Criminals Target Young Women in Crown Heights

Yesterday in the evening Shomrim were alerted to two crimes involving young Crown Heights women. In the first – a girl’s phone was mugged. In the second – a young teenager was groped.

The first incident occurred at about 6:00pm; a Jewish girl was walking down Lefferts between Albany and Troy Aves. with her phone in her pocket and an earpiece connected from it to her ear.

A man in a black ‘hoodie’ snuck up and yanked the phone out of her pocket, then ran off. The girl called out for help, but everyone around just stared at her as if she was crazy.

The victim tried to chase the thief, but was unable to keep up with him. She notified Shomrim, who called the police and helped her file a report. The criminal was described as an African-American male in his 20s, tall and of medium build.

The second incident occurred about an hour later on Crown Street near the corner of Albany Ave. A young teenage girl was passed by a man on a bicycle; as he passed, the man leaned over and groped her. He then fled on his bike.

Once again Shomrim put the victim in touch with police, who filed a report. The perpetrator was described as an African-American male wearing a green shirt.


    • awacs

      I don’t think things are getting worse. I think reporting and communication has been getting better.

  • Bracha

    This is what I d o n t miss about ch. Like being nervous about leaving my apartment after 8 pm.

  • video cameras, where are they??

    1. where are the video cameras that are so vitally needed to help secure the neighborhood?
    2. Why is Captain Lewis leaving?? An honorable man with the best of interests for his neighborhood.

  • It happened to me in the summer

    Walking on crown between albany and troy I was slapped on the backside by a young black pisher riding a bike……wonder if it is the same kid!!

  • declasse' intelelctual

    This is one of the major benefits of living in Crown Heights–expect more of the same, especially if he Democrat is elected Mayor!!!


    Now, if we had the kind of protection we had on Friday when shmobama zoomed past kingston ave. we might see less of this. But then again we don’t rate as much because we’re not dragging this country down like he does…..