Oholei Torah Faculty Gets Active-Shooter Training

Members of Oholei Torah’s faculty received a comprehensive training course this morning on the necessary steps to be taken if an active-shooting situation rises on campus, r”l.

The seminar was given by the NYPD’s Anti-terrorism Task Force, and was arranged in coordination with the Crown Heights Shomrim.

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    • 2. OT Morah wrote:

      Highly unlikely. Either a main tacher or assistant from each class attended

    • 3. OT Morah wrote:

      Highly unlikely that a class was left without any teacher. Either a main teacher or assistant from each class attended

  • 4. Henya wrote:

    Why is this being posted? Does it not make more sense to give this course quietly? Now everyone – good and bad – is aware that this school ‘knows’ how to deal with active shooters. Brilliant move.

  • 5. Why start a "rumor", let it be true wrote:

    Let the word go out that the schools have machine guns hidden somewhere, and (could be staff or students) there are people there who have NRA training.

  • 6. Locked and Loaded Lubavitcher wrote:

    Nebach. Another false sense of security PR newsflash meant to make people “feel” safer but in actuality doing nothing productive. It should be noted that the staff at the building where the massacre took place in San Bernardino had extensive “active shooter” training on an almost monthly basis….. A lot of good it did them. Active shooter training consists of learning how to neutralize your enemy target as quickly and as effectively as possible. I wonder how much they taught about that in the “training”.


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