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The Weekly Comic – Parshas Miketz

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  • 1. Duby Litvin wrote:

    i absolutely LOVED this comic …. whoever made it – im very impressed — love love loved it ….

    happy hanukkah –

    duby :)

  • 3. uh, hello? wrote:

    uhh, just a shot in the dark. Don’t you think this could be misconstrued as being racist?

  • 4. Levi Hecht wrote:

    Dear Artist:
    I think this is a pathetic attempt to make Torah ‘fun’ for people nowadays. Why poke fun in any kind of way of something so True and Getlich? "…U’mikarvan LaTorah!" It angers me so much how you could ruin inyanim and smear concepts with pathetic humor! Not only is it not funny, but to compare a Tzaddik to a such a mundane thing as a psychologist – perhaps you should learn some Chassidus as to what really transpires in the Parsha!

  • 5. CH resident wrote:

    Gosh, where’s the sense of humor??

    Its supposed to be immitation of Martin Luther King..

    I haaaad a dream..!!

    Eat some doughnuts, make a lechaim and a freilichin chanukah!

  • 7. m.n.s wrote:

    dear levi peopole who dont no mutch about the parsha now thay no some and for the rest of us its nice and funny so dont put it down he is letting pepole
    injoy the parsha more so do be mean and "shvige". the comic very very funny THANKS

  • 8. e.s. wrote:

    to:Levi Hecht

    but to compare a Tzaddik to a such a mundane thing as a "psychologist"

    first of all:it sais "therapist".

    2nd of all:"perhaps you should learn some Chassidus"-about ahavas yisrael
    (some peaple are not as ‘SMART’ as you to learn it "so True and Getlich"…)

    where is the bird ?

  • 9. champion donut eater wrote:

    that was the absolute most hilarious comic yet, keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 10. Duby Litvin wrote:

    Dear all,

    each week i read the comics – and some weeks i love it more than others … but the point is that its an AMAZING work of art each week – filled with creativity, originality and whoever makes them works very hard on them, and no matter what, hard work is always commendable…

    And so, having said that – each week I await to see who the person will be who will bring forth the negativity. – yay for you Mr. Levi Hecht – you have won the award for this week.

  • 12. mashpia wrote:

    i luv this one!!!!!! keep it up man!!!
    and to all those people who have nothing better to do than criticize people’s creative outlets:if you have nothing nice to say,JUST PLEASE don’t disgrace everyone else with your boredom and just don’t say it and do a HUGE favor to everyone!!
    thank you very much..

  • 13. Patron of the Arts wrote:

    Of course it’s a funny on a simple level, but what Levi said has its point also. You have done some which are very funny but don’t put people down, either the Tzaddik or the mundane person. But with all the criticism, you can learn and get even better!


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