Video: Lubavitcher Mom Fights Religious Discrimination

Chaya Bruck, a Lubavitcher woman, was forced to ‘withdraw’ from the West Coast University in Broward County, Florida after missing class on Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. This, she claims, is despite being assured that missing school for religious observance would not be a problem.

Feeling that this was a case of religious discrimination she turned to WSVN’s Help Me Howard program for advice.


  • 1. CT wrote:

    I too was forced to take a zero for an exam that I missed on Rosh Hashanah, as only one of my professors absolutely refused to work with me. I took it all the way to the Dean, to no avail. The best I was able to get was a drop of the lowest grade (that exam), and my final exam will be worth more than anyone else’s….

  • 2. 12 tamuz 5715 rebbe sicha wrote:

    Rebbe: “This a message from above to stay away from university”.

    They want you but without your Judaism, rather don’t go at all.

    • 3. Milhouse wrote:

      The objection to university does not apply to a married person living at home and commuting daily to a local school where there is only studying and no “student life”. And especially not to a woman who is not obligated in talmud torah, and who has a husband and children to go back to at the end of the school day.

  • 4. Priorities wrote:

    Chitas, religious observance – important.

    Following the modesty laws (tzniut) – not so much….

    • 5. Why? wrote:

      Why do you feel the need to criticize this woman?

      She’ll work on her Tznius when she is ready to work on it and reaches that level. How about taking a look in the mirror to ensure that you are a saint?

      Meanwhile, kudos to her for taking a stand on religious observance and standing up for what is right!

    • 6. Priorities ???? wrote:

      What’s it your business how people dress ??? Everyone has a different idea of Tznius, perhaps it is important to her, but she has a different view on it than you.

  • 7. Yankel Todres wrote:

    A great Kiddush Hashem! Not only did you help yourself, but you have shown both the college and the other students what is acceptable. The college can’t just abuse their power like that, and get away with it. Now the other students know it too. May the Al-Mighty grant you much success in your studies.

  • 9. ] wrote:

    lets not judge people on their tznuis. it is so hard for some poeple! aqmazing that she wears a sheitel adn covers her knees!!
    you dont know her story and stuggles!
    i take of my hat to her for making such a kiddush hashem!


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