Female Victims Advocates and Police Officers Honored

Female advocates and police officers were honored at an awards ceremony in Crown Heights. Their work in assisting victims of crime was recognized and their efforts were celebrated by a crowd of local residents, politicians and police brass.

by CrownHeights.info

Six victim advocates and female police officers were honored at an awards ceremony hosted by Mrs. Batia Brandel of the victim’s services office of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council.

The ceremony recognized the work of three female police officers along with three female figures who advocate on behalf of victims.

NYPD Chief Joanne Jaffe, head of the Community Affairs Unit, Officer Taisha Skyers, of the 71st Precincts Community Affairs Unit, and Officer Laverne Green, of the 77th Precincts Community Affairs Unit.

Also recognized was Mrs. Tatyana Timoshenko, the mother of slain NYPD officer Russell Timoshenko who was killed on the streets of Crown Heights, Mrs. Alla Lisoversky, who provides assistance to crime victims through her funeral home in Brighton Beach, and Mrs. Devorah Halberstam, whose son Ari was killed by a Lebanese terrorist on the Brooklyn Bridge.

The honorees were presented with plaques as well as citations and commendation from a number of area politicians.

Chief Jaffe, who was recently forced into retirement amid a massive shakeup in the NYPD, did not mince words and spoke of female empowerment. “As women we find ourselves in interesting times right now, women who have suffered quietly under threats of being summarily fired and blind eyes being given to their qualifications,” she said, concluding that “Even if me too hasn’t found you out there, these stories have rocked all of us. It has empowered so many of us to look at each other in the eyes, to speak the truth, and to finally end the silence by saying enough is enough, times up, me too.”

City Public Advocate Letitia James lamented the firing of Jaffe, calling it a missed opportunity and very sternly denounced city hall and the NYPD for its actions.


  • 1. Dave wrote:

    The author of this article labeled Rasid Baz as a “Lebanese terrorist” but he is 100% wrong. In his defense Mr. Baz was retaliating against “The Cave of Patriarchs massacre”. The real terrorist and mass murder is Baruch Goldstein.

    Both Baz and Goldstein are wrong for killing people.

    • 2. You Sir are Sick wrote:

      Your false moral equivalency has you justifying the actions of a terrorist, all in the effort to somehow link him with the actions of another terrorist.

      Rashid Baz is an Islamic Lebanese born terrorist who shot up a van of teenagers.


      Goldstein has absolutely nothing to do with this conversation. Go crawl back into your Gobbels hole you anti-Semitic hack.


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