NYPD’s Erev Rosh Hashana Gift – Arresting a Jew

NYPD manhandling a Jew who did absolutely nothing but exercise his right to freedom of speech.

It was a Rosh Hashana from hell for one Jew after he spent its first night in the custody of the NYPD, following a stupid altercation. Disturbing video footage, captured by an equally disturbed reader with a cell phone camera, shows a large number police officers manhandling the Jew who was trying to defend himself, constantly asking why he was being arrested.

The incident began unfolding within the eighteen minutes after Rosh Hashana had already begun near the intersection of Albany Avenue and Montgomery Street. Police officers pulled over a Jewish motorist who was in a hurry to get home just as the holiday was starting.

Passers-by called out to the cops to let the motorist go, saying that the holiday was starting. The impassive officers responded that “he broke the law and we will not let him go.”

Then, one bystander got vocal and police fixated on him.

First he was knocked to the ground by officers who immediately called for backup. Close to thirty officers responded, and after wrestling back and forth, the man was placed in cuffs and dragged into a waiting police car.

As he was being put into the cruiser the man was heard pleading with officers to let him go to Shul, and that it was his father’s Yohrtzeit, all of which fell on deaf ears.

CrownHeights.info was unable to find out what the man was charged with.

Update: The man spent the fist night of Rosh Hashanah in a holding cell in the 71st Precinct; he was released the following afternoon.


  • 1. Davis CH hatzola wrote:

    Kol Hakovod to Eliyahu Davis who i sseen tryng to get the man out of custody

  • 2. time to riot! wrote:

    When and where? these anti Semitic cops need to be !taught a lesson, we pay their salaries there is no reason we have to take this abuse!!!

  • 3. Sue wrote:

    Where is the “community council”? only one solution, we need to establish a communal fund to sue sue sue the police department, hit them where it hurts!

  • 4. Angry CH wrote:

    Where is Chanina Sperlin?
    Where is the community Vaad Hakohal to stand up when needed?
    And then they complain why we dont pay our Mass Hakahal?
    A nice way to start the year.

  • 7. absolutely sickening wrote:

    Someone should deal with this right to the top. Police commissioner , mayor Bloomberg etc. etc. Hashem Yishmor.

  • 8. mef wrote:

    how can this happen in ch???where is our leaders…there should be common sense that if a person is late on late friday…cops should use common sense.where is the vaad hakol???? sick of these cops…

  • 9. and that is exactley how Nazi Germany wrote:

    and that is exactley how Nazi Germany started.
    all the officers in this group should be charged under federal law of being nazis

  • 11. Germany wrote:

    shame on our community leaders. where r they? y rnt they storming the precinct? y rnt we updated on his release or if he even was released? shame shame on ch. i am embarrassed to say that i live here, and even more embarrassed that i thought there could be a change in how things r run around here. welcome to natzi germany folks…we r in deep deep trouble….

  • 12. A Fellow Yid wrote:

    Baruch hashem he was released the first day of rosh hashana early afternoon. Thanks to the efforts of community leaders in Crown Heights.
    I was there from the beggining, the Police NY thinks they can do watever they want, they wanted to charge him on three acoounts, (one of them that he pushed an officer). The police was very brutal, it looked like nazies yemach shemam arresting a jew. We should be able to do something about the police arresting jews for no reason, abusing the law and turning the situation to their advantage.

  • 14. I HATE COPS!! wrote:


  • 15. Jefferson wrote:

    while the police were very out of line in this situation, this very same brutality and abuse of power happens daily to our african-american brothers in our community and i dont hear any outrage..

    maybe if we were consistent they will pay attention to us..

  • 16. shlomo wrote:

    GOOD LESSON ! THANKS TO NYPD eighteen minutes after Rosh Hashana had already begun YOU NEED TO BE IN YOURS SHUL, AND NOT DRIVE CAR!

  • 17. so flustered wrote:

    this is beyond normal what the heck did this guy do and one cop in the video was wearing a bullet proof vest the idiot thought this man was actually dangerous stupid in my opinion police shudnt be feared why shud we be afraid of our own officers that are supposed to be protecting us and making sure our neighborhood is is safe instead 30 police members are standing like models watching an innocent man being a victim of police officers bordom theyre badges shud be confiscated and they shud be kicked off god forbid if someone was being held at gunpoint shud they respond but to a harmless person of course because they are stupid and they all shud be replaced by normal police officers how come the 71st precinct is the only one with crazy stories i can not express how much anger possesed me when i watch the stupidity of the police force if i had a chance to clean up ch officers i wud start with these nasty innefficient stupid idiotic crazy balistic man handling people we call our protectors!!! i am so full of anger at this moment

  • 18. Levi wrote:

    You guys are a joke. If someone breaks the law he goes to jail, and if someone is in jail he doesn’t get off for new years or RH. Also, You guys are the biggest hypocrites. Why don’t you scream when a black gets arrested for no reason??

  • 19. henoch wrote:

    These cops need sensitivity training. You get arrested just from asking a question or trying to talk to them. Try to reason with them about something like erev chag and they throw you on the ground. I can’t believe they are not educated specifically in dealing with ethnic and religious communities such as crown heights. But we all know the NYPD are not the brightest.

  • 20. lo saamod al dam reacha wrote:

    This video needs to be forwarded to all the News sites. That is the only manner that is effective. Maybe mayor Bloomberg will wake up to the coffee and begin acting accordingly.

    It is outrageuos that minutes before Rosh Hashana a Yid is forcefully pulled into a car and arrested and it remains silent.

  • 21. always the same wrote:


  • 22. dunkiin dounghnuts fan wrote:

    notice the lady officer hovering over the man trying to pull him up!! she is so over weight she had too many dunkin donuts that morning!! shame on you nypd!

  • 23. YANKEL wrote:


  • 24. Protest wrote:

    Tommorow would be a perfect day to protest

    12:00noon at the 71st precinet

    who’s in?

  • 26. remember they have no bechira wrote:

    we need to increase Hashem’s protection agaimnst these animuls

    hashem doent allow animals to attack where his protection is present

    go study the rebbes sichos how to gain protection from all sorts of harm

  • 27. to # 17 wrote:

    what do u mean?!?!?!? this jew did not break a law so why should he go to jail!!!!!! espescealily on yom tov!!!!! he cant drive on rosh hashanah and on top of that why do they need to beat him up! look at the front picture the cop it standing on the mans
    foot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you should be ashamed of your self!!!!!

  • 28. concerned wrote:

    i saw him in cuffs at the police station about 9:30 pm being put into a car!!
    when i approached the cops, they said its “state over religion”!
    they also said that a rabbi told him that he can go!
    does anyone know where he was until 930?

  • 30. Answer to number 28 wrote:

    Answer to comment 28 he was in the police station until 9:30 from when he was aressted,then he spent a night in central booking.

  • 32. Y Shemtov wrote:

    Sunday at noon please be at the 71st precinct.

    Text all your friends to come.

    A gut gebenched yor!

  • 33. To comment 29 wrote:

    I wonder what blood runs in your veins? Check Shulchan oruch even hoezer in the beginning what are the traits of a Jew and when should a drisha vechakira be made to find out the yichus of a person..

  • 34. Be Polite wrote:

    He is clearly resisting arrest. When a police officer stops you – COMPLY. Follow directions. Police officers have the hardest, most dangerous and least appreciated job.
    If he had followed directions he likely would not have been arrested. Smile. Speak in a polite tone. Be reasonable.

  • 35. Outrageous wrote:

    The behavior of the NYPD is outrageous. Simply outrageous.

    They over react time and time again. It is all about their ego, and not the law.

    You get the impression that these are thugs with badges, that’s it. The neighborhood bully with a batch.

    I dont live in NYC, but if I did, I would take way, way up to the governors office. Forget everyone else. This video is a disgrace to America; the Hasidic Rodney King.

    Someone has to pay.

  • 36. fan of the hero wrote:

    kol hakavod moshe!!
    what mesirut nefesh you have for another yid!
    just like the frierdiker rebbe who tried helping another jew and got aressted by the police.may hashem bless you a good year full good mazal and simcha!
    these goyim will get there real justice!!may we see the geula now!!

  • 37. JACK wrote:

    to mr. jeffreson commont #16 we the jewish community live together with you the affrican-american community, i was there i saw the abuse of power by the police, he just told the officer that it is the holiday, the officer told kim to go away which he did not move quickly, the officer ren out the car through him to the ground as you see in the video, abuse of power by the police LETS GET TOGETHER THE AFFRICAN-AMERICAN AND THE JEWISH COMMUNITY TO A BIG DEMOSTRATION AGAINST POLICE BRUTALITY

  • 38. Chillul Hashem wrote:

    Some of your commentors are hypothetical. The NYPD may have done a wrong thing and gone overboard however calling them nazi germans only shows our heated rishos within us and causes a big Chillul Hashem. The best thing would be to get the community leaders to deal with this with the top police dept. But our bad words certainly won’t help the situation especially when many others goal NYPD look what our commentors write.

  • 39. These cops are evil wrote:

    Nazi cops. It’s on video…release it to the media, drag Kelly down here & let’s have a complete change of police and community leadership & some real sensitivity training. Racist bastards keep in power thanks to a corrupt Community Council. They love this stuff.



  • 43. CH Resident wrote:

    Who was arrested, the driver of the car, or the bystander who became vocal, it’s not clear ?

  • 44. Ctc wrote:

    Pathetic lazy cops who don’t do ____ half the time they serve the area, ogle at area women and entertain little boys who (?) worship them, and suddenly they buck up in the hour before the new year. A wrong is a wrong but do me a favor, they turn a blind eye to much bigger things when/how it suits them or those that butter their greasy hands, let the community council become active where it matters and not cower here. Suing, if a lawyer deems appropriate, would be a very good start for all involved!

  • 45. Miriam wrote:

    So, wake up and smell the coffee. GET OUT OF AMERICA! This is just the beginning.

  • 46. Anon wrote:

    Notice 1:54 the same officer who is always by 770 is present here as well, disregarding…

  • 47. MOSHE wrote:


  • 49. nazi -s in new york ..they-re everywhere wrote:

    notice the police’s hair cut isn’t that a german haircut?

  • 50. low class, power starved cops in ny wrote:

    My blood is boiling

    And there should seriously b a weight limit on these donut popping, ego tripping cops. Shouldn’t they be fit and in top form so they can use their bodies effectively and not feel so threatened so quickly, too often using excessive force??? What a disgrace they are. Heroes some/times. Definitely not heroes all!!

  • 53. to 35 and 29 wrote:

    Read the story!! He was not the one the cops pulled over! This man was just trying to stand up for another yid that they stopped, telling them to let the guy go cuz its almost yom tov!! The cops know that we have a holiday and that he had to get home quick!

  • 54. In the Know wrote:

    Moshe was not speeding nor was he in a car. He was actually about to go into shul and early. He saw a friend who was in a car about to get pulled over and told the cops to let him go as it was his holiday. That’s when the cops got rough on him.
    To a yid, the cops start up, but the goyim they could care less. Last Sunday there were cars belonging to the goyim who were in church, double parked from New York Ave to Nostrand on Empire Blvd. Not ONE got a ticket and many cop cars drove right by them. Is this discrimination or what?????
    12 PM tomorrow at the police station!

  • 55. why do i cringe when i see cops! wrote:

    thay got a whole bunch of yung cops who do nothing but ticket i was walking by and i saw three cops walking down the street and thay look at a car and deside to ticket it i went all around the car a few times and couldnt figure out why thay ticketed him so i asked them ever so politely and thay just sayd bug off now thees cops looked in thayr erly 20s idiets!

  • 56. TO NUMBER 29 wrote:

    number 29. with friends like you who the hell needs enemies. You sound like a real piece of work, so glad I don’t know you

  • 57. insane wrote:

    there was NO police brutality. he was resisting arrest. this happens all the time. people resist arrest alot is it racism against them too?

  • 58. Sick cops! wrote:

    Still waiting for the inevitible largest scandel NYPD has ever seen coming from 71st precinct to break! Namely cops taking ‘favors’ from woman to falsly arrest husbands!

  • 59. lazer wrote:

    what did he do? Also, from the video, I did not see any excessive force or ‘manhandling’ it just seemed like an arrest of a person who was not willing to go peacefully with the police.

  • 62. Why did you post his picture? wrote:

    In consideration of the trauma he already must have gone through, his privacy would have been better respected if his face had been blurred.

  • 63. misunderstanding wrote:

    You’re all right. First–this happens everyday to dozens of other racial minorities in this city and no one gives a damn but that said, this is a Jewish community website which is probably why people don’t stand up to that. Moving on–resisting arrest is stupid and once the cops start they really aren’t going to back down–even when they know they are wrong. Now–blast this video to them and that’s a laugh for building community relations–to have your cops conduct a scene like this and then stand on the street corners when no one feels safer when they’re there. Next, the community should get the arresting officers names and ask that they be dealt with–why isn’t the 71st precinct trained in understanding the community [i.e. a tour of Crown Heights and maybe the JCM???]. This guy should be helped to file an official complaint if not a lawsuit. Next, protesting is a great way to get your message out. Finally–calling the NYPD Nazis is just as malicious and racist as what they did to him. Why do we have to stoop to that level? Let’s not throw out such heavy words without understanding what we’re saying because that plays into the stupidity and uneducated nature of this community in general. Lastly–if he was taken to the 71st, they should at least give him the courtesy of walking there with officers–if they do understand the nature of a yomtov.

  • 64. Milhouse wrote:

    #43, what an am ho’oretz you are. Daas Torah?! Daas shtus. You don’t even know simple ivreh, let alone a possuk in chumosh.

  • 65. Milhouse wrote:

    #46, you think Israeli cops are any better?! Remember what happened in Amona, or what happens at shabbos demonstrations. Remember our fellow Lubavitcher R Pinchos Segalov, HYD, who was murdered by the Israeli police.

  • 66. Milhouse wrote:

    #35, you are a liar. Police do NOT have even close to the most dangerous job. They are well-paid, and they are a band of perjurers and chazeirim. They had no right to arrest this person in the first place, so what was he resisting? A person has the constitutional right to defend himself from anyone, even a policeman, and we have NO DUTY to be polite to pigs. You’re probably a pig yourself, so I’m not going to be polite to you; this is America, where we have a first amendment and we can tell the President himself what we think of him, and nobody has the right to lay a finger on us for it. It’s time you learnt that lesson.

  • 67. He is not a -criminal resisting arrest- wrote:

    An innocent person without a cell phone who cannot see any reason for being manhandled and ‘taken away’ to who-knows- where by people who are clearly not out for his welfare obviously has every reason to wish to avoid being locked up.
    We want to think that everything is alright in Crown Heights but unfortunately, it isn’t. There are too many true stories, not only involving men, but women, and even children. People are intimidated into not broadcasting the stories but eventually they do leak out to the general public.

  • 68. chaya cohen wrote:

    i was in my house and heard alot of police man on albany and kingston /and heard alot of noises was thinking that some body had anaccident /and prayd that the police will understand that aholiday is in afew minetes and will let him go ,and now i see the video. what asham to such athing to an inesent yid before rosh hashanah please thae comunity or other people should notbe quite about this ,they are like the nazizes imach shmam .people should make tumul about that ,and late other potrol do there jobs ,agmar chatima tova,

  • 69. Milhouse wrote:

    #49 is probably a pig too. “Resisting arrest” is pig-talk for “contempt of cop”. They pretend their job is so dangerous and they should be given a free pass for perjury, assault, and false arrest. Policing is not even one of the ten most dangerous jobs in America, let alone the most dangerous, and they choose it of their own free will.

  • 70. Dan wrote:

    I don’t see any excessive force here. Is this a wanted man? The police blotter will list the charge.

  • 71. Litvak wrote:

    The problem is simply that (nearly) all Chabadniks think they are above the law of the local land where they happen to be. The cops behavior was perfectly fine. Unfortunately no lesson will be learned. This guy will just be added to the list of poor martyrs persecuted by the commie nazi shkuzim goyishe drek. I live in Beer Sheva and when I walk to shul on erev shabbat I pass an intersection about 50 meters from a chabad shul. And ALWAYS a few minutes before shkiyah there are one or two cars with big yellow flags hurrying to get the parking places in front of the shul. And I have seen them go through the red light. Why not, after all they’re chabad and the zionist traffic lights don’t apply to anash.

  • 72. cher wrote:

    i do not have a car but i live near 770 & i see it all the time people coming out of the subway on friday after licht benchen which is very risky.what if the subway is delayed & they can not make it home in time for shabbos or yomtov?& that is on top of the fact of not being able to go to the mikva or take a shower before shabbos or yom tov.now for the police to make an arrest yes i do agree that it was completely inapropriate for the cops to do that but if people would give themselves a little extra time to make it home in time for shabbos or yomtov like making sure to arrive home at least half an hour before shabbos or yom tov if not earlier then this would never have happened.


  • 75. Chaim wrote:

    The officer’s name is Officer Castillo. He has given people problems in the past. We should all make sure that he is out of our Precinct ASAP.

  • 77. TV news looks for such footage wrote:

    someone should assist the victim in this incident of police over-reaction and brutality to contact the media, file a complaint with the Civilian Comlaint Review Board, and retain an attorney to file a lawsuit- against the NYPD and the individual officers themselves.

    That is pretty much standard operating procedure in cases like these.

    On Rosh Hashona, no less. Hope this is not a portend of things to come for us in Crown Hts

  • 78. aMADOO dIALLO wrote:

    These Pigs have no respect for peoples rights- Bloomberg should call his lapdog Kelly and open a Investigation.

  • 79. Ray Kelly wrote:

    Officer Castillo-complaints are on the way-I hope you got good shoes-cause youll be walking the beat in spanish harlem

  • 80. Naftali wrote:


  • 81. Milhouse is an idiot wrote:

    “a Jewish motorist who was in a hurry to get home just as the holiday was starting.”

    Did he pass a red light or a stop sign? What if he hit and killed someone?

    If he killed someone maybe they should have let him go because it is Erev Rosh Hashana and he could have davened away the sin and made it better.

    I think Milhouse would approve of that! What a shmuck!

  • 83. Milhouse you are pathetic wrote:

    Milhouse you are pathetic.
    “A person has the constitutional right to defend himself from anyone”

    It’s the POLICE that that protect your “constitutional right”

    If a verbal assault on a cop in the street could start a riot then they are under orders to remove the source fast BEFORE it gets out of hand. If you don’t like the way a policeman is handling a situation you file a complaint you don’t mouth off and cause a commotion in the middle of the street that might lead to a riot.

    Probably you would because you sound like an idiot!!

  • 84. #71 and african americans wrote:

    #71 sounds like the couple Chabad where u live trying to park close to Shabbos make you cringe with anger, or maybe it’s the yellow flag so here’s ur chance to vent and finally see some revenge…sad, especially this time of year!

    As well to the commentors who say this happens all the time to african-americans it’s wrong and you must stick up for ur own and u should! We’re not asking ur community to protest for us…

  • 86. Daffy Dan wrote:

    from another site:
    “Manhandling”?? They arrested the guy using, what APPEARED to be reasonable force. What the video doesn’t show is what led the police to arrest him in the first place. The cops aren’t stupid: they weren’t going to arrest a Jew in Crown Heights on Rosh HaShanah with some sort of a reason.
    I can’t agree ….we aren’t in Nazi Germany and the comparison is odious.

    I agree…this story is so out of character for a otherwise excellent news site. I’m surprised and wouldn’t be surprised if this comment is NOT published.

  • 87. Milhouse wrote:

    #81 and #82 are probably the same PIG.

    “It’s the POLICE that that protect your ‘constitutional right’”

    No, it’s the police who routinely VIOLATE people’s rights, and seem to think they have every right to do so. We do NOT owe our rights to the police or the government; we owe them only to our Creator. They existed before there were governments, and will exist after there are no more governments. Governments were created to SECURE those rights, not to grant them to us, and when they fail to do so they become illegitimate. A guard dog exists to protect his master; when he bites his master he is put down.
    “If a verbal assault on a cop in the street could start a riot”

    There is almost no such thing as a “verbal assault”. It does exist, but that’s a serious charge you’re making, with no basis. “Mouthing off” is NOT assault, it’s not a crime, and the police have no right to lay a finger on someone who does so.
    “ then they are under orders to remove the source fast BEFORE it gets out of hand. ”

    Then their orders are patently illegal, and they are criminals if they obey them. What’s more, if they obey such orders they lose their qualified immunity, and are exposed to being sued personally for everything they own. Want to lose your nice house, pig?
    “If you don’t like the way a policeman is handling a situation you file a complaint you don’t mouth off and cause a commotion in the middle of the street that might lead to a riot.”

    I will mouth off whenever I damn well like, and you will respect my right to do so, or you will lose your house. If you’re afraid of a “riot” then don’t behave in a way that is calculated to make reasonable people riot. The best way to prevent a riot would have been to release the driver, or better still not to have stopped him in the first place. They could have just taken down his license plate and visited him after Shabbos. Or they could have ignored it, since no harm was done, just as they ignore all the people who park illegally outside the church across from their precinct. Or for that matter their own cars that are parked illegally on the sidewalk on Empire.
    “What if he hit and killed someone? ”

    He didn’t, did he? So what’s the point of your hypothetical? You know what my grandmother would have been, had she had wheels.

  • 88. Milhouse wrote:

    #71, “Litvak”, what did you spend the last few days doing? Obviously NOT accepting the sovereignty of Melech Malchei Hamlochim. Whose laws must we obey, His or those of flesh and blood?

  • 89. Mendel wrote:

    I certainly understand why someone would get upset being stopped at sunset of Rosh Hoshana, but police are trained to be sensitive to the circumstances, and it could very well be that this poor person just lost it and was obnoxious from the get go, this clip doesn’t show what led to this altercation arrest. I feel very bad for this guy, but we have no right not to give the police the benefit of the doubt that maybe this guy lost it from the get go. I’ve been once in a similar situation where a cop stopped while I was rushing to an extremely time sensitive meeting, I plead my case with remorse and humility and the cop let me go with a warning. That is the lesson we should take, not that the NYPD are Nazis.

  • 92. Milhouse wrote:

    “police are trained to be sensitive to the circumstances,”

    Clearly they are not.

    “it could very well be that this poor person just lost it and was obnoxious from the get go,”

    What if he was? How does that give the cops the right to arrest him? Obnoxiousness is not a crime, it’s a constitutional RIGHT.

    “we have no right not to give the police the benefit of the doubt”

    Of course we do. In fact we have the DUTY not to give them any benefit; they are the government, and the benefit of the doubt always belongs to the person they’re arresting, not to them. Not to mention the fact that we have a DUTY al pi Torah to give the benefit of the doubt to our brothers, and not to nochrim.

    “I plead my case with remorse and humility”

    In other words you danced mah yofis for the poretz. This man did nothing at all wrong; he stood up for his fellow yid, which is a MITZVAH. And for that he was arrested, just like the Frierdiker Rebbe was at the age of 11. Just as the FR was not “remorseful” or “humble”, but rather proud of his bravery, so should this yid be proud; he is a hero. We do not owe the police “humility”; neither in Lubavitch in 1891, nor in Crown Heights in 2011.

  • 93. TruthBeTold wrote:

    Jews are easy pickings to meet arrest quotas.

    I do believe in law and order, and Jews should obey the laws of the country. However its extremely unlikely that the Jewish man arrested was any threat to the criminals dressed in police uniforms. We do have a constitution which supposedly allows freedom of speech.

    We are living under a parasitic leftist regime which targets the decent law abiding citizens while allowing millions of illegal alien criminals to brazenly trample on the country’s laws.

    The criminals in police uniforms find Orthodox Jews easy pickings to meet their arrest quotas, knowing full well that arresting “minorities” may result in sudden death from a bullet.

    Google “new york city” arrest quotas.

  • 94. crawlingaxe.blogspot.com wrote:

    This is what happens when we keep dreaming that America is a land of chessed and that American government/police are different from those of other countries. A government (and its minions) is always the same, everywhere. The difference is quantitative, not qualitative.

    The lessons of police’s behavior in CH (throughout years) is that the only way we can solve anything is by literally taking the situation in our hands. I don’t mean acting against the law. I mean not hoping that the government/police do what we have to do ourselves: tzedaka, protection of ourselves, education, etc.

    And not supporting Conservatives or Liberals. Support Libertarians. Limited government is the only answer.

  • 95. To # 14 wrote:

    What do you mean: “Baruch hashem he was released the first day of rosh hashana early afternoon. Thanks to the efforts of community leaders in Crown Heights.”


  • 96. Think Milhouse think before you type wrote:

    In case you forgot the CH RIOTS were started when a Jewish driver in the Rebbies motorcade was speeding to catch up and lost control and slammed into the innocent kid.

    Maybe he was reckless before and was never stopped and thought he was untouchable because “The Milhouse law” says police pigs must respect Jewish drivers because they have the right to drive anyway they want if they are following the Rebbie and “Creators” laws.

    “The police can’t stop me from speeding and following the Rebbie I’m important. LOOK OUT EVERYONE I am in the Creator’s army.” he probably thought.

    Maybe if he had been stopped before and had some respect for the police and traffic laws the riots never would have happened.

  • 97. CH Resident wrote:

    If he wasn’t the driver of the speeding car, what did he do that was against the law ?

  • 99. Ebay wrote:

    I know the person arrested. He told me the whole story. He was trying to help another Jew. The cops stopped a yid driving without a seatbelt. It was close to RH. The victim asked the cops to let the yid go as it is a Jewish Holiday. The cops were aggressive to the victim and when the victim asked for the aggressive cops badge, the cop lost it. The victim was thrown to the ground, stepped on and arrested. The cops lied and said the victim broke the cops thumbs, and knocked the cop to the ground. The victim spent the night in jail, said Kaddish for his father while handcuffed to a post like a dog.

    We need leadership to take action. These cops should be disciplined and the victim should be compensated. There was no reason for this. If the cops really cared about citizens they would help and not create situations to cause innocent people to suffer and do more to create animosity between citizens and cops.

    Feels a little like Russia or early Germany.

  • 100. to #96, and all the demonstrators wrote:

    First if all get your facts straight! The Ch riots were started when a Jewish driver participating in, and following a POLICE ESCORT went through a red light (with the police car) and was hit by a non-Jewish driver who was driving recklessly ignoring the police with their lights on and sirens blaring. After being hit by the non-Jewish driver the Jew’s vehicle was pushed and lost control, hitting the black kid. You all seem to forget very easily the root of that incident being the non-Jewish driver who didn’t stop for the police, and are quick to blame the Jews!

    And to all you “ demonstrators” , where were you at noon today? I didn’t see anyone there, so either put your money where your mouth is, or quit blabbing and whining.

  • 102. Apikoires wrote:

    So many poeple here have such a great devotion to traffic laws. It’s not dificult to tell that you probably don’t have nearly the same respect for God’s laws.

    For starters, God runs the world, not traffic laws. God decides who lives and who dies, not traffic laws and not seatbelts.

    So use your head before worshiping the DOT and its sacred commandmants.

  • 103. I drove by at noon wrote:

    ready to protest…..and not one yid was at the police station. Wimps!

  • 104. soehfjrhfuerhjehu wrote:

    17 wrote: You guys are a joke. If someone breaks the law he goes to jail, and if someone is in jail he doesn’t get off for new years or RH. Also, You guys are the biggest hypocrites. Why don’t you scream when a black gets arrested for no reason??
    I don’t agree with the first part of what you wrote, because they dont even know what he was charged with, but you’re partly right with your accusation- obviously you should be upset if anyone is arrested without explanation, but how much more so a Yid…

  • 105. for those who agree with bruitality wrote:

    to regard a fellow jew like that on the ten days of teshuva…
    one second ARE YOU JEWISH??

  • 106. To 82 wrote:

    First I must agree with you it’s a pleasure seeing an orthodox Jew be beaten down by police.

    Second I also agree with you that every motorist who skips a stop sign should be jailed. What if he would kill someone?

    I also agree with you that Jews should not daven away their sins and instead try to do things in the real world such as to obay the laws of our country just like everybody else does.

    But I disagree with calling those who go to synegoge to pray on Rosh Hashana a “Shmuck.” Also, you blend in well but you got the spelling off. Its Schmuck, with a C after the S. We’d expect better of somebody who tries so hard to come a cross like a frum Jew.

    Keep trying

  • 107. Overblown wrote:

    Its sad he was arrested when he was but the man resisted arrested. You can’t do that regardless of who you are or when it is. The police went very easy on him.

  • 108. Very Unprofessional wrote:

    A stop sighn, an argument, a shut up cause I’m the cop not you.

    These are rookie cops. Real cops with experience know their work and don’t get cought up in the kiddie ticketing, let alone loose control of a playground situation and have it escalade into a “take down.” This is a kid who just got out of police acadamy and wants to prove that now its my turn to get a stick. You better shut up and listen cause I’m the cop here, not you. Macho cop.

    This is the root of the matter here. THe real question we should be asking is how can Kelly/Simonetti get away with allowing kids in training in our neighborhood? Do they think our neighberhood is an internship for police acadamy students???? What we must demand is that police in this neighberhood should have at least five years experience before being allowed in here\

    I’m sure any officer with an ounce of experience would be laughing at how stupidly these naive rookies handled a situation.

  • 109. President Street Resident wrote:

    if it was me that was arrested i would of had to go to central booking after being in the holding cell at the 71st, this guy got off lite trust me.

  • 110. No justice no peace wrote:

    In Mazi Germany it also started like this, and yes, you had the same liberal shmucks saying “oh, don’t offend them, maybe they were right etc.” since we have no leadership and you have to protect yourself, I will quote a great political figure who said “Every Jew a .22” all it would take is for one “officer castillo” to get a 3rd ball and it won’t happen again so fast.

  • 111. CH Resident wrote:

    still don’t know why he was arrested, did he try to stop the cop from writing a ticket ? what did he do ?

  • 112. :-( wrote:

    So sad. When “other” members of the community rob and attach our members, some how police aren’t available to deal with it. But all of the sudden 30 cops are free to pick on a guy who may have mouthed off a bit…what the heck???

    I hope he sues them.


    thank you 97, some sense. to all those that seem to think the arrest was justified b/c the man resisted arrest – what a disgrace! of course he resisted arrest, as would you too if you were on the way to shul (or anywhere) and innocently (innocently!) tried to defend another by alerting the cops (though i’m starting to feel inclined to join the others calling them ‘pigs’) as to the impending holiday and quickly beseeching them to leave him be this once. that was all he did! and I don’t quite care what tone of voice he used (though no disrespect was recorded), it was a tone of urgency at best. a plea! and the ignorant, ruthless, and couldn’t-give-a-damn cops got a sudden rush of power-pride and decided to battle this one down. that’s exactly what they did – any other way you try to explain this abomination away is simply implausible and a disgrace in and of itself. we are not denying that the man was resisting arrest, but who wouldn’t!! WHERE WAS THE DEMONSTRATION????

    And to all those stating the freedom of speech rights, it is accurate. You can go ahead and tell a cop she looks like an ugly fat ____, and technically not be arrested for it. but of course, because they take their jobs more personally than professionally, no doubt they will find reason to ‘legitimately’ arrest.


  • 114. awacs wrote:

    “If he wasn’t the driver of the speeding car, what did he do that was against the law ?”

    He had the temerity to ask the officer for his badge number.

    Also, the car wasn’t speeding – he was driving without a seatbelt. Great danger to the public, this one.

  • 115. From Lakewood wrote:

    I have just one question; 30 officers rushed in as “backup” for this 60 something year old? You’d think he was holding a hostage or something! Where were the cops in 1991?!!

  • 117. Thats not fare at all!! wrote:

    First if all why did they arrest that guy for no odd reason!
    Second of all why didnt enyone defend him when they were arresting him its like nobody cares about each other!!

  • 118. Shame on community wrote:

    How does the community let this happen? they should’ve marched on the precinct that night and rallied for his release. If he was indeed arrested for voicing his opinion (freedom of speech anyone?) he should get a good lawyer….

  • 121. 71 precinct wrote:

    blblabla.. all these comments are for what? to talk?
    get up and start acting if you ppl. even care.

  • 123. A Lubavitcher wrote:

    I think the police showed great restraint. We do not know why they wanted to arrest him, no comment to that. But they DID NOT beat him, and he was very foolish to resist like he did.

    If he were black, he would have likely been beaten and tasered. He should consider himself lucky.

  • 124. fair... wrote:

    117 – the last guy (the man we are all up in arms about) who defended anyone got arrested!! this is precisely what stinks so strongly of communist regime!

  • 125. what the??? wrote:

    EXCUSE ME!!!! this is disgusting and should not be allowed! true,the man did resist arrest which is completely wrong,but why was he arrested in the first place?!? the police should respond like this to things that are important! shmae on the nypd of 71 precinct!!! i know people who where beaten unconciouse,and what? NOTHING!!! they drop ur case after a month,dont even respond or do ANYTHING!! they literaly have chutzpa!

  • 126. Al Tadin es Chavercho wrote:

    Very upsetting to see all the comments criticizing the person driving home so close to yom tov.
    I agree that everyone should try to get home as early as possible, but you can never know why someone comes home so late.
    Please, don’t judge. Especially on Erev Rosh Hashana when we ask Hashem to be easy when judging us!!!!!!!

  • 127. hello? wrote:

    im sorry but telling the police thats its your holiday is NOT something you should be arrested for!

  • 128. Stop the lies and state the facts wrote:

    He was arrested for pushing the cop the video doesn’t show that nobody is above the law and if you push a cop your going to jail so if your going to tell the story tell them the truth on why he was arrested get the facts first you can’t bang on a cop car and ask the cop why is he giving the guy the tickets for then push the cop when he approaches you. But you all will say he a victim because he’s Jewish NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW!!!!!

  • 129. Joseph wrote:

    Shmucks. The cops were arresting him BEFORE he “resisted arrest” (even IF he did resist). You can’t resist arrest, unless you are being arrested.


  • 130. IAmMe wrote:

    # 126 – go back to the cockpit at # 76, no doubt you’re on the next flight outa there. All that power gets to the rather empty cop heads… Hope they start some serious rethining of how they train cops, ESP ones in racially sensitive areas. Send the 71st thugs into Spanish Harlem for a good lesson or two, and replace them with more refined specimens–if they can be found. I used to live next to the precinct. All I can say Is that at best it Is 50% a workstation and 50% a parking lot-for a lot of lazy, foot dragging, perverted, corrupt officers.

  • 131. Berel wrote:


  • 132. chaya cohen wrote:

    I Agree with #93 where was the cops in 1991 ,? this young man wanted to help the other guy probebly because it was afew minetets before the holiday ,in the video we see clearly that he did not push the cops , the cops pushed him ,its clearly that those cops are antesimitieks ,THE COMUNITY CANT GO oN FOR AREGUlER DAy WiTH OUT KnOWING WHY IT HAppEneD ,and this cops will get panished.

  • 133. This community needs CPR wrote:

    Lubavitchers are woosies in Williamsburgh they would have had a riot. remember when the cops tried to hassle an old Rabbi over a cellphone the whole Williamsburgh was running wild. Over here people are too worried over their own bank accounts.

  • 134. V-Hamaivin Yo-vin wrote:

    Quite obvious which posts here are posted by police officers themselves.

  • 135. Milhouse wrote:

    #109, you have put your finger precisely on the problem. Some of these fools really would rather drive past shkiah than break any traffic law. They really think that the NYC traffic code is incorporated by reference into the Shulchon Oruch, or — even worse — that it’s more important than the Shulchon Oruch. Divrei horav vedivrei ho’eved, divrei mi shom’in?

  • 136. To 126 wrote:


    May you be shipped to the eastern hemisphere and worship the god of law under Stalin

    Then drop dead and burry yourself in the snow while shovling for the Law

    FYI Jews have never been subject to any system of man madelaw and never will be. THey never gave in to Communist law just as they never gave in to Pharoh’s laws.

    But you are one of them so you will remain behind when we come out

  • 137. levi.g wrote:

    those stupid cops of ny they are aresting a frum jew when he has to go to shule plus it his fathers yurziet those cops should be fired from there job:@

  • 138. Where did you get that? wrote:

    To 126. – Where do you get your facts that he pushed a cop and banged on the cop car? Are you a witness? This wasn’t reported before.

    What we see in the video is an elderly Jew asking repeatedly why he was being arrested. Who knocked him down to start with? Whatever could have provoked that? Meanwhile we see that the cops repeated chose not to answer him why. They didn’t say “for pushing a cop” or “for banging on a cop car.” The just continued to manhandle him.

    If all he did was stand by and ask the cop why he was giving a ticket to the other Jew, the driver without a seat belt, then there is no way that he should have been touched and knocked over by any cop and then arrested.

  • 139. Don-t get Zakaki involved wrote:

    Zakaki would make sure that both Yidden involved did time and ended up paying compensation to the cops!

  • 140. #126 where did you get that fact?? wrote:

    well said #129 & # 139!
    a smart one is he who tells over what he heard first hand and what he saw in person .

  • 142. More info please wrote:

    To 97. – the one who heard the “whole story” from the victim, and stated that “The cops lied and said the victim broke the cops thumbs, and knocked the cop to the ground.”

    Can you provide any more details? Did any cop get a broken thumb (or thumbs), or any injury from this incident? Was a cop knocked to the ground by the Yid to cause his arrest? Which cop, which thumb? Did the Yid touch the cop, or bang on the cop car?

    There must have been dozens of witnesses. Anyone care to provide more information about what happened leading up to what we see in the video?

  • 143. do u really know?? wrote:

    to #126 who the heck do you think you are ?
    get your facts straight!
    he didn’t push the police .the whole story was told to us by the victim himself.they almost dislocated his shoulder these stupid goyim! as soon as he started talking to them asking to leave the
    driver alone the police pushed him down!by mistake he put his hand on the cops chest .not pushed the police!he wouldn’t dare push them.to #129 WELL SAID!shana tova to u!

  • 144. to #15 wrote:

    you’r sick how can you judge a person like that maybe he had to do some thing realy fast shame on you

  • 145. Milhouse wrote:

    The Frierdiker Rebbe also pushed the cop. I suppose you think he was wrong to do so, and deserved to be arrested. (And in that case too, the cop lied and claimed that the FR had ripped off his epaulets, and it turned out in the end that the cop had himself committed the theft for which he was arresting the yid whom the FR defended. These cops drive regularly without seat belts, and park illegally and speed and go through red lights and stop signs whenever they feel like it.)

  • 146. The REAL truth!!! wrote:


    Facts are as follows:

    I WAS THERE till they took him away!

    They had the driver, a KOHEN in his 40’s or 50’s pulled-over SINCE the officer had told him on Eastern Parkway as he had JUST turned into Albany (from going to do Mivtzaim and LEAVING Sichos of the Rebbe in Persian by the Persian Shul by Hadar HaTorah) to stop and then, to pull-over by Albany and Crown/Montgomery a long while BEFORE Lichtzin!

    They had CLAIMED that their FRIEND had SEEN that he had NO Seatbelt!!!

    The Bachur sees a guy with a hat, stopped!

    Gets closer, sees his Friend and he thought that they were ARRESTING his friend on Erev Yom-Tov!
    This Bachur, a Levi of 39, thinking to do Pidyon-Sh’vuyim and ”When you see your friend’s donkey has fallen, DON’T STEP AWAY“ AND went to ask the COPS why and to let him go on Erev Yom-Tov, they messed with him, raised the window and ”SHOWED HIM THE HAND“!

    He TAPPED on the window and said: ”Excuse me! Why are you arresting theis DRIVER????“

    Back and forth arguments, he asked for their badge and their supervisor’s name and perhaps a supervisor COULD release the guy!

    The MALE COP, STORMED out of the car, his EYES BULGING, said: ”Come over here!“

    The Bachur said: ”I DON’T have to come over there! I haven’t done anything! I haven’t violated anything! I’m going to Synagogue!!!“

    As if to say: OK, FINE< I’m, Backing-off! I’m getting lost! Bye!

    Then, the MALE officer, RAN-OVER in the Bachur’s face, the Bachur TOUCHED him on the chest and said: ”Stay BACK, I’m going to Synagogue!“

    and as he started to walked-away, the 2 COPS, ATTACKED him and THREW him into the bushes and said: ”You’re reesisting ARREST!!!“

    The FEMALE officer put her LEG on his KNEW and the MALE officer is blocking his LEFT foot from STANDING, so he WON’T get-up and the MALE officer, keeps YELLING: ”GET-UP!!!“

    The Bachur said (while he was panthing for air and ALMOST choking): ”What did I DO???!!! Why am I being arrested! PLEASE DON“T arrest me! It’s my Holiday!!! It’s the 18th Anniversary of my father’s passing! I NEED to go to Synagogue! I WILL COME and GIVE myself to YOU on SATURDAY-NIGHT!!!…”
    From then-on, it’s MOSTLY, on the video, BUT, at the end, you see the BLACK officer directing that officer to run to the other side who REPEATEDLY, YANKED on the Bachur’s hand and in the process, ALMOST BREAKING HIS ARMS AND PULLING HIS ARMS OUT OF his SHOULDERS!!!
    Then, he was hyperventilating and had an asthema-attack, SINCE he had fallen on his kidneys they REFUSED to give him air!!!

    For about 2 hours in the CELL, he BEGGED for air and BEGGED for them to turn the fan-on!!!

    They REFUSED!!!
    NOT until, one of his friends came to help at the 71st Precinct that they turned the fan on after 2 HOURS to show that EVERYTHING is OK!!!
    They refused to let him have a Minyan to Daven or to RETURN his Machzor to Daven!!!

    Then, Baruch-Hashem, a couple more people from community came and asked for a KADDISH Minyan since he had a Yahrtzeit!!!

    The refused and said ONLY 2 guys!!!

    Then, a while later, Baruch-Hashem, said, in the front hallway, BUT, cuffed! like a DOG to the wall!!

    Then, they made a deal for release within a few hours to go to court in Downtown and released that NIGHT on bail!!!

    They trnsferred him to Downtown Brooklyn court and told him in just a few minutes, you’ll be out and go home!

    BUT, played tricks for about 2 hours, and DISMISSED THE COURT, about 2 HOURS EARLy and kept him till the next MORNING!!!

    Then, they gave him an incompetent public defender who told him to ADMIT that he BEAT the COP down and all the OTHER FALSE charges and the Bachur said: “I haven’t done ANYTHING!!! I am NOT ADMITTING anything” and told his story and the fact that they had said that he’d be going home THE NIGHT BEFORE!!!

    About an hour or hour half later,

    BUT, after all that, MIRACLES, Baruch-Hashem, happened, he told 2 Jewish boys in the Cell of about 60 to 70 to go to Shul for Shofar!!!

    About 10:30 or 11, they RELEASE him with DISMISSAL of ALL charges with probation and he sent home on foot!

    the bachur who is NEW in New-York asked the lawyer fro direction and the lawyer REFUSED to help and give directions, at-first and then, a lady in court intervened and helped said: “Go on Atlantic or Pacific, LEFT, till Empire! Though, Pacific is NICER and SAFER!!!”

    At the station, they asked for an ID, though they had confiscated the Bachur’s key!

    He said: “Your file in the computer has MY PICTURE!!! K11 whatever, look-up MY name and see that it is ME!!!”

    They REFUED and he asked for a supervisor and did the same!

    He asked for his supervisor and they complied to return his raincoat and key, BUT, NOT his Machzor!!!

  • 147. Founding fathers wrote:

    @Be polite. Its true that being a police officer is a tough job, however not one of those officers was forced to sign up for it. I know a 6 cops who I went to school with, all but one of them are total sociopaths. They went into the academy thinking about all the power and authority they will have over most people they know. They were bullies in childhood and nothing changed in adulthood. I respect the position of police officer as it was originally thought of when the country began. Officers originally were volunteers who were called upon to protect American citizens from violence, theft and damage of property. Now they resemble goons who enforce the authoritarian rule of the city leaders who want to control the way people cross the street to the way they go to the bathroom. If you ask a cop nowadays what is the role of a police officer as was intended by the founders of this country they are more likely to give you an answer that sounds like what the founders of chins had in mind. And sheeple like you are make it easier for them to get more aggressive.

  • 149. AniYehudi wrote:

    Giulaiani would have been on top of this. Shame on Ray Kelly, Bloomberg and their growing fleet of incompetent, insensitive, illiterate, i-centered cops. What a disgrace to a city as potentially great as NY, that it’s inner passageways will always be lined with seedy and corrupt ‘law enforcement’. In cases like this, I wonder how it is possible to be motivated to follow any ‘laws of the land’ when their ‘upholders’ at the core defy the ‘laws of humanity’. Where are the Jewish DEFENDERS? This is not a small story. Do not wait for the seemingly small seeds of hate to create a modern holocaust. I do not overreact. I have studied all types of history closely, and the makings of this one are not looking good. This story demands local social and media attention to no end. Who can, or better yet, who of the powers WILL make that happen? Mi yishafet? uMi yarum? Will we be lowered, or will we be lifted?? It’s time to stand UP for our people and not let the trodden be trodden yet again. Of course ‘they’ will decry any efforts for us to defend one another claiming we are quick to cry ‘anti-semitism’, but that is akin to ‘afen ganef Brent a hittel’. We have been warned. Let us heed the signs G-d has been kind enough to send us and awaken, shake ourselves from the priority of securing our own ground and make sure another yid can still stand on his.

  • 150. Re #48 wrote:

    No need to even waste time being angry at people like that- there always will be people like that and they will leave this world without having contributed anything to it. They need so much to feel like they are in power- but no one respects them and no one would want to BE them. I was more sad than anything else to read #46. I’m sorry this man had to go through such an experience, I hope he is well compensated with a very good life.

  • 152. Justice for the victim please wrote:

    To 146 – thanks for the information you provided. Here’s to hoping CHI will track the situation and post followup stories. May we all, including the victim of this police abuse, merit to a gemar chasima tova. L’chaim.

  • 153. ahh thank you! wrote:

    #146 well said! now that you hear the truth i hope nobody will givein to his evil inclination and judje him wrong.
    when reporting news you should get all the facts before posting.

  • 154. shlomo wrote:

    146 did you ever meet somebody that say I’M guilty. sure he have explanation. go in 9p.m in 770 and ask people in thales and tfilin why? they always have explanation. ask people that after yom kipur start drive to mikve- you get explanation too. borsalino and white soaks don’t turn man to be religious

  • 155. Bullies wrote:

    One question, If a cop pulls you over in the shchuna, what is your biggest fear ? are you worried about the ticket? the fine? or are you worried that you might say the wrong thing, make a wrong twitch and end up beaten and in cuffs. Bottom line, DO YOU FEEL SAFE when a police officer pulls you over or asks you a question.
    That NOT the way its supposed to be.


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