Crown Heights Through the Eyes of its Residents

Longtime residents – a barber, fishmonger, educator & activist – share their love for this diverse and resilient Brooklyn neighborhood in a well presented documentary produced by Neighborhood Slice, which airs on local television stations.

The documentary features the observations of four immigrants and now-longtime residents, including; Shlomo Raskin, the owner of a fish store on Kingston Avenue, Tzivia Jacobson, an educator who assisted her husband in publishing a newspaper, Kenneth Duckett, the owner of a barbershop on Nostrand Avenue, and Richard Green, the founder of a youth outreach group in Crown Heights.

slice-duckett slice-green slice-jacobson slice-raskin


  • 1. friend if Mrs jacobson wrote:

    Guess what, this is all about to end the way our neighbors are all moving out. Chasidim or from trinidad. We are all at stake. Say no to developers , satmar or Italian they just want money at the expense of tearing the fabric of our neighberhood. The rebbe scream about this. Stand up, lubavs that rent to hipsters in prime location have no place I’m our neighberhood.


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