Man Sentenced to 25 Years for Killing 4-Year-Old

NY Post

A New York City man was sentenced to 25 years behind bars Friday for teaming up with his girlfriend to savagely beat her 4-year-old son to death.

Steven Dadaille, 27, and his girlfriend, Myrna Chenphang, 26, both of Brooklyn, had avoided second-degree murder charges by pleading guilty to the lesser charge of first-degree manslaughter in the October 2009 pummeling of young Jayden Lenescar.

Dadaille and Chenphang repeatedly battered the boy’s legs, arms and torso with their hands and a belt buckle over a two day period at their home in Crown Heights.

Both adults admitted they beat the boy because he was touching his genitals, and they wanted to find out who taught him to do it.

Dadaille waited until Dec. 7 before admitting to his role in the death. His girlfriend offered her plea three weeks after the death and will be sentenced to 20 years in prison on Jan. 19, according to the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office.


  • ceo

    how could they be allowed to leave prison at all, thats horrific beyond words. where are the community leaders and the religious leaders, how can this happen to an innocent little child

  • why is this article on

    We all know how to surf the net, adn we can go to any goyishe website and read these stories (if we wanted to). This is a Jewish website and this does not need to be up here.

  • shocked!!

    what the hell is going through the judges head??? they wont even give a life sentence to a baby killer? if this family was white they would be given the death penalty!

  • To number 4

    If your internet skills are so amazing, clearly your reading skills should be up to par as well. This website is titled “”. Seeing as this event took place in Crown Heights, it would only be logical that the article is posted here.

  • just plan sad!

    i love how they get away with 20 years and rubashkin gets life in prison…. what has this world come to?! this is ridiculous! the poor kid never got to live his life!

  • CH mom

    How many of you would stop to help a little black boy being beaten in the street? How many would stop a Jewsh mother you thought was hitting or berating her child beyond what seemed like normal dicipline?