Authorities Mounting Desperate Search for Missing Family

Crown Heights Shomrim and the NYPD have begun an extensive search for a missing family who have not been heard from or seen since January 31st 2015. Authorities are seeking information regarding the whereabouts of the Kutsy family along with their two daughters.

UPDATE: The family has been located and they have turned themselves in.

Authorities have not released any info besides the names of the parents, Alan Velvel Kutsy and Chana Yehudis Kutsy, and their children Riva (4) and Yosefa Chaya (3), have last been seen Saturday, January 31st 2015.

Both Crown Heights Shomrim and the NYPD Detective Squad are seeking information regarding their whereabouts and are in fear for their safety.

A lot of misinformation is being spread both in messaging apps and social media. According to the authorities the family is still believed to be missing and anyone with information as to their whereabouts, or of the family is reading this, they are asked to contact Shomrim or the 71st Precinct Immediately.

The number for the Shomrim Hotline is (718 774-3333 and for the 71st Precinct is (718) 735-0511




  • Hashem Yerachaim

    How did they go missing? what kind of responsible parents are they? Hashem please help.

  • confused

    Have heard of missing persons but never a missing family ? maybe there on holiday somewhere !?

  • chevra

    it seems like the children are considered missing bec. the parents were not allowed to run away with them. the parents are not really missing ,. shomrim just cant find them.

  • R. Shmuel

    As we know, b’h reciting tehillim in such times has its benefit. So with every letter and word and perek said, may it be in their merit for a positve outcome and safe return.

  • the parents arent allowed to have their children

    so they took them…. choldren missing… kidnapped(i guess)

  • dont people get it?

    The poor children were not supposed to be in the parents’ custody for reasons that are rather obvious.So when the parents “kidnap”children it means they are in danger and therefore efforts need to be made to remove them from that situation.From the comments it sounds like people are very naive or uninformed.In any case, the children need to be found.IYH’.

    • parents are not perfect.

      But childrens and parents ned ich other , they are a family after all , even if parents are not perfect

  • You are right people don't get it.

    Based on the information circulating, it seems the whole family is missing. In reality, your version of events ( Parents don’t have custody of the children, and have taken them anyway and run away) seems to be the legitimate situation here- watch out for these people.

  • just part of the story is told here....

    if they are (presumably) with their parents – why is so many resources spent on finding them ? just so they can “get lost” again by their own parents?!

    Obviously some city or state order/rooling didn’t stop them this time… why/how will it stop them next time ?!


  • mad winter

    To 16 I believe that one is kidnapping 2 and abusing his wife look into story deeper than you will see a picture of a abusive husband

  • strange case

    It said on another site that the parents were given temporary custody so how can they be missing?

  • are you ok #17

    Wow you are either a troll and not funny at all or seriously impaired if you believe all children belong with their parents.Sometimes children are abused and wives are abused or both and therefore, no one should have to be forced to live under such conditions. Children are innocent victims of some very sick people who shouldn’t be near their kids.Since you don’t give two cents about the suffering of others,maybe you should go back into your hole.

    • Citizen Berel

      What a fantastic comment. You have a different view than me so you are a troll or seriously impaired and don’t give cents for human suffering. What lives in a hole. You must live in a dark, dark world.

      I’m neither a troll nor impaired nor do a I live in hole, and I fully agree that generally kids belong with their parents.

      The state has been a bad actor for so long that they have absolutely zero credibility.

      If you don’t agree with me you are rampaging pillager, a would be robber of children from loving parental arms, trading them to nanny state for not even 2 cents.

      See how that works.

  • y

    what is your issue the parents are endangering the kids and all u have to say is go parents

  • first hand

    I am a witness to the husband being an abuser physical and verbal also sexual . No reason he should have custody .

  • yup this is real live situation: please be respectful

    these are my friends, i love this family and their kids, but after their abusiveness to themselves and the kids, and escaping authorities, i definitely want the kids to go back to their foster family,
    may we only know goodness,kindness and bring moshiach now

  • bitul toyreh

    who asked you for your opinions. a bunch of yentas. go do a mitzvah. syog lchochma shtikah.

  • Heartbreaking

    This is such a terrible situation…as a community we should not be blaming anyone. This family obviously needs help. Hope they will be located safely & get the treatment/therapy/intervention they need to live a healthy & happy life

  • sad

    Once met these kids together with two wonderful and caring foster parents. They are hurting too after giving so much love to their “daughters.”

  • litvak

    they were found. you can take this down. find somewhere else to stick your noses in.let Hashem be erech apayim and you mind your own business. pray for your own treyfene nshomos.