Residents Oppose New Speed Bumps

A group of concerned residents have come out campaigning against the installation of speed bumps on various blocks around the neighborhood. The newest block scheduled to get these new bumps is Montgomery Street between New York and Brooklyn Avenue, and the concern is the delay police, ems, and fire will suffer when responding to emergencies.


To Residents of Crown Heights

In the recent year we see Speed Humps being placed on our streets thinking this helps to slow down cars, however not thinking:

1) Each street hump delays the Police and Shomrim responding to shootings, brake ins or muggings and most importantly Hatzalah or Fire Trucks while transporting patients to hospital ch”v, have to slows down for about 10 seconds for each bump. Now time that by 3 per block, that’s 30 seconds slower for one block; which in case of a Heart attack or stroke where the patient needs to be in the hospital by 6 minutes maximum EVERY SECOND COUNTS it can be matter of life or ch”v …

2) Not being aware of the statistics that most drivers after slowing down for the hump impatiently speed up much faster they would without the hump, which makes the block more vulnerable to accidents.

3) Street humps, causes more noise and pollutions, since cars have to slow down and reaccelerate, which causes disturbances and respiratory health hazard for us and our children.

All above applies to every block how much more for the bock of Montgomery street between Brooklyn and New York avenues, since this is right around the corner from the 71st police precinct. This block is used to respond to any emergency in Crown Heights by police. There is a request to install THREE humps on this block!

Please call, write, OR E-mail TODAY to the Borough Commissioners office and request not to install street hump on Montgomery Street between Brooklyn and New York Avenues:


Brooklyn Borough Commissioner
(718) 222-7259
Mr. Joseph Palmieri
16 Court Street
Brooklyn NY 11241

If you need assistance or have questions, you can send an email to us, but please remember this is NOT the email address for the above address:


  • 1. CD wrote:

    some blocks have speed bumps some blocks don’t how is this suppose to solve the problem of speeding on blocks that don’t have speed bumps the bumps make no sense at all
    take them away

  • 2. montgomery wrote:

    I live on the blcok and i know for a fact that my signature was forged. when i called the DOT they told me my naem was signed for it, meanwhile i never signed such petition, go figure. A whole bucnh of scammers.

  • 3. Out of control wrote:

    Absolutely I agree. This is a very dangerous situation, when police and ambulances need to get somewhere in a hurry. There is no school on the block. Why does a quite residential street need two bumps as if one won’t do the job? Years ago that block had a stop sign, then I can understand having a bump. Now there will be two bumps and a red light.

  • 4. he is out of town wrote:

    I will be out of the office from Friday November 12 until Friday November 19 , I will have limited access to my e mails so please copy Keith Bray if it requires immediate attention.

    For any other DOT issues please contact the Brooklyn office at 718 222 7259

    Thank you

  • 5. too fast! wrote:

    I live on Crown and cars fly down at 50 to 60 miles an hour we do need the humps or bumps as this can stop many acccidents C”Y.

  • 6. shloime R wrote:

    I agree 100% precent with this article especially that block which the police use en route to every emergency and in many states they dont allow street humps because of the danger it privedes as the state of California, Colorado and many more and in Maryland they are in the process of removing all bumps that were placed

  • 7. do not agree wrote:

    I do not agree!! I live on a block where cars come really fast so that they could make the light at the end of the block!! First and foremost is the safety of our children and due to the fact that not all drivers go according to the speed limit i think the speed bumps are a great idea to slow drivers down!! Lets make it a child-friendly nieghbourhood!!

  • 9. a long time resident wrote:

    There is a different color resident on this block that people are afraid of him and therefore residents had to sign the petition. otherwise he would make trouble for them.

  • 10. resident wrote:

    There are some elderly resident hwo live just a couple of houses away from the bump and having a bump can slow down how fast they get their emergency care. It is not fair.

  • 11. me wrote:

    To all those of you who disagree please let MRs letitia james know so . call her office today

  • 12. Driver wrote:

    While I find it these bumps very annoying, I feel that children are a lot safer and I’m ready to give up on some driving convenience for safety of our children I think that has priority.

  • 13. elisha wrote:

    i support the speed bumbs 100% and they should spread them over every street and in the service lanes!

    for streets as narrow as in brooklyn buildings this tall and such urban extreme driving like the ethnic neighborhood of brooklyn ny

    its sakanos nefashos not to have them up

    thanks for the article im calling to make sure they have my support

  • 14. moe wrote:

    speed bumps do damage to your car even if you go over them slow there should be a class action law suit against the city for all the damage to everyones cars the bad roads do plenty of damage as it is

  • 15. Mrs. Silverman wrote:

    please please call and send the letters
    the black person on our block is an anti semite and we all signed because we were afraid otherwise and did not want to start problems with him
    please help us stop it before it is too late
    this affects the safety of the entire shechuna

  • 16. yes- to street bumps wrote:

    I do not agree with this article. I used to live on that block and I have noticed people using the blocks as speedways. Especially as there are alot of elderly and young people the bumps should go up. Do YOU want your elderly Bubby to get hit crossing the street because somone going 50-60 miles an hr couldnt slow down in time? Also Brooklyn is the street the kids go down to walk to Bais Rivkah. and speeding ambulances/fire trucks/and police cars can still hit kids/elderly

  • 17. grow up, slow down wrote:

    Li live on the block of Crown, Kingston/albany. You people are so selfish! You want one of YOUR kids to become road kill chas v’sholom because drivers come zooming over the hill from NY Av? I wish they had speed bumps on MY block! Nobody asked us to sign petitions for it. If they did, I’d be first there. I nearly got hit crossing to my car on Tuesday because some idiot was racing through the light at Crown & Albany, right past the Yeshiva, which also doesn’t have speed bumps.

    So it takes another 5 seconds per block to drive down it. So what? This has nothing to do with EMS. It is all about saving you 5 seconds & your precious cars. It’s about time you thought about your precious children.

  • 18. mg wrote:

    So many young children walk home unattended, and the cars speed down our block, especially the police! I can’t believe so many ppl in our community are opposed to such a simple measure that could save lives.

  • 20. REPLY TO 10 AND 11 wrote:

    So you are ready to slow dawn Hatzalah on an emergency for a chance that a child might get hurt which NEVER EVER happens in the middle of any street rather on corners??? please think of it??????

  • 21. Spread -em All Over Town wrote:

    My kid got hit my a car just over a year ago or so. B”H he is ok. Probably wouldn’t have happened if there were speed bumps or humps or whatever on the block. It’s dangerous for everyone when vehices speed, including when the police and ambulances speed too. Read too many times about police cars and fire engines crashing while speeding to so called emergencies, and the crashes obviously didn’t help them get there faster either – just made another emergency. And if the speed bumps help prevent accidents there will be fewer emergencies for the ambulances to speed to/from l’chatchila.

  • 22. more speed bumps wrote:

    I have kids who when the weather is warm play outside,
    I also have neighbors who love to “drag race” with cars and motercycles, I would love speed bumps on my bock!!!

  • 23. Hatzalah Member wrote:

    I think people are not thinking properly???
    Imaging someone in your house has a heart attack/or stroke ch“v and because of the humps Hatzalah needs to slow dawn and that person needs to be in the hospital ASAP

    while Emergencys happen all the time children rearly get get hit please ????

  • 24. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH wrote:


  • 25. live there wrote:

    i live on the block and there are maybe 5 small children on the whole block so the speed bump is not doing anything except get ppl mad.

  • 26. ELIYA wrote:




  • 27. need informed decision wrote:

    Surely by now someone has done a more scientific study of the positives and negatives of speed humps. There is a the positive side of slowing down excessively speeding drivers vs. the limited, valid uses of high speed in cases of emergency vehicles who are trained in excessive speed. We should ask our city officials for the results of any study and then make an informed decision.

  • 28. a resident wrote:

    Let Shloime Rutman be busy with his Camp instead of fighting for having speed bumps in montgomery

  • 29. montgomery street wrote:

    Please everyone help residents of montgomery street this other color man caused all of this problems call Letitia James

  • 30. CALIFORNIAN wrote:


  • 31. Is Shloime Rutman bored wrote:

    When police and Hatzalah need to slow dawn delaying thier way to a Heart attack or shooting will SHLOIME RUTMAN take responsibility for those lives in danger??? for a chance that some child might get hurt which BTW never happend???
    Let shloime open a winter camp if he is bored

  • 32. Common sensce wrote:

    We know a concept in Torah “bori vsheano broi bori adif“
    Menaning something that forsure/definite overides something that is only a chance.
    Meaning bumps will forsure slow dawn Police and Hatzalah delaying response to emergencys of our community however bumps will not forsure ensure safety to our community
    So lets think what overides what please think bumps are not safe the article is correct 100%percent

  • 33. sign me concerned wrote:

    I am all for one or two bumps on our block. There are children who are in danger and we have had several mishaps, so kids’ lives are at risk, and the bumps will provide a safety net.

  • 34. police station is on empire!!! wrote:

    Let them go down Empire blvd for crying out loud!!! montgomery is NOT a highway… children’s lives our at stake!!

  • 35. Reply to 34 wrote:

    Well what if the emergency is on montgomery and kingston then they go thrue montgomery???

  • 36. evryblkneedsbumps wrote:

    to Mrs. Silverman
    i would like to know which black person on the block you are talking about becuase i also live on that block and i get nothing but respect from the 3 black pepole that live on the block
    hench the first year we moved to the block on halloween there where a bunch of blakc teenagers throwing eggs at a few bochurim and while all the yidden just stood there and watch i watched as one of the black pepole on the block chased down the kids cought a few of them and help us hold them till the cops came


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