rest of the children were released after a stern warning from the police.

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    • Okay

      Do you have anything new? You comment the same thing over and over, and you probably will when Obama leaves office.

    • Milhouse

      He’s the one who said that if he had a son he would probably be like that thug Trayvon Martin. Why is it wrong to bring it up?

  • Yossel

    A slap on the wrist. Beautiful. A gang of Colored children are permitted to beat up Yiddishe kinderlach in this lovely ‘hood we live in.

    I know the Rebbe was very strong about Jews staying in Crown Heights, but how much tsoris must we endure living here???

    • ANSWER

      you ask how much must we endure? as much as you want. we should SHTURIM the council to get off their backsides and stop thinking of only themselves and do something for their community members. This would never happen in williamsburg and the creeps gettng away with it. If we don’t kick up a fuss and demand more then this is what we will continue to get – a big fat NOTHING!

  • Yosy

    Who takes their kids to the park on this ‘chag’? Why ask for trouble? Irresponsible parents if you ask me….

    • awacs

      NY Law is that fake guns have to have some orange color in them. Perhaps they saw some orange?

  • pelted with eggs

    my young children, myself and then two minutes later a women with a baby in a carriage were pelted with eggs in broad daylight

  • CH'er

    thank you number 3

    a little seichel we need to have

    as a bochur in the 80’s there was once someone wrote at that time to the Rebbe. asking for a segula and brocho for theft. I,E, breaking into homes at that time was the norm,

    the Rebbe answered, lock your doors and windows check your mezuzos

    yes indeed you dont send small children out on a night like this ,,,

  • Hmmmm........

    Why were these 2 young children in the park alone on Halloween, a night known for as many years as I can remember, not to be a safe night to be out on the streets alone, let alone such young kids in a park known for not being the safest park in town????
    That park was never safe, long before Obama was heard of!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • What did the Police do

    with the teenage girl who assaulted the 11year old boy? Did they just release her a few blocks away fro, the crime scene?

  • CH Resident

    A great thanks goes out to all the Shomrim volunteers that patrolled our neighborhood last night.

    You guys definitely saved a life last night.

    Thank you again and g-d bless.

  • Animals

    I know it’s the Kinus & a few more are on the beat, but after all these years don’t the cops know what goes on round here on Oct 31? Why aren’t they in the park?

    A “stern warning”??? Who are they kidding?

  • Insane!

    If this was a Jewish group and they assaulted an African American child, they would have ALL been arrested! …and there would probably be riots too. This town’s law inforcement isn’t racist they’re anti Semitic. Just like when they beat up that Jewish guy in the shul.

  • phd

    does anyone remember that really nice Israeli man with glasses who had a store on Troy Avenue about 15 years ago? He was a tall strong looking guy, but on a Halloween night, they still beat him up terribly.
    The media should post education about what Halloween really is.

  • Stuffs been going on for a long time on halloween....

    Kids getting into trouble, throwing eggs, messing with other kids, all stuff that went on in my youth on Halloween. And yes raised as a secular, at times I was the victim and times the perpetrator. Not a whole lot to see here. A description of the “assault” would help. If was raising kids in crown heights I’d have them in boxing and brazilian ju jitzu classes at a young age.

  • To Okay

    Obviously, you and yours are. Okay, I mean. To explain let me give you a riddle:

    what is the definition of a Liberal?


    Get it? Good. Now you see why so many o us are NOT “Okay.”

  • please

    will everyine stop blaming your president on somthing thats been going on for years n in ch

    • Anonymous

      If the problem still exists then thateans the president is not doing his job. Which puts the current president at fault.

  • to comment 18

    the kids were pushed down to the floor and they tried taking their scooters.

  • I don't like crown heights

    So many bad things happen here. I don’t want my kids to grow up in a place like this.

  • To # 1, #3, and #20

    When I was a 15 year old (girl), I was assaulted on the subway. I was punched in the nose by an older black teenage boy. I was behind him at the metro-card machine, and he didn’t know how to use it. I explained to him what to do – and he did it – but the machine malfunctioned. So what did this thug do? He turned around and PUNCHED ME IN THE NOSE, bloodying it terribly and breaking it, too. He never got caught.

    Despite this, I am not a racist. My Rebbe saw people of different colors/ethnicities/religions and treated them all respectfully.

    So for all of you pulling the race card, the hate card, the “Barack Hussein Obama” card, you know what? GET OVER YOURSELVES. Thugs come in EVERY color. That teenage boy that punched me wasn’t a thug because he was black, he was a thug just because he was. When tzfatis vandalize/terrorize, do we start thinking negatively about ALL lubavs? Come on, people.

    I hope that 11 year old boy is okay. If the cops don’t bring the attackers to justice, relax folks. G-d will.

    • Milhouse

      Thugs do come in every colour, but in some more than in others. Jeans come in many colours, but black ones are not nearly as common as blue, and other colours are even less common. The proportion of thugs among blacks is far higher than among any other race. That’s not a reflection on the many wonderful people who happen to be black, but it means that if you see a young man on the street and don’t know anything more about him than his race, the odds that he’s dangerous are much higher if he’s black than if he’s anything else, and you should set your wariness level accordingly. That’s simply a fact.

  • I agree with #14

    unfortunately life is like that, because the police are afraid of doing anything to the people of color because they will get attacked or even killed! they sart up with the jewish people because they know they WON’T get attacked or killed because jews are good decent people!!!
    not all people of color are nad but unfortunately a huge percentage are.
    very sad!

    • Please

      Lol. This is funny. “The police are afraid of doing anything.” Really? The police have guns and a long history with black folks.

    • Milhouse

      Yes, and they’re afraid to use those guns, because it automatically gets them in trouble.

  • To #20 and #26

    To #20> You got that moshel BACKWARDS!!!! Ha,HA! Hello???
    To #26> I want you as a daughter in law!!! Finally, someone with brains! Except honey, you blew it with the last line! What is wrong with catching them and having them punished? Do the crime, you do the time!
    There are no repo. in todays society.

  • Fed Up

    No different than what happened to blacks during the Jim Crowe era, except this time, the Jews are the victims!

  • I never liked crown Heights

    I remember around 20 years ago someone followed me from Utica avenue to Kingston ave, and when I got to my building this African American guy tried to rob my fur coat and tried to take it off my back and the coat tore and then he pushed me to the floor and someone came and then he punched me in the face and he left, I remember I had a black eye for about A month

  • Bushwick

    15. Insane! wrote:

    If this was a Jewish group and they assaulted an African American child, they would have ALL been arrested! …and there would probably be riots too. This town’s law inforcement isn’t racist they’re anti Semitic. Just like when they beat up that Jewish guy in the shul.

    This is ****…Karma Is Coming Back…