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Arrest Made in Connection with Willamsburg Shooting

The Yeshiva World

WILLIAMSBURG — Willamsburg Shomrim reported that police have made an arrest on Friday night in connection with the shooting of Jewish man last week.

YWN has learned that the NYPD has made an arrest on Friday night in the recent shooting on Boruch Halberstam, in Williamsburg.

As YWN had reported, on August 10, at approximately 12:20AM, a 25 year old male was shot during an attempted robbery while walking in front of 156 South 9th Street and Driggs Avenue in the confines of the 90th Precinct in Brooklyn.

Williamsburg Shomrim Coordinator Yanky Itzkowitz tells YWN, that the suspect is 22-year-old Jaquan Vaughn, a black man, and was charged with attempted murder, and robbery.

Shomrim thank the NYPD 90th Pct Commanding Officer Michael Kemper & the 90 Squad Commander, Lieutenant Anderson, for their extreme hard work in apprehending the suspect.

It Should be noted that Shomrim were the first at the scene the evening of the shooting, and they were responsible for locating the vehicle used in committing the crime.

Additional arrests are expected to be made.


  • 2. To #1 wrote:

    Why crazy? Because he was walking after midnight? Crown Heightsers NEVER walk around alone at night, do they? Or is he crazy because he’s Satmar? You are so stupid.

  • 4. ceo wrote:

    you may have a point, but you discredit your own intelligence by using demeaning words.

    #1: that was a useless comment

  • 6. discrimination wrote:

    to #1 wat would you do if someone said tht abt you?
    just bc he doesnt have the same mentality as you doesnt mean hes crazy…

  • 9. unsafe CHer wrote:

    I wish our community were that ‘hand-in-hand’ with the cops and cracked down on all the crimes here!!
    We can learn from those williamsburgers!! They actually do something and show the thugs that you just can’t get away with a shooting!! Unlike here in CH!!
    Community members, leaders!! Take a lesson from them!!
    Please – for our safety!!

  • 10. ridiculous wrote:

    this website should be ashamed of themselves by posting such ridiculous comments if you would just avoid it in the first place there wouldn’t be this unecessary controversy

  • 11. meir wrote:

    you must push for constitutional carry in n.y. state and carry personal protection wepons

  • 13. mother in ch wrote:

    who cares if the assailant is black, white, or purple?! We should join together b’achdus to stop all crime!


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