“Podo Beshalom Nafshi… Anshei Domim Umirma Lo Yechtzu Yemaihem”

BROOKLYN, NY [CHI] — Today the six Shomrim members who stood trial for what has been dubbed “a modern day blood libel” have been vindicated. All of the major charges against them were either dropped or found not guilty by a unanimous verdict.

Last week, when the prosecution rested and concluded their case, the judge dismissed all charges relating to the allegations about weapons being used at the incident. The gang assault charges were also dismissed by default, for failure to present enough evidence.

The one charge was found guilty against one of the Shomrim volunteers. It was for assault in the 3rd degree, baffling all who were present in the courtroom, including the co-defendants and lawyers.

Upon exiting, the jurors were polled as to the reasons behind their findings; majority answered that none of the witnesses sounded like they had been telling the truth.

Defense council said it was clear that any attack by Shomrim was out of self-defense and that an appeal is forthcoming.

“This is not a Didan Notzach and Shomrim is not celebrating this verdict,” said a spokesperson for the defendants, adding, “We are devastated that our fellow volunteer and friend has been found guilty of this Messira and blood liable. Let us not forget that we still have the $150 million lawsuit against us.”

On a more positive note, Shomrim said, “We were here yesterday, we are here today, and we will be here tomorrow for anyone who calls on us for assistance.”


  • 2. antimesira wrote:

    a modern day blood liable indeed this could and will happen to more people in the community. the mossrim will stop at nothing.

    The Tfatim are only the very small players in this mesira, we will find out who, what and when? The “why” we already know!

  • 4. CH wrote:

    “which baffled all those present in the courtroom as well as the co-defendants and lawyers”.

    The Judge was more baffled then anybody else, you should have seen his face.
    This is a sad day for all Yidden!

  • 5. yosef wrote:

    What is the punishment for assault in 3rd degree?

    I think that now all the pictures and names of the Mosrim should be exposed and the public should treat them as such.

  • 6. huh wrote:

    one second what happened to the video that showed shomrim beating up the bocherim… for 2 years i heard about it, how is it possible that there were no weapon charges when the “bras knuckles, bat, and more” were “clearly seen in this video.

  • 7. yankel wrote:

    mazl tov mazl tov – shame on the ra-bonuim of crown heights, they should leave this area,and not be rabonim any more

  • 9. Mazal Tov wrote:

    Assault in the Third Degree is the least serious of the assault family of charges. Assault in the Third Degree is a misdemeanor. Assault in the Second Degree and Assault in the First Degree are felonies potentially carrying substantial state prison terms. Assault in the First Degree is the same level of offense as Attempted Murder.

  • 10. DOVI Slater wrote:

    Shame i was not there in person
    well i was according to the witnesses LOL

  • 12. Adam Curry wrote:

    It is now time for the Rabbonim of the community to stand up and excommunicate the lawyer Mr. Paul / Levi Huebner who brought this frivolous lawsuit against the good people of Shomrim, and eradicate this evil from our midst once and for all.

  • 14. Eli wrote:

    Is the problem of the messirah and yellow badge mental disorder in the community going to be addressed now? Or back to business as usual?

  • 15. MAZAL TOV wrote:





    anyway the guilty verdict can be dismissed? can he plea again to have it removed. how will it affect him?

    clearly there is no1 guilty here besides the fact this was such a waste of time.

    OF COURSE they weren’t guilty.. took 22 days to figure that out????

  • 18. Mushky wrote:

    Oy, but what about the one shomrim member – is he facing jail time.
    I agree with the commenter who wrote that it’s now time to deal with Huebner and those involved in Messirah.
    As for the “Bochurim” of 749 who did masser and lie in court – send them straight back to where they came from and let Hashem deal with them.

    Mazal tov for the rest of Shomrim though, one step closer to this all being over.

  • 19. fact wrote:

    the fact is that alll the charges were dropped due to a lack of evidence! and inconsistent stories! so how come this one charge remained? i dont know but what i can tell u it will get appealed and it will iyh go away like the rest!

  • 20. dont forget wrote:

    let us not forget the mosserim behind this whole bogus case! we all know who they are, and we should not tolerate them in any way shape or form!

  • 21. supporter wrote:

    good news! except fro that one charge which iyh will be dropped aswell! go shomrim1

  • 22. Response to: Adam Curry wrote:

    Right on the jackpot.
    Let’s hope some authority actually does something about the evil in our midst.

  • 23. Doing somethin about it wrote:

    Anshei Domim Umirma Lo Yechtzu Yemaihem

    There is a lot of work to make sure that happens, the party is over!

  • 25. Fellow Crown Heightser wrote:

    Now it is time to make sure that Huebner gets a giur k’halachah.

  • 27. Supporter wrote:

    I am delighted that Justice was served. Baruch Hashem! But I also agree with your comments & the other posters who cry at how this shanda started in the first place. There must be some major changes made in how our community is run. Terrorists have no place here & we need to demand changes & remove the “authorities” who allow all this hate to explode. We can’t allow these perversions to continue. We are in deep trouble.

    One final point: Paul Huebner’s perfect record remains the same. Never a victory. Thank G-d he didn’t succeed this time either.

  • 28. Help and e-mail your friends wrote:

    Remember this Nitzachon DID cost money

    The expenses for such a criminal defense trial amount in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and this is a matter of Pidyon Shuvim. You can make your donations to the Shomrim Defense Fund by credit card at ShomrimDefense.com or call the Shomrim hotline (718) 774-3333 after 6:00pm to arrange someone to come and pick up your contribution. Additionally you can mail in your contribution to: Shomrim Defense Fund 537 East New York Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11225.

  • 29. att: supporter wrote:

    BH paul huebner’s never won a case, but this case, although he basically formed it, wasn’t officially his. He is the lawyer for the civil case!

    Something must be done.
    Why should shomrim have to suffer all over again?!?!?!
    Shame on our Vaad Hakol.
    It is obvious that not only did they not help shomrim, but they pushed for this case to happen. It’s a shandeh!

  • 30. peace from battles wrote:

    He redeemed my soul in peace from battles against me, because of the many who were with me. May G-d-He who is enthroned from the days of old, Selah-hear and humble those in whom there is no change, and who do not fear G-d. He extended his hands against his allies, he profaned his covenant. Smoother than butter are the words of his mouth, but war is in his heart; his words are softer than oil, yet they are curses. Cast your burden upon the Lord, and He will sustain you; He will never let the righteous man falter. And You, O G-d, will bring them down to the nethermost pit; bloodthirsty and treacherous men shall not live out half their days; but I will trust in You.

    (Psalm 55:19-24)

  • 31. Justice to Mossrim wrote:

    The “Nitzachon” will be when those who are responsible for this Messira [In the words of Doveid Hamelech] …
    “And You, O G-d, will bring them down to the nethermost pit; bloodthirsty and treacherous men shall not live out half their days…”

    Justice must be served to the mossrim, so far they won and thats not something to be proud of.

  • 32. Milhouse wrote:

    To the first commenter, YaakovD613: Why would they have learned anything? What have they lost? They still come out of this story with a big victory: for two years they managed to drive everyone crazy, and put six people and their families in fear of a terrible fate. Worse than that, they have chilled the speech and actions of the Shomrim, who are now afraid of getting into any situation involving these terrorists; they are now free to beat up anyone they like, secure in the knowledge that Shomrim will not come to save their victim. They gained all that, and it cost them nothing at all. So why shouldn’t they do it again and again? A lesson would be if they were indicted for perjury, and THEY had to live in fear and watch themselves.

  • 34. Whatever wrote:

    Congratulation! A big waist of everyone’s time.. If these Tzvatim can’t learn to behave, they should not be allowed in C.H…

  • 35. Supporter (again) wrote:

    It’s true it wasn’t Huebner’s case, but he somehow persuaded the DA (who needs to go as well) to prosecute AND he has a $114 million stake in the outcome. It will be very difficult to win a civil case if there’s no guilty verdict. Thank G-d!

    Charles Hynes really blew it on this one. Time to go, Charlie!

  • 37. re: video wrote:

    to HUH regarding the video.
    I went to court and I saw the video.
    It’s a BIG JOKE. You see about 20 tzfatim fighting with each other and pushing eachother around. You see shomrim enter the room and getting attacked by the israeli’s. You see an israeli pull off on Shomrim guys glasses, then taunt it in front of him and then drop it to the floor. You see shomrim members yelling at everyone to leave the room and stop coming in.
    It was interesting to watch the lawyers pull apart the video and point out the israeli’s fighting with the other israelis. Too bad the tzfatim hadn’t watched it in slow motion before they brought it to court. They would realize there is NO CASE to bring to court. It was obvious that the injuries were caused by their fellow israeli roommates. How sad. Maybe they’ll masser on themselves…

  • 38. lazer wrote:

    for 19 years the Goyim tried to get hime arrested and all it took was a few (jews) to make it happen this is what this kohol came to 19 years!!!!!!

  • 39. yossi wrote:

    didan nazac bh wi now have to stop this mosrim and their supporter that is mendy hendel stop giving him money hi is behind the mosrim

  • 40. We Want Pictures wrote:

    I think it is of utmost importance to publicize pictures of the bochurim who took Shomrim to court. I want to know who they are- so when I see them I can ask them what the significance of the yellow pin is- when clearly, these guys are doing their utmost to ensure that Moshiach does not come, R”L.
    Also, is there any good reason they are not in cherem?

  • 41. MMB wrote:

    The civil case has been very much weakened without the Shomrim 6 being convicted, the one third degree conviction not withstanding. Heubner should be given 1 last chance to redeem himself. If he drops this frivolous civil case we’ll put things behind us for the whole community and hopefully go forward as one otherwise let all h-ll break loose on him. Of course the Shomrim 6 need to decids if they wish to do that since they suffered so much because of him.

  • 42. Itamar Rosenblatt wrote:

    Assault 3 is a misdemeanor which has a maximum penalty of one year in jail. Since he was found guilty in a trial there is no way for it to be dismissed. The only hope is appeal. However, during the appeals process he will have to begin to serve his sentence. There is a chance, being that he has no past violent felony predicate that he could get something like 6 months and have it be suspended (meaning he doesn’t do jail time) with some type of probation and possibly anger managment course thrown in. If not, most likely, he still probably won’t do much jail time. Especially if the same judge that was shocked at the guilty verdict is the one doing the sentencing.

  • 43. A neighbor and friend wrote:

    To My Dear Neighbors and Friends the Shomrim volunteers:

    There is a long hard road in front of us, we will cross it, we are already half way through. You will survive, prevail and come out out even stronger.
    You are always here for us the Crown Heights Community and we will always be here for you.

    We prayed, We came and we sent gelt, nothing changes.
    We will still pray, we will still come and we will still sent money.
    Thank you, thank you and thank you!

  • 44. Shomrim Six wrote:

    We all could learn from the Shomrim Six a bit about Acduse; sticking together and being a team.
    What I saw in court was six bothers who would not leave anyone behind.

    Thank you Shomrim.
    We supported you Yesterday.
    We support you today!
    We will always support you!

  • 46. tzfatis go home! wrote:

    why doesnt anyone get the INS involved and send them all back where they came from?
    they give chabad a terrible name.

  • 47. a neighborhood resident wrote:

    Very nice It is still urgent & necessary to overhaul & unite The neighborhood. A major step forward would be creating a new neighborhood watch that would be inclusive of certain things & would be clear to the police, politicians & every one that these personnel of the new watch are the only ones authorized, responsible & backed by the Shcuna residents Police ,All the Rabbonim Vaad Hakhal etc. Any one not a member of or Authorized to represent them etc. would not be able to claim they are etc.

  • 48. mn wrote:

    114 .Million????

    And from who exactly is he going to get that money?

    Lawyers that are doing this for money would first make sure there is someone who can actually pay that before wasting their time. (At least if the lawyer has half a brain, which might not be the case here)

  • 49. One Shomrim wrote:

    To: a neighborhood resident

    No thank you. I like the one we have, they are called Shomrim, they do a excellent job on the things you describe in your comment.

    Beside, why talk about it, go start one, lets see how long it would take for those who tried to lock up Shomrim come knocking on your door.

  • 52. civilties wrote:

    G-d Willing the civil case of $144,000,000.000 will be thrown out!
    And may the one shomrim member who was found guilty
    speedily be redeemed!

  • 53. the bigger picture wrote:

    this was a clear case of malicious prosecutions by the Brooklyn DA office. this case in it self should have never been tried given the evidence and credibility of the witnesses. but their is a bigger conspiracy then just Paul huebner. the Brooklyn DA office maliciously went after the shomrim six. they made the jury belive things that never happened. i was there and i was in shock when ADA David Weiss froze a part of the video and tried to show the jury how a shomrim member kicks a bochur in the balls. when in fact if you watch the whole picture on the video the leg that he wanted the jury to belive is actually the jacket of another shomrim member. this case will not rest until justice will be served. justice for the community, justice for shomrim. today’s win is not only a win for shomrim it is a win for the whole crown heights community.

  • 54. reality wrote:

    shame on the rabbonim for being nothing and allowing this to happen…shame on any vaad for allowing this to happen…shame on the radicals in this community for allowing this to happen.
    some people have no shame…i think its time for new leadership in ch from the rabbonim to the elected leaders. we need need real people, perhaps young blood….im sick of this….we have a great people in this community selfless people….but only the zeburious of the zeborious are involved in the leadership…

  • 55. sara wrote:

    what the heck is wrong with crown heights? why dont the leaders of the community lead and throw these tzefati bochurim out of USA or at least out of Bklyn, and put them in chayrim at the same time.

  • 58. true chossid wrote:

    they should deport all of those israeli trouble makers and prevent new ones from invading our country.

  • 59. rotem=nazi wrote:

    as you can see all these “witneses” are legaly not normal
    all of them never served in the army becouse thy play the game of being crazy.

  • 60. ATT: HUH wrote:

    ATT: HUH:
    Your comment: “one second what happened to the video that showed shomrim beating up the bocherim… for 2 years i heard about it, how is it possible that there were no weapon charges when the “bras knuckles, bat, and more” were ”clearly seen in this video.“

    My response: Were you at court during any of the tens of times that they showed the video? Apparently not! The lies that you heard are, uh, LIES!
    No offense, but you should NOT believe everything you hear. Or for that matter, anything you hear!
    As Torah Says, ”Seeing is believing”
    If anyone is to be charged with weapons, it’s Shneur Rotem… There’s this picture floating around of him waving a stealthy machete with a Yellow flag in the background. Send them back to Israel!

  • 61. who is behind it all wrote:

    while i agree that these “ bochurim” should be put in chairim for testifing falsely and trying to incriminate other yidden, I think that we cant lose focus how these bochurim made it to court! who drove them to the hosptal that night? who was seen at the hospital that night with these bochurim? who arrived on the scene at the night of the 739 incident, with pens and paper in hand and were jotting down notes and looking for bochurim they can bring to the police? who arranged the meetings with the police? in whos houde did those meetings take place? who was making phone calls to various people telling them to put pressure on shomrim members to take a plea? why did they want shomrm to take a plea? who were the people that for a year and a half were talking about their video that they have and how shomrim did terrible things etc..and know that weve seen this video a hundred times and everybody knows what the video shows do they not mention the video again? who is in charge of all the shomrim propaganda for two years till today? who was the driving force br=ehind this blood libel? there are many more questions but these are but a few! the answer to all these questions is a organization in crownheights that rhymes with messira! oh u guessed it its shm….. together with huebner who happens to be in the COP together with them! do i smell a faikling attempt to shut shomrim down? i think so! u failed yesterday and today and iyh tommorrow! rock on shomrim we love u!

  • 63. response to Sara wrote:

    “sara wrote:
    what the heck is wrong with crown heights? why dont the leaders of the community lead and throw these tzefati bochurim out of USA or at least out of Bklyn, and put them in chayrim at the same time.”

    Sorry to break the obvious to you SARA, but there is no leadership in CH. No leaders, no delegations… just a bunch of officials without brains. And the saddest part is that they (no question about it) pushed for this case to happen and Shomrim to get prosecuted.
    Reality hurts. Hopefully, the younger generation will grow up to be better leaders than the current era.
    Amen, ken yehi ratzon.

  • 64. CH resident wrote:

    I wish I can toast Mazel Tov, but these mishugoyim (though they’re evil) still live in our midst (many illegaly I may add) and we are still vulnerable. The Rabonim ought to place them in cherem for depleting the shomrim and their donors of hundreds of thousands of dollars, and placing their futures in such grave danger. Will the rabonim stand idly by? I hope not.

  • 65. Avraham Gilman wrote:

    The best possible solution is for the Vaad Hakahol to take the lawyer to a Din Torah. The job of the Rabbonim is to decide Jewish Law. If the Vaad Hakahol is not willing to do it,let them resign. For the Vaad Hakahol to be quiet during this Chillul Hashem is unbelieveable. What were they elected for? If the Vaad Hakahol will not do it, all it takes is 3 people to go to the Rabonnim and make a Din Torah against the Lawyer that he should not procede with the case. It is that simple.


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