Renowned Therapist Teaches Spousal Communication

Hundreds of Crown Heights women gathered in the hall of Lubavitcher Yeshiva to hear words of wisdom on the subject of Taharas Hamishpacha from renowned therapist Dr. Lisa Twerski. The event was organized by

The evening with Mrs. Twerski on communication in our relationships was a resounding success.  Four hundred women enjoyed a smorgasbord of tasty salads while they listened to Mrs. Twerski speak about the importance of good communication.

In this era of advanced technology, where we are always ‘giving’ out tweets and posts, we need to learn how to come together and establish the building blocks of productive and effective communication.

Do we start with ‘talking’ or with ‘listening’?

“Digital communication teaches us to ‘put out’ our communication, devoid of nuance and inflection”, says Twerski, “instead of ‘taking in’, listening and getting to the depth of real communication.”

Listening is the number one step that allows us to really ‘hear’ another – thereby allowing us to respond correctly, respectfully and responsibly. Learn how to listen so you can turn on your ‘thinking’ brain instead of your ‘emotional’ brain, allowing you to communicate clearly instead of defensively.

Mrs. Twerski gave everyone a lot to think about on how we can improve our communication skills, within a healthy relationship, with our spouses, children, parents, friends and co-workers. Click here to view a video of the presentation, which was sponsored by

Mrs. Sara Morozow gave an inspirational Dvar Malchus on the three partners that exist in every relationship. She explained how keeping Taharas Hamishpacha enhances our relationship and commitment to the Aibishter, thereby tying in the concept of Taharas Hamishpacha to our relationships. Mrs. Aliza Scheinfeld chaired the event in her own inimitable style, lending her unique and engaging personality to the evening.

“We are pleased to be able to bring such a wonderful combination of knowledge and entertainment to the young women of our community,” says Mrs. Kraindy Klein. “Making the lecture available for women around the world to view from the comfort of their own homes, is the icing on the cake!”

The evening included a mini Chinese auction, including Split the Pot. thanks the kind sponsors for their lovely contributions. Every attendee left with lovely gifts of jewelry, sponsored by Leah Julie Gniwisch, and a beautiful cookbook, hot off the press, with recipes for the colorful and delectable salads they enjoyed tasting. Limited quantities of the full-color cookbook are available for purchase at the offices of, 312 Kingston Avenue, Brooklyn, NY. would like to extend a very warm “Thank You” to their co-sponsors for the evening, Junior N’Shei and Mikvah Mei Chaya Mushka of Crown Heights. A special thank you as well goes to event coordinators Mrs. Kraindy Klein and Mrs. Devorah Leah Eilenberg, and to all the wonderful volunteers who gave so generously of their time to make this an event to remember.

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  • 1. Out of Towner In Town for Event wrote:

    It was a spectacular event! Tables bedecked beautifully with salads, gifts n more! Speakers were phenomenal. What a night out!!!! Thank u!!!


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