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Two Bochurim Assaulted, Pistol Whipped and Knocked-Out

CROWN HEIGHTS, Brooklyn [CHI] — Two Bochurim on their way home from Shul were accosted and attackedby a large group of Black teens. One of the bochurim was knocked unconscious after being pistol-whipped, while the other male sustained injuries on his head and inside his mouth.

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The incident took place at around 6:40 PM on President Street, between Brooklyn and New York Avenues. A group of 7 to 10 Black male first demanded money from the two. When the bochurim responded that they had no money with them, the group attacked them. A pistol was allegedly used to beat the bochurim.

Police and Hatzalah were notified, responded to the scene and treated the bochurim for head lacerations. They were then transported to Methodist Hospital where they received treatment. The bochurim were released the following morning and are reported to be doing well.

Police are not calling the incident a bias crime. An increase in police visibility was noticed just hours after the attack. The watchtower was placed on Kingston and President, and the Mobile Command Center was parked on Kingston and Carroll. Two patrol cars with flashing lights were seen on the block of the incident itself.

A police source said, “Crown Heights has always been an impact zone and the additional presence was not a response to this attack.”

Last Wednesday, Joemel Estrella, a 21 year old male Hispanic, was murdered on Empire Boulevard. He was shot numerous times in the head and torso near the intersecting Nostrand Avenue. No arrests have been made and the investigation is ongoing. This incident adds to the already alarming number of gun violence and murders in the confines of the 71st precinct.


  • 4. David wrote:

    can someone inform the police that it is no use sending more protection AFTER the event. We need them there to STOP these things happening! We are not all silly and fooled by them sending in a few more cars with flashing lights, which will go after a day or two.

  • 5. I WAS THERE wrote:

    I heard what the bochurim told the police and they didnt say the black teens said anything to them in a bias manner. They told them to give them there money. Young stupid black teens didnt know it was shabbos. One of the boys also said he didnt think the gun was real???????ummmmm

  • 6. a shocked resident of ch wrote:

    The police are downgrading the crime as an excuse to do nothing. the big pr stunt they have on kingston avenue is unneccessary. what is of utmost importannce is to apprehend those thugs and prosecute them to the full extent of the law. Its shocking to see that these type of criminals are treated with kid gloves and go in and out of the revolving doors of justice as if nothing occurred!! This incident could have been tragic. When will they wake up and focus their resources on these types of crimes. Instead you have feds busy with one yid keeping him imprisoned for no good reason when he poses no threat to society at all! we are living in topsy turvy world and we need Moshiach right now!!

  • 7. ari wrote:

    it never happined to a black person “not bias”????????!!!!! SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING SUPER!

  • 10. moshe wrote:

    Get those tv crews back and let them know that we will not stand for this and lets not let this go unoticed (bc of what happend in mumbai)it is all important and related.

  • 12. big talkers wrote:

    Who else enjoyed and felt comforted by Raymond Kelly’s speech on Friday how we should not worry and we will be protected at any cost??

  • 13. CA wrote:

    We can’t wait for police protection. We need to arm ourselves and protect ourselves. Actively.

  • 15. member of ch border watch wrote:

    My dear brothers we should not allow ourselves to be pushovers any longer it is the rite thing to do to fight back!if you have neshek use it its nit a joke anymore I think our comunity is going through enough chalenges theese ones in particular we have to prevent.I have said enough. I cary a nine,and so could you! Protect you’re selves protect you’re rights.come on the 2nd amendmant.this is america”protect yourselves!there is loads of info on line that is usefal for you and for those around you.ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

  • 17. Attention Peter... wrote:


    What are you so busy with?
    Were are you?
    What is in YOUR job description?
    What is your plan?

    Can you do more then to post a sign?
    or have your off duty officers rome in your patrole car with blincking lights.

    you know crime is still down over all over the past year, thanks for letting us know this at your councel meetings.


    shape up or ship out my freind

    oh kelly good PR moves on your visits i know barry sugar said it to u via press conferance as a political move if you want the mayor seat… but im afraid your pick simon says simoneti has done you bad

  • 19. yea right wrote:

    there is “extra protection in case of a terrorist attack”

    well i say if the police can’t stop the hoodlum’s how can they stop terroritst?

  • 21. there wrote:

    Att.I WAS THERE,first of all u weren’t there I was and I saw the gun and it looked as real as it gets,and it had to be metal cuz it made a hole it the boucher’s head!

  • 22. crown heights wrote:

    There is going to be demonstartion in front of the 71 precient at 2pm today please post call freinds and get the word out tizku lmitzvos
    crownheights .info we all love you guys keep up the great work in keeping the rebbe shechuna safe

  • 23. Roses wrote:

    Out of rage, felt by me, as well, some posters want to take up arms to protect the shechunah and its inhabitants. Unfortunately, that has never helped. We need political clout that doesn’t let up and keeps the pressure on the the 71 and superior polititcians. This is what operates in Williamsburg and Boro Park. May Hashem protect us all, around the corner and across the world.

  • 24. upset in CH wrote:

    Morons! They still don’t know that Jews aren’t going to carry anything of value (or anything at all!) on Shabbos!

  • 25. Levi wrote:

    You all sound like a bunch of angry, bored, uneducated teenagers. If you don’t like what the police are doing, get involved in politics and make a difference within the police force. Pointing fingers isn’t going to get you anywhere.
    Encouraging people to carry weapons on the them, will just end in a wasted death with, some CH guy behind bars, because of a murder he didn’t mean to cause. Noone will want to work with people who are so one track/closed minded, and the crimes will keep on occurring because of that.

  • 26. david wrote:

    we nead to go back in to the streets and take back our neighbourhod our leaders are playing poltics including the comanders of the 71 pct. enough cigar perks…

  • 27. 38 yr in the hood wrote:

    its well known the blacks need a lota money b/4 xmas 4 there gifts and if they dont get one way they will get another way, be very carefull , yes if can get hold of a weppon to protect yrself do it . its yr right to protect yrself , may god watch u all

  • 28. COP wrote:

    to: Attention Peter… who wrote

    Can you do more then to post a sign?
    or have your off duty officers rome in your patrole car with blincking lights.

    its very funny i cant stop smiling you yourself may not even get the full joke but to mee its awsome


  • 29. yocheved wrote:

    of course this attack was biased!!!!!!!!!. who doesnt know that in crown heights on friday night people dont carry money with them??????? the police should use everything in their power to find those teenagers that assaulted the two bachurim!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 30. boruch ben tzvi hoffinger wrote:

    Sorry about the terrible attack. Refuah shelaima!
    Re: I WAS THERE wrote: ”One of the boys also said he didn,t think the gun was real???????ummmmm”
    There was another case like this in the Summer. A (Possible homeless) White/Hispanic (Drunk, high?) male confronted a rabbi’s son on the c/o President and Schenectady and either asked for money or said something.
    The rabbi’s son taunted or made fun of this rasha and the rasha started to attack the bochure then he scratched and scraped up the rabbi’s face when he came to his son’t aid.
    Taunting these wild, crazy, evil-minded sick Blacks is like putting your hand in a lion’s cage. These Blacks probably don’t know their father and had a lousy upbringing.
    American law is soft-sell. The criminals don’t fear the law because the laws aren’t made to protect the public.
    Laws w/o teeth.

  • 31. G-d-s Right Hand Man wrote:

    Where is the fear of the mokom, the aibeshter, and the rotzon hashem ?
    The PC philosophies haven’t gotten people from many different walks of life what they want
    So why wasn’t the uniform of the rebbe shilta feared ?
    Particularly such a short time after the largest kinus to date !
    Some fear dealing with truthful answers
    I can tell you this much it is more than beged,loshon,vshem !
    Someone in Brooklyn has to WAKE UP !!

  • 33. G-d-s Right Hand Man wrote:

    Chochma Binah Vdaas Rosh chodesh marked the conclusion of cheshvan/ m.r mar/mensch and beginning of 5769’s kislev/chanukah/ hishtatif bkesef lmitzvos chanuka menorah so it was a brutal lesson yes President George Washington who made it across the river with troops to end the colonization of the world by the british redcoats sucessfully is on the One Dollar Note
    that the rebbe shilta distributed to people from anywhere
    Well who ? is where ? to represent the Presidents ? today ? and show people at auspicious times ? what the currency of the times/tomes ?? is ? and will be honored ?
    On The behalf of G-d forgiveness is requested from anyone hurt/wronged All the people happy all the time impossible !

  • 34. Shoshana Saka wrote:

    Ad Mosai. Hashem Yishmor?!?!?!
    For how long will we be persecuted. I am a frum Jewish girl and I am proud to say MOSHIACH NOW

  • 35. elena wrote:

    Amazing how none of you mention the death of a 21 year old.

    I work with his mother. I promise you, the pain this will forever bring her, can not compare to two men who were attacked and yet lived.

    I am also jewish but thank G-d that I for one, am not only concerend with my own, but ALL people.

  • 36. Down and Out wrote:

    Elena I feel the same way it is amazing IIm reading all of these comments and ppl are not really concerned about whats happening but with how…Really who cares how it needs to stop…That 21yr old male was not suppose to go espcially on his b-day the day before thanksgiving and in that way…That is my relative an innocent guy minding his own business looking forward to celebrating his bday…Who ever did it is a coward and I pray for them and feel soory for when its there time..!


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