Eliot Spitzer Courts Young Crown Heights Voters

Crown Heights [CHI] — Several dozen members of the Crown Heights Jewish community gathered tonight, August 26, at the Basil Pizza & Wine Bar to meet with Democratic candidate for New York City Comptroller Eliot Spitzer.

Mr. Spitzer previously served as attorney general and governor of New York State, before a scandal forced his resignation.

He was invited to make his case before voters in the Crown Heights community by a committee headed by activists Shlomie Hecht, Mendy Margolin and Yossi Rapoport, who coordinated the event along with Rabbi Yaacov Behrman.

Mr. Spitzer arrived at the restaurant at about 6:45pm. He was introduced by Rabbi Behrman, who welcomed him on behalf of the 25 Crown Heights synagogues participating in the event.

Rabbi Behrman emphasized Mr. Spitzer’s record as A.G. and governor, where he was known by the nickname ‘sheriff of Wall Street,” and argued that he is better qualified than his opponents to do the job of New York City comptroller.

After the introduction, Mr. Spitzer spoke to the crowd, laying out his vision for the city and his plan of action once elected to office.

A question and answer session followed, during which a few attendees pressed Mr. Spitzer for his position on several issues – most notably school vouchers. (Mr. Spitzer said they are not legally feasible.)

The event was especially well attended by young professionals in the Crown Heights Jewish community, and several members of Brooklyn’s Satmar and Bobov communities were also spotted in the crowd.

A confidential source told CrownHeights.info that the organizers of the event received a harshly-worded e-mail from nationally syndicated talk-show host Michael Savage, who berated them for supporting Spitzer as Orthodox Jews, given his scandalous past.

The organizers politely responded that Mr. Spitzer openly regrets his past shortcomings, and if voters believe he is better suited for the job, his personal history should have no bearing on the matter.


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  • yossi

    u guys do not have any idea who this guy spitizer is he destryord people lives to get famous when he was attorny general.he is toaly against business people .i will never vote for this guy .u have no right to endorse spitzer in the name of crown heights.

  • Uncle Mendel

    He got kicked out of ARLANS, is Crown Nights next?
    Does the man have no shame?

  • young kids

    young kids who may know how to dress well but have no clue. not that spelin knows better however we need a healthy balance. spitzer is a low life.i would be ashemed to stand near him never mind a picture. if its politics shame on your choice

  • Michelle

    Very well, bond strong ties, forge great friendships, gaze forward, Shloimie Hecht you’re impeccably dressed.

  • Very odd

    Random, why do ppl like the guy? Besides his personal stuff, his manner of working was to basically steamroll anyone and everyone. Oh and btw this thing happened in the 20’s that woman got the right right to vote… just thought some ppl needed to know that….

  • embarrassed

    how can this be good? crown heights supports a shamed…yes, pervert.?
    we are trying to teach our children morals, we have meetings to become informed about sexual predators…and we support eliot spritzer ????!!!
    why does everyone look so happy?

    • News

      Just because someone was plastered all over the news it does not mean that the other candidates don’t do the same.

  • embarrassed

    and is anthony weiner the next guest of honor?
    “tatie…who is eliot spitzer? why are you supporting him?”
    “oh he’s a nice guy who made a few mistakes, like paying $80,000 for prostitutes and supporting same-sex marriage, but never mind, maybe he can help us.”

  • Disgusted

    Were all these guys there for a photo op? Do they really believe they should put their names behind this moral degenerate & political hypocrite? Who are they going to grovel to next, Anthony Weiner?

  • Monica Lewinsky

    Next to visit Crown Heights is Monica Lewinsky. She will be running for vaad hakashrus.

  • Milhouse

    “Sheriff of Wall Street” indeed! Malicious prosecution and extortion is more like it. He was deeply corrupt and vindictive as AG, continued in the same way as governor, and met his downfall because he was caught engaging in the same financial transactions that he made illegal for everyone else. Nobody seems to mention now that his resignation wasn’t motivated by regret, it was a plea bargain with the FBI. In return for leaving politics he avoided federal criminal charges. So why isn’t his return to politics a violation of that bargain?


      And this is why he is a perfect fit for the corrupt cabal of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, inc.

      Wheres the money?

  • mendel

    sadly, in this new “young” crown heights, in all these pictures, only one person is wearing a hat. are we not chassidim?

  • Dovid

    Elliot Spitzer’s ‘appetite’ started as Attorney General. As AG, Spitzer was trusted to go after criminal enterprises. Yet he broke the law and knowingly was patronizing a criminal enterprise. His office prosecuted major prostitution rings. As governor Spitzer instructed the state police to monitor his political opponents. Instead of using the state troopers to protect NYers he wasted tax payer resources to target the NY State Senate Majority Leader, a Republican. Spitzer has a record of abuse of power and no regard for the law. He has wasted tax payer resources and yet he is running for the office that is responsible for making sure tax payer resources are spent the most efficiently. Spitzer is the most unqualified person for the job. Spitzer’s opponent in the primary, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer or Republican candidate John Burnett are 100 times more qualified for the job.

  • wondering

    a bunch of losers with ties … anything for a free pizza … disgusting! should have stayed home and looked into a sefer instead.

  • Leo de Toot

    Amazing. This man has little to commend him – no major policy initiatives, no philosophical insights, no evidence of any interest in the city apart from furthering his own selfish needs – i.e., acquiring more personal and professional power. (Not to mention the fact that this man no moral credibility.) Please, Crown Heights, don’t get sucked into another failed politician’s selfish ambitions!

  • One Big Sleepover

    This is a huge mistake. This guy did not just sleep around, he did it while prosecuting others for the SAME THING!!! He was with “high class” women and now hes with us. What does that say?

  • yossi

    I personally have much more respect for Anthony Weiner, (who btw is fully Jewish, see video interview with mom on yeshiva world done a few years ago)
    He was not a two faced “finger wagger” caught with women of ill repute.
    Spitzer should stay at home, oseh maaseh zimry umevakesh sechar kepinchas.Hizoharu min hatzevuim!

  • What sleaze!!!

    Chabad is backing this moral corrupt and degenerate person?? Really? I see the usual crowd of wanna-bes…

  • wake up

    Wake up people. You dont have to live by his standards but it cant hurt to have supported him should he win.

  • Feh!

    What a disgrace. I have to agree that all these guys look like a bunch of wannabees. Feh! Spitzer is a joke and now Crown Heights is a joke.
    It is disgusting to see the TL that goes on with politicians. All we see are empty suits with pretty ties. You get an A+ for the ties, otherwise you’re all empty, empty, empty and useless.

  • Milhouse

    Let me be explicit about how Spitzer behaved as Attorney General. He would single out one person or company, investigate it down to the floorboards. If he found any wrongdoing at all, good; and if not, he’d think up some novel way in which something it did quite innocently could be interpreted as contrary to some obscure clause in a law somewhere. He would then proceed to “make an example” of this person or company, ruining his life or driving it out of business. He would then go around the other players in the same industry sector, who were no doubt doing the same things, because they were the standard in that sector, and solicit campaign donations from them. He didn’t even have to make the threat explicit; it was clear to all what might happen if they should refuse to donate.

    That is your “Sheriff of Wall Street”.

  • News Brainwashing

    The News pics and chooses who to badmouth and who to goodmouth.

    Just because the News picked on Weiner and Spitzer – I am not convinced that the other candidates have not committed worse acts.

    Look at Quinn who’s life is dedicated for inappropriate marriage. Wash she ever badmouthed in the News.

    Get your facts from the TORAH – not from Secular News.

    • Milhouse

      The news had nothing to do with it. It was the FBI who caught Spitzer in his crimes.

  • Yeshivos

    If spitzer wins – I hope he will finally give minimal support to our poor Yeshivos.

  • Whose treat?

    Wonder if Spitzer paid for the pizza, he seems to pay his way for everything.

  • can't beleive it

    such a shanda and a bisha to vote for it i will not put my vote in for him

  • person

    im sorry but if u go for that that spitzer than i feel bad
    for the crounheigts and come on think a little just a little

  • Jewish

    Though I agree with Savage on this matter and almost all political matters (unlike George Zimmerman issue where Savage sadly was on Al Sharpton’s side), Savage should know a thing or two about sucking up to the presumptuous winner. Like when he donated money to Democrat Jerry Brown of California and advocated for his candidacy.

  • Why ?? and Why not...

    Just don’t get why are we supporting this guy??? Its not a secret why he resigned Governor in addition to his steamroller approach when in office.
    The office of Comptroller should be filled with someone who is a diplomat in approach and plain serious about doing the peoples work of keeping watch over the city’s fiscal health and pension funds. We should be mindful of advocating someone who has made a not so subtle mistake first time around not to mention we as Yidden should not be advocating and honoring for someone who blatantly went against the 10 commandments.

  • present a balanced picture

    Why do the organizers not invite Scott Stringer to present his plans for this office. It is only fair and the right thing to do, especially if they are really interested in being effective community politicos that people will take seriously.

    Besides he is a much better candidate, and a human being as well.

  • Yanky770

    Besides being a lowlife, Spitzer is married to a non jew and has 3 non jewish children. There is no reason for chassidic jews to role out the red carpet for such a person!

  • Ari

    Why don’t all you phony “Republicans” on food stamps and every other government stop bellyaching and find something more useful to do with your time than engaging in projection. Need I remind you, that the good “conservatives” of South Carolina just elected Mark the philanderer Sanford to Congress.