Unfulfilled Commitments Leave Teachers Still Unpaid

Commitments made to Bais Rivkah teachers in the past year have gone unfulfilled, leaving many to wonder if Crown Heights’ largest girls’ school will open on time for the coming school year.

During the 2016-2017 school year, a number of activist teachers organized a crippling strike in grades 1 through 3, with some teachers claiming that they ‘felt like pawns’ in a power skirmish. Ultimately the strike was resolved, a new board was instituted and commitments to paying the teachers were made.

“When we went back to work we were promised that all future paychecks will be paid on time, and all the past owed paychecks will be paid throughout the summer,” teachers have told CrownHeights.info, “we are still owed seven checks from the 2015-16 year, and three from the 2016-17 year.”

In the discussions to end the strike, the board had pledged to cover all the paychecks going forward, and the school’s executive director, Rabbi Avraham Shemtov, had pledged to cover all the backpay by the end of the school year – a promise which has since gone unfulfilled.

Speaking with sources in the school, they said that officially school is starting on time, and there have not been any indications that there would be any delays.

Repeated attempts to reach members of the board were unsuccessful, and messages went unreturned. Messages left for Rabbi Shemtov have also not been returned.


  • 1. Hello wrote:

    “we are still owed seven checks from the 2015-16 year, and three from the 2016-17 year.”

    So let me understand. Rabbi Shemtov and his predissesors ran the school for 50 years and owed only 7 Paychecks for 50 years and the new VAAD owes already 3?

  • 5. I'm so happy wrote:

    The bored and rabbi Shemtov did such a job in bais rivkah now let them suffer

  • 6. Yechiel wrote:

    I don’t understand, the bored comes, gives it all they got.. and what do they get in response?

  • 9. Ch'er wrote:

    Not to be a prude. But to all those theachers that haven’t been pain
    “Go look for a different job. This is not working well for you, there are other institutions that can use good qualified teachers. There is no need to suffer like this. I feel your pain & suffering, do the right thing for yourself and families”

    Chasiva Va’chasima Tova hatzlacha

  • 12. Yossi A wrote:

    Same old same old.
    STRIKE, Get promises, go back to teaching, get left holding the bag of hot air……

  • 13. :( wrote:

    this is so sad. Enough! We need a school our children can attend without all the politics.

  • 14. Why.? wrote:

    I don’t understand why this has to be on a public website. This is an issue for BR only, not the entire world. Deal with your own issues without bashshmutzing lubavitch in such a public form.

    • 15. Ch'er wrote:

      You made your bed. Sleep in it.

      The public. The larger Lubavitcher community needs to know. Need to know who’s who in real life. Kavi’yochel di greise chassidim. Making themselves holier then thou. Their full of it. Hippocrates liars and deception. Glad this is posted.

    • 16. Yossi A wrote:

      The same reason why the tzinus rules of Bnos menachem became web site news worthy……..

  • 18. GROW UP! wrote:

    Is anyone surprised? We all knew this was going to happen. The ONLY way the situation will stop is for Every. Single. Teacher to resign. Cut your losses, find a job where you are treated with respect. If you choose to stay… STOP WHINING. It’s tiresome – we, as parents & grandparents, understand your frustration, but you know what the definition of insanity is? Doing the same thing over and over and over again, always expecting a different outcome.

    Bottom line – Board, Shmoard & Shemtov CANNOT BE TRUSTED. He won’t give up the “kovod” (does he have any left?) and he is incapable of following through. If you decide to accept empty promises, don’t come crying to us & don’t go on a half-hearted strike. All or nothing, because as much as we appreciate you all, we are losing patience with the on/off “strikes.” Fish or cut bait.

  • 20. Citizen Berel wrote:

    A commitment to a teacher is usually a “neder” as more often than not he is an Oni. Maybe this year’s commitment can include their study of the laws of Nedorim!!

    • 21. Berel wrote:

      This is not the Citizen Berel we’ve all come to know and love. The name has been retired for some time. There are a few readers who knew the true identity behind the original name, and that original poster wishes to distance his or herself from these dimwitted comments.

  • 22. Teacher wrote:

    wrong headline teachers are getting paid and they got most of their owed backpay. Chinfo check your source we are not planning a strike and most teachers are happy with the new board

  • 23. the equalizer wrote:

    unfortunately all remains status quo, did you expect anything different, incompetent people ,the blind leading the blind , close down the school, start from scratch hire professionals , its the only chance we have.

  • 24. Teacher wrote:

    It is only one from this year but nothing has been done about the previous 7. Only promises as usual

  • 25. Time To teach in houses wrote:

    Teachers should be paid directly by parents there should be 2-3 parents running each class

  • 26. no clue wrote:

    you are writing comments and you have no clue what you are saying……are you aware that teachers are up to date on every check this year……because the new vaad worked endlessly to do this…. these are private people with their own jobs and lives and they did not sleep nights to get this done……they are owed NO money for this past year…..something that has not happened in years…….last years money was supposed to be covered by Shemtov…. so take your hatred and anger to the right place,,,,this is nothing to do with new vaad….instead of showing hakoras hatov u sprout your ignorance and hatred YOu all are…and if trache

  • 27. cholentmitkugel wrote:

    Turn it into a catering hall. I took my daughters out. Tired of busting my rump to pay tuition. Teachers!!!! Get other jobs..NOW!! YOU WILL NEVER BE PAID ON TIME….EVER!!!

  • 28. no 24 wrote:

    never get paid? here we go again you are ignorant….guess you’re one of those that critisize and hate without fact…….every teacher paid up for this entire year……what vaad promised to accomplish….so cholent mit kugel no 24 respond now….and admit your ignorance and hate…..

  • 29. cholentmitkugel wrote:

    YOU are filled with hate, and have the comprehension of a cretin. I stated that teachers are NOT paid on time. If teachers want to be treated in that fashion, their choice. Outside world doesn’t run that way. Read the above article again. Past pay has NOT been given to teachers.

  • 30. Administrator of another school wrote:

    Parents who are sick of this, please understand we cannot take all your girls. Fix your own mess and don’t make us feel guilty.

  • 32. cholent mit kugel wrote:

    so you cant comprehend what you yourself write. too sad…. you wrote ‘ you will never be paid on time’ so you can’t comprehend your own writing…..fact: they are up to date on all payment for this year…..does your brain comprehend that…….maybe not…..

  • 33. The Ship Sunk and Rats... wrote:

    Abi the teacher (Mrs. W) fled the school after the churban she made (in cahoots with unsavory elements) and got a lucrative job at Bnos Menachem…

  • 34. Teshuva is in order wrote:

    Teachers need a UNION!!!! It is atrocious how this community treats it’s Teachers. Many of our beloved Teachers are sinking into debt, not even able to afford the basics for the Holidays. Yet they love what they do and they teach our children Torah everyday!!! It is the breath from the mouths of Torah Teachers and their students which supports the world. We as a community need to give back to our Teachers! Whether it’s making sure all their needs are met for the Holidays, or giving them maiser, something major needs to change for 5778!!!
    And the burden cannot fall entirely on the parents’ shoulders either! Parents are also buckling under the weight of the affordable housing crisis in our community. Please, if you have money, we must come together to ensure Teachers can at least afford the basics to live and support their families! And ENOUGH with the inflated rents for overpriced apartments!!!! Landlords, you are living off of the blood, sweat and tears of your fellow Jews. One day you will have to answer for that.
    Please really do Teshuva this Elul for oppressing poor people (including Teachers and Tennants).

  • 35. Teshuva is in order - p.s. wrote:

    And to say they should just “find another job,” does not make sense! For a teacher – the life and soul depends on teaching. Even if they did find another teaching job, it would not erase the debt owed to them. We must find a solution as a community.


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