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The Weekly Comic – Parshas Chayei Sarah

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  • 2. Berkeley Cynics wrote:

    Let me just pre-empt all the comments and criticisms that will inevitably be raised.
    First of all, Uncle Moishy is innapropriate, because its not niggunim- and how could they be watching a MOVIE on a date?
    – Rivka Immeinu is wearing pants, and shes already 3
    – how could the Avos and Imahos be portrayed like that?
    -Honey is a completely innapropriate term to use ON a DATE, and even after your married to use such terms of endearment in public
    – We dont go out to eat in resteraunts on date.
    – Shidduchim is a very sensitive subject, and its too delicate to be portrayed in such public manner!
    – How could Yitzchak and Rivka be having Shalom Bayis issues???


    They continue to be so disrespectful to out tzadikim and a terrible example for our children and ourselves, please do not post them anymore.
    We don’t make jokes about tzaddikim.
    If the joke would have been about any other people, it would have been considered cute.

  • 9. as kkl wrote:

    wowww i find these things so funnnyyy
    gr8 sense of humor u obviously got there..keep em comin, theyre greaat!!!

  • 11. a fan wrote:

    that is the funniest comic especially being the victim of perpetual uncle moishe viewing.

  • 17. e.s. wrote:

    to Berkeley Cynics:

    you missed out a few

    1)black tzitzis

    2)does not say YIZCHOK (says Issac)

    to m.s.:

    the duck’s foot is on top of the comic

  • 18. Zvi from Montreal wrote:

    Very cute as usual.

    I think Makali might have been another option.

  • 19. Berkeley Cynic wrote:

    The comment was written in jest of all those who constantly find fault in the smallest details of the parsha comic.It was not written in a serious manner at all. So Ch cynic-you didnt quite get it.

  • 20. stop criticizing the wrong things wrote:

    oh come on, for all of us that are so depressed and stressed out with shidduchim for our children, this happens to be very cute. It put a laugh in my day.

  • 22. duckie wrote:

    to ch cynic —
    didnt you read the first line of the comment?

    to e.s – great minds think alike! i also noticed the black tzitzis…

    and i do hope we see the duck in a larger role next week…

    to berkeley cynic: how about the fact that rivka is obviously wearing makeup? at THREE?
    AND she’s not covering her (one)hair, even though they’re married!!(yeah, take a look at the wedding picture in the left corner)

  • 24. S.Z.W. wrote:

    hay! where’s the duck?

    what does the picture in the left hand corner say???

    i hold to keep ’em coming

  • 26. normal wrote:

    funny but not your best

    p.s if you dont like it why dont you just shut your mouth and scrole down dont look at it, and keep your comments to your self dont roin it for the rest of us

  • 27. cute wrote:

    berkely cynic:
    i dont think its a date because theres a wedding picture hanging on the wall

  • 28. FYI wrote:

    proof that those looking at the comics may not be knowlegable about the perushim, and may be misled….
    m.s. wrote:
    yitzchok was blind so how could he be watching Uncle Moishy?

  • 29. To FYI . wrote:

    Proof that you dont know what you’re talkin about.

    Yitzchok only became BLIND in his LATER years….Rashi says clearly that according to one opinion ,.it was becasue of esavs second wife.So, when he first married Rivka Emainue, he COULD see.

    The comic has got that part right.maybe do your research first before commenting.


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