Today at approximately 2:15, a middle aged Jewish man was walking down Eastern Parkway near Brooklyn Ave. when he heard someone yell “dirty Jew.”

Man Attacked by Thug Calling Him ‘Dirty Jew’

Today at approximately 2:15, a middle aged Jewish man was walking down Eastern Parkway near Brooklyn Ave. when he heard someone yell “dirty Jew.”

Before he could turn around, the assailant hit him over the head with a traffic cone, knocking off his glasses and causing a minor injury.

The attacker then fled toward Brooklyn Ave.

Police were called, and they referred the incident to the Hate Crimes Task Force for investigation.


  • mendoza

    its about time we get under aged kids to patrol
    who are armed and trained in marshal art s
    we have to teach these thugs a lesson .

  • mendoza

    the cops know that after school when they are let out of school , they look to find Jews to beat up

    they just don’t give a dam

  • free pass

    these blacks know they have a free pass, nobody will do anything and no media will talk about it

  • oh come on!

    this is becoming a little ridiculous! I think people in crownheights are starting to pick on and “blow-up” the small little nusances that african-americans do. give me a break!

  • trying to understand

    If one calls you names in the street its not good but on the internet blog it is?

  • OK!

    1. Under age kids should not be put in harm’s way; you never know if a weapon is in the hands of the perpetrator. 2. Why would someone say this was a “small nuisance”? I doubt you would say that if it had been you! 3. Someone assumed the attacker was African American. That person is sure if it. Nice to be so open to possibilities! Not! You don’t know!

  • Read the article

    Hey. “Trying to understand”, you will understand better if you bothered to read! The man was not just called names, he was assaulted and injured! Why do people comment on an article they don’t bother to read well? And “Oh come on”, when you or a family member are assaluted for no other reason then that you were a Jew walking down the street I doubt you’ll be saying “oh come on” and calling the attack “a little nusance”. B”H this assault resulted in only minor injury, but others like it result in serious injury, hardly “a little nusance”. Seems clear that some of the posters on CHI are either children or mentally challenged.

  • miriam

    well said no 10, anyone should be able to walk the streets without being called names and harrased i dont care who you are, especially kids.

  • yid70

    if things start getting too crazy in crown heights, the jewish community would be more than welcome to relocate to the northern hudson county area. the people here are very nice and tolerant to other cultures and this area is much more affordable and pleasant. we have a huge synagoge on 54th st palisades ave. in the town of west new york in which you could attend. i think that one was just purchased by the lubavitch gedola recently. also there are tons of apts and houses for both rent and for sale.