Mezuzah Scandal: Rabbi Wolf Responds to Hazmanah

The Mezuzah Scandal has taken another step, as Rabbi Wolf of Chicago responds to the Hazmanah sent by Vaad Rabonai Lubavitch. His answer, he will only go to a Beis Din in his home town of Chicago


Rabbi Wolf of Chicago, who brought to light an alleged Mezuzah Scandal in Crown Heights, has responded to a Hazmanah (Summons) to Beis Din at Vaad Rabonai Lubavitch.

His response, that covers two pages, states his willingness to come to Beis Din, with the caveat, he will only appear for a Beis Din in Chicago.

Rabbi Wolf also produced a letter signed by a Rav and Sofer of Eretz Yisroel who covered the Halachos, and clarified issues found in the mezuzos in the Scandal.

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  • Mate

    Good onya mate

    Keep strong and bring moshiach
    I reckon it’s absolu Gevaldik let’s hope you get the job done right once and for all time!!

    Go wolf go!!! Go the whole city of Chicago!! Go the whole USA!!! Go the whole world!!! Bring moshiach now !!!

  • Actually....

    The defendant has the right to choose where he goes to BD. Having said that, it can be anywhere in the world. His opening line saying he has to go to a BD where he lives proves bias & a hidden agenda. Does he have his local BD in his pocket? Does his father? Something smells bad here.

    If this doesn’t show that he is a troublemaker & clearly has an ax to grind, I don’t know what does.

    • No Sense

      The defendant has the right to choose where he goes to BD. The fact that he has that right shows that we aren’t concerned about him picking a BD that he has “in his pocket”. That’s not my opinion, that’s Torah.

      What I don’t understand is this: do you have no qualms about publicly accusing a respected BD of being able to be bought? And based off of what, the request that the case be heard at the BD most convenient to the accused (his hometown), as you admit is his right?

      Commentors on these websites, including the author of an op-ed on this site, malign him with nothing more than baseless opinions and slander. Love him or hate him, at least YD Wolf backs up his claims with facts and respected experts and rabonim. Let the BD handle it.

    • Chaim

      According to Halacha, as detailed in Choshen Mishpat Siman 14:1 by the Remah, the defendant has the right to have the Din Torah held by the Bais Din of his city, in this case, the CRC, a well known and respected Bais Din.

      This is what the Shulchan Aruch says:
      התובע צריך לילך אחר הנתבע אם הוא בעיר אחרת, אע”פ שבעיר התובע הבית דין יותר גדול.

  • DrumIntellect

    You say “the defendant has the right to choose where he goes to BD”, but then criticize him for choosing where he goes to BD.
    If he had said he wants to go to a BD in LA, you would have said, “Does he have the LA BD in his pocket? Does his father? Something smells bad here.”
    If he had said he wants to go to a BD in Tel Aviv, you would have said, “Does he have the Tel Aviv BD in his pocket? Does his father? Something smells bad here.”

    Either he has the right or he doesn’t.

  • mendel

    the reason why he says he will go to bais din in chicago is probobly because he knows they wont come to chicago. its too big of a shlep. also there are many things that chabad is very makil on in sta”m and others are machmir and the bais din in chicago is not lubavitch.

    • crown heights resident

      In my opinion: The people who sold these non kosher Mezuzahs should spend their time doing Teshuvah and convincing people that they are going to be more careful in the future instead of a Hazmonah.

    • Ahavasyisroel

      It is R Wolf’s burden to prove the mezuzos are not kosher. Is he ok with denying the mitzva of mezuza to many Jews without giving them anything in return? It’s great that he gets to have a perfect mezuza for himself but he is leaving thousands without anything at all…

  • Good for you

    He has that right.
    On a side note I once summoned someone to Bais Din of Queens and they spoke privately with him for a good 20 minutes. I later realized how that isn’t allowed,(and already signed I won’t take case elsewhere) so I lost respect for just having title of Bais Din. I didn’t do Chabad one as the person I wanted to show isn’t Chabad, but he claims to be a rabbi himself.
    Shady rabbis these days…

  • Just saying

    Yes it is absolutely his right but somehow had no problem spending $7000.00 for the Hollywood production but is now concerned about his parnoso and spending for a couple of airline tickets to answer to a Chabad Beis Din…….MMMMM?

  • Anonymous

    Either way all his pictures of pissulim in the video are kosher and some of them lochatchila