Video: Abuse Will Not Be Swept Under the Rug

A YouTube video warning of and decrying child sexual abuse has gone ‘viral’ drawing over 3000 hits in just one day. The video is being published by Jewish Community Watch and was produced by Mendy Pellin is aimed squarely as counselors and staff members in summer camps and delivers a powerful message.

Appearing in the video is Mendy Pellin himself, followed Rabbi Yossi Jacobson, Rabbi Levke Kaplan, Dr. Ashar Lipner, Mr. Benny Forer and Meyer Seewald – who was long believed to be behind the JCW initiative, and for the first time makes the claim publicly.

The video urges staff members in summer camps to not cross the line, no matter what. And should someone have any urges to do – to seek help and not take a job in a summer camp.

This video was released in response to the universal rejection of JCW’s Project E.M.E.S.


  • Parents of kids going to camp

    G-d bless you guys and give you the strength to carry out this task that you took upon yourselves in protecting the next generation!

    • Illegal Website.

      Here are some of the reasons this website is Illegal:
      -It posts people on the sole basis that they are part of a race. Only “Jewish” “Orthodox” people are posted.
      -It destroys peoples lives and reputation before any charges, arrests or convictions- Defamation Laws.
      -They threaten people into admitting guilt and/or supporting their website.

      If a person opened a website about “Black Criminals” they would face discrimination lawsuits.

  • The video is Ina

    The video is inappropriate and should not be on ur website.
    I address my questions to me seewald. You asked camps to give u all the staff members names so u can look through ur data base. Why not publish ur database???
    u have 100s of names why aren’t u publishing them… Aha none of them have been proven aha so some of them might not be real…. Interesting!

    • Remarkable

      Your comment is remarkably ignorant. Obviously, they couldn’t publish every rumor they had. That would be terribly wrong. At the same time, camps may have a lead to investigate potential problems.

    • anonymous

      To a degree I will I agree with this comment – yet also disagree at the same time…

      In my opinion, and with all due to respect to M Seewald, while his cause is very noble – it is evident from the video that he is way too emotionally invested. I think he should collaborate with more professional people, who are trained to handle these situations. I feel that the video is too “vigilantly”

      Being a survivor myself of many sorts of abuse including sexual. I don’t blame myself, nor do I blame my perpetrators – what I do have a problem with, is why I never got PROPERLY educated to REPORT the abuse while it was going on…

      In stead of focusing on “catching” the bad guys – we should focus on educating the “good-guys” or the potential victims (which could be anyone).
      I teach my children that if anyone touches you in appropriately, or if anyone is too aggressive with you to a point where you feel violated and unjustified – you must let me or another adult know.

      To Mr. Seewald. I admire your efforts of doing what is right. I am sorry beyond words for horrific traumas you may have suffered growing up. How I suggest you get some professional help, learn to forgive yourself first, then learn to forgive those ill people who have hurt you. They are in the need of help the most in this situation. Calm down. stop the empty threats. in fact what you do not realize, is that you are further triggering those sick people. It’s a vicious cycle. I threaten you, you feel threatened and the way you relieve your anxiety is by sexually involving children… the cycle will never end – unless we get educated and educate everyone involved. We must trust the professionals and trust the authorities – we cannot take matters into our own hands. It simply doesn’t work that way.

      I wish you all a healthy and safe summer.

    • mk1122

      “Being a survivor myself of many sorts of abuse including sexual. I don’t blame myself, nor do I blame my perpetrators”
      Your obviously are not a survivor no one who suffered from sexual abuse will never say what you just did.

  • Anonymous

    We can’t have the most sensitive and difficult task
    run by an emotionally disturbed, uneducated kid. Whats wrong with Rabbi Jacobson???

    • Devorah

      Kudos to Meyer Seewald for pioneering such a holy mission and the support from our communities most dedicated leaders is just what we need to CLEAN THIS MESS UP!!
      To anyone who has better ideas of how this urgent work should be done, MAKE IT HAPPEN!! Focus your energy on supporting the people who are doing your dirty work or take some initiative and start something effective.

  • why pellin?

    great video, but why pellin? he is a comedian after all and it sorta waters it down.

    • Devorah

      Takes a village, everyone should do their part, comedians, plumbers, professors, everyone who has a big heart and cares about children. Thank you, Mendy Pellin for making people laugh and smile all the time and thank you for getting serious about putting yourself out there to protect children!!
      I’m kinda wondering why anyone would assume that comedians would care less about child abuse. As a dad, should Mendy want to subject his kids to camps are schools that are unsafe because he is a comedian? Or should he be taking a stand and generating change? Go Mendy!! No one will ever mess with your child knowing how aware and vocal you are!

    • PARENT

      Mendy is a father with little kids-“comedian” is his parnassa, not his personality. He wants his kids safe just as much as you do

  • amazing video!

    they had me till right at the end he has to add in “we will go out to destroy you” sorta turned me off, like makes you ask yourself what is their goal exactly? and are they %100 straight and honest themselves?

    • And therefore?

      So that’s it…reject protecting kids because your sensibilities were offended?


      “we will go out to destroy you”


      There are those who destroy molesters and there are those (that’s myself and my team) who destroy Mossrim.

      You destroy and eradicate evil, you don’t negotiate with evil.

    • Devorah

      Educate yourself about what it’s like to endure a prison sentence with a “P” on your forehead and then spend the rest of your life as a registered sex offender. It’s quite the destruction… NOT RECOMMENDED! Nothing untrue about it at all!

    • MargAret

      Anything Logical you say to someone disturbed will be rejected as someone who doesn’t care about kids.

  • True Justice

    Abuse should not be tolerated. But my issue is about the method of exposing alleged abusers.The JCW has accused people of being abusers without proof and therefore has destroyed innocent peoples’ lives. Who made the JCW judge, jury, and executioner? What gives them the right to defame individuals as abusers before those individuals were given due process of a legal trial? What steps will the JCW take to give the lives back to those people they defamed and whose lives they destroyed?

    • Why this untruth?

      Like whom???? If a person is innocent, you should be shouting his name from the rooftops…no?

    • Devorah

      True Justice, educate yourself about the work JCW, the only organization doing this kind of work in Crown Heights. You can learn about the rigorous process that they employ before publicizing a name.

    • Jay Just

      Like whom???? If a person is innocent, you should be shouting his name from the rooftops…no?
      No! If I were falsely accused of CSA I’d want to bury myself not have my name discussed regarding this issue.

  • cma

    Thats called friendly?

    I wouldn’t forward this to others only because I don’t want to accuse my friends the way Meir Seewald seems to be doing.

    • Devorah

      CMA, I hope that you have a better alternative for how to educate the people you care about regarding safety.

  • Kvellin' for Pellin?

    Mendy Pellin makes it too light of a subject. He does not do well being in this video with his antics.

    • Devorah

      Fact: Mendy Pellin is among the most popular entertainers in the frum community. This video has gotten more than 3,000 hits on it’s FIRST day viral, nothing short of a marketing miracle. Campers and staff will be more aware of personal boundaries and safety as a direct result of the education that Mendy’s video is generating!!

  • M.

    To the point and professionally made. I hope every camp shows this to their staff members on the first day. Even better if they email it out as well before
    they come to camp.

  • Finally! Educate and inform would-be abusers

    Its very good to see sensible, preventive -non reactive- steps being taken to educate and prevent abuse before it happens.

    this approach prevents not only the anguish and confusion to the obvious victims (the molested). but also to the secondary victims who suffer even more in silence (namely the spouses and family members of perps who’ve sought help but years later have been outed)

    by informing and educating sexual-deviants as to the extent of harm they may bring to another human being, this should surely open some eyes g-d willing! this has never been done before! lets hope

  • Nice to see mature ppl getting involved

    Having seewald in this discredits this
    kol ha mischaver im menuval misnavel gam ken!

    Im sure YY wishes he did not have to do this with that “friend” of our community

    • I am sure YY Supports seewald based off his letter of suport

      B”H. The month of liberation, 5773. March 2013.

      Dear Jewish Community Watch,

      In response to your request—as well as to the many other inquiries and requests for my reaction to the issue of child abuse.
      First, I want to express my sincere gratitude and accolades for all the hard work you and various other organizations and individuals are doing to put an end to the devastating crime of CSA, which has wreaked utter havoc in scores of innocent lives over so many years.
      Sadly, many people, including some in leadership positions, are ill-informed of the detrimental effects of child molestation. The average person who has not suffered through CSA doesn’t realize how so many of the abused suffer for years or decades from feelings of inadequacy, loneliness, shame, guilt, and pain. Many of the victims—due to their profound pain and skewed sense of self—find temporary relief in all forms of destructive behavior, including molesting a new generation of children. Many of them fall prey to terrible addictions in order to escape their agony. Untold numbers of these innocent souls are haunted by unbearable nightmares that won’t allow them to lead a normal life internally. Most of them struggle to maintain functional marriages, since their sexual boundaries have been brutally violated.
      Though recovery is surely possible—for the soul is more powerful than all else, and the Divine infinite power within each of us can overcome all darkness—the pain they must endure is heart-wrenching.
      Many people are equally ill-informed of how rampant the problem is, and of the great number of our youth that have been victimized over the years.
      But, thankfully, a new dawn has arrived.
      Ever since dedicated volunteers have taken action and established organizations to combat this ugly malady, the issue of child molestation has been brought to the forefront of the community’s attention. It is no longer possible to ignore the seriousness of this epidemic. At last, we have begun—and only begun—to take the necessary steps to eradicate this black stain for good.
      Initially, when the efforts began to expose predators’ names and photos, I was concerned that some activists would become obsessed with “witch hunting” and would inadvertently accuse innocent people of committing these terrible crimes—forever tainting their reputation. I was afraid that these investigations might not be thoroughly reviewed and vetted with the hyper-sensitivity and professionalism that this issue calls for. (I still shudder at the thought of an individual’s life being ruined by some mean-spirited person who has an axe to grind.) However, after much scrutiny I have learned that these investigations are thorough and honest. I have also learned that in cases where a past abuser is ready to be fully accountable and to do what it takes to help the victim through the healing-process (and, obviously, with experts testifying that he/she no longer poses a danger to the public), the abuser’s identity is not exposed. Additionally, I am also aware of dozens of cases presented to Jewish Community Watch that are not brought to light due to a lack of sufficient evidence.
      Given the above, it is my heartfelt hope that all parents, rabbis, leaders, community activists, educators, principals, spiritual mentors, therapists, social workers and counselors will begin educating themselves regarding the lifelong effects of child molestation. They will then come to understand the untold suffering brought upon victims of CSA. Just as we would do anything to stop a gunman from walking our streets and taking lives, heaven forbid (what Jewish law calls a “rodef”), so must we do anything and everything to stop the people who are murdering the psyches and emotional innocence of our children.
      We must also begin educating every single one of our young adults about two critical factors: 1) If they have been molested, help is available. They must know that if they will break the silence and reveal their story, they will be embraced rather than shunned, and will be guided with loving care towards a life of wholesomeness and happiness. We must give all of them the names and contact information of approved professionals, so they can reach out to them if necessary. 2) Preventive medicine: If they might ever be prone to engage in these terrible acts themselves, they must know: A) the horrific impact of such actions, and B) that there are things they can do to help them avoid becoming potential monsters who will surely destroy lives. They must all know that help is readily available for people with an inclination toward touching children inappropriately.
      Parents and educators must discuss these dangers with their children and students—both the danger of becoming a victim, as well as the danger of becoming an abuser. Every—and I mean every—Yeshiva bachur must be educated about these two items.
      We must also educate the community—both children and adults—on how important it is to talk to someone if they are privy to any sort of abuse being perpetrated in the community. To withhold this kind of information is essentially akin to being an accomplice and an enabler of the unthinkable crime of destroying lives in this vicious cycle. Most victims are too afraid or ashamed to speak up—and surely it is not their fault. They are terrified of being shunned, not believed, and of the possibility of being rejected forever. That is where our community stands today. We must change that and teach all of our youngsters that they will be heard, listened to, believed, and embraced with a loving heart and open arms. They will not be judged or ridiculed. We will treat their pain with the deepest respect and empathy.
      Lest you think that the above information is based on speculation, I must tell you that unfortunately that is not the case. I come here today after many years of learning firsthand about the tragic plight of victims, and the ugly plight of abusers—who in the process of murdering others, murder themselves, too. It is now abundantly clear to me that by educating every boy and girl in our educational institutions about the horrors of CSA as outlined above, we will literally rescue countless precious souls from untold years of misery.
      One case in point: A young man asked to meet with me some time ago. His story is not uncommon: He had been sexually molested in a particular Yeshiva by an older student who had been studying in this Yeshiva and was serving as a spiritual mentor of sorts to younger students. As the victim grew older, he in turn began to molest children himself, including his own siblings. (One of the facts about CSA is that it is often committed by close relatives or friends, and sometimes by very religious-looking people.) Concurrently, he had also become addicted to viewing unmentionable smut, which became part of his daily routine. He completely lost his boundaries for intimacy. Though he was—and still is—an extremely good-hearted young man, he was trapped in the disease of addiction and paralyzed by endless shame and guilt. He got married, but his marriage inevitably soon became dysfunctional. Floundering to survive, he discovered addictive drugs and was soon using them every day—including Yom Kippur. Finally, after hitting “rock-bottom,” this shattered “abused-abuser” shared his story with me. It was the first time that he had shared his true story with anyone, and it took him more than twenty years for to open up! He broke down and wept uncontrollably.
      So many lives were destroyed from the actions of that older student. And so many lives could have been spared if the young man, the initial victim, would have known as a young adult that help is available and that he didn’t have to suffer all alone.
      The brokenness and utter despondency I observed in this young man—and in many others with similar stories–is typical of victims of CSA. Many of them feel broken and crushed to the very core of their existence. Having been violated in the most vulnerable, holiest, and most sensitive part of their being—the part within us that most reflects G-d, possessing the ability to create new life—makes them feel like their lives are worthless.
      Too much blood has been shed on the altar of silence and fear without anyone uttering even a cry. Victims have lived far too long by the code of shame and silence, always blaming themselves for the cruelty of their perpetrators. The devil of abuse has been allowed to grow strong and rampant because of our silence. It is time to declare all-out war—a war of information and education—against the silent bullets that have claimed thousands of our holiest and most beautiful souls.
      We as a community must—and will—come forward publicly to support every effort being made on behalf of our innocent and precious youth. With Hashem’s help, we will succeed.
      For such is the nature of light: it dispels even the densest of darkness.

      Sincerely and thankfully,
      Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Jacobson

    • to 51

      Uh hu. and your choice of words sure speaks well about yourself. Kol hopesk bemumo posek. Thanks seewald for exposing us to the ugly world of csa

  • One man missing

    They should have a repentant molester describe the feelings of regret once they realize how they’re actions brought so much harm to an innocent child

  • Meirs havin too much fun

    Meir get off ur white horse step aside and let responsible grown ups in this vid give th effort some much needed credibility

  • Prevention happens by dstigmatization

    Getting sick ppl into counseling
    No amount of saber rattling will deal with the underlying mental disease behind molestation

    Educating potential molesters to get help is allot more rational

    Without treatment recidivism proves the futility of the vigilantly punitive remedy

    These sickos need serious help if we are serious about stopping their twisted unnatural orientation

  • The Rebbe says

    In the famous Purim farbrengen in the lamids
    The Rebbe said that instead of treating sexual deviences as evil or normal, it must be recognized and treated as a mental disorder! A disease of the brain that needs to be treated, not ignored, accepted or celebrated,

    If its assur and harmful that’s enough reason to root it out while its only an urge! Why wait till it takes an ugly tall, I like what Rabbi Jake said, There’s help out there for this condition, discrete and reliable treatment, don’t ignore it! Treat it before it causes harm to a victim, who chas vsholom may then become a perpetrator himself, the cycle must stop by early systematic intervention well before casualties begin to mount

    Thinking that threats and shame will reverse the underlying condition is misguided and infintile! Proffeaaionals know that this is a disorder far deeper than penalizing someone into being healed! History has proven that fighting the symptom instead of the cause is a waste of resources and endangers future victims by failing to focus on real effective sound prevention! System wide screening at or arround pubirty, an ounce if prevention is worth more than a pound of cure!

  • Issachar Levi

    The image of the rug covering a pile of abuse cases is SO right!
    KOL HAKAVOD to Jewish Community Watch!

  • Caring parent

    Touche on this video presentation. However, it would have only added in weight if a “yiddish speaking” individual would have been included in the presentation. Not pointing fingers, but unfortunately that’s where most of the abuse stems today!

  • Shocked

    I am shocked that these rabbinic leaders would join forces with this group of vigilantes that ruin peoples lives based on rumor and do not take down people names even after they have been proved innocent.

    • too shocked

      I am guessing these rabbinic leaders saw what you do not see and that is the evidence they have on people from the wall of shame.

      I have heard over and over from many different sources that they do a full investigation and it is not just a rumor.

      That have many people that endorsed them, why would they endorse them if it was just a rumor?

      Which names have been proven innocent?

    • very simple

      the reason people join them is they are scared if they dont people will say they are helping the pedo’s and they are as guilty as the ones doing the crime

      you have the same thing with sharpton and black people they call everyone a racist if you say anything against them so everyone is scared to say the truth or they will be taken down forever

  • Nice

    Nice video. Pity it has been organised by a disreputable organization, who have already made false accusations to bolster their name.

  • dov bennish

    To number 17 it was not the lameds but 5746. And Ms we get the point u don’t have to sound like a czar

    • To dov

      I was thinking the same thing.

      He sounds a bit thuggish.

      But then again look at it from the other side.

      Do you think a counselor that is about to molest a child 9 pm in the bunk will think of rabbi Jacobson message or Caplens beging them not to act on there urg.

      Or think of the wall of shame and seewald exposing them?

      I am sure they will think of his face before they touch a child.

      You have to play fire with fire sometimes. And we are talking about children being abused

    • Frustrated

      “Dvarim sheyotzim min halev nichnasim lalev” Words spoken from the heart enter the heart so yes Rabbis Jacobson and Kaplans words will resonate with people who need help and assures them there is help and there is hope for them to get better and this is not a never-ending cycle for them. After all most abusers were abused… But no one will be thinking about Meir Seewald and his comments because all he emulates is the thug he is acting like. He is not educated in this topic nor is he a legitimate threat to anyone because he works by emotion not logic. There is a high percentage of abuse that is not found out or reported and what he is doing doesnt even scratch the surface nor does it serve any purpose except maybe some vengeance and not even for the right reasons. He doesn’t belong on this video and in my opinion defeats the entire purpose of the message.

  • Psych Nurse

    I’m guessing that there will be the usual outcry that “camps can tell good staff” or “no one I know would do that”. or “there really wasn’t a need for this sort of video” and all the denials you hear ad nauseam.
    Before the protests that a good, frum male (or female, as the case may be) would never do ‘that’ to a child, after all, such a good pious person…such a devoted person…such a good family…….STOP. Realize that there are impulses & desires that are deviant from what is acceptable. They can be treated, privately and with utmost discretion.
    Unfortunately for those children who cannot bear the pain/damage/scarring of the soul caused by abuse and who wind up in child/adolescent psychiatric wards….their pain, their acting out, their suicide attempts are up front & visible to their fellow patients, the staff, the families & to those who care about them. It is not a pretty sight.
    How do I know? I was night supervisor of a state psych hospital for 20 years. We had adult wards, a unit for the deaf and two units rented out to U-Mass hospital’s psych units solely for the care of children aged 6 (yes,6) to late teens. It was not pretty. A common theme? All too many of these kids were the victims of abuse…physical and/or emotional and/or sexual.
    I had to ‘trip’ these units nightly. I’ll take the worse adult unit over the kids units any day. The horrors these kids experienced over and over in their minds was beyond belief!
    The worse case I saw was a little boy who had been abused by his father! It happens. It’s reality. A family member can be an abuser. The person can get help (Wouldn’t you get help for a broken leg? Why not help for a ‘broken’ sexuality?) and the abuse can be prevented. So, open your eyes, pay attention to your child and have the guts to address this!

  • Why wouldn't he be in the video?

    Why is everyone knocking down Meir? If it were not for him, this topic would not even have the platform it has today in our community. He did the job that no one else would. If you agree with his tactics or not, something had to be done. He’s playing a far greater role on awareness on this subject than most of our leaders.
    Like Pinchas with his spear! You transgress and we will destroy you! I see no problem with his statements.
    I commend everyone in the video who are finally shining light on the subject.

    • Pinchus?

      Good point, he means well, but he aint no pinchus, many of his accusations and information may be true but I just can’t trust everything he does or says.

  • meir needs to step aside

    to give this project legitimacy and trust worthiness

    I know of “Rabbis’ who publicly support this campaign but privately wish some (disturbed) characters stepped out of the way, bec their issues are compromising the integrity of this important work vda”l

    • lol

      You are a joke. If it was not for meir you would not even know abuse happens and is a epidemic in your community.

      And i doubt any rabbi will take over the organization and expose child molesters.

      And i believe if you found someone trustworthy and will expose the truth meir will be more then happy to step aside.

      i think he is sick of trying to protect your community, you guys are a bunch of stupid lubavitchers that think you know it all.

      i can not believe some of the comments here.

      Thank god i am not chabbad and never will be.

    • Saddened by the comments

      Meir needs to step aside for whom? Which rabbi has stood up and condemned CSA? Should Meir step aside for all those rabbis that covered up? Beforehand, they said nothing; now that someone stood up and made a difference, they want their respect back and want to take over? Makes no sense at all.

  • YY felt blackmailed...

    ask him face to face, there are good reasons why he wishes that angry bitter rebels who do “kol dovor asur b’farhesyeh” were disentangled from an otherwise critical cause…

    you dont care about a community when you spew apicursus and venom against theism in general and the rebbe’s teachings in particular, meir’s motives are not suspect their known to those who heard him speak his mind freely, he needs help, the right thing to do is to allow Rabbi Feiglin and Kaplan to take over the cause so they may lend much needed credibility and respect to this campaign to eradicte this illness from our midst

  • Impressive video but 50 yrs too late

    And is this video available in Eretz Yisroel (in hebrew) ?

  • Beryl the Baker

    Well done Meir!

    The same people that were saying that JCW was wrong and evil a year ago are saying now that you should step down from your position to give the Organization more legitimacy.
    Meir, we need more people like you with drive and passion to make a difference among people of indifference.
    Keep up the good work, and don’t listen to the detractors and nay-sayers.



  • Handled wrong

    A shame this issue is being handled by people who abuse and bully and destroy families themselves. They do not listen to REAL professionals or go according to halacha .they have posted people who are not a threat at all. But they have destroyed their families and children.

    • Pathetic

      Pathetic attempt to protect a predator. Who are you talking about?? Everyone is posting that “innocent” people are posted…WHO?? if they’re innocent, it is no problem to mention their names.

  • is this a Comedy show ?

    the picture is great
    can Seewald give some hair to kaplan ?

  • #32

    I agree, Meyer should step aside, so what is your name and number so JCW can call you to take Meyers job. I am sure you are ready to dedicate your life, 24 hours a day, with no pay, no support, no help.
    Oh wait, you mean you are not willing to step up and take over his job, and selflessly attempt to end CSA in the chabad community.
    Well I guess Meyer, you have your job back.

    • Frustrated

      How is Meyer ending abuse?! By publishing names at his own will with KNOWN and now proven bullying tactics! Any am mature watching this video can see his aggression and that all his says is emotional! A judge can not have a bias…

  • yanki

    This is really important, wish responsable people would be behind it.

    You intimidate people to publicly agree with you because if not “you would be supporting the victims”. This is blackmail at it’s best.

    Hashem created the humans in a sepcial way, and there’s a professional way to handle misuse of temptations. Publicly shaming never did or will help those people in the future never mind scaring the wits off people that might be innocent as well.

    Sorry JCW, but the benefits of your efforts are seriously not worth the damage you’re causing as well. That is unless you fix your course of action. You will have everyone’s blessing including mine.

    • Im shocked

      Truly a disheartening comment….There is no example that you can give regarding this. Its lies and vitriol and only gives strength to the klipah that is behind your mindset. I truly feel sad for you….you are totally wrong.

  • a

    I would like to thank Meyer Seewald for singlehandedly raising awareness in our community. What a shame when the only person who really cared for so long was a young boy! Instead of shaming him and offending him, why not join him and help protect your own children!! Say thank you and show appreciation for what he has done for your children!!

    Thank you to Mendy Pellin, Benny Forer and Rabbi Jacobson for showing support as well and doing everything that community leaders should be doing.

    It seems that the haters are afraid, afraid of getting exposed, afraid that their friends or family members will get exposed. Whatever it is, it is not more important than preventing abuse.

    As a survivor of abuse, I can tell you that all they said was true. It does destroy a child’s life forever. Don’t let yourself play a role in destroying a child’s life! Stand up for the truth!! Because those that remain silent are ultimately defending the evil.

    • Yet another example

      Your comment is that of a bully.
      I hate the website.
      I don’t agree with it’s tactics. Therfore I must be a molester or related to one?
      That is an in direct threat to me and my family for not agreeing with you.

  • Anonymous

    Kol Hakavod for the amazing work this organization is doing. About time someone brought this issue into the light!

  • watch out

    for those of you bashing seawald i happen not to know the guy. However, maybe it is about time people in the Jewish community watch the way they act because any tom dick or harry can open up a website and reveal the truth (or at least the other unpleasant side of the story). All of the frummies have an issue with CNN because they only tell one side, the mainstream media days are long over. Watch what you do because someone knows the truth and they will reveal it. Hashem sees everything and the internet is not far off from the same.

    • Watch the watchers

      So you are going to do what seewald does? And claim you are doing it in hasems way…

      Ye u make a lot of seance.

  • BCH

    Who in world appointed this Seewald character to any communal role? We have law-enforcement authorities in these United States and they know how to deal with suspected sexual predators. Thank you very much.

    Besides, how can anyone think that it is a good idea to put so much awesome responsibility for the fate of other people and their families into one man’s hands?

  • Shaina S. CH

    Meyer, c’mon ain’t exactly a beco of Morality yourself kiddo!

    Don’t u tell me that its really Rabbi Feiglin behind it, ur just his puppet?, now your ruining anyones trust of this thing!!

    I don’t get u!

    Yours truly = )

  • shliach

    Great Video, although I think its to extreme… it speaks to the secret Bochur with urges and skips the average innocent Bochur, that has no professional training with younger children.

    I would have added “Dear counselors your job is to give the kids a great a Dugmah Chaya no need to touch in any way… if they have a problem… such as a part of their body is hurting, or homesick, send them to the camp nurse…call a camp mother hanging around, NEVER touch or look in any shape or form.”.

    The video speaks to the bochur who C”HV has a sexual craving or urge, but does nothing to educate the Majority without those urges..

    This video will do a good Job scaring a Bochur….if that’s the Toeles then Mission accomplished!!!! but it also may prevent a Bochur from connecting with the child as a Dugmah Chaya…..


      Amazing…people just look for ways to bash a good cause. Project EMES was created to do what you are suggesting, but because you didnt care enough to call your camp about it – NO camps enacted it. If counselors look at project EMES in conjunction with this, they will understand the issues. Duh!

    • Crown Heights Parent

      If Project EMES was associated with the “sensible” people who spoke on the video, I am sure every camp would enact it. But because it is associated with Meir Seewald, though he is doing great work is much of a thug personality as he exposes on this video, most camp will shy away from dealing with it. Should he allow true professionals to run this type of campaign I am sure most camps will gladly get involved in project EMES.

      It doesn’t make him a bad person, just a person needs to realize when he is not the right guy as the face of this org in order for it to gain legitimacy.

      Not getting involved with this org’s project associated with M Seewald does not mean they are for CSA!

      Benny Forer, you are a lawyer, you should advise Meir to go into the background. Threatening camps is not the way to go!

  • murder

    if Mr. A murders Mr B can Mr C (unrelated to Mr B) murder Mr. A????

    If Mr. A burns Mr B’s house, can Mr. B legally burn Mr. A’s house “in the name of justice”???

    vehameivin yovin

    • Vehameivin Yovin

      …That you clearly dont know what you’re talking about. For years rabbis covered up and for years predators reoffended. If a person is a predator, he is a risk to reoffend – so yes, it is a responsibilty to notify the community.

      Vehameivin Yovin.

    • Vehameivin yovin

      I agree with you but the way Seewald speaks, destroy you etc etc etc the hatred that comes out of his mouth questions his whole motive.

      you are not allowed to “destroy” even if he destroyed you. you can however bring him to justice and put his name up on the wall. what got me was MS language. and i am sure i am not the only one.

  • turned

    Pellin, Kaplan, Lipner & Forer what you are saying and they way you are saying it makes a whole lot of sense.
    (Pellin just came to difuse the title of the video so ppl should continue watching. GREAT JOB!!!)

    Sorry, JJ & Seewald you are a major turn off. the video would have been much better without your comments.

  • not an expert but...

    don’t think this is the right approach to the problem simply scaring some one in to not doing something never worked especially here where MOST ppl DO get away with abuse.

    in my humble opinion, the correct approach (which was only touched upon (no pun intended) in the video) is to make awareness that there are people who help with such temptations and impulses, not once does the video refer to any such offices or therapists etc.

    especially the fact that this video was made for bochrim mostly between the ages of 17-21 that doubtfully actually committed the horrible crime scaring him out of it just won’t stop it.

    so to mendi pellin everytime i see one of your videos i get inspired with this one not so much.

    and to seewald:why so angry, i understand that you were a victim yourself, and are completely entitled to be very very angry at any such monster, BUT this video is addressing bochrim or bochurot that DID NOT commit ANY crime why all the anger towards them???

    • If you're not an expert....

      If youre not an expert, how come you are sharing your “expert” opinion? A bunch of actual experts were involved with this video and supported its creation and its statement. Clearly, by the fact that they appeared in the video.

    • To 72

      Exactly who are the experts in this video mendy pellin SEAWALD jackobson and a lawyer, what kind of “experts” are they did even ONE of them go to school about these things the answer is a definite No.

      So yes with regard to these guys on the video I AM an “expert”.

  • Chaim

    Thank you Meyer and the rest of the team at JCW.

    You are saving lives – including those of the people who curse you outs families.

  • Sprintza

    Thank you for this video. Finally, people are talking about this major issue in our, and in all communities. Whether you agree with all their methods or not, they are making prevention possible for the first time ever. Kudos to JCW and all the people involved. Its a long, difficult and complex road ahead. Thank you for helping to keep our children safe!

  • to 51

    If mr A would continue murdering others, and by LEGALLY killing him mr C would prevent future deaths, then he may just be obligated. And if has done so “illegally”, well he still saved many lives.

    When a person has a status of a rodef you are required to warn people

    • Din Rodef

      check Halacha.

      a din rodef is only if he is running after someone to kill him NOT when he is davening in shul. AND you have to try to stop him without killing first.

      my point was MS language not the matter in itself.

  • i happen to agree

    Meir’s ongoing association is a problem of credibility
    his reputation is not compatible with the trust and respect an organization such as this needs o be taken seriously

    i do believe that Jackie had no real choice, lest he be vilified for not supporting his gang of hoodlums

  • Chava Brodchandel

    I am still extremely proud of all those involved with this project and although this video was a bit intense for my taste,
    There is no words that can express my gratitude to Meyer Greenwald for being the FIRST PERSON BRAVE ENOUGH TO ADDRESS THIS ISSUE IN ORTHODOX COMMUNITIES .
    Regardless if you agree with the ways of Community Watch or not, as parents we owe them our thanks for making our world that much safer for our precious children !

  • Chaim F

    excellent video. the affect CWH has had on people’s opinions, attitudes and knowledge levels is impressive. Your work is important. Keep it up and much success in the future.

    Chaim F

  • to 51

    if Mr.A burns homes ppl should be awere not to let him near thier homes. Now, Mr. A is now ashamed that ppl know that he burns homes, so what do we do, we let it slide (under a rung)? it is not about now burning (sexualy abusing) Mr A, it is about letting ppl know what Mr A WILL burn your home if he can. Noone said go sexualy abuse these ppl that have sexualy abused otheres. do u not belive in jail??justice??

  • Thanks for posting this! education education education = no more denial and ignorance of the real consequnces

    i like this because it mostly focuses on helping would-be molesters realize that their instincts are not harmless, (research shows that part of the disorder is that the molester means no harm and somehow believes that this is love and good for the subject)
    such IN YOUR FACE MESSAGES helps those with this mental illness know the reality and potential harm not getting treated will cause to a child!
    and yes, meir’s personal unresolved issues prob get in the way of the job…

    • Un resolved issues

      I don’t think it is issues. I think it is anger.

      What would you do if you have heard the horror stories of children being abused in the worse possible way? If you were trying to change the community for 2 years and no one is listening ? I doubt You can live with 5 of the stories he has heard. You would crap your pants.

    • Devorah

      The creation and development of CHW is the BEST resolve of issues. For all the people who are uncomfortable by Meyer’s outward expression of passion and emotion, perhaps you should explore your own lack of expressed passion and emotion. Meyer is a role model for living out loud, no hiding in the shadows. The fact that his passion, emotion and past traumas are serving as catalysts for such incredible change is testament to his greatness.

  • Good job meir

    Stop bashing meir he did a great job by saying what he said will make some of these sick people out there think twice before they do something stupid and what he said is good they will destroy those that destroy kids. Its sonething that should edone these sick molesters are destroying lives we need them in prison we need them destroyed and off our streets because of them kids are growing up messed up and some even kill themselves. So meir WELL DONE!!

  • Jail

    A sick person who thinks another human is an object deserves jail , and a special place in hell!

    • Jail for Predators

      And there is a special place in hell for those who abuse children. Right next to that place is for those who protect predators and stick up for them.

  • nice job

    seewald has too much history! i dont trust the guy for a sec!

    to all who defend him, do some research on what works and what tactics just destroy (perp’s) families,

    seewald was offered many respectable options which statistics show are more effective at the goal of prevention abuse, WHY DID HE REFUSE, and insist on the nasty one which hurts hundreds more ppl, w/less effectiveness

    • Ye Great job Seawald

      You really do not know anything about the wall of shame. If he did not expose these sick monsters then NO ONE would know how bad it is.

      So he will just give them a pill one by one? You think that would bring awareness?

      By exposing child molesters the other ones will NOT DO IT ANYMORE. Child molesters are scared because of the wall of shame.

      And i know his first hand from a friend that molested someone he goes on the site everyday thinking he will be up.

      Thank god he is in therapy now… Stop making up stories with this stupid pill. Go do it yourself instead of trying to get other people to do it.

      Go climb back under your little rock….

  • To 62

    Agreed. The point I am trying to make is that if you are going to do something suspicious right or wrong everyone will find out Internet does that! Don’t bash seewald because if it wasn’t him someone else would do it.

  • Hadassah

    Thanks so much I am suriovr and what they are saying is true. May Hashem protect the children and heals the lives that have been affected by these crimes . I have been suicidal many times and it is very very true.

  • The Truth Is

    The truth is that new Chabad Houses are springing up, the Friendship Circles are flourishing the Corporation as a whole is doing fine. But the the core is rotting away. Lubavitchers don’t respect any authority. The only authority they respect is the legal one that can take away their money of freedom. And for this very reason WE, all of us, need people like Meyer Seewald to have the guts and the chutzpah to do what he’s doing. If not for the very tactics that he and CrownHeightsWatch are using, no one would have given it a second thought.

    I was visiting home for Pesach and overheard some men in shul, men in their 50’s & 60’s discussing the recent arrest of an individual that allegedly molested his cousin. For the record, I know the alleged perpetrator, I even called him a friend for many years. Well these balehbatim were discussing it so nonchalantly as if it were no big deal. The comment that boiled my blood was when one of the men said, “Nu, what was the big deal, all kids go through that phase and play with each other. He’s (the victim) is just suing for money.” This is the very attitude that I observed growing up in CH. Everything was always swept under the rug. We ignore problems, we don’t address them or fix them.

    This is why I support CH Watch in whatever way I can. Thank you G-D for Meyer Seewald & the Team at CH Watch. And btw, I was almost a victim. I was in that pig Yitzy Hecht’s class. He would even tutor me in his home. He never laid a finger on me. It is only probably that he was scared of my father and what my father would do if he ever did. I can’t say the same for some other of my classmates.

    I’ll just leave off that I am not some bitter anti-Chabadnik or former Chabadnik. I still am one.

  • a true supporter

    there is a special prison for sexual abusers. its in the zoo. castrate those animals and put them into cages. the wall of shame is way too good to them.

  • Bashing seewald is (as a masis) is not the same as being pro molestation

    I’m all for him realizing the lack of credibility he represents and allowing the real founder Rabbi Feigiln to take over

  • Sruly Clapman

    I wanna commend and thank the producer and the speakers on this video, for making this amazing much needed ( sadly ) presentation.

  • Mendel Fishman

    Meir and the JCW may or may not be perfect but I am confident and grateful that our kids will grow up in a safer community to their credit.
    Yasherkoiach to Rabbi’s Kaplan and Jacobson for speaking up on such a critical issue where others have been silent!
    To the naysayers:
    When we differ on hashkafik issues, we are quick to open another shul, school, hechsher,vaad etc. etc…..
    Where is your organization?! Where is your vaad?! What have you done?! Where are your rabbanim and askanim?!

  • Great video except....

    I was actually shaking when I saw this video. One of the people speaking on this video was my sons teacher and he physically slapped him on the face when my son was his student. Shame on him to be talking in public like this. PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH.

  • To the action takers !!!

    Thank you to those that dedicate their time in helping and preventing a serious problem in our community!!! Nobody makes anyone in charge of anything , there are those that decide to help and go and do it, or you can sit with your negative comments ( I guess that’s your way of changing the world) .

  • Agree with 86

    Sounds like he’s doing it to let out his aggression and not what will rly help the problem best

  • thankful mother

    Compared to the rage burning inside most victims Meir Seewald conducts himself with dignity, using that anger in a productive way to prevent the theft of another little boy or little girls childhood.

  • saving our children

    as a mother of a son who was molested, I want to say thank you to meir seewald for having the courage to continue to fight to save the lives of our precious children. the video is powerful and gives the message that needs to be said. we need to protect our children, not the sick people who hurt them.

  • Yehuda

    I used to think I’m a supporter of jcw, but when I see this video and how its founder speaks and the vibe he gives over… I’m starting to have a bad feeling about this.

  • Gods cause deserves good reputable leadership

    If ms was purely about the furthering the cause he should prob step aside and hand over the reigns to a trained expert in the area of compulsive behavior (treatment) correction.

    Bullying shaming and crushing clusters of families, (namely the molesters immediate and extended family) All in the name of preventing suffering of the innocent, makes no sense at all, especially as there are now proven methods which are more effective (at prevention) more discrete options which all studies to date show as way more effective at reversing the instincts for the abuse from the inside out

    To refuse the more humane remedy which accomplishes the same goal more effectively is itself a cruel abuse!!!! To all the family members who often suffer more than someone touched the wrong way.

    Ask yourself, what trauma would you rather not experience being touched by a sick man or your dad being published on the wall of shame as a monster predator?

    If the latter is worse than how exactly could I support this less effective (and more abussive) tactic?!

    That’s why I regret this good cause being mishandled by thrill seeking bullies who themselves need much help. I pray that ms see the need for him to handover the operation to sensitive mature responsible professionals

  • Daniella


    Anyone who has anything negative to comment in anyway in sick!!!

    I am deeply grateful for your efforts and I follow every website and rumor around the world regarding these matters… We can never be careful enough…

    May Hashem bless you all to spread your information to all corners of the world. You guys are protecting Hashems diamonds.. This is exactly what He would want!!!!

  • shmayonki

    Yes, Seewald is not as polished as others, but he is a determined individual whose efforts are now mainstream. Shows you what pain converted to constructive force can do. Bottom line is his efforts are in the right direction, and so is this video.

  • knowledge

    For every story there is an equal and opposite x 80 weirdo reactions.

  • 1 question

    All you people who wrote that this one or that one should not have been in the video, and/or it’s the wrong approach, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE ABOUT THE PROBLEM TO DATE? AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING ABOUT CSA NOW? Nothing? Then please sit down and let the do’ers do the talking.
    I’m very proud of everyone involved in this video, the script writers, the film crew etc. Thank you all and may all our children have a safe and happy summer.

    • Why do you think we did nothing???

      Reputable studies show that our communities have no more molestation problem than anywhere else.

      Why do you think we did nothing???? Your allegation sounds more like an Anti Orthodox news site.

      Shulchan Aruch states ways of rebuking someone for sins (without embarrassing them etc.)Just because we follow ways of Torah and care about each others reputation.

      Which non Jewish community in this country has such crazy websites posting non charged people??????????

  • Thanks Meir and crew



  • The Rebbe's words re abnormal sexual deviance, -little known sicha of 1986-

    The Rebbe publicly -and privately- promoted the notion that it be treated as a psychiatric brain disorder, requiring psychiatric intervention (ie chemical correction).
    This the Rebbe said applies to all sexual deviant tendencies and compulsions.

    At the time this sicha was said purim 5746 the studies we have today have not yet been conducted! yet since that time, the findings of these studies conclusively proved that the Rebbe right re how best to prevent…!
    Namely, that psychiatric treatment is far more effective at preventing future urges (and expression) of abnormal sexual compulsions.

    • Citation Please?

      Umm….where? Dont pervert the words of the Rebbe. Dont presume to speak for him. Undoubtdly, the Rebbe would rage against those who steal the innocents of a child. (Also, why is no one discussing the miskav zachor angle here?)

    • Re Citation: Purim Farbrengen 5746,

      As for how the Rebbe instructed the incidents brought to his attention, Rabbi Leibel Groner knows the specifics, if you reassure him that you wont be discussing identities, he will tell you what the Rebbe’s instructions were, Note, Rabbi Groner is not the only mazkir familiar with the Rebbe’s response *which included reparations and intense psych intervention)

  • pained

    comment #36 read it again and again and again!!!!!!!
    this is serious!!!! thank you #36!!!!!

  • let's be careful not harmful

    If I disagree with JCW tactics I belong in jail. How is this different from Stalinizm? Or from Spanish Inkvisition?

  • 118 so the Rebbe was for the pill?

    All the Rebbe said in that famous sicha is that sexual deviences are to be treated as mental disorder by psychiatrists.

    nothing was said against stopping their disease by vigilamtism

    the two cases where the Rebbe said to treat it as an illness the Rebbe also required the abuser to discretely pay reperrations

  • Good work

    I don’t know Meir, it’s unfortunate that he is not trusted by soo many, if that’s the case then if you care about the cause someone (maybe Jakie) with a good reputation should at least be the main decision maker. I think Rabbi feguln would be good to since he supposedly started it, if that’s true, don’t hide behind seewald, do it right so everyone can trust and support this!

  • My thought

    I think Mr. Seewalds idea is correct but his implantation of this project is wrong.
    Threatening Rosh Yeshivos and camp administrators is not going to further your cause. If you use mafia and terrorist tactics to push your cause, it will discredit you.
    Child molestation and sexual abuse is a horrible crime and must be addressed and dealt with. As a child I have been sexually molested and I have not told anyone in 35 years. I cannot describe how it devastated my life…
    I am happy that Mr. Seewald is creating awareness regarding molestation, but he is not addressing a more important issue, which is educating teenage bochurim how to deal with sexual urges and other psychological issues. Our community has no such program. Where does a bochur turn to when he has disturbing sexual thoughts? They do not know what to do or how to deal with it. In order to prevent, we need to educate.
    Mr. Seewlad, luring a bochur into a locked room and interrogating him for hours until you forced a confession out of him is wrong and is a crime. Mr. Seewald what did you accomplish by doing this? Did you even have a shred of evidence against that bochur? Mr. Seewald I believe that you are sincere with your cause, but you have to change your tactics.

    • Everything you wrote is a lie

      What an absolute disgraceful lie. I would love to see any proof whatsoever.

    • To your thoughts

      So why don’t you start educationing bouchrim? Stop talking and start doing.

      It’s seems like everyone here has great ideas, yet everyone is anonymous and no one is doing anything.

      Shows how much you care.

  • Awareness for camps AND SCHOOLS


    this video is good! Awareness is good!

    Not so sure if ruining all alleged molesters equally is the best way to go, there should be an amnesty option for sick individuals who have families and are sincere about getting help

    The deterrent factor will still be hanging over their head, forcing sickos into treatment lest they be put back up on the wall!
    the sham is a powerful tool to get them into treatment, not a good tool to stop the sickness itself, that’s why I semi support JCW.

    While they may have destroyed hundreds of lives of those close to alleged molesters, the site surely got many would molesters into treatment, that no one can argue against!

  • To #112

    I am the one who posted comment #100.
    You are one sick individual. You wrote “Ask yourself, what trauma would you rather not experience being touched by a sick man or your dad being published on the wall of shame as a monster predator?” You also stated “especially as there are now proven methods which are more effective (at prevention) more discrete options which all studies to date show as way more effective at reversing the instincts for the abuse from the inside out”

    Guess what… the sad reality us that in these matters DISCRETION DOESN’T WORK! Only (the fear of) prison, humiliation and castration works! Yes, it is very unfortunate that the family of the molester suffers. 100% that sucks. But there is no way that the embarrassment of many outweighs the life of one innocent child.

    Bottom line is, if anyone out there has urges or desires you’ve seen what’s been happening to those that get caught. And in the end most do get caught. If you don’t want to destroy your own life and the lives of your family members that WILL be affected by your actions the take the RIGHT ACTION. Get Help before it’s too late!

  • sholom

    i dont like seewald or his website. i dont believe one person should have the power to “expose” anyone at will as if he is judge and jury. we all trust meir?

  • 112 and 118 are the most sensible balanced approach yet

    please name who you guys/gals are so people can encourage you to create a more effective less damaging alternative

  • Yonatan

    The narrative has changed from protecting children to them becoming bullies. Clearly they are not professional, but no one else is talking about these issues.

  • Change of heart

    After reading number 112, I changed my mind, he/she makes a valid point.

    • To those who agree with 112

      A non-professional declaring a tactic that is based on fluff. Trained professionals have told you otherwise, yet you believe an annonymous poster?

      112 presumes to do away with the criminal justice system completely. Why punish someone who did a harm. Lets not embarress the predators family. That is completely wrong and inappropriate. Punishment is deserved and necessary in most cases.

  • yossel

    maybe some kids should get married early so they can get a carer early and stop wasting time yeshiva is not for them

  • yossi

    we all have to remember that molestation is a taboo topic and was never in the open aspecially by yidin
    so we cant expect them to get it right in the beginning
    but this is the best that can be done at this time sometimes its the unprofessional only that can initiate such an important topic seewald probably is surprised himself at the positive momentum he caused kudos to him!! but wait and see that plenty of profesionalism
    will enter the arena in the near future and will re asses the current method of handling violators yet it will all be due to seewalds unprofessional ism
    so even if he is overdoing it and did some unneeded damage on the way it is still a good thing at its core that he is doing

  • Eli Soble

    How naive and misinformed all you critics are. Meir should be loved and lauded by our community. Just as Manny Waks should be in Australia. Activists like Meir and organizations like JCW are the only formidable line of defense for your children against a devastating scourge which has run rampant and unchecked among us for decades, yes decades. The family of a molester is the victim of that molester as well. It is the logic of se’dome and ge’mora to place one iota of blame on victims, activists or accusers. As for innocents who are accused , that is a strawman , a false objection , for the only perfect Judge is G-D. There would be no human mechanism for any law and order if the requirement was never to accuse someone innocent. Those who suggest to leave it only to the cops and “professionals” are obviously completely ignorant of how that is precisely what the molesters take advantage of. Let all those who are so worried about innocents take a real stand against the predators that have been enabled by your attitude. Let all those who are so worried about innocents prepare themselves and their innocent friends for a new vigilance against crimes against children. And if it means that innocents just cant put themselves anywhere near questionable circumstances, then that itself is another great step forward.

  • To 112 and to all those who don't trust the current operator of JCW

    The fact is that the surgical approach you are advocating, would be allot more responsible and prevent much bushis for many individuals who are no longer a danger and their children grand children spouses siblings etc
    That all maybe true
    BUT, the amount of money and help seewald is now getting is not enough start making distinctions between major unrepentant offenders vs those who offended 20 + yrs ago and sought help

    As with communism ur idea in theory makes sense! But there is nobody who cares enough about all types of victims involved to do this right

  • To 112, I posted 129

    I can’t attack you as anti protecting children but I can ask you WHAT HAVE YOU DONE LATELY TO SCARE SICK PPL INTO TREATMENT?

    The reason Rabbi JJ is cooperating with seewald is because there is no other entity doing it right!!

    Better cooperate with a loose cannon and help capitalize on seewalds publicity to do things that sure are right! Surely This video itself is right as it promotes awareness before crimes and damage is done, I totally get Rabbi JJ’s decision! Since etz hadaas good and bad and always mixed,

    Jake you have my vote!

  • To find-out exactly how the Rebbe dealt with reports of abuse...

    As for the Rebbe’s general (publicized) view on how to stop abnormal sexual deviances: lookup sichas purim 5748, (your local Mashpia can help you find itm just ask him for the sicha re “mishkav zachar” **no age specified**

    re how specific cases were handled by the Rebbe when brought to him, that the Rebbe’s Secretariat is well aware of, and can confirm for you the Rebbe’s instructions. (in general reparations and intensive psych treatment was ordered.)

  • JCW= Police+Persecuter+Judge+Sentencing

    Unlike Police that must right a report detailing the nature, time and place of the incident before charging a person.
    Unlike a Judge that must publicly listen to both sides and retains a detailed description of the ENTIRE court-case.
    Al these become public record and anyone could go back and study the legitimacy of the case.

    Not so with JCW – there is no way of verifying anything when they post a person. They seem to be higher than the law.

  • we need $$$$, why is nobody donating? please show your support by donating whatever you can

    all those who like JCW should put their money where their mouth is. i see allot of words “Go Meyer” “Meyer we support you” if your out there and you wanna help JCW $upport us! otherwise you dont really care about the children who will suffer!!!!!!!!

    • Taxpayer money

      Don’t worry about them, they don’t need your money.
      JCW gets enough support and taxpayer money from DA Hyne’s office (I don’t have proof for this, but it is pretty evident, especially seeing the DA’s recent racial slurs and support for this Illegal website).

      Also many many Crownheights residents have indirectly financially supported the website.

  • 112 did gimmy some perspective

    this way is itself abusive, for-sure at this point things should be improved and reevaluated by experts specializing in compulsive behavior reversal

  • meyer (and whoever is rlly behind JCW)should be lauded!

    after reading 112 i think there is also room for constructive criticism, this is not stalinism, it is only a positive thing to encourage more competent experts get involved to minimize harm to to the innocent

  • i always felt something queasy about supporting JCW

    even though the mission is needed in any community!
    i think comment #112 articulated my reservations.

    i encourage meyer to listen open mindedly to public feedback and do whatever protects the greatest number of innocence.

    no one’s perfect and thats ok,

    i trust meir’s motives are not just to vent or vilify the community he left, he just needs to be more tuned in to always adapt and improve as his blind spots are brought to his attention

    meir noones really out to get you, listen to them with an open mind for the sake of what you say want to accomplish

  • The truth is somewhere in the middle

    To all those changing your opinion bec of post 112
    Just remember that nothing after Chet etz hadaas is pure good or pure bad

  • Crown Heights Parent

    I think its a great thing. I only find Mr. Seewald to sound like your local thug. Everyone else on the video is mentchlich and speaks properly. Then again he will probably blame it on his CH education…

  • this is the video that shouldve got so many hits!

    Thank you #148- rabbi horowitz’s video is SOOOOOOO much more helpful! This is the video that should be MANDATORY for every jewish teacher, counsellor and any sane parent!

  • If Your Son Molests your daughter.....

    Most Molestation are done by immediate family members (APA).
    Make sure your older children don’t molest their siblings.
    Make sure your own brothers don’t molest your kids.
    Make sure your neighbors don’t molest them.

    If your older son molests your younger child – CALL THE POLICE. Don’t put him on an immature website.

  • D. K.

    We need to support whomever is doing this, even if some of what he does is wrong or irresponsible

  • transparency is good

    It’s only a warning, and the people against it seem to have something to hide. Why would this frighten anyone if you are not guilty or harboring knowledge of someone who is?

    • transparency is good

      Only thing I would add is that it’s not a political issue so people, get out of your small-mindedness. Anyone who doesn’t see this as a beginning solution to a difficult, even horrendous problem is very naive. Doesn’t matter to me or not if you post this comment.

  • Why is everyone obsessing over 112???

    Anyone with a brain knew that this site was abussive and not really out to protect the innocent

    It was obvious to me when he was focussing on punishing rather than educating

    Rabbi Horowiyz’s approach is far more effective at the goal we all want

    By the way, I am all for publicizing any moleste who shows no effort to mend his ways

    This site has posted fathers who are no longer a danger and were in treatment on their own initiative years ago!

    I say stick to posting new or unrepentant molesters
    That’s how you’ll have the majority’s support and appreciation

  • Meir likened to Pinchas?

    Recall that there was a mighty uproar and backlash by klal Yisroel AGAINST Pinchas (certainly Zimri’s entire shevet Shimon).

    The protesters were otherwise levelheaded, normal and good people. I am sure that many of them, like those who made comments above against Meir, claimed that Pinchas was an overly-aggressive vigilante, who needlessly murdered a fellow Jew who was innocent until tried by a Bais Din and who was an upstanding person, despite his sexual act.

    Hashem had to intervene on Pinchas’ behalf, becayse he had only pure intentions in his heart. Do you who protest above, know that Meir doesn’t have pure intentions?

    What can you take from the story of Pinchas? The Rebbe said it clear: There are times when the leaders won’t act despite an obvious need to correct an evil thing. At such times, YOU must act. I believe that Meir has done so.

    While you try and figure this out, Meir HAS BEEN doing his best to SAVE INNOCENT CHILDRENS’ LIVES. We did not in the past, and we still do not do much, as a community. Slowly, this is changing, but still not enough to protect our kids. So we should be commending Meir, not castigating him.

    • More like Dasan V'Avirom

      Let us not use Torah to defend acts that are the biggest embarrassment to Torah.
      Chumish specifically states that a molester is slapped with a fine: “and a man who invokes a young (unmarried) girl and lye’s with her should pay 100 Shekel”(…ואיש כי יפתה נערה בתולה ..וענשו אותו מאה כסף)

      We are the only community who have Rabbonim that wrote a P’sak that in today’s age we SHOULD report a molester.

      We don’t need an angry dropout that may not even know how to read Chumash to be our new “Pinchas”.

  • comment 112 was moved to 115115

    seems like comment 112 is now listed as 115

    how did that happen?

  • Urgent cause! deserves good reputable leadership

    If ms was purely about furthering the cause he should prob step aside and hand over the reigns to a trained expert in the area of compulsive behavior (treatment) correction.

    Bullying shaming and crushing clusters of families,
    -probably over 100 Lubavitchers so far- (namely the molesters immediate and extended family) All in the name of preventing suffering of the innocent, makes no sense at all! especially as there now exists proven methods which are MORE effective (at prevention) even as they are more discrete and sensitive to not destroying the lives of molesters families etc
    these more discrete options which all studies to date show as way more effective at reversing the instincts for abuse from the inside out

    To refuse the more humane remedy which accomplishes the same goal more effectively is itself a cruel abuse!!!! To all the family members who often suffer more than someone touched the wrong way.

    Ask yourself, what trauma would worse for you?
    the experience of being touched by a sicko man/women? or discovering your dad being published on the wall of shame as a monster predator?

    If the latter is worse than how exactly could I support this less effective (and more abussive) tactic?!

    That’s why I regret this good cause being mishandled by thrill seeking bullies who themselves need much help. I pray that ms see the need for him to handover the operation to sensitive mature responsible professionals

  • not sure i get this

    because molesting is bad, now go and molest the entire family of the molester??

    sounds more like knee jerk abused turning into abusers!

  • to everyone and 167

    If a molester is caught and exposed, even if not on the the wall of shame, without jcw, wouldn’t it be a big shame to the family? are we shooting the messenger, the whistle blowers?I feel for the families but if they are not exposed one way or another how will parents protect their children from them? This is a very important thing. Because pedophiles who repeatedly molest can only do so in secret. I’m not really sure what all the anger is towards jcw, they are the only organization fighting abusers, do you think they shouldn’t say who the predators are? It’s been kept a secret for so long with the people on top hardly blinking. Shouldn’t we be happy that someone wants to get rid of this pathological disease? I also heard that if a pedophile is willing to help his victim and stop abusing then he is not listed on the wall of shame. Jcw, can you confirm if this is true or not?! Those of you proposing a “pill”, great! I’m all for it! Now how do we get the teachers, counslers, leaders, friends, uncles who need it to take it? Not being sarcastic.

    • fighting, jailing, threatening has a high recidivism rate

      like heroin or compulsive gambling, raising the steaks doesn’t really work!

      to treat the illness studies show there are far better tools available which end up keeping all children safe

      its naive to assume that this is a disease of “the volition”

      its bio chemical, harassing and shamming has never produced long term results with real sickos

      follow the research and do what works!

    • 9 out of 10 molesters on the site would graciously comply

      if given the option, to spare the bushis for their spouses children mechtonim etc etc

      yup even if their innocent!

      to keep their loved one’s from going through the bushis, surely they’d comply fully and (in front of a verifiable physician) take whatever shot or pill necessary

      what some people don’t seem to get is that being the teenage child of a predator on the list is more victimizing than being touched inappropriately by a over friendly hormonal counseler

  • molesters' families

    Statistics show that most molestation takes place in the family-how do you know the moester left his/her kids alone?
    Are you suggesting that kids should be fair game for abuse in order to protect the molester’s family?

    • molesters must be stopped! HOW? that is the question,

      if the only route left is publishing their names, jailing them for life, maiming their “organs” etc i’m all for it!
      whatever must be done to protect the innocent

      my issue is with meir inc not offering fathers of large families on the an option to spare their children wife etc the bushis, shiduchim etc etc

      not to offer a safe discreet verifiable remedy (for the sake of not hurting his family) that is unnecessarily heartless

      Selective compassion never made sense to me, whether its Peta against rubashkin, or the Natzis against baby circumcision,

      if really your about not hurting the innocent, then choose protocols that reflect that, otherwise it seems like another agenda is really at work! namely punishing and tarnishing rather than really preventing suffering as much as possible

      i’m a mother of six ka”h, and a close confidant of a daughter of a published molester, you have no idea what she and 1000 others are going through needlessly!

      in most cases a discreet arrangement would be gladly worked out between JCW and cooperative affected family members of the molester

  • Idk if Meyer has good intentions

    If he keeps refusing the more humane and more proven tool how exactly is that good intentions?
    How’s that like pinchos?
    Pinchos was a yore I Shomayim whose actions was motivated by love not unresolved hate.
    Meyer’s stated goal is: to do what it takes to prevent innocent suffering.
    Why then choose davka the tool that (studies show) works less effectively to prevent recidivism
    (And causes 100s new victims to suffer by virtue of being relatives to said molester)?

    Again the punitive method does not treat the cause
    and brings untold Ogmat nefesh to soo many secondary victims!
    Rejecting a more effective option tells me that this is not purely about trying to prevent needles suffering
    It’s about his unresolved resentment issues, and he’s using a politically correct platform to hide behind,

    If your for real, then you do what works, not what does the most manage and noise to the max amount of frum families you can hurt

    while he and manny waks enjoy the pride and martyrdom of wrecklesaly destroying loves by caroet bombing the community they left

    Besides using less effective options saves less children

    It took over a year before Meyer reluctantly cooperated to focus on prevention via educating would-be moleaters

    That should have been central all along not just when Rabbi YY insitlsts on it

  • TO # 171

    I am sorry; I can’t help being revolted, appalled, disgusted and sickened by the comments of our community…….
    To comment # 171
    If he keeps refusing the more humane and more proven tool how exactly is that good intentions?

    Please explain, what the more humane ways are??

    His current policy (to the best of my understanding) is don’t do it, if you do it – for those that don’t understand – is when an adult is doing unmentionable things to a child, you are going up on the website.

    In my humble opinion if someone touches your child inappropriately (molest) the father or a family member or anybody in our community has full rights to kill that person.

    So Mr Meyer Seewald in an effort to be more humane, why don’t you go to some of the parents, collect some money and offer a $10,000.00 reward to anybody that can castrate etc.. a few people (certain requirement of course will need to be followed – – – Scumbags that have molested over 50 to 100 + kids and have no intention of stopping e.g. Zarach Brown etc) I think you will resolve the issue most efficiently.
    As a legal disclaimer, I am not advising you on what or what not to do…

    • You wanna know whats not humane?

      YOU WROTE:
      “meir’s current policy is: don’t do it, if you do it – your going up on the website”

      jcw’s current approach is actually very different then the way described it! jcw does not seek just to publish new & future offenders
      (in a rush to fill up the “wall” &seem official) he dug up names of men who’s offense occurred decades ago, who’ve long long ago gotten helped, married, built large families…and have since been “clean and sober”

      why destroy those self made baalei tshuva?! hows that the most humane option to their family?

      especially when there are clear alternative ways and tests to ascertain and verify whether someones still a likely threat today,
      in his case
      the more humane option would be to contact him privately with the option to cooperate with their professionals who are trained enough to offer the altematum, maintain verifiable treatment or your name goes right back up

      that is surely a humane way to spare his family from anguish arguably just as traumatic as any other abuse.

      i think being in treatment + the threat of being published is far more effective than simply being published for sins of decades ago as a clueless bochur years ago

      If meir was brave and courageous,
      reaching out in a spirit of cooperation to protect his family THAT is brave and courageous!

      hiding in an office posting names and being Mr hero to the simple minded sound-bite oilom goilom, thats not heroic.

      This site should be about deterring not a punishing! sins of distant past

  • intresting blackmail tactic

    if you disagree with seewald in anyway, then your automatically for the terrorist, nice tactic to suppress legitimate critisism

  • here we go again a million comments!!!

    let me sum it up

    group one meyer is right no matter what if you attack him you must be pro killing children
    group two nothing meyer does is right because his real agenda is not to solve the problem but just to blow some steam
    group three says this is a very good start even though seewald made some very unfortunate moves

    no more comments needed, the rest is cometery

  • yeh why was meir against education would-be molesters?!

    if each molester has average of 100 victims, why was he so reluctant to campaign for systematic education and outreach to 14 and 15 year old pubescent teens to recognize the danger of them not treating their abnormal compulsions early,

    to ignore the new population is frankly disturbing,YY deserves credit not scorn for cleverly driving seewald in that direction of less bluster and more substantive prevention

    as time goes i predict meirs wrong tactics will steadily cavr to the more efficient and effective methods, at the end this will be held up as a model to all other communities

    instead of attacking him, lets encourage him to focus even more on intelligent prevention preemptive education and to reward cooperative or recovered molesters to remain in treatment with the proverbial stick of “publicity” if they stop treatment

  • Thank you all

    Thank you for all the opinions expressed. What is of utmost importance is that the issue be brought to the forefront and discussed. That this issue shall no longer be left in the dark and not confronted as it pertains to our communities. Each and every comment, no matter how legitimate or otherwise, shines a light into the dark recesses of sexual abuse and fundamentally changes the dialogue on the issue. It is time for a change. We must educate our community and our children of the potential dangers that lurk in the shadows. This discussion is not in vein if even one child’s life is saved.

    Benny Forer

  • i like the cause

    i don’t trust meir though
    its wise for meir to at least make it seem that Jackie and Kaplan are getting more involved
    also this new shift on education and outreach i fully support, thank you to whoever caused that constructive shift!

  • Ignorance is Bliss

    I’m so amazed at the ignorance of professionals, laymen and even Rabbi’s on this subject. An ignorance that can destroy a victim even more than being victimized….and, that is, the incessant thought, and proven truth, that victims victimized.

    First, while true, please understand, knowledge of sin leads to more and deeper sin. It matters not what type of sin one experiences, this fact is true. So, victims, please understand, you are not destined to become a perp just because you have known the sin of sexual abuse. Nor, do you need to run in fear every momemt of your life because one day you may become like that which you hate! It is simply untrue for anyone who honestly submits him/herself whole-heartedly to the Gd of heaven. In fact, because of your knowledge of sin, without the assistance of Gd, you are not only open to being like that which you hate, you are more vulnerable to other types of sin as well such as drug abuse, affairs, same-sex relationships, etc. as pointed out many times in the comments.

    Second, one must remember, sin to Gd is sin. So, every sinner is a monster before the Gd of heaven! All monsters are in need of the mercy and kindness of Gd even when they have committed such grave offenses.

    While this may strike some as odd, Scripture admonished the Jews to respect the Egyptians who gravely mistreated them in Egypt — to remember them. Why, because, even in the hell, they were part of the will of Gd and helped to bring the Jewish people into the place where Gd wanted them to be.

    A victim may say, how can that painful truth be true! All I can say is, one day Gd will reveal to you why but it may take 20, 30, 40 year or even an entire life. And, to accept the will of
    Gd for your life, you have to accept it all!

    If you trust Gd, you have to trust Him in both the good and bad times….the mountain and the valley….the day and the night.

    Third, I too would like to speak to the perps. In truth as noted above, they are the ones hurting the most! Many deep down inside are broken, lonely, selfish, needy, lustful humans who, like a child, create a world around themselves that makes them all important because in reality, they never grew up themselves. And, because they often create this hard outer shell that bullies others, is always right, never shows emotions and never needs anyone, they are unable to create bonding relationships with others. Children bond with all easily. It takes no effort!.

    In truth, what does child really have to offer an adult, even from a sexual standpoint. Nothing! Absolutely nothing while at the same time, they have much to offer….they need to be loved, nurtured, taught, disciplined, molded, etc.

    While you have portrayed perps as horrible monsters, in reality, many perps are very benevolent, giving and caring people. That is what makes this crime so confusing to health officials, law enforcement and victims. How can such harm come from such good, in many cases.

    The answer to that may well be in the jewish thought that things with the potential for highest good also have the greatest potential for the greatest harm. — A word to the victim advocates here!!! Be very careful You can also be harmful, as well, in more ways than one! Keep your egos in check! You are not ordained of Gd to save the world. That is Gd’s job.

    Finally, best wishes to all in the Jewish community in Crown Heights. To date, I’ve never seen a religious community with this problem deal as openly and honestly as this Jewish community, even if it may not be a perfect response.

    You are staying true to your calling….a light to the world.


  • WARNING: there are experts and there are experts

    like in any group there are the real deals, and then the opportunists and pervs,

    some “experts” will tell you they specialize in sexual irregularities and addiction because they are really trained to specialize in this area of compulsive sexuality

    then you have the other “experts” who will claim to you (meir) that they specialize in abnormal sexual compulsions and its remediation. but in reality they are merely attracted to the subject without any meaningful record of results in actually helping rehabilitate REAL WORLD PATIENTS

    meir your no expert yourself, and many opportunists will try to ride your momentum and noteriety, always ask them for concrete real world results proven their know-how and success in rehabilitating sickos to a better place

    experts for victims are not automatically rendered experts for remediation compulsive addictions,

    some experts have a difficult time admitting their limits of expertise.

    meir you’ll have my vote, when you follow Rabbi Jacobson’s lead all the way and focus just as much on helping sickos get hooked up with appropriate help

  • Goodd

    Seewald is a hero to many abused victims.
    Your doing great keep it up. There is nobody else
    in this community that has the guts to do the job your
    doing. They can complain all they want about your said “tactics” but it’s very easy to sit and critique.

    Keep it up!

  • been there

    How many times do we have to say the same thing???Offenders do not get “cured” of this and are repeaters so to all the naive people, READ and EDUCATE yourselves.I worked in the area of psych.and they don’t quit it. Even when they come out of jail,they go right for the kill and literally for the kill.Anyone bother to read what happened in Fla and an 8 yr old?I understand everyone worries about “the shidduch”and the family and that’s about all you worry about.No one really seems to care about “the murdered”child because that is hushed up.You just want to hush the pedophile’s savage behaviors because “oh his family”.I’m sorry also for his family but what are to do?Choose which one to offer support?Anyone read Judy Braun’s book called Hush???Yes to exposing the predators!!!

    • The insider told them the best time to enter is when Sara is soaking a Shaitel

      The amber alert story is yet another proof of how the threat of encarseration and listed on the registry doesn’t work

      The Rebbe’s approach treats the source of the problem and is therefor more effective

  • History

    History showed that the people who thought they were smarter than the Talmidei Chachomim usually just caused damage to the Jewish Nation.

    At the end of the Second Temple there were the Biryonim that refused to follow the Rabbonim and forced the Jews into war with the Romans… This lead to the destruction of the Beis Hamikdosh.

    Generally our communities have a much lower crime rate than most others in this Country – Before you write that the Rabbonim “sweep it under the rug” show me evidence that abuse is less elsewhere in the Brooklyn.

  • The narrative has changed thanks to meir

    Even though meir has surely made some irreversible mistakes, however there’s only more good that will result, at least from this point onward.

    Seems to me, as more men of integrity and respect get increasingly involved, this will inevitably force a fundamental shift in tone and methodolgy and effectiveness of JCW, a shift away from sensationalistic “KILL THE MONSTER RHETORIC” to a more sound, sensible “system wide educational” preventive set of measures and campaigns, focused less on destroying families, and more on AWARENESS AND EDUCATION:
    _Parents how to make your child less susceptible to advances of a predator.
    _Parents how to make your child more communicative with you
    _Schools & Camps to screen, train, and warn staff
    _Young hormonal men to have the language and self awareness to recognize the problem early on, and to recognize the gravity of harm… and availability of discreet non judgmental treatment
    Anyone serious about stopping abuse will inevitably shift closer and closer to “preventive” measures and rely less on “defamation” to cure the problem

    Whats needed now is for respected figures -such as Rabbi YY, (who’e motives the public can trust) to promote and develop the awareness and educational measures which will stop the problems early on before they metastasize.

    Do more of what works, even if it requires more effort!

    A Fan of Rabbi Horowitz -Monsey NY

    • False Credit

      BEFORE the website went up – Our community united together and were the only ones to put out an official (disputed) Psak Din to report molesters. We also began peacful educational seminars etc.
      AFTERWARDS the website went up.

      I think that by naming people etc. – the website just put our community into a war zone.

    • Long Term Damage

      Although this website may have threatened some would be molestors in the short term.

      If you look at long term it is just the opposite.

      Now that other communities have seen the outcome of a Psak Din (that allows reporting)
      All the aditudes and unfair treatment in the DAs office aimed at Frum Yidden, JCW and Slanderous websites etc.
      Another Community and Rav will think 100 times over when putting out such a Psak.
      Perhaps that is why almost two years later, I have not heard of such a Psak from any other community.

  • w/o chemical treatment THEY (THE SCKO) WILL LIKELY REOFFEND

    What doesn’t work:
    Threats of jail
    Sex offender registry
    Non of that works well!!

    All studies show that!

    The Rebbe’s approach is the only one that works reliably, yet i can understand why victims have a urge to focus on pushing the family rather than doing what research shows really prevents recidivism

    • When a Jew attacks a Black

      The Psak Din is dated 6 Tammuz 5771== July 8 2011.
      The website was launched around 1 month after that, and became famous a half year later.

      (Seewald himself wrote in one of his letters that in June 2011 he found out about a case and after that he spent A FEW WEEKS investigating until he put up the website).

      Although the website used the Psak, The Rabbonim Never supported the website.

  • i agree,

    just because one is an expert for csa victims doesn’t mean he has any expertise on how to subdue addictive compulsions (sexual or otherwise)
    their two distinct fields!

  • for the record, yes jcw triggered its publication

    but it was in the works for over a year prior to feiglin/jcw got noisy

    at least one of the Rabbonim has been researchind nd developing the psak for a while

    • JCW came AFTER the P'sak and AFTER community outcry.

      How could it be that JCW triggered the Psak of the Rabbonim?

      The Psak is dated 6 Tammuz 5771= July 8 2011. It came as a result of the community outcry over molestation.

      The website came up a MONTH LATER.
      Seewald wrote in one of his letters that in June 2011 he found out about a certain molestation case. He then spent A FEW WEEKS investigating and putting up the website.

      Seewald’s website was up and ready long AFTER the P’sak. At that time the website was not even known until months later.

      Seewald falsely used the P’sak to justify his website. The Rabbonim however NEVER made any endorsement to such actions.

  • moshiach now

    protecting kids requires us to do what works, not what feels good to victims

    i agree, even after registry and jail, the offender is not healed by that

    other measures that work need to be persued

  • To the "Rebbe" poster, Whoever you are

    To all of you who keep posting that the “Rebbe’s way” was to treat perverssions as a mental disease,
    Ok thats ok for back then when there wasnt no Internet,
    I’m sure if the Rebbe was alive today, he would update his position to solving the problem davka via the wall of shame! Because that’s what they deserve!
    You’ll be surprised shame can and does make people str8!!! Judaism has always solved addiction problems by shaming the problem away!
    Pop culture is wrong!!
    All the studies that after jail the sicko strikes again are propaganda!
    It’s all touchy feely (no pun intended) new age-ee fluff
    Genug shoin!!! With the PC police!!! Stop with the liberal “oh lets treat the “ROOT CAUSE” of the problem”
    That’s pure psychobabble!!!
    The root of the problem is that there are Monsters out there who Meir is finally getting back!!
    Kudos to Meir for doing the right thing and giving these monsters hell!!!

  • a real victim

    The wall of shame is actually not responsible for shaming the abusers family but the abusers who commited that act are the ones who caused shame to their family. A bully is never a victim and has to be exposed only against preventive measures.

  • the all or nothing factor

    this issue is certainly very sensitive by virtue of the anguish on all side of the equation!

    what units us all (even i believe molesters) is that we all want to see a practical solution to prevent this sickness from our midst!

    there are no winners. our community is fortunate enough to be very open minded and growth oriented towards finding real solutions, thats why i am confident that slowly but surely the right measures will be adopted and the harmful unnecessary ones will be eliminated, and the winners will be ALL of anash! including even repentant molesters, their victims and family alike

    since according to chazal HAKADOSH BARUCH HU, MAKDIM REFUAH LEMACHALA!
    so as a community, the more we unite with the mission to do what works, surely we will find the right way to rid this undesirable contagion from our society

    to those who were molested, instead of living in fear of becoming an abuser, seek help, its out there, i’m sure soon even JCW will make such help prominently available to all who need it but have been suffering in silence

    have faith, every perversion has a remedy!
    -The Rebbe

  • It's true, I'm arelitive of a case the Rebbe was personally involved in

    It’s 40 years later now and I can confirm that the Rebbe’s way worked,
    By the way, everyone is saying that the Rebbe’s directive included paying reparations to the victim and mental health intervention
    What everyone seems to be tip toeing around, is the fact that the Rebbe DID NOT determine it necessary to solve the problem by Jailling the sicko or taking him to court, nor to publicise his action to all people arround ch and the world
    Rather, the Rebbe dictated to resolve these cases by means which actually prove to work better than the vengeful controversial tactics still employed by JCW

    If the Rebbe’s example no longer applies, please someone explain “Mai Nafkamina”?

    I can understand if the Rebbe’s approach was systematicly failing then I get it, so far, The Jailling and Registry system is not as effective
    PS. It’s ok to raise doubts and reservations about the way jcw executes its “protection of our community” whoever gets all bent out of shape over legitimate critique of existing measures is not really out to learn and improve, yes you can even learn from pontificators who are lazy and did nothing themselves! The issue is the message not the messenger! If they raised a valid point or highlited some relevant facts, then (for the sake of improving safety) Kabel HaEmes Mimi SheOmro!

    If the point itself is valid, It doesn’t matter WHO delivered it!

    A CH lifer.

  • USING THE REBBE!!!!!!!!!!

    There were so many weekly printed publications (K-far Chabad for example),
    There were so many posters placed all over crown heights to notify strengthens etc.

    Did the Rebbe EVER instruct to post names?
    Did the Rebbe EVER instruct to post names of molesters?
    Did the Rebbe EVER mention names in any of the 300 books that the Rebbe published?

    In fact
    Did the Rebbe even promote “molestation seminars” for the camps CGI that the Rebbe so much supported? Was there ever such a seminar?

    I won’t even go back to Shulchan Aruch, Gemara and Tanach, who also failed to mention anything mentioned on JCW.

    Our Rabbonim gave a Psak to report – not to destroy the community.

  • preventative education is the way to go

    Thank you commentor 189- a monsey fan of Rabbi Horowitz. Your comment is very true. Lets remember that just a few years ago the Leiby Kletzky tragedy also helped get this issue to the forefront of every Jewish community and that is the main way Rabbi Horowitz got involved in this. Another highly successful Rabbi expert in dealing with this is Shea Hecht. Also remember that at every opportunity the Rebbe encouraged preventative measures to help any crime or wrong doing. Educating all as you said in your comment is definitely the way forward. Let’s all work on increasing the education out there.
    (Anyone who didn’t see Rabbi Horowitz’s video click on comment 152- another video- the one that should’ve gone viral and gotten so many hits…)

  • For the record


    With all due respect to Meir Seewald,

    While you are entitled to your own opinions, your not entitled to your own facts!

    Over ten years ago i was a head counselor in CGI Montreal, I can personally attest to the fact that CGI had a vigorous abuse prevention program.

    We trained every single staff member! we hired real world professionals in the field!

    In addition to our in camp efforts, a coalition of community activists and head counselors united to form a staff training program, called “Staff week”

    In it we covered every aspect of safety and abuse prevention!

    So before you rewrite history, and pretend that until Meir launched his salacious website “nobody did anything” lets set the record straight, Chabad camps and mosdos were always on the fore front of increasing awareness and training! unlike other orthodox communities, ours has always been a few miles ahead of the pack on this front as well as staff training in general!

    I encourage you to focus less on your legacy, and more on using your sensational magnate in a constructive and responsible way Letovas haklal.

  • The Rebbe's way was never PUNITIVE,

    Never REVEGEFUL,
    The Rebbe taught us to look for the cause and treat the cause directly (ie Experts in behavioral compulsive disorder and medication which completely neutralizes the relevant part of the brain)
    otherwise you end up with the same results like in general society,
    in general society, the offender registry is growing by leaps and bounds, and the offenders keep reoffending days after they’re out of prison
    because their disorder has not been treated,

    its understandable why unresolved anger would drive some to prefer Punishing instead of Treating the root cause.

    Prevention is the best medicine!
    Punishment not so much!

  • one more question

    why is it that anyone who has any kind of grudge against anyone else, especially a rabbi, teacher, counsellor, etc. is able to concoct a story about being abused and is believed wholeheartedly without having to prove anything and a totally innocent, well meaning person who did do anything wrong or inappropriate (just maybe told the kid off for some wrongdoing and now the kid’s got a permanent grudge against him) – his life is ruined by being falsely accused of something so horrible as molesting?!

  • attention all pontificators

    When you mention a a post by number, the number may shift!

    this is due to the fact that the Reply to any comment pushes all the later comments one step down

    HAving said that, i like comment #190 Titled:
    “The narrative has changed thanks to meir”

    i like that comment because it focusses on the positive, it says exactly what i was feeling all along!

    basically, this jcw thing started out very wrong, but now that grownups are getting involved there will be a good shift to “results oriented” measures
    and less of the nasty Controversial destruction of people who may or may not have done anything wrong twenty years ago

    this part summs it up very well:
    “Seems to me, as more men of integrity and respect get increasingly involved, this will inevitably force a fundamental shift in tone and methodolgy and effectiveness of JCW, a shift away from sensationalistic “KILL THE MONSTER RHETORIC” to a more sound, sensible “system wide educational” preventive set of measures and campaigns, focused less on destroying families, and more on AWARENESS AND EDUCATION:
    _Parents how to make your child less susceptible to advances of a predator.
    _Parents how to make your child more communicative with you
    _Schools & Camps to screen, train, and warn staff
    _Young hormonal men to have the language and self awareness to recognize the problem early on, and to recognize the gravity of harm… and availability of discreet non judgmental treatment
    Anyone serious about stopping abuse will inevitably shift closer and closer to “preventive” measures and rely less on “defamation” to cure the problem

    Whats needed now is for respected figures -such as Rabbi YY, (who’e motives the public can trust) to promote and develop the awareness and educational measures which will stop the problems early on before they metastasize.

    Do more of what works, even if it requires more effort!

    A Fan of Rabbi Horowitz -Monsey NY

  • Sensational Salacious Abuse VS uncool Abuse

    If this is really about protecting children from abuse,
    Abuse which can in some cases adversely effect them for life.
    Why then is this website “to help prevent a use” focused only on sexual abuse, “Rabbis” accused of fondeling,

    Statistically speaking, Abuse in the form of Bullying is at least as psychologically damaging and associated with a far higher suicide rate by victims of Social bullying abuse.

    Why then, after I’ve requested numerouse time for jcw -that this site (which purports to “looking out for our community”) to make a page of Teachers & Individuals who are bullies. To be exposed and shamed for their abuse of the innocent…
    Why does Meir insist on only fighting salacious abuse
    Abuse is abuse is abuse!

    His appetite and preoccupation with salacious abuse only feeds right in to everyone’s suspicion, that his motives are not sincerely about abuse prevention, protecting the innocent from abuse, or “trying to protect our community”
    Rather his actions reinforce the narrative that his primary objective is to attack, vilify and sully the community he left.

  • I hate you MS

    You destroyed my family’s name with no evidence whatsoever. No one was ever convicted, no reports filed nothing. And we the kids are good chassidisher kids – what did we do wrong to you that you need to molest our family that my family should have to be embarresed of existing – for what?! – I don’t even know you but I hate you with all my heart and I wish I can curse you from the depths of my soul but maybe you will do teshuvah one day please Hashem. This whole business is making me so sick I can’t tend to my kids properly I think I need major therapy! You people have no idea the suffering of families who were FALSELY hung up by the throat. All I can think is that Hashem had this in store for us…. why, who knows….
    People, there are INNOCENT people on there!!!
    Shall I repeat: INNOCENT PEOPLE ARE THERE HANGING IN THE TOWN SQUARE!! and there’s no one that dares to stop them. Helpppppp!!!!!!

    • Really?

      If your family is innocent, proclaim the name loudly and clear their name. OR SUE!

      Clearly, your family member is a predator and an animal. Instead of focusing your anger toward that person, you take it out on Meyer Seewald. Shameful!

  • To post 212

    Re those families suffering due to the heartless cruelty of Meir (under the pretense of compassion)
    More and more people are beginning to realize what your true kavanos are,

    If you really cared about preventing the suffering and emotional trama of the innocent, you would have followed the guidence of experts (such as Rabbi Horowitz from monsey) who know what measure actually help best fix the problem of abuse, and which methods don’t work, but cause brutal anguish to at least a thousand new innocent victims (I’m referring to the family members of the accused molesters).

    Cruelty to hundreds of secondary victim for a method which us unnecissary and in many cases out right false is the opitome of cruelty!

    Meir, you are no expert in prevention, your are a certofied expert in knowing how to use methods expertrs admit work poorly at prevention, but work exellently at destroying the lives of hundreds of extended familiy members of the accused,

    each name represents at least a hundred family members you have successfully made miserable

    The more you focus on methods that work poorly, the less you are focused on real solutions to a problem which deserves responsible solutions for all those suffering it

  • Melina

    not just in camps, but also in schools where the children and the rabbinical students were not being supervised. The pain and suffering……………………………………………………………….. I don’t want to get into a four year old baby, revealing the horrors 27 years after the incidents. We will never be the same again.

  • meir drop the hostility

    And follow the measures which actually SOLVES the problem
    According to experts, when the sickness is not treated in the brain, its torture for the sick person and keeps everyone at risk

    Why, if you really out to protect, do you destroy hundreds of family members in each name you expose, instead of focussing on REAL outreach, real solutions? Real prevention, to 14 yearold bochurim to get the guidence and self awareness so they understand that its harmful and that there is help available

    Why must anything constructive come from outside preasure, such as from Rabbi Jacobson, Kaplan etc??

  • bochur

    Meir you’re doing a good job but please do a little more research and you remind me of my head counselors back in the day us bochurim aren’t 10-year-olds…..

  • As a trained professional familiar with the Orthodox community

    Meir, what exactly is ur goal??
    I’d hope ur main mission is to maximize “Prevention” of csa!
    Which brings me to my question,

    Since you want ppl to believe that ur sincerely all about “PREVETION” of future victims, by doing what works to stop past offenders from offending again, as well as stopping would-be offenders before they ever offend.
    That is truly a noble, even G-dly cause!!!
    (A cause that even the sickest pedofile can support, as long as they are otherwise a hal decent human being, and are made aware of the real potential harm it may cause, if left untreated)
    My issue is with the fact that Meir consistantly ignors calls from the public that he utilize (reasrch based) REAL PROVEN solutions! which ACTUALLY WORK FAR MORE EFFECTIVELY (According to ALL studies)! than the tactic of arrest and listing in sex offender registry.
    Why Meir insists on not offering offenders (with large families, dependent children to feed) the more effective PREVENTIVE remedy! Which actually works better at preventing future abuse, it makes no rational sense! Especially if the GOAL is compassion to prevent innocent future victims (both direct and secondary)

    Arguably the hundreds of secondary victims (predators children etc) will suffer more distress and trauma, than a inappropriately fondeled person.
    (Most incidents on your site by the Fruma-raised peds, are almost never more than fondeling! As apposed to the typical pedo in the secular offender registry, which is typically sodomy and full fledged rape!!)

    Another noteworthy distinction between Fruma-raised pedos VS the typical secular sex offender, is that most if not all Fruma are poorly educated or exposed to the potential harm “fondeling” can cause!!
    Often bec they themselves were currupted at a very young age by an otherwise very loving nice friend/relative.

    The Remedy which Meir has (scandalously) resisted and faught against for soo long is, a combination of
    1. educating would-be abusers in their early teens, to realize that they have a problem and that untreated can cause serious harm to another! Offering them discrete, non judgemental help.
    2. For severe compulsive cases, to offer offenders (with large families) an alternative (to being published or jailed) which completely medically deactivates the sickness at its source -in the brain! by taking a safe verified pill 2 or 3 times a year!

    Even though this measure is proven as the most effective and reliable one at preventing future abuse, the only reason it has not gone mainstream in the criminal justice system is, thanks to complaints by the ACLU that “it works too well!” as it completely shuts down ALL sexual instincts” abnormal AND NORMAL.

    Bottomline: to those who are REAL experts, (specializing in successfully treating compulsive behavior problems) what Meir is doing is clearly something other than SEEKING TO MEANINGFULLY solve the problem of abuse in the Frumma community!

    As to what his actual agenda is, the facts speak for themselves! Since awareness seminars etc have already been mounting exponentially in recent years, especially after the Leibi Kletzky Murder.

  • Who's at risk of causing abuse?

    What is the profile of an abuser? According to Dov Hikind, “just look in the mirror.”
    Like was commented before, if you feel yourself loosing control with kids, when confronted with a strressful situation with them, either get assistance or a less stressful job.

  • Marie Inkpen

    My partner is in prison and has seen the way convicted child abusers behave in prison – they are known as Vulnerable Prisoners and they congregate together, sharing memories, sharing the photographs of their victims given to them by their solicitors with the rest of their paperwork, working out how to evade getting caught next time. They all plan to carry on where they left off.
    Paedophilia is not an illness, it cannot be cured – it is a sexual preference, like heterosexuality or homosexuality.
    You cannot change their basic nature.