Over $6,000 in Wigs Stolen from Kingston Shop

A pair of brazen thieves walked into a Kingston Avenue hair salon and stole over $6,000 worth of wigs, but before leaving they asked for a business card.

The incident occurred on Monday at around 6:30pm at Scissor Palace on Kingston Avenue between Crown and Carroll Street. The theft was not discovered until two hours later.

Surveillance video later revealed two Black women in their 30’s walking into the store.

The store owner was busy in the back washing a wig and was not paying attention, while another employee was walking back and forth while helping her.

The thieving duo took advantage and immediately walked over to a wall showcase of new wigs. Upon close inspection of the surveillance video they were spotted stuffing 4 wigs into a purse and into one of their shirts, they then make a hasty exit, but not before asking one of the workers for a business card.

Each of the wigs was valued at approximately $1,500.

Once the theft was discovered the storeowner called the police and made a police report. Detective Corion was assigned to the case and said that there have a number of reports, across the five boroughs, of a pair of women stealing wigs. The detective asked that the video be circulated and if anyone recognizes the thieves to call the 71st precinct detective squad at (718) 735-0501.

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  • weird

    wasnt the boy looking at them abd not seeing that they didnt put it back

  • Concerned

    I hope I’m wrong ……. But it seems as though the employee had it in with them.

    • To #1 & #3

      Exactly what I’m thinking. Notice she happens to go to the back right when they start looking & as soon as they’re done she comes back to the front

  • just readinf

    Sorry but who lets people walk around a store without coming up to them and asking can i help you. They let them just walk arounf

  • a worker on the ave

    like #1 said, there were 3 ppl there, why didnt anyone notice? and why didnt the worker “help” their customers?? sometimes i have to stop what i do to watch suspicious people. hope they catch these people. and let it be a lesson to all store owners and their workers to watch EVERYONE who walks into the store!!

  • Wondering

    Looks like the goy worker was aware of them. And maybe even helped them. but chose to ignore. They could have walked off with the entire store. Who lets them just walk around unsupervised? You don’t know where you are? You don’t live in today’s day and age and place?

    • .....

      Thats like the most stupidest comment ever.!Why would she be in on it.She would’ve stolen a long time ago or brought someone else in

  • Rara

    The boy is the security guard? At his age he should be playing not looking out for thieves!

  • Inside job

    That is an inside job for sure! As soon as they walk in the worker disappeared

  • Uncle Mendel

    Come on! Please, STOP your racial profiling! Have you noticed that every time you show people stealing, they are ARFrican Americans?

    Start showing white people stealing.

    Thanks for Shopping ARLANS !!!

  • Poor image quality

    I can’t say this enough:

    Don’t buy cheap surveillance cameras and equipment. You can’t do anything with an unrecognizable face.

    Good day.

  • unbelievable

    Cannot believe no-one noticed the kids must have noticed and was probably too scared to say anything.

  • Very strange

    Very strange I have a feeling that the worker there planned this and they are her friends…Sara do you not think so This is very serious , I would talk to her about it as you see in the camera she has this look on her face as she is walking away from them and then she leaves for few minutes while they steal and then comes out after they are ready to leave
    And chas vesholom they could have touched the little child in the stroller …….

  • wow

    This is most probably an inside job
    The two thieves are probably friends with the spanish worker who handed them the business card…as if she didnt notice
    I would have the police question that worker

  • It's Obvious

    You don’t have to be a great detective to see that this is a inside job, one of the workers intentionally looking the other way. Talk to her, she’s an accomplice.

  • Worker

    Looks like the worker is with the crooks. She suddenly ran to the back of the store and reappears when they are finished shoplifting. Then all of a sudden the worker is back at the front desk to give them the business card.

  • inside job!!

    the non jewish store attendant (as if on que) promptly walks out! to give them their privacy!

    very very suspicious!!

    the robers not even looking around as f they know they have 30 seconds pre arranged!

    someone needs to be investigated…

  • Chaya

    Sara I really hope they are caught and that your re-reimbursed for your merchandise ! So sad for you!



  • Is there a 3rd thief ?

    Notice how the employee runs to next room as soon as the thief walk in and later making conversation with owner. Is it all to distract owner? Was employee involved with theft?..

  • sr

    Check the non-Jewish salons……..maybe the one on Troy Ave near the laundromat? Utica Ave?

  • Chmom

    Looks like an inside job to me. The employee should have asked them how she can help them when they walked in. She just went to the back, and stayed out of sight.

  • A smart Sudamerican

    It is pretty obvious that the employ worked together with the thieves. Police need to interrogate the employ and find if there is any connection with the thieves.
    Agree with me?

  • are you serious???

    You are blaming a little boy for not noticing a theft???? how can you even say such a thing???????? as for the employee…… she happens to be a very loyal employee….. a very kind and truthful person!!!!
    It is very unfortunate that something like this happened!
    This isnt the first time crime happnes on kingston ave. Its about time something is done about it!!!!!

  • mee

    I would not put blame on the worker. Sara was washing a sheitel and the worker was getting ready to go home! Thieves know the right time to come, at end of day or early when no one is there. I think the worker should of said, “DO YOU NEED HELP. WHICH NON JEWISH WOMAN WOULD WANT A JEWISH LOOKING WIG??????????????. the worker is nice and i dont think people should blame her, she would get nothing from it if she was involved.

  • CH resident

    Owner should not be working with her back to the door. strangers walking in need to be addressed immediately.

  • cause for wonder...

    This was totally a set up. You are so naive not to recognize it. Your sales girl looked at them more than once without even approaching. When they were leaving and she stood next to them, did not even make eye contact or address them. This is strange, and not a good salesperson like you claim. What does she care if you loose money? So what if shes nice~you don’t really know her personally outside of work, or the culture she lives in. This is not racist~I had a life before this insular CH bubble! Give her a lie-detector test or you will always wonder.

  • the worker is nice??

    put your head in the sand!

    nice is the way they gain your trust, if you insist on trusting her, then you deserve to have her!

  • montreal boy

    it is clear that the worker who was “changing” while this went on was in on it.

    i would be happy to show the police why and how i know this

    i dont want to leave my name but would would be happy to call the owners of the place if they so choose


    I’m sorry if this is going to sound racist but when I had a store on Kingston ave, years ago, and a black person came in to the store I dropped everything and anyone I was serving and followed them around the entire time they were in the store. They are experts at shop lifting. Another storekeeper told me of a woman who was browsing in his store for over 30 minutes and then decided to leave without buying anything.
    The storekeeper was 1000% convinced that she shoplifted and wouldn’t let her leave until she returned what she took. after swearing she didn’t “took nothin” he warned her that if she didn’t return the items on her own he would take them from her and proceeded to pull down her skirt. and lo and behold SIX outfits fell out! some people think they should work for their money, some think the world owes them everything on a silver platter and they don’t need to work for it. and if they can steal it for free why bother working and earning a respectable HONEST buck! The worst that could happen is they might get caught and then given free room and board and education (in Jail) on taxpayers money (some coming from the very people they robbed!!!!) and then when they are freed they start all over again…..

  • To #27 Rochel

    Your right!!!!
    All of a sudden 2 dozen shaitels add up to $6000.!!!
    (Remember, Wholesale that is).
    When sold separately, $3000. a piece!!!
    Do the math

  • @ Sorry

    There is no sorry from you. You sound like a white person in the southern states who also discriminate and generalize. SMH.

  • Nechama

    True the wigs were valued at $6000 (4 wigs @ $1500 = $6000) retail value.
    -But that’s not the wholesale price the store paid for the wigs.

    But even at wholesale the wigs were a lot of money to lose.

  • Crown Heights Resident

    For the future, Sheitels valued at $6000 should be in a locked glass case.

  • People...People...People...People...

    A. the little boy is young and not a “Security guard”…. Notice that he’s next to a stroller and computer which are 2 very good distractions right there.
    B. Employees change out of there work clothes at the end of the day.. that’s not really unusual, unless of course YOU change your outfit in middle of the day/multiple times a day.
    C. You cant hear what the employee say but it could be she did say something along the lines of “If you need help ask one of us” while trying to get out from behind the desk. One of the nice things about going to that salon is that they don’t stand and watch you like a hawk.
    D. If the employee was involved she would’ve warned them about the cameras, don’t YOU think.
    E. I’m sure that neither the owner nor the assistant expected to be robbed and especially not their wigs. Who in their right mind would sense such a thing when its known that these folks get them for a whole lot cheaper from their local beauty store and it won’t cost them any jail time.

    P.S ~ People use your saychel and watch the video a few more times before making yourself look like brainless “Detectives”…

  • The insider told them the best time to enter is when Sara is soaking a Shaitel

    If the owner thinks it can’t possibly be her bec she’s “sooo nice” that doesn’t prove anything other than she’s also not a stupid crook

    She does what it takes to gain your trust, once she knows she has it (as she clearly does) she then tells her friends how much these Jewish wigs sell for…

    If you still insist in trusting her bec she is soo nice, then you deserve to have her!!

  • phone

    just check workers phone
    call contacts, check for calls during that day ( if she erased them that will obvious show)
    call the people, met them one one with their phones

  • Former Shomrim member

    The only ones who can identify the two shoplifters (besides the cashier) are their fellow kind and you can bet you’re last dollar that none of them will come forward if they perceive this as a black on white or Jewish crime. This video needs to be put up elsewhere with anything Jewish extracted from the video. It needs to be presented as black on black crime and then we’ll here plenty of shreiks from their kind and the perps will be caught.

  • What Else is New?

    Welcome to Crown Heights where there’s a free-for-all being launched against the Jewish residents who desperately need to believe against all logic that the population around them are so nice and it’s only one or two people who are malicious- and it’s because they’re so poor! And the police are so nice! And it’s so easy for all the low-lives to take advantage because we are way too timid to take any real action to publicly announce the infamous history of violence, theft, vandalism and harrassment- largely without consequence- against Jews in Crown Heights. And, of course, are (nebach) way to timid to really start a serious effort to protect our neighborhood 24/7.

  • Anonymous

    Baruch HaShem that the child is safe,
    That is the most important thing !!!

    And PLEASE hire frum girls, they can use the job,
    Some know the art very well, and they will dress
    Modest when they will come to work.

    Keep it Jewish !

  • Rachel

    Because the lady working there went in the back that doesnt mean that she knew them, when you are selling exspensive wigs you just dont let people roam around in your store unattended and everyone in Crown Heights hires people that are not Jewish because they will work for less money