Live at 11:15am: Sunday Kollel Shiur to Face Mezuzah Controversy

Today at the the Sunday Kollel, there will be an in depth shiur about the Mezuza controversy which has captured the Chabad airwaves for the past ten days.

The Shiur, which starts at 11:15am Sunday morning, will be given by Crown Heights long time resident and Sofer Rabbi Yehuda Clapman Shlit”a, and the and will be streamed live on the internet.

The Sunday Kollel, which is currently in its fifth year, is a kollel for working men to spend their Sunday mornings learning and davening. The kollel comes complete with a full hot breakfast, and a kids program. The kollel is at the Geshem Shul, Anshei Lubavitch located at 578 Albany Ave.

For more information on the Sunday kollel, visit

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  • 1. thanks v. much wrote:

    a pleasure to listen to Yehuda
    he is informative and “it was not about him”
    it was about the facts the halacha..
    makes it very pleasant — makes one want to listen and adhere to the halachas.


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