File photo: Alicia Boyd shouts down a CB-9 meeting. Photo: DNAinfo/Rachel Holliday Smith.

Col. Goldstein: Drown Out Anti-Semite with Gragers

In an open letter to the Crown Heights community, Colonel Jacob Goldstein, who served as chairman of Community Board-9 from 1979 until 2014, is urging community members to attend tonight’s monthly board meeting.

Also attending the meeting will be Alicia Boyd, founder of MTOPP (The Movement to Protect the People), which has a history of distributing blatantly anti-Semitic flyers and e-mails.

As she does at every meeting, Boyd will inevitably cause a disturbance with her hateful rhetoric against Jews and white people. Col. Goldstein urges members of the community to attend the meeting, and drown out her vile diatribe with something we all have lying around the house for Purim – Gragers.

Writes Col. Goldstein:

To the residents of our Shchunah,

Until June 2014, I was the elected Chairman of Community Board-9, a position I held since 1979. As the Chairman for those many years, my goal was always to deliver the best of city services through the offices of the Community Board run by our district manager Pearl Miles, who was there for over 30 years. We rebuilt the entire Eastern Parkway from curb to curb, rehabbed all of the parks in our CB area, and planted hundreds of new trees, along with many other projects. With the election of our new Borough President, there came about change. 19 new board members were placed on the Board, and I opted not to run as I could read the tea leaves on the future of the board. What I did not see was the open Anti-Semitism that was to break out with no push back, revulsion or comment from the new board leadership or elected officials.

Three weeks ago, an anti-Jewish e-mail and earlier flier were sent out to the entire Community Board mailing list, plus to many community members. No one from CB-9 Executive responded to this piece of garbage, nor did any elected official, though they all were aware of it. Yaacov Behrman, a member of CB-9, wrote a response and that was it. I did not for various reasons, as I had hope others would, which did not happen.

Tonight at 7PM is the monthly meeting of Community Board 9 at Lefferts Junior High School, located at New York Ave. and Empire Blvd. The anti-Semite and her group will be in attendance, as she shows up every month to hurl her words of hate. This time WE should be there to Confront her and group if they hurl their hate . Let’s act respectful and listen to the Board’s business, but not allow her to spew her hate. It is before Purim and each of us have Gragers in our homes. When she spews her hate, let’s drown her out with our Gragers.



  • purim

    thankyou for updating us. Col. Goldstein is outstanding as a leader and advocate, and Yakov Behrman is young, energetic, altruistic and capable.
    we need to pull OURSELVES together, that can have an effect as well…..bein adom le chavero, and more.
    lets get going. we have the Rebbe’s sichas, we can learn them b’rabbim and act on them.

  • Emese chabadnik

    I think we should work with her! Not against her. We are all on the same boat. I like my african american neighbors much more then the new fine looking hipsticks.

  • Jewish Student at medgar.

    I attended the board meeting last month as an assignment for one of my classes. I while i was desturbed by how Alicia Boyd conducted herself and distrusted the meeting I was also very turned off by how the board conducted themselves. The elected board members provoked Alicia Boydas which gave her a lot of reason to act destructively.

    If the community board wants respect and order in their meeting they need to be respectful to all participants regardless of how many law suits they are bringing against the board.

    On a side note I want to mention that I also attended the monthly meeting of District 2 in downtown brooklyn two weeks ago. I went to district 2 because I was really disappointed in what I witnessed at the district 9 and therefore I wanted to witness another meeting in another district. While at the district 2 meeting Alicia Boyd was at the meeting aswell. The differance was sje did not disterb that meeting in the same manner she distrupped the meeting at distric 9.

    District 2 spoke to Alicia Boyd with respect and in return she said her piece and was quiet the rest of the meeting.

    • Jewish Student at medgar.

      Please dismiss the typos in this post. I wrote this comment using my phone.

  • wow

    unreal to see the lack of leadership in crown height.

    where are the people who are quick to squeeze into pictures when the politicos come here?

    where is sperlin? where is zaki? HELLLOOOOO