Missionaries Target Jews by Mail

BROOKLYN [CHI] — Over the last few weeks Jewish residents in Crown Heights, as well as other Jewish neighborhoods such as Boro Park and Williamsburg, received a plain non-descript package by mail containing a book, which at first glance does not sound like a missionary book.

The title of the book is “They Thought for Themselves” by Sid Roth, contains camouflaged stories about Judaism with the missionary idea behind it. There is even an entire chapter dedicated to Chabad, Mishechisim, and Shluchim.

Readers are urged to take care and make sure these book do not make it onto your shelves, or into the hands of children.


  • 2. wrote:

    they sent five of those books to the monsey dorm
    b”h the bochurim destroyed them right away

  • 3. Couldn-t believe it! wrote:

    Recieved the book and there is whole chapter on Rabbi Shochot and Duchman from California. Every book should be burned!!!!

  • 6. from kensington wrote:

    I found it in my house and its still there!!!!!!!! No1 knows what it is!!!!! (Now we do though!) Im going rite now to throw it in the garbage!!!!!!!

  • 9. MaidofCH wrote:

    The book arrived last week & immediately looked suspicious. After a quick glance & realization I threw it out. A shame I couldn’t flush it down the toilet.

  • 10. Babishka wrote:

    It’s just like spam, only the sender throws away their money by printing and mass mailing all this propaganda.

    I can’t wait for their mass mailing campaign to Muslims.

  • 11. dovid wrote:

    you got to be very careful of him, i know him, he targets teenagers he almost got me many years ago, thanks to rabbi shea hecht and rabbi shochat i am not with them anymore

  • 12. Premise offensive AND INSULTING wrote:

    What an insult, as if the author’s people “thought for themselves” but we don’t think for ourselves!!!!

  • 13. Andrea Schonberger wrote:

    I’ve heard of this character and he has an internet site too. Keep yourselves and children away from this junk–I wouldn’t even use it to line my bird’s cage.

  • 15. Shoshana wrote:

    I got this a long time ago. I think the major red flag was the book itelf: who sends free books in the mail? B”H, I didn’t even bring it into our home. By hashgacha pratis I was waiting for one of my sons’ busses and it got thrown out right away.

  • 16. The shmutz gets delivered to your door wrote:

    I already received 2 copies. It’s very sneaky, it is written by someone with a Jewish name and the cover mentions “10 Jews who thought for themselves”. It looked suspicious, but I opened it, got mad, then threw it where it belonged, in the garbage. Sad, how someone could use their wealth for such perversion, the author even boasts about it. I guess he’ll have some explaining to do!


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