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Woman tries to pass Counterfeit $50 Bills, Apprehended

On Tuesday, a woman entered a number of stores on Troy Ave and attempted to purchase items using a counterfeit $50 bill. The woman, described as a Black Female, hit three stores on the Avenue, one of which refused the bill. Two other stores accepted purchases ranging from Twenty dollars, to twenty five dollars. The Police were then called after one of the stores, Crown Fabrics, noticed the fake bill. However, the woman had already left the store, and was long gone.

When the police arrived, the sergeant informed the store owner that not much can be done other then to contact the Secret Service which is the government department that handles counterfeit money cases. The sergeant then told the store owner that he will take care of the calls and reports. Later on it occurred to the store owner to check with neighboring stores if the woman attempted to pass the bad money at their stores as well, and turns out the woman made a stop at a hair salon where she made a twenty to twenty five dollar purchase. One other store, My Sweet Art, refused the bill.

The following day, the same woman attempted to make a purchase at the Sweet Expressions store on Kingston Ave, but the woman behind the counter had heard about the counterfeit bill story from a friend. Immediately, the woman behind the counter called the police and they responded and arrested the woman.

The woman’s boyfriend who happened to be in the area approached the police asking why they were arresting the woman. The police responded by writing down his information but not arresting him.


  • 1. rivi wrote:


    thats horrible!!

    you know i think every store should have a marker that checks if its real or not…

  • 2. Cee wrote:

    that’s rich … crime is so bad now in crown heights we even have counter fitters …

  • 7. go bentzi!!!!!!! i love you wrote:

    unkle bentzi you did great not taking it!!!!
    love your favorite neice from lefferts

    hatslocho rabbah!!!

  • 9. LinenConcepts wrote:

    Listen, I hate to break it to you but they came into my store b4 going to the chocolate store and I called someone who called the police. I was the one who was called to ID the lady and because of me they arrested the lady. They would have not had an arrest without me. Also I saw the guy who was with her. The police let him off because they had nothing to link him to the crime. I was the one who saw them walking together up kingston. YOu do not have to print this just get all your facts straight

  • 10. ch resident wrote:

    i think this was right in front of my building were she got arrested
    i haeva couple of videos how they arrested her
    i think it was that story


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