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Frankie Hatton, 21, the Serial Groper Arrested

The serial groper, Frankie Hatton, 21, captured on a surveillance camera on Carroll Street.

CROWN HEIGHTS, Brooklyn [CHI] — Detectives from the Special Victims Unit recently identified 21-year-old Frankie Hatton, as the serial groper who has been terrorizing Crown Heightsers for the past two weeks, and have had him in custody since Tuesday night.

Police charged Hatton with a slew of crimes including forcible touching, and […] abuse. Police sources also indicated the Hatton in not mentally stable, and did not say if he has a past criminal record.

A spokesperson from Crown Heights Shomrim said “we are happy to hear that this creep has been apprehended, and we want to congratulate the SVU detectives for the arrest.” Adding “that we want to commend the bravery of the victims for following through and going to the lineups to try and identify their attacker, the victims have shown true bravery.”

Police said that even without the lineups they had him on the crimes thanks to video evidence along with the independent identifications of witnesses.

Last night when reported that police are seeking a person of interest, police already had him in custody. Hatton was nabbed on the corner of Union Street and Albany Avenue after a detective spotted him. But at the request of the police department we refrained from posting it so to not taint the investigation.


  • 1. CH wrote:

    its about time now ch is free of the gropy slapper. Thanks NYPD SVU great job!

  • 2. Great wrote:

    Great Job Police!!
    Finaly Finaly!!
    Thanks to shomrim and everybody!

  • 3. ANGRY wrote:


  • 4. slap him back! wrote:

    sick puppy.

    How long before he’s out on the streets? Let’s put him in the same cell as Nelson the car creep.

  • 5. replace the 71 wrote:

    They need to replace the 71st precinct. Outside help had to be called in because of its incompetence.

  • 6. ceo wrote:

    GREAT job on all those involved!
    thats one relief.
    Everyone, watch out for each other though, we’ve had issues and have to be alert!

  • 7. out with simonetti wrote:

    i strongly dissagre with the sentiments that the entire 71st precinct is bad, i feel its just the leader, mr peter simonetti aka shmukonetti aka salmonelli aka bully.



    now think for a moment if only schmukanetty would work
    with shomrim and not all day agaist shomrim. how much safer would be in CROWN HEIGHTS

  • 9. Lets Just Be Happy!! wrote:

    thanks to all those who put the extreme effort in cathcing this creep!!
    i spoke with some of the officers and trust me they were not having a picnic standing out all day and night keeping an eye out for this freak!

  • 10. ceo wrote:

    GREAT job on all those involved!
    thats one relief.
    Everyone, watch out for each other though, we’ve had issues and have to be alert!

  • 11. JJ wrote:

    warning : women should still be careful and be aware of their surroundings because there may be a copycat out there.

  • 12. CN wrote:

    The police deserve thanks, not criticism, after they caught the mamzer.

  • 13. stop the bashing! wrote:

    enough bashing! Why cant we be grateful when they do s/t good?! maybe if we were a little bit more grateful when they catch the bad guys and we thank them, then maybe just maybe they will be more willing to help us a bit more! Yes we need to call them on the things they don’t do for us , but why bash them now?
    So thank you to the NYPD for catching this perv!! and PLEASE keep us safe!

  • 14. Boruch ben Tzvi (A H)HaKohaine Hoffinger wrote:

    I’m mentally unstable and might
    beat Mr. Frankie Hatton up (Better ‘down’).
    I can’t control myself…need help…help!
    Get me a shrink, help, I need pity and mercy. I need a good hot meal and a Ferrari. Perhaps a new gold watch and
    an expensive suit and pair of shoes… and, and.
    Then I’ll feel good! I’ll be cured!
    So common, criminal justice system, do your stuff!

  • 15. Thanks wrote:

    Why when the police do something good do people crash on them???
    Great Job NYPD!!!!

  • 16. Tamar wrote:

    Aha-a-a-a. Now tell everybody a story that this animal is mentaly sick.If so why did he atack only a JEWISH women????
    Moshiach now.

  • 17. Guest wrote:

    Tamar-Your post makes no sense. All I can say is, your far from intelligent.

  • 18. STOP COMPLAINING!!! wrote:

    no one can ever make u crown heighters happy, its pathetic how u always find something to complain about.

  • 20. Yossie Jaffe wrote:

    Mazel tov to all the officers who did their best and arrested the right man! Hopes he stays in jail for the rest of his life….


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