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Shomrim Apprehend Car Thief!

Amazing response and alert Shomrim members stop the new car thief dead in his tracks. A veteran member driving down Brooklyn Ave. at around 9:15pm spotted a male Black who seemed very suspicious and was hanging around a parked Minivan on the corner of Carroll St. He called for backup and some 20 members responded and spread out in order to be able to catch the perp in case he runs.

2 members made sure to keep an eye on the perp who was waiting around for the coast to clear when he made his move and punched in the window which made an audible pop but muffled. Members then proceeded in and surrounded the perp who attempted to flee the scene but the members restrained and held him until police arrived, which was moments after the call placed by Shomrim.

More pictures in the Extended Article!

The perp who seemed like he’s been at breaking into cars for some time, used a spark plug to bust the window, a sign of a veteran. The plug has a pointed edge which explains the not-so-loud pop when he broke in. the perp traveled around on a bike which apparently is the reason he was never caught at any of the other three cars his MO [Method of Operation] matched.

On his bike Shomrim members found a bag which appeared to be a gift in which there were baby cloths which may have come out of a different vehicle he broke into that night.

A part of the spark-plug the perp used to break the window.


  • 7. Shmuel K wrote:

    I really applaud this level of alertness, vigilance and coordinated execution.

    In Mayor Giuliani’s adopted “Broken Windows” theory, policing smaller, more visual quality of life crimes successfully led to a decrease in larger, more damaging crimes. The success of the theory derived from changing the message we (society) were sending to criminals.

    Similarly in these cases, it’s great we corralled ONE of the perpetrators but we need to send a message too ALL criminals that we’re standing up, standing strong, achieving success and won’t stop.

    These criminals don’t read I put forward that we need to wage a PR battle as well and suggest posting flyers around the community heralding the small victories we achieve each night. Can it include the perpetrators’ faces? I don’t know. But we have to send them a message.

    Shomrim, you make me proud.

  • 11. ISchier wrote:

    Yasher Koiach. Just be on the lookout for him once again in 90 days when he’s released and back out on the streets :(.

  • 14. observer wrote:

    not that it matters much, but would this guy be classified as “black”, not possibly Hispanic or Puerto Rican?

  • 18. Miss London wrote:

    WELL DONE, Yeshir Koach, Fellow Yidden !!!
    You are a fantastic organisation and team !!!
    Hashem Should protect you and us!!
    Keep up the great work…

  • 21. Shomrim Fan wrote:

    1. Great job, Shomrim! Always there when we need you!

    2. Why don’t you wear disposable latex gloves? In one picture you’re holding his head down…what if he’d bitten you? At least the glove would have given some protection! You don’t know what this creep’s got…hepatatis, AIDS, etc.


    3. So I gues the cops let him go, right? I mean, isn’t that standard procedure when a lowlife (black) attacks Jews or their property?

  • 22. AntiCrime wrote:

    I don’t understand Shomrim…
    They shold have not used forch…
    They shold have spoken to the guy (for as long as it takes) and try to reason with him… He may have changed his way and done Tishuva… But now it will be even worse…

    Both sides are wrong….
    “Anybody Who Uses Violence Regardless To who or For what reason Is empheticaly Wrong”
    “that’s not yours or anybody’s job to judge. Its all in the hands of god. NOTHING HAPPENES FOR NO REASON.”

    What have we come to??
    It’s so sad weve come to this…
    Why can’t we all just get along…

  • 25. shomrim fan wrote:

    Good job shomrim keep up the good work.
    Well done hope he gets his well deserved punishment

  • 26. trouble wrote:

    great job to all 20 members of shomrim.
    Now we have to make sure that he doesnt return to the nieghborhoor.

  • 36. Lubavitch outside US wrote:

    TG. Shomrim way to go. But crime is still very high. I guess you have to start small. Whats his sentance going to be like?

  • 37. Job well done wrote:

    Another job well done by Gadi and crew

    keep up the good work guys, we all need you to make us feel safe.

  • 41. a resident of crown heights wrote:

    its about time you can actualy print a story with shomrim that ends off with a happy ending i have been folowing lots of these storys and every time it was ending off how he slipt away great job! b”h lets keep crown heights a safe place thank you

  • 42. Just sick of this!!! wrote:

    I bet he will back out on the streets breaking into cars or homes before dark today…. this is out lovely justice system with liberal judges and the revolving door system, in a slap on the wrist (if that) and back out on the streets to increase the level of crime. Bob Grant used to say once a thug gives notice to society that he is unfit to live amongst us we should not let him back out to live amongst us. because he will only go from petty crimes to worse till G-d forbid he kills someone becasue he see he can do crime with impunity
    G-d save us, and send us Moshiach!!!

  • 43. Concerned at publicizing photo wrote:

    Isn’t it dangerous to place the picture with the hand on the fellow’s head? It may be miscontrued as vigilante voilence toward the perp.

  • 44. Zelig wrote:

    It is about time the as on mentioned in a previous occasion Crown Heights has a ZOO KEEPER

  • 45. BrookAve wrote:

    This is the time of year where petty crime begins. Whether it is a car break in or cutting a taxi drivers throat for $5.00 or less. It starts to get cold and homeless/jobless know that they can spend the winter months in a jail that gives them food and shelter. He will be out when the trees start to bloom again. Shomrim will be ready for him once again!

  • 46. Al Tiftichu... wrote:

    When I began to read “Anti Crimes’s” comments, I first was sure this guy was joking. I don’t think he is!!! He thinks you can speak to a thief like that until he does teshuva??!!
    Anyways, “al tiftichu bindivim”, but you guys at Shromrim are doing a wonderful job at helping to give us back our shchunah.Ultimately, it is Hashem Who is keeping us safe, with Shomrim as his shluchim.

  • 48. Jew Boy wrote:

    They should have smashed his face on curb and then hang him up so all the next smart alex`s will learn!

  • 49. Mendy wrote:

    Why didn’t you kill him? A dead rat on the street is the best way to drive off other rats. Nothing else works.

  • 50. CH mother wrote:

    wow sounds like shomrim knows how to take care of things and keeping CH safe good job and thank you!!!

  • 51. observed. wrote:

    This is good news, although it seems that this is not the same person who has been taking airbags. (this guy seems less sophisticated, and the other perp just broke the small back window of the Honda Accord’s who’s airbags he stole.) So lookout!

  • 52. ch resident wrote:

    go crownheights shomrim
    next time you beat him so the next person
    knows dont start with the jewish part
    of crwon heights

  • 53. Leah wrote:

    Great Job Shmorim!!!!!!!!!!! Hang up the picture all over the neighborhood so our african american friends can see what happens when one trys to brake into cars.

  • 55. to Anti-Crime wrote:

    don’t say that… It’s like saying a student won’t get punished even if he/she was bad for wtvr reason. He commited a crime and talking to him won’t stop him from continuing…

  • 56. Shmuli wrote:

    To the previous “shmuli”

    it always bothered me when someone else wrote a comment with my name.
    But this time you could not have said it any better “great work Shomrim! you make us proud!”

    I checked out your website <> it looks really nice.. and now I know who you are.


    keep it up!!

    Its great to see that you don’t back down, despite the tough criticism and sick politics, you continue to benefit the community tremendously.

    Thanks a million!!!!!

  • 57. Anti-Yellow-Mushroom wrote:

    Great work Shomrim! You make me proud!
    By the way, thanks for 770!

  • 60. Anti-Crime Was Being Sarcastic wrote:

    Didn’t anyone notice that he was quoting what someone wrote about 770!

  • 62. amazed at great work wrote:

    you guys were welll on top of it this time! wow greaat job!
    mr how do you know so fast when all this is happening??? how r yo there so fast?

  • 63. A Crown Heights resident wrote:

    Dear Shomrim:
    G-d should you and your family with all the good blessing . Without you this would be a crime zone since we can’t rely on police. We are proud of you. Keep up the good work. We are behind you. Thank you Thank you and million thanks.

  • 67. DONT GET IT... wrote:

    oh shomrim thank you so much!!
    you did an amazing job!!!

    I really dont get it. why cant ppl just act normal, u know???

    i mean he is not jewish but still…

  • 68. ch resident wrote:

    great shots!

  • 69. stam a mentch wrote:

    wow how comforting – I guess we can learn some tricks from willy. They’ve really mastered it.

    Nice going – keep it up – I feel safer already

  • 70. BORUCH N. HOFFINGER wrote:

    Never fear, the ”authorities” will make sure he’s out in 3 mos. (like Derrick [not Lemerick] Nelson. Nelson was arrested about 18 times. (He’s probably on his way to Crown Heights in a stolen vehicle.) How many times was this rat arrested?
    Crime pays. It gives more work to glass companies, airbag dealers, etc.
    Say, this is America — the Wild West!

  • 71. wow wrote:

    I didnt get Anti crimes comment, got scared there for a minute, didnt know about the 770 remarks.

  • 72. mishichist / anti yellow wrote:

    thank you shomrim for 770. I’m a darn proud mishichist – but have no affiliation with the tzfatim b.. – It was really sick what they did.

    Thanks for all you’ve done – if not for you we would not have had any farbi that night.

  • 73. why? wrote:

    why are the shomrims face blacked out, they should be commended for thier mesiras nefesh on behalf of crown heights. Yasher Koach, (is it becasue of safety issues?)

  • 74. CRAOWN HIGHTSER wrote:

    these people dont give a *….* if they steal
    good job!!! shomrim keep up the good work!!!

  • 77. Shomrim Haver wrote:

    Really Good Job Shomrim and well executed!!! Most impressive!!!

    By the by Leah the arresting officer in the photo appeared African American and the perp looked more Sephardim than black.

  • 78. quizitive wrote:

    first of alll ROCK ON shomrim!!!!!!!!!!!!! second of all letz do this more often!!!!!!

  • 80. a person from the canaidian bunk CGI NY! wrote:

    “Nice Sweeeeeeeeet”

    shomrim is awsome!!!!!!!


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