Activists Plan ‘Gett-Refusal’ Protest in Crown Heights

A group of activists are planning a march in Crown Heights to raise “awareness and change for Jewish wives who are ‘chained.'” According to organizers, this march is in response to a so-called “crisis in our community.”

The march is being organized by Itta Werdiger-Roth online through a Facebook event page, and has around 200 people confirmed as ‘attending.’ Werdiger-Roth writes on the page that this event is targeted ‘against’ the Besht Shul and their Rabbi.

Much discussion has been generated in the form of Facebook comments arguing some of the merits pertaining to Gittin and Halacha – most of which were ceremoniously deleted, and even going as far as to ban and dismiss people from the group who disagreed with Werdiger-Roth’s opinions.

A poster named Yehoishophot Oliver wrote that he devoted many years to studying the Halachos of Gittin and Nisuin: “There is a vast Halachic literature discussing when a Beis Din, or anyone else, is allowed to require a get. It is simply untrue that Halacha can require a husband to divorce his wife simply because she demands so,” he wrote, directly contradicting one of the march’s main premises.

After deleting most of Oliver’s posts, Werdiger-Roth wrote “You are not welcome to comment any further on this thread or any of the pages associated with the POSITIVE change we are trying to make.” She later dismissively wrote that her thumb was getting tired deleting all his posts and that she will delete the rest later.

The event page boasts the support of Chabad Rabbi Moshe D. Gutnick of Australia, who at the time of the publication of the article did not respond to’s request for confirmation. [In the event that he does respond, it will be added here.]


  • The Get Aguna problem, is easily preventable
    Many in Chabad already approve this.
    As the saying goes:
    “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”
    And in this area, how much more so.
    Chabad Rabbonim need to step up, NOW, and make this mandatory for their communities.
    This also adds more transparency for both sides (men/women).
    Future problem solved.

    • how come i did NOT see ONE

      how come i did NOT see ONE Rabbi to agree. BUT i see this Werdiger Lady
      attending the:Lutheran Church of the Messiah
      129 Russell St, Brooklyn, New York 11222

      i guess this Movement is from the Church

    • Milhouse

      The agreement at that site seems invalid, since one who signs it naturally assumes that it will apply only when he actually owes his wife maintenance, i.e. when she is not a moredes. If a BD seeks to apply it even when she has left him then it’s obvious that he never agreed to that.

      Also, the halacha is that in return for this maintenance a husband is entitled to all his wife’s earnings, so if she earns more than $150 a day he will owe nothing, and there goes his incentive to comply.

    • Milhouse

      To “how come”: Come on, keep it honest and clean. I’m sure you know that there is a market in the basement of the church building, and that not just Mrs Roth but all the people you saw entering at that time were going to the market. There’s no mar’is ho’ayin.

    • name names please

      I have yet to hear of an Ultra Orthodox (as opposed to Modern orthodox) Rav who approves of a pre-nup.

    • To Millhouse

      Huh? so what if there is a market in the basement of the tumah building???
      Holy Jews died rather than enter a church to save their lives! Now it’s ok to do your shopping there to save a few $$$??????? Gevalt.

    • Milhouse

      “no marketplace”, you are an idiot. How can a map or a picture of a building tell you whether there is a market in the basement or not?

      “To Millhouse”, tell me where in the Shulchon Oruch it says not to shop at a market that happens to be in the same building as a church. Tell me when and where any Jew died rather than enter a building where a church was located; I don’t believe it ever happened. What’s more, even to enter an actual church is permitted in order to save ones life.

    • Mamash a tzdik

      You go so far out of your way to defend this lady who you don’t know anything about, how admirable.
      why doesn’t rabbi kuperman deserve the same benefit of the doubt??

    • Milhouse

      Mamash a tipesh.

      1. How do you know what I do or don’t know about her?

      2. What makes you think I have anything against Rabbi Kuperman? When have I said one word against him?

    • rivkah

      what are you marching for? how about you find out the details of how divorces work yes there are real agunos but that is not what this is about

      ps or you must be part of the 200 anti lubavitch/frum people that plan to march

  • wondering

    maybe all the men should make a march for all the men who cant see their children because the wife ran away or wont let them or fights for full custody based and false information

    ps there are more cases where women refuse to let the man be with the children then men holding a get

  • rivkah

    It’s too bad, because I totally would have gone to march and so would many others, including some very respected people in our community. The agunah plight is very real. It’s too bad for all the agunas, that a march that should have been all about them, is being turned into a mockery. They are mixing in issues that have nothing to do with a march to support women who have been literally chained for years, unable to move on with their lives. I wish that the march was truly in their support, and not a march to further demonize a man and embarrass his children.

  • Beware the ides of March!

    Marching for actual Agunos is fine.
    Marching to destroy a man and his children is a heinous crime!
    There was never an Aguna in this case, as he was totally cooperating with the Beis Din. There was only a dying woman who, like Mama Rochel, is now crying for her children.
    Let us wipe away her tears by helping her children at this link:

  • Justice

    The ppl who helped a man who refused his wife a get and is still backing such a man should all be held accountable. Those who won’t speak out because your afraid to are cowards..

    • your a coward

      do you even know the story to pass judgment on something you dont know anything about??

    • rivkah

      what are you talking about? he never withheld a get there is a process show me one letter from a rov or bes din that says what you are saying otherwise stop making machlokos

    • Josephus.

      How do you know what he knows to know if he is passing judgement without knowing?

    • Beware the ides of March!

      To Josephus,
      If you were seriously looking for an answer, than consider the following. To be designated as a “man who refuses to give a get”, there needs to be a process thru Beis Din that ends with a Seruv against said man. NO SUCH SERUV EXISTS, because he was totally cooperating with the Beis Din!! Therefore Justice has no idea what she/he is talking about, just repeating lies.

    • Mitch

      The people who coerce a father to give a get before being assured he is a part of his children’s lives are not only apathetic towards parental alienation (domestic abuse times two, against the alienated parent and the children), but an accessory towards. Hashem will see through their supposed “righteousness” and, short of true teshuva, I would not want to be them in Olam Haba….

  • Amazing

    “the POSITIVE change” being done with a “peaceful March” for the “innocent civilians”…

    Just like Gaza…

  • Not so simple

    Fathers are often blocked from seeing their children by their “ex’s”, sometimes the fathers only recourse is to withhold the Get until he is given access to HIS OWN children. Maybe the ex wife’s shouldn’t be so malicious.

  • Get for Chaya Gansburg

    Thanks so much to all the people bringing awareness to Kan Tzivo Crown Heights Community and actually doing something about it. There are many women in our community that are chained and the Rabbonim & Community leaders need to get more active on a daily basis to free these women and not be complacent with the current Matzev. For one i would like to bring to your attention Mrs. Chaya Gansburg who has been chained up now for over 30 years!

    • Right on!

      I am painfully aware of the failed efforts in the past long 30 years to help Chaya obtain a Get.
      This march should be for Chaya!

    • name names please

      Yup. I agree. And there aren’t even any children that she could be “withholding”. So now, what’s the excuse?

    • Kop

      Maybe he should lose the honor of being custodian of the Rebbe’s office room. This guy keeps the key to the Rebbe’s office! That is a disgrace for ALL OF US!!!

    • to kop

      you are talking about the wrong ganzberg, the one they are talking about is itche ganzberg, the one that holds the rebbes room key is his brother.

      here is the proof of people that don’t know anything jumping to conclusions.

  • 2 sides to a story

    After following this story extensively and talking to many people about it from both sides this is the way i see it:
    one big happy family the kuperman family was, they had 6 kids, the youngest being 3, then the great tragedy that i wouldnt wish on anyone, chanie got sick, and all gehenom broke loose, there was a disagreement how to go about the treatment, rabbi kupperman wanted to go through doctors, and the wilankin family wanted to go all natural, eventually chanie opted to go natural, and her condition deteriorated quickly from stage 2 to stage 4 in about 2 months.

    Finally she went to some spacial healer in spain where she was told the stress of marrige was bad for her health, so when she came back she asked for a gett, on 2 conditions: 1 that she retains full custody of the kids, 2 that rabbi k leave the country, naturally like any father rabbi k didn’t agree, and for the next four months they were in bais din ironing out the conditions, then a week before purim the get was finalized, but unfortunately channi was too sick to come to bais din a week later she had passed.

    During her sickness chanis sisters made a facebook page advocating for her release, on this page many allegations were directed at rabbi kuppermen, not one was proven, there was talk of a video that was never released, talk of a dairy that was lost, and so on, anyone that commented or posted on behalf of rabbi kupperman was promptly deleted and banished from the group.

    On the other hand rabbi kupperman kept quite, until last shabbos where he spoke out about it for the first time, his reason? after going so low as to making false accusations, they called child services on him, he had to stand in his house while two shvartze agents were undressing his kids looking for signs of abuse, HIS KIDS WHO JUST FINNISHED SITTING SHIVA FOR THEIR DEAR MOTHER had to go through this!!!

    There you have the facts go make your own decision.

    • Very SAD

      the poeple who moderate the fb page are Mechalelei Shabbes Oychlei Traifos and very evil.
      and to top it off THE MESIRAH.
      we wish Rabbi Kuperman and His Beautufull kids ACH TOV VOCHESED and VeCHOL HACHOISHVIM ROHO MEHEIRO HOFAIR ATZOSOM.

      Gut CHOIDES

      Please Attend The besht shul to be Mechazeik One of the Nicest Congregations in Crown Heights.


      I know many cases of where ACS was called on fellow Jews in an act of revenge. For example: The Mossrim of Crown Heights called ACS on several Shomrim volunteers.

      This is absolutely disgusting and pure evil!!!

      All the informer is doing, is harming the children!!!

      “According to New York State law, it is the district attorney’s responsibility to investigate and prosecute cases where false reports of child abuse are made. Claiming that the calls were anonymous is no excuse for failing to investigate…”


      Rabbi Kuperman should contact the DA office and have them launch an investigation.

      If he needs help doing so contact:

    • 2 sides

      1 that is both sides

      to Anonymous: im NOT an orthodox Jew who are you to jump to conclusions that orthodox Jew’s are racist i think its time for you to look inward to find the real racist!


  • Milhouse

    Before anyone participates in a public attack on an individual, shouldn’t they insist on knowing exactly what it is that he is alleged to have done wrong, and how they are to know that it was wrong?

    In a case where one spouse wanted a get and the other didn’t, how can one decide who was right without knowing their reasons? After all, in a normal case a person is not entitled to leave a marriage just because s/he feels like it. There are exceptions where a beis din can order someone to give or accept a get, but those are exceptions, so how can anyone know whether one of them applied in a specific case without knowing the details?

    In any event, even if one knows that this was one of the exceptional cases, and even if one is somehow sure the person did wrong, once the matter is moot what more can one demand from him or her? What heter is there to shame a person, or to hold a grudge against him, when one has no actual demands from him?


      First of all this lady isn’t even ashamed posting on social media that she went second how can any normal lubavitch person walk behind such a person.

    • Werdiger Next Event at the Church

      3:00pm at Lutheran Church of the Messiah
      Art · 211 guests
      Join · Maybe

    • MaidofCH

      Whenever I see a woman with a joint last name, I sense feminist sensibilities — and a feminist agenda. Therefore, I don’t trust her judgment or motivations. While my heart goes out to any abused or abandoned woman fighting for her rights, I try to keep a balanced view of the aguna problem.


    NOTICE: the following comment is only aimed that the
    ridiculous slogan bellow. Not aimed at the campaign (which i don’t care about).

    “Every Agunah is my sister”.

    What in the bleep is that supposed to mean? Is not every Jew our brother or sister?

    When you claim “Every Agunah is my sister” what does that entail?

    If a “agunah sister” calls and need a ride to the airport, will the “brother” or “sister” give that ride?

    If a “agunah sister” gets arrested for suspended license, will the “brothers and sisters” come to the rescue (at 2am)?

    Etc…etc…etc…. i can write examples all day, but then my thumb will hurt ;)

    Practically speaking, to what extant are you “sisters”?

    Bottom line: its a stupid slogan, which means absolutely nothing!!!!

    With all the “friends” or so called “supporters” on the facebook page, they* could not get one person to volunteer to say Mishnayis for the “agunah sister” that passed away.

    *one of the people that joined the facebook group, suggested that “supporter ” divide the meshnayis for the nifters soul. No one stepped up to the plate. Two days later this person (seeing how phoney it was) left this group.

    • Kop Mentch

      “Every Agunah is my sister” means that I inherit her when she dies.

      Remember, follow the money…

      It also means that I, as a male, cannot EVER marry her because a brother cannot marry a sister.

  • Rz

    When I was in kolel, a rabbi gave a shiur and about gitten in general. He mentioned that agunahs, there are an equal number of men that are trapped. The reason that only women are discussed is due to liberal mentality. I happen to know a man that his wife was blackmailing him and speaking rumors she was an agunah. Tghis was not true. The man later was got a hetter with 100 rabbanim to remarry. He left the get for the first wife at the Beis din and he got remarried.

    • Ben Hamo

      a doughther of a man in that situation is VERY active on the Hate page of the Mechalelei Shabbes

  • yankel der shlepper

    If anyone had an issue with how rabbonim act that person should move to another neighborhood or another city. It is unacceptable in halacha to participate in such an event. Especially that there are rumors that one of the organizers attended the church of the Messiah. This smells worse than the kol of tge shofar. Lats get the avoida zara or of our system

  • Moshe Chaim

    i was told they wanted to march outside the Shiva house! can you imagine the looks of the kids seeing a march a day after mom passed you thing the fear in there eyes would like similar to the kids peeking out the Berlin ghetto windows?

    • Chaim

      as we all know and just because they did not let a Free and open Exchange the Public was deprived of the facts.
      Thank you now to the News Sites for letting the Real Jews Comment.
      that Hate FB page by Mechalelei Shabbes and Church Members is a way to destry Jewish Life .
      Please Get Out of the Jewish Neighborood find yourselves a Church To Join.
      Thank You CROWNHEIGHTS.INFO for giving the Jews The time of day to expose the haters.

  • Chaim

    Everyone who divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery, and he who marries one who is divorced from a husband commits adultery

    • Ezra

      Only according to the Christian bible (Matthew 5:32), to which we don’t subscribe. “Chaim” needs to take his missionizing elsewhere.

    • Milhouse

      The Torah says otherwise, and the Torah is the absolute truth. Take your filthy “scripture” and get out of here, you idolater, you have no business on a Jewish site.

  • in our neighbirhood

    Women marching/protesting is clearly not modest… and even questionable for a man to do so.

  • the mob rules

    The mob that is baying for Rabbi Kuperman’s blood was instigated by the grandparents who are acting out of all proportion.

    Rabbi Kuperman is not the reason that their daughter was nifter, Perhaps their anger is fueled by guilt for letting their daughter treat her illness as she did, Breast cancer is curable today, especially when it is caught at stage 2 and treated by an oncologist.

    This whole sordid story is something that should have been resolved between a husband and wife. Instead the grandchildren have been put through hell by their grandparents.

    Bsuros Tovos

  • for shame

    Shame on you all. for rushing to judgement without knowing any facts. This is NOT an aguna case. It sets back the cause of the agunas.

  • to #12

    I see your point. But stating that the officers were black, in that context is extemely racist. Don’t be a fool.

    • 2 sides

      it has nothing to do with the color of their skin, the point was that they were goyim/strangers happened to be they were shvartze/black, too.

      sorry for the confusion.

  • There are NOT two sides

    A man can go to the courts and ask for custody of his children. the courts can FORCE a woman to let her husband/ex husband see the kids. The same women can not have her request for a get FORCED by the Bais Din or Courts. There are NO two equal side to a Get story. There is a man withholding a get and woman who can’t do anything about it.

    • Milhouse

      1. The courts are very biased against men and for women

      2. How do you know the woman is entitlled to a get? In some case she is, but in most cases she is not, so why would you want to support her?

  • ATT: Groise Tzadikim & Baalei Halacha

    Stop with all this Shakla Vetarya, if you’re a Rov and a Yodea Sefer, and of course Ohev Sholom Verodef Sholom, please find it in your heart to seek a solution to the Aguna problem – an epidemic which no one can deny exists and is getting worse – rather than knocking down the ideas already put forth. Stop enabling abuse. If there’s one current issue which can Ch’V lead to people throwing away torah it is this issue, who would want to be part of something that keeps people chained to abusers for the sake of torah? Yidden, Eis la’asos lashem. Please!!! Do it for the future of Am Yisroel, find a solution NOW!!!

    • Milhouse

      I do deny that it is “an epidemic [that] exists and is getting worse”. In most cases there is no aguna at all, merely a moredes who is not entitled to a get, and makes outrageous demands and threats. There are genuine cases of iggun, in both directions, but they are not nearly as common as the false activists pretend.

      In a normal case nobody has the right to leave their marriage without their spouse’s agreement. If one spouse wants to stay married the other one must remain no matter how little he or she likes it. If the other spouse wants something in return for agreeing to a get, then give them what they want, or reach a compromise. Only in unusual cases such as violence, etc., can a beis din order someone to give or accept a get.

  • disgusted

    this is a revenge hateful march And anyone who joins is partner to sinnas chinum and nekoma Shame on us … i hope it gets zero publicity…

  • Supporting abusers

    Thank you for showing your true colors. Now we know you support wife abusers.

    • Beware the ides of March!

      Totally ridiculous remark!
      The truth is, that now we know that is an open forum allowing both sides of a controversy to speak their mind. And from the looks of all the comments, those who support this march and refuse to give these orphans their personal clothing back, are pretty much out of their minds….

  • Anonymous

    To number #15.
    And those are the facts ??? Because you say so???
    Get ur story straight from the other side !!!

  • Mark My Word

    Anyone who Chas Vesholom participates in this march
    will have hell on earth, besides for the fact that there are 2 sides to every story… There are 6 Yesomim WHO DONT WANT THIS and a young mother who just past away WHO DOES NOT WANT THIS MARCH (any normal logical parent would agree) as it would ad salt to an open wound and their (the yesomim) crys are herad my GD so be very careful and DO NOT attend

  • Anonymous

    I recently heard a modern orthodox rabbi talk about the situation for women whose husbands do not give them gets. He said, “that future brides should all get prenuptial that include if wife wants get, husband must give it. Any judge would make the man give his wife a get if he sign a prenuptial.

  • why

    are rabbis gutnik and ulman mixing into crown heights? if they want to paskin like the RCA and the MO pask that prenuptial agreements don’t make the get possul – then they can do so in sydney. The Rabonim here have the right to live up to the frum standards endorsed by Rav Elyashiv and many other’s – that preenups later invalidate the get causing very serious issues

  • To#15 (two sides to the story)

    Thank you for bringing the other side of the story to light. I would like to know more information about this, is there a way I can contact you?

  • rachel

    if the organizers were found to be dancing in a church on youtube then this event cant take place in the Rebbes shuchana

  • it's very clear

    A very big rav once commented:
    We look at the results ——-if it causes machlokes and division then it’s a sign that it is WRONG!!
    The entire campaign has totally split friendships.
    It has even caused machlokes in homes – in marriages, r’l.
    How are these people going to answer to G-d?
    NOBODY and I’ll say it again NOBODY knows what the real truth is.
    Using social media to air shmutz is never right – nothing justifies the hours wasted on this.
    All the yentas on facebook are not doing anything except gossiping and fighting with anyone who has a different opinion. HOW CAN THIS BE VIEWED AS SOMETHING GOOD?
    As parents we do everything in our power to protect our children – they sent in child services two days after shiva?????????
    These kinderlach nebach were subjected to having their clothes removed .. to rule out the accusations of the accusers.
    There is something very wrong with a family that did not organize a single thillim group when this nifteres was so so sick.
    A shiva house is meant to talk about the nifter, in this house all they talked about was “hate” – it was most uncomfortable to be in that house.
    How can a family that were supposedly intelligent do something so incredibly outrageous?

    Why are outsiders mixing in to this when they never ever sat down with both sides?

  • What a Farce

    If this march was really about bringing justice to Agunot why don’t we see Jewish organizations like Organization for the Resolution of Agunot (ORA) who work to help Agunot, participating in this march? Because this march isn’t about Agunot. It’s about the agenda of one women,Itta Werdiger-Roth. Her restaurant closed down recently and now she seems to have found something else to alleviate her boredom. This isn’t about woman’s rights. It’s about one woman’s agenda to take down one man. What a sham. If Itta Werdiger-Roth was so interested in helping Agunot, why wasn’t she marching in the streets when the get was initially refused? Why hasn’t she marched in the streets for other Agunot who need help?

    The unfortunate result of this march is that it hurts other Agunot by diverting the agenda to shaming a man whose wife is not even alive anymore. Itta, go home and take care of your family instead of going to dance parties at the local church. We don’t want you in our shchuna.

  • anyone complaining about this march

    Ask yourself this questions: “What have I done to help the plight of agunas in the Jewish community?”
    if your answer is “nothing” then take your complaints and go complain about something else.

    • Beware the ides of March!

      Totally missed the point. The march is not for agunos in any community!
      This march is to benefit the cause of hatemongers who wish to destroy a family.


      I did more than any man can ever do!!!

      I #HASHTAG for Agunhas. I also colored my very own poster and will ‘like’ the t-shirt idea on facebook (but wont actually purchase one).


  • A good cause

    Someone is courageous enough to make some noise about a real and serious issue in our community.

    Yes it is much easier, and doesn’t force us to ask some serious questions about our whole belief system, if we ignore this issue. But that’s exactly what allows it to continue. It takes an open mind to accept that there is a problem and strength and courage to do something about it.

    If you don’t agree with her approach, then by all means, take the initiative and do something else to help agunas.

  • Millhouse & Citizen Berel

    Thank you Mr person for actually providing news coverage rather than be part of a hush up.


  • Great Dane

    Divorce is a two way street, and often the fathers and kids are the ones who suffer most. Sadly, the “agunot” are not the only ones chained: First of all, I sadly know many men who are “agunim”; their wives won’t accept a get. Often, women use the kids as horrible pawns by claiming false abuse by the father. These horrible claims destroy kids. Social Services often are afraid to state a father isn’t an abuser, even though he isn’t and the only “proof” is the mother’s false claims. SS are afraid because of the slim chance they mother isn’t making it up. In the meantime, kids and their father suffer.

  • rabbi kuperman is 100% right

    Read comment #27, it’s 100% accurate and all those accusing Rabbi Kuperman of any wrong are being motzei shem ra! Shame on all those who listen to lies and believe phony facebook posts! It’s enough that there are people having to mourn the death of a beloved, but to pour salt on their wounds? This is not what our community stands for, nor is it in our interest to provoke hate and falsehood. This march does not have the backing of our community and all those who attend shall be put in cherem! What a public shame and chillul hashem!

  • one problem with this march is

    That the need for this march exists.

    the bigger problem is that some people refuse to believe that there’s a problem.

  • yankel der shlepper

    WHERE ARE THE RABBONIM? This was unheard ever before that women should march in a protest or for any other reason.Crown Heights community became an easy target to all bad and evil streams starting from the kol of The Shofar and now this. This is the first time in Jewish history that religious women are marching in public in an organized protest. and all Rabonim from all spectrum of the rainbow are silent!!!
    is this the neighborhood the Rebbe had mesirus nefesh for?! it is an embarrassment to be part of this community!!! The Rabbonim should come out against this Pritzas geder! If any aguna ir for a fact any person suffering from any issue of wrong doing they should consult the shulchan aruch what they should do, that what is allowed and that what is not permitted. Someone should be there and make a list of all women and girls participating and put them on the black list of shidduchim

    • BigBen

      Yankel, seems like the fumes from whatever you are shlepping are clouding your already deranged mind. Shake a leg and wake up. It’s 2015 not 1915.
      There is a real issue here and don’t threaten people with blackmail.

  • dovid

    this is pure sickness what MK and Family W is doing to this family i know the story from the beginning…the low that these guys would do to their own nieces and nephews grandchildren is sickening. just hope this family can have some privacy and normalcy once again together with their committed father in peace..

  • I beg everyone to stop writing Shetusim

    For the sake of the children. Stop this. If you want to do something right. Think of the kids and help them in any way but quietly.
    Good Voch

  • let's be real

    This March is being planned out of anger and hate. The “unchain my sister” facebook page did absolutely nothing to help the yesomim. They are failing to give proper support to a family when they need it most.
    They have failed to provide any proof for any of their sick allegations.
    They have one mission and that is to destroy Rabbi Kuperman’s life.
    I find it hard to believe that they don’t realize how with every passing day they are causing more and more harm to the innocent children.
    To the community, please don’t pass judgments on something that first of all is none of your business, and secondly when there is ABSOLUTELY NO PROOF of ANY of the allegations.
    Until now i didn’t realize how low people can fall. I’m slowly learning how, even religious, people can act so evil.
    This march is doing a serious injustice to every true aguna out there.
    This march is not being backed by our rabbanim and is coming from a very dirty place.
    Please use your common sense. If it were dealing with your children would you be pro the march?
    It’s not to late to do teshuva.
    I encourage everybody to donate generously to the Kuperman fund.
    Moshiach Now!!!

  • Unchan The March !

    The organizers of tomorrow march need to realize that they are alienating many people that agree with the march and want to march, but wont be due its link to a specific family. If the organizers come out with a statement ” “Unchaning The March ” from the family they would have a much greater turn out. How sad would it be for this most important cause which has finally gained traction to limit it self by chaining it self to the family.

  • Moshe R

    All this talk made me go to the Besht the past few weeks. The people there are all so warm. The Rabbi there is the greatest thing I ever heard. Now I look forward all week for Shabbos.

    Sadly this fighting made me find my new home. So I’m a little happy and sad at the same time.

  • to number 71

    Have u considered that the Rabbonim are quiet because there is nothing wrong with women marching in support of a good cause?
    Have u considered that the Rabbonim know that the problem of agunas is a real problem in our community?

  • Return the childrens clothing/belongings to them!

    I see some of you have taken an active role in the “Unchain my sister” group on facebook. I am glad to see people support change. I am not glad to see people support spewed hatred and brazen lies. If you believe Esty and Michoel Kazen who claim the children are their number one priority perhaps you can ask them why they are withholding the childrens clothing and belongings and instead of returning them they hold them in the Kazen home? Should children not be given their belongings? The children have asked for them repeatedly and have been denied. Why are yesomim crying over their unreturned belongings? What excuse can the Kazens come up with? I certainly can’t think of a valid one. Be careful with people who spew hatred and lies. Feel free to validate this information.

  • Esty Kazen

    why did you tell your sister not to do chemo ? You are directly responsible for this! Why are you holding children’s clothing at your home ???

    Shame on YOU !!

    • they did worse then that

      not only did they cause the death and blame it on the husband they beat him up got him fired from every job he had so now the kids have no food or clothes

  • This is vengence

    If this really was about Agunot, the march would go to the homes of men who really refuse to give a Get. Instead, it’s about destroying a decent man & his children. In my opinion, since he will be the custodial parent as there are clearly no signs of abuse, Rabbi Kuperman should take his children back to Israel & raise them there. And the vindictive inlaws will never see their grandchildren.


    Ok ok, I saw enough!!!

    On Friday Mrs. Itta Werdiger Roth posted on her facebook page that she has EVIDENCE against Rabbi Kuperman and whomever would like to see this “evidence” should PM her.

    I was suspicious regarding this so called evidence, because if you have evidence, let the world see it. Especially when you are already running web-sites regarding this issue.

    But here is where I see that this person is a lying propagandize…

    She edited her post to state the following:

    Itta Werdiger Roth
    March 20 at 12:58am · Brooklyn, NY · Edited ·

    “Alright: I have to edit this as well because I’m getting emails like “send me the evidence you have and then I’ll stop supporting Kuperman”. Um, any person that actually supports K – this is not for you. You think I have forensic evidence or copies of an invisible gett? I have A TIMELINE of events. The events speak the truth. If you need a copy of this, I can send it to you, you may PM your email, but I need to know who you are and I need someone to vouch for you too.”

    She doesn’t have any evidence, she never had any evidence and she will never have any evidence.

    A “timeline” is not evidence. If there was evidence attached to this timeline, then the timeline helps put the actual evidence into prospective. Just having a self made timeline, is NOT evidence.

    Just for the fact that this Itta Werdiger Roth flip-flops on her claim, I must conclude that she is untrusted, lying propagandize (with an ugly agenda).

    • YMSP

      Someone sent around her husband “Matthue” ‘s “historical” take on gittin and how things used to be. He quotes “The Sopranos” as his source.

      The truth is that communities did in fact used to try to do everything to prevent a get and help people involved, saving hundreds of families in the process. – The opposite of his nonsense.


    In the coming days, I’m going to post (on my site) documents of what happens to children when ACS comes knocking on your door.

    If ACS was called as an act of revenge, then the caller/informer is an evil SOB, who should be (him or herself) arrested for abuse of children and abuse of a system meant to protect children.

  • Millhouse & Citizen Berel

    One thing I don’t gett is who the corporate sponsors will be?

  • Millhouse & Citizen Berel

    Activism is a good thing well it serves the right purpose

  • Millhouse & Citizen Berel

    And the times are changing

    First yet came for the child abusers, then they came for the wife abusers, soon they’ll go for ……???????

  • Cancel the march

    Confused ??
    There has been an agunah for 35yrs in Crown Hts — Roth never marched once.
    Roth herself writes that she’s not sure if it’s the right thing to march.
    Rabbi M Gutnik the only Chabad Rov they had takes his name off.
    She jokes about going for BBQ in Bet putting a wreaking ball thur our community.
    I honestly think she means well but is wayyy out of her depth pls cancel this — in ur heart u know this feels wrong!!

  • Besht

    You Opened Everyone’s eyes.
    Thank God this shabbes at the BESHT Center
    was a full house many people had to stand there wasn’t one Chair available.
    many more anash came to the Kiddush to Mechazek the nice People of the Behst

  • mockery ...

    I’m not pro get holdin but from all my research the kuperman story does not go in that catagory
    & who is running this March , are these woman religious, Go by orthodox halacha , do they have a CH rav backing

  • Shameful comments.

    This is a peaceful protest with the aim of raising awareness for agunahs. Yes, the Vilenkin case was a catalyst but it morphed into general support for all agunahs and a call to improve the Gett process.

    The comments on these sites make me cringe. Had I not grown up on shlichus and had been forced to judge Lubavitch by CrownHeights, I am not sure I would still be Lubavitch at this point.


      The people organizing this even are outside agitators.

      Why do they do this in CH and not elsewhere? Just like the PETA people who come here during Kaparise. They know that in CH no one will throw rocks at them. On the contrary (and this is not a good thing), they will get more attention then they deserve.

      This event has nothing to do with Agunahs!!! This is a group of liberal feminist, who are using the agunah “crises” as a tool to push a bigger agenda.

    • YMSP

      Do you support of parental alienation, false arrests as common divorce plays (look up what Shulchan Aruch says about a moiser) and demanding gittin when one side wants reconciliation and offers a set number of counseling sessions (but, oh, no, that’s a “condition,” we can’t have “conditions”? We need to destroy the world instead..)

      Anyone who knows what this is really about, and what they are really about, cringes much more heavily than you do.

    • Shameful comments.

      Reconciliation is not always possible. It’s hard to believe that upstanding frum people may be less than perfect behind closed doors, but it happens all the time.
      Guess what. I had a conditional get. The condition as proposed by my abusive ex: ‘she should go to therapy’ because of course the problem was with me, not him. Well, after hearing me out the therapist said, you don’t need to be here. You don’t need therapy.
      There are two sides to every story but sometimes there is only one wrong side…

    • YMSP

      It’s not always possible, but absent clear and provable danger, it should always be tried, for everyone’s sake and because Shulchan Aruch (EH 119) stipulates as much.

      There’s a big movement to rip every marriage that has any problem asunder. Some of the same people then work to separate kids from parents and the cases of ACS overkill – Cantonist style stuff – are profound. They generally target single parents.

      Am not judging your case at all, ch”v, but therapists often see marriage in very secular light. If they talk only of feeling and nothing of commitment, they harm everyone – and usually the women are harmed most.

  • YMSP

    Today is Beis Nissan (Yahrtzeit of Rebbe Rashab). In Ashkavta D’Rebbe it explains how the healthy Rebbe Rashab got sick because the communists took Rostov and that a) he can’t be with them – the last two generations were given this task b) they rise up like a big balloon but are nothing and will pop.

    These people are committing every sin in the book, have sought to prevent attempts at reconciliation when it doesn’t fit their agenda and have taken other cases that were easy to solve and turned them upside down so that no one could solve them, all for their own glory.

    Rabbi Dovid Eidensohn, a musmach with shimush of Reb Moshe (that would be Feinstein) who also has shimush from R’ Elyashiv, is one of the few people with the guts to speak out and source halacha. His stuff is easily searchable (not to be confused with Daniel Eidensohn, who just posts stuff and is not reliable).

    Anyone taking part in the protest, aside from compromising the validity of certain gittin, is acting like Al Sharpton and is about as halachically acceptable as he is.

  • השם ישמור

    חילול השם
    נגד השם ומשיחו
    דווקא ביום בית ניסן נגד מוהרשב שנלחם נגד הקומוניסטים
    באים הם כאן ומטמאים ילדינו ובנותינו ה”י
    להתרחק מהן

  • Milhouse

    Sheigetz, get out of here. This is a Jewish site, and your filthy “scripture” has no place here. The Torah says Hashem allows divorce — provided both sides agree to it. Divorce is sad, and should only be a last resort, but if both sides want it they have the right.

    The only problem is if one wants it and the other doesn’t. In such a case the halocho says that in a normal case they have to stay together, but there are exceptions in unusual cases where it’s just impossible for a person to stay in such a marriage (e.g. if there is violence ch”v).