Parents Beware: Missionary Activity in Lefferts Park

A group of volunteers from a Florida church made their way to New York where they joined up with a local Crown Heights church, and together they are doing outreach work in the neighborhood. Throughout the afternoon Friday the group did arts and crafts with children and played sports with them.

The group is here on spring break and doing outreach work. Parents should warn their children, and not send them to the park unsupervised.


  • 1. cma wrote:

    It would be nice to see kids playing together without missionaries involved…

  • 2. Gentile wrote:

    Just because they’re from a church doesn’t mean they’re out to convert Jews or anybody. Not all Xians are the same or have the same beliefs.

    Outreach doesn’t always mean converting people. It can just mean unifying people in action, to get along together in doing positive acts regardless of beliefs, gender, race, etc.

    I’m confused by how there could be a warning yet someone from was taking pictures. It’s like warning of a car crash while watching the accident happen. Did anyone speak to these people and find out if they were in fact out to convert or preaching?

  • 3. GET YOUR KIDS ACTIVE!! wrote:

    i was just about to write the SAME Thing as CMA, its nice to see the kids playing together.

    Its nice to CH kids playing organised sport at all…

    If there was more FUN for the kids maybe they wouldnt go looking for all sorts of crazy fun later on in life and fun and physical activity is known for so many health and mental and learning benefits in the long run!!!

  • 4. appreciated..... wrote:

    dearest gentile:
    thank you for your advice
    it is appreciated
    leave it those who are experienced with situations like these

  • 5. Devorah Leah wrote:

    missionarys are extremely smart if indeed they are who you say they are, they target kids and invite them into something they enjoy and reach down to there level, once there is a connection or a friendship…they very slowly add their ideas into the play as a game…confusing yiddishe kids with their ideas, if they are for a fact, chrisitan missionarys, then we should def keep our kids away, yet we can take a lesson from them, there is nothing wrong with kids playing together in the park in fact it teaches kids tollerance and acceptance, there are good people all over the world in every race, just like unfortuantly there are evil people too…being a certain type doesnt mean you are the real ting…its in your heart, and how you choose to be …

  • 6. MM wrote:

    Beware? seriously? let them have fun. If they are raised correctly these kids wont have an issue. Relax.

  • 7. ch little league wrote:

    maybe we send some of our own missionairies to the park to play iwht our own kids.. would be nice if we had organized fun for the kids in ch

  • 8. Gentile wrote:

    #4 I was raised Xian (no longer am), have been to various churches, have been approached by different kinds of missionaries. Have you? I’d say I’ve got some experience. :)

    Plenty of Xians see Jews as a separate entity, not meant for conversion because Jews have a different role in being Chosen.

    Again, you can’t lump them all in together. It’s like saying all Jews have the same traditions and beliefs.

    1, 2, 6, 7 Well said!

  • 9. youngmama wrote:

    arent you not allowed to be in the park if you dont have children.

  • 10. beware wrote:

    in todaqys day and age where everything is avaiabla and easily to acsess it is extremely important to keep clearly defined boundaries. being tolerant does not mean losing all sense of being an am echod. yes more structured supervised play, arts and crafts etc should be part of the school curriculum. but that doesnt excuse a lack of parental responcibility until it does happen

  • 12. stop being PC protect your kids wrote:

    You are all blind and stupid. We don’t need to socialize with non-Jews, doesn’t matter what color they are. We must keep our children insulated from outside influences.

    These kids all look very nice, harmless & they only want fun. Very nice. You have your fun, my children will have theirs. It may be the same – ball games, bikes, skating, but once friendships are built then comes the “go on, you can have this candy, it’s OK” or “I’ll get Kosher food for you at my birthday party.”

    I know. It happened to me and while i wasn’t sucked in to it the temptations are very hard. I didn’t live in Crown heights with all the Kosher friends I could have so for me, it was Goyim or nothing. Looking back, I should have said no to mixing so much with them, so should my parents.

    Parents, when you send your kids to Yeshivas you know they have people to be friends with. They don’t need non-Jewish friends. Xenophobic or whatever? I don’t care, I have to protect my children & keep them on the right path. You could find yourselves with non-Jewish in-laws like a few of our neighbors have R”L.

  • 13. 7 Mitzvos wrote:

    It is very simple. Our kids should play with them – but they should be armed with 7 Mitzvos Bnei Noach cards to give out – this will show them where we stand. If they are missionaries, they will start with their drecque immediately and the kids will know what to tell their parents and teachers. If they are not, they will accept the cards, say thank you, and keep playing as kids do.


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