New York Times Endorses Clarke Opponent in Primaries

Seeking to unseat the local incumbent, Adem Bunkeddeko is challenging Rep. Yvette Clarke in the Ninth Congressional District, which represents parts of Brooklyn including Crown Heights. Though he faces an uphill battle, he received support from the New York Times who endorsed him over the incumbent, citing her lack of legislative accomplishments during her tenure.


With elections for the New York Democratic Primaries, incumbent Rep. Yvette Clarke is facing a challenge in the form of 30-year-old Adem Bunkeddeko, the son of Ugandan war refugees, who grew up in Queens.

Bunkeddeko also snagged an endorsement from The New York Times.

Clarke has repeatedly drawn the ire of her Jewish constituents with her recent insensitive comments evoking Nazi analogies on the eve of the Holocaust Memorial Day. As well as her support for the “Iran Deal” then later declaring it an “easy choice.”

Clarke also signed a slanderous and anti-Israel letter to then President Barak Obama, requesting “the protection of Palestinian children from Israeli abuses.”

The Times wrote that Clarke’s “major legislative accomplishments have been regrettably far between in her tenure in Congress. Residents of Brownsville, Park Slope, Prospect Lefferts Gardens, Flatbush, Sheepshead Bay and Crown Heights deserve a more energetic advocate in Washington.”

The Times noted Bunkeddeko’s being an “energetic young community organizer” and his impressive resume. “Mr. Bunkeddeko has said that he wants to focus on bringing federal housing dollars back to Brooklyn, of critical importance to a district that includes neighborhoods from Park Slope to Crown Heights where rents have soared, putting enormous pressure on poor and middle-class New Yorkers. One of his proposals — to fight for Mitchell-Lama-style developments that could include tens of thousands of units of affordable housing — may be a difficult sell in Washington. But that kind of big thinking is refreshing, and sorely needed in Congress. And he has promised to broaden constituent services to offer much-needed legal services to immigrants and other residents” wrote the Times.

Meanwhile, a collective billing themselves as the “Crown Heights Jewish Community Coalition” have endorsed Clarke citing her purported success in freeing Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin from prison by “successfully petitioning President Donald Trump”.

Oddly though, this collective first coming into formation during the last elections, had one of its members, Rabbi Shea Hecht, break with the group in its endorsement for Brooklyn District Attorney and claiming he was not consulted with. When asked today about his endorsement Hecht said “what coalition? I don’t know anything about a coalition” implying he was never consulted with and that he is not part of any coalition.


  • 1. DeClasse' Intellectual wrote:

    Ms. Clarke;s past actions has proven that she is no friend of Crown Heights or israel. Maybe it is a time for a change!

  • 2. Shmuel wrote:

    The shills refused to publish my comment questioning why they are endorsing a candidate who voted for the Iran deal. Thank you for doing the right thing and reminding us that no Jewish person should vote for her.

    • 3. Ezra wrote:

      So it’s not just me, then… I also posted such a comment there that didn’t get published.

    • 4. Larry wrote:

      She voted for the deal for one reason the then president is so called African-American ( African Muslim) So by these people it makes no difference what one is supporting one supports the other no matter what there is no thought process you have to learn from that stick with your people

  • 5. Other website censored wrote:

    The other website did not publish my well written comment saying that I will never vote for her since she signed the disgusting letter against Israel. Shame on her and not cool of the other website…

  • 6. Why wrote:

    What a mistake. In the end I doubt there’s much difference between the 2 . Adam would have prob espoused more extreme Dem positions, but voting record would be the same. However, with the closeness of the primary, the community could’ve for once actually have made a difference in how they voted and maybe have more influence over our represenative

  • 7. She barely won wrote:

    Hopefully her luck will run out in November. We need someone new and moral leading the district.
    Please register today and vote in November

  • 9. 3322 wrote:

    #7: gut gezukt
    maybe an oxymoron but we would like an honest politician.

  • 10. sam wrote:

    She only won by about 1000 votes so we could have easily changed the outcome of this one.

    • 11. ahavasyisroel wrote:

      I am surprised it was that close but again, this is the same as Hillary beating bernie. So don’t get too excited

  • 12. chaya wrote:

    Maybe a jewish person should run and many of our issues will be resolved !! Where are you jews common!!

  • 13. ahavasyisroel wrote:

    I hate to say it but the truth is, the NY Times endorsed her opponent because he probably would have been even WORSE! So I can understand the “hush hush just vote for her so at least we have some connections”…wish we could do better

  • 14. Shchuna family wrote:

    We must remove Yevette Clarke because of her anti Israel voting and lack of energy for her constituents.
    I also wrote a comment to the other website and it was not posted.
    The pac in CH are the ones who earn money because of her bending to them.
    She gives them real estate opportunities and in turn they funnel money to her campaigns.
    Shame on the ‘pac’!

  • 15. Reply to 13 wrote:

    Yes, those who run the other site are completely immersed in this whole corrupt politics. And the world keeps spinning

    • 16. ahavasyisroel wrote:

      No conspiracies. that ‘other’ website (I assume you’re not talking the one with ‘info’) didn’t censor these articles or comments bashing her in the threads:
      Clarke: Iran Deal Vote Was ‘Easy’
      Clarke Signs on Harsh Israel Letter
      Clarke Bucks Jewish Constituents
      The simplest explanation is that the other guy could be just as bad, she was most likely going to win anyway so why be on her bad side? they might think that would only make things worse though personally I think she is just laughing at them because she can do anything she wants now.

  • 17. shlomo wrote:

    just curious. jews no good for the city? no one jew in DMV, social security office, housing, even USPS etc. if we so midgets and 2 million jew in NYC not enough it seems to proper do not participate in elections at all

  • 18. DeClasse' Intellectual wrote:

    And, now it has been revealed that she is part of the Democratic IT scandel with the Pakstani who stole equipment and who was employed by Wasserman-Schultz


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