Hasofer: A Letter to Our Customers

Following the recent allegations of Posul Mezuzos being sold in Crown Heights, one of the establishments targeted has released a letter to its customers standing behind its sale of STaM.

Rabbi Moshe Klein of Hasofer, has placed himself on record since the allegations first surfaced, affirming the kashrus of any STaM sold by his store. Now, he has put his words on paper, offering those with any questions to contact him for clarification.

Also signing the letter was Sofer and Magiyah Rabbi Faitel Levin, a well known Rabbi and Sofer.


  • Never doubted Rabbi Klein for a second

    All our mezuzahs that we bought from him decades ago were checked in Kfar Chabad last week. Every one was perfect.

  • Mendel

    Thank you so much.

    This brings a sigh of relief to us the consumers who B buy Stam.

  • customer

    “a mezuza’s kashrus must be determined in the context of its overall writing quality”
    Please explain?
    Is this a new Shulchan Aruch?

  • Hechsher on movtzoim mezuzos

    We need a expert rov to give a hechsher on this movtzoim mezuzos, the rabonim of c.h. also mention to have this mezozus checked, how could you say they are kosher le hatchila?