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The Weekly Comic! – Parshas Va’eira!

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  • 1. Yitzi wrote:

    Levi- out of all your comics so far, this is my favorite!!!
    Good Shabbos

  • 2. ... wrote:

    very funny !

    you could have put in also (what most people call the frogs from)“tzefardaya”

  • 3. berkeley gal wrote:

    love this one! “serpentis miraculous” – great line.

    but where’s duckie????

  • 4. Levi Hecht wrote:

    Finally! A kosher, wholesome,funny comic! May you go from strength to strength!

  • 6. hate snakes wrote:

    my favorite is serpentis squishiness. ugh i shudder just thinking about it.

  • 8. just sayin- wrote:

    Hate burst your bubble, but it was Aaron who operated the staff–not Moses.

  • 9. Mushky Gezinsky wrote:

    To “just-sayin”…
    I looked it up and you were right…it was Aaron who operated the staff….it’s so cool that these comics encourage us to discuss the parsha…keep it up!

  • 11. mashpia wrote:

    i really like it:) btw, to ”just saying”: maybe your rite but you didnt ‘burst his bubble’; u r rite but moses was know for HIS staff. go pop someone elses bubble


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