Clarke Evoke Nazi Analogies on Eve of Holocaust Memorial Day

At a Friday rally in front of 26 Federal Plaza Congresswoman Yvette Clarke compared government agencies to the Gestapo, and likened Trumps’ policies to those of the Nazis, drawing swift and bitter condemnation.


On the eve of Holocaust Memorial Day congresswoman Yvette Clarke (D-Brooklyn), whose district includes Crown Heights, set off a firestorm after incendiary comments she made at a rally outside 26 Federal Plaza in Manhattan.

“We’re standing in front of a building that has become the headquarters for the Gestapo of the United States of America,” Rep. Yvette Clarke (D-Brooklyn) told a crowd of about 50 at a rally in Manhattan’s Federal Plaza. “We will not sit quietly as [Trump’s] administration attacks hardworking people who contribute positively to this country,” Clarke said.

Clarkes comments came at a rally against the deportation Ravi Ragbir, whose Jan. 10 detention led to the arrests of city council members Jumaane Williams and Ydanis Rodriguez.

Ragbir, 53, a native of Trinidad, was ordered to be deported in 2006 after serving a prison sentence for wire fraud and conspiracy.

Federal authorities permitted him to stay in the U.S. up to now, but the Trump administration wants to enforce the decade-old deportation order.

The congresswoman’s comments are particularly troubling and offensive coming on the eve of Holocaust Memorial Day, and given that a large number of her constituents include the Jewish residents of Crown Heights – many of whom are the descendants of holocaust survivors.

“Unacceptable! As a fellow democrat I call on [Rep. Yevette Calrke] to apologize for her comments on Holocaust Remembrance Day,” said community activist Yaacov Behrman.

Adem Bunkeddeko, who is challenging Clarke in the upcoming primaries, called her remarks deeply insensitive and does nothing to help meaningful immigration reforms.

“Trump’s immigration policies are a disaster and an attack on our core American values, but it’s deeply insensitive of the Congressmember to compare them to the mass murder committed by the Nazi regime, especially in light of Holocaust Remembrance Day; and her comments do nothing to help us pass DACA or pass meaningful immigration reforms that keep families together,” he said in statement.

We reached out to her Jewish affairs liaison Eli Slavin, who had no comment and referred us to the congresswoman’s press office. As of publication our calls and messages have not been returned.


  • 1. Berel wrote:

    this warrants no reaction because it isn’t at all new

    we expect scum to scum, so scum scums and we get article about scumming and we have what to react about, no

    we need to start voting republican down the ticket and we need to start voting even in elections that we’ve no chance in deciding

    there are no best Democrats left, and Government money coming into the community is allocated to boondoggles.

  • 4. what a machasaifa! wrote:

    Can’t understand how Mr. Slavin can still represents that piece of garbage.

    • 5. Why are you so surprised???! wrote:

      You obviously don’t know Mr. “Opportunist” Slavin.

  • 6. our community reps. wrote:

    need to see Canina Sperlin, etc., condemn her in the most harsh way.

  • 7. Anonymous wrote:

    She is the smartest ANTI SEMITE around. She knows how to play her cards, and her Jewish people. Time to send her to the Gaza Strip, where she will feel at home.

  • 8. she wont care wrote:

    the black people will vote for her and since CH does not vote as a block vote its meaningless

  • 9. 49 yr in the hood wrote:

    It’s Wrong To Just Use the word
    Nazi and Gehstopo Just Like That
    Because Yr upset And yr A democrat
    In A republican Era Of politics
    We Have make it clear To
    The blacks , Who know nothing
    About World war 2 And Europe
    During the Nazi era

  • 10. DeClasse' Intellectual wrote:

    Yet, the voters keep on reelecting her.
    Schummer’s shutdown demonstrated that the Democr ats are not interested in a solution but only playing politics; and, second, they consider these illegal aliens to have more rights then citizens or those in the armed forces who protect this country.

  • 11. 22e wrote:

    she is a “wanna-be” and she is using cheap low tactics to get herself in, by “selling” what is popular, not what is right or true. people are getting so tired of the cheap stuff

  • 12. Tired of this wrote:

    Why is Eli S. Still clowning g around with this rabid anti semite?

    Shame on Eli for embarrassing our community. Shame. Shame. Shame.

    Court Jew. A Shande Vcharpe. בושה

    • 13. Berel wrote:

      Leave Mr. Slavin alone

      He can’t but make things better somehow

      Shame on you for calling on someone to quit his job in protest to no gain and possibly to some loss in comfortable anonymity.

      If you’ve a case to make in favor of Mr. Slavin leaving his position, then approach him and make it. I’ve never spoken to the man but see him all the time. It wouldn’t be too hard for you seek him out.

      But ‘court Jew’ — shame on you

  • 14. C.C.O.C.H. wrote:


  • 16. David wrote:

    Eli slavin follows chaninas orders as does cohen, how can he work for an open anti Semite he is totally a sell out.

  • 17. Blah blah wrote:

    He is a looser garbage and always was one.
    She keeps him around for a reason. And it’s not for his brains or good looks

  • 18. Protest wrote:

    For any Jew, especially one who is religious, and especially a Chosid to tolerate this, is horrific.

    She has no right to demean and cheapen the memory of our holy kedoshim, for her petty and anti-semitic purposes

    The Rebbe taught us to be proud to be a Jew.
    Sorry, but I don’t see anyone in the CHJCC or “leadership” showing any pride, at all, in this regard.

    There must be a “Mechoah” (protest) to this outrageous ranting and an apology from her.

  • 20. Leibel wrote:

    Eli slavin was never a chossid never a mekusher never frum he’s a real …… Anshei Leobel etc.

  • 23. One word wrote:

    They are all somehow related, through marriage or business dealings.
    I’ll do for you and you pay me back and we will be happy, and who cares about everybody else and the community.

  • 24. SHIP OF FOOLS wrote:

    I don’t usually post, but this time I can’t control myself.

    this picture is classic…. one Forest Gump
    one evil knievel
    one anti yid
    what a collection!
    Oh and all this gotten from “fire Insurance”
    it was a good parnassa in those days…….
    Forest Gump’s papa knew just how to get the flames going – it sure paid off.

  • 25. Larry wrote:

    Slavin it’s not someone who comes to the table with any brains just likes to be in photo ops.

  • 27. re33 wrote:

    they can’t help uphold the Rebbe’s directives of keeping the rent and property prices down either. What are they doing to keep Crown Heights the Kan Tziva es haBrocha.
    we have to get our priorities straight here.

    • 29. re33 wrote:

      there has to be an economist who can figure out whats going on here, how is this neighborhood getting so messed up and away from what the Rebbe said he wanted. This is a huge issue

  • 30. I LOVE Him wrote:


  • 31. She is consistent. With "friends" like this . . . . wrote:

    Remember: She also voted in favor of Obama’s “IRAN DEAL” only a few years ago.
    PS: Our other “supposed friend” Cory Booker (D – NJ, formerly close with Chabad of Oxford University once upon a time . . . ) also voted in favor of the same Obama “deal” with Iran.
    With friends like this, who needs enemies?????

  • 32. malky wrote:

    send her an email. It has nothing to do with her “jewish advisors” who have their own selfish agenda to promote. Send her yourself
    go look up yvette clark and speak for yourself, and what you think of her comparing the united states govt to Nazis yemach shamam and gestapo
    I wrote her this:
    Ms. Clarke
    you represent the united states govt as well as your Jewish constituents in Crown Heights. I believe you owe the people of this neighborhood and of this city an apology for your appalling comparison of the federal govt to the gestapo and the policies of the federal govt to that of Nazis
    It was disrespectful, dishonorable, and if I had my way, I would compel you to step down from your role as a congresswoman. Someone who can spew such hateful comments does not deserve to serve in any capacity as an elected member of congress. We certainly do not all agree with the president, or do not agree with Washington’s policies all the time, but to say such despicable and disgusting comparisons is simply unforgivable, and you have shown your true colors, as a woman with no ethics or sense of decency. You pandered to the lowest elements of our society, and used that forum as an agenda to serve your own selfish gain.

    We can only hope that next election, should you run, and I hope you do not, a more fitting, respectful and honorable candidate will be elected in your place.
    Shame on you, Ms. Clarke. Stand up and act like a respectable human being and offer a public apology to the people of this city. And STOP INCITING HATRED. Only respond to this email if you have an apology to make. Otherwise, I do not want any correspondence with you.

  • 33. Protest wrote:


    But if her “advisors” were really “Jewish”, they would have, in no uncertain terms, told her that her comments are hateful and disrespectful to the members of our community, whom SHE REPRESENTS.

    These advisors are an insult to Mordechi HaYehudi and all the defenders of our faith.

    She should be replaced and denounced for her anti-semitic, insensitive, pandering and insulting comments.

    • 34. Brave wrote:

      Very brave of you to offer this very good advice

      We will replace her immediately!

  • 35. orshm wrote:

    its time to start figuring out who is self-serving, and who is representing us according to the Rebbe’s directives. this has gone way too far. As far as this woman, she is inappropriate and needs to be told what a fool she is being.


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